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Probiotics & The Microbiome

Your gut bacteria play a bigger role in your health than you might realize. Keep up with all the latest gut microbiome research here.

Myths and Truths About Fiber
For decades, fiber has been touted as an essential component of a healthy diet, yet many of these health claims have not been proven by research.
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The High Price of Antibiotic Use: Can Our Guts Ever Fully Recover?
Though antibiotics may be necessary in certain situations, it's important to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of using them.
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Answers to Your Burning Questions about Digestion
In this episode I answer frequently asked questions about digestion, covering topics like parasites, stomach acid, the GAPS diet, SIBO and more.
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Natural Childbirth VII: C-Section Risks and Complications
Contrary to popular belief, elective cesarean has significant risks and complications for both mothers and babies.
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Dr. Paul Jaminet on Chronic Infections, Depression & More
In this episode Paul Jaminet answers reader questions about infections, depression, acne and more.
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Shifting from “Shock & Awe” to “Nourish & Support”
Sometimes the best strategy for dealing with an infection isn't to eradicate it completely, but to support the systems of the body that keep it in check.
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A Healthy Gut Is the Hidden Key to Weight Loss
New research shows that maintaining a healthy balance of bacteria in your gut can prevent weight gain and metabolic problems like diabetes.
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More Evidence to Support the Theory That GERD Is Caused by Bacterial Overgrowth
A recent study confirms the link between GERD & IBS and speculates that the two conditions may share a common underlying cause.
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The Hidden Causes of Heartburn and GERD
Research suggests that GERD is caused by maldigestion of carbohydrates and bacterial overgrowth in the intestines.
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