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Heart Disease

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. Learn more about heart health and how your diet does—and doesn’t—raise your risk for this deadly disease.

For a Healthy Heart, Stick to Butter
There is a link between the intake of omega-6 PUFAs and increased mortality from heart disease. So why is butter and other saturated fats getting a bad rap?
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Can Some Trans Fats Be Healthy?
Trans fats are one of the few food components that are widely accepted as being unhealthy, and for good reason. But can some trans fats be healthy?
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The Nitrate and Nitrite Myth: Another Reason Not to Fear Bacon
The belief that nitrates and nitrates cause serious health problems has been entrenched in popular consciousness and media. But is it really true?
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Announcing the High Cholesterol Action Plan
The High Cholesterol Action Plan is designed to help you avoid the confusion about cholesterol, unnecessary drugs and prevent heart disease naturally.
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Shaking up the Salt Myth: The Dangers of Salt Restriction
Scientific evidence contradicts salt restriction recommendations. A low-salt diet may cause serious health consequences and higher overall mortality.
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Shaking up the Salt Myth: The Human Need for Salt
Despite its recent bad press, there is no doubt that an adequate intake of salt in the human diet is required to maintain good health.
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Chris Masterjohn on Cholesterol and Heart Disease (Part 3)
In this episode we conclude the excellent 3-part series on cholesterol and heart disease with Chris Masterjohn.
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Why You Should Eat More (Not Less) Cholesterol
Find out why you should make a special effort to include high cholesterol foods in your diet.
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Chris Masterjohn on Cholesterol & Heart Disease (Part 2)
We're glad to welcome Chris Masterjohn back on the show for part 2 in our series on the role of cholesterol in heart disease.
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