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Weight Loss

Trying to lose 5, 10, 20, even 50 pounds or more? Get my best recommendations for weight loss that won’t make you miserable.

Episode 10 – Stephan Guyenet on Food Reward and Weight Loss
This week we're happy to have Stephan Guyenet from Whole Health Source back to discuss his latest theories on obesity and weight regulation.
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How to Lose Weight and Prevent Diabetes in 6 Minutes a Week
Studies show that as little as 6 minutes of intense exercise per week can promote weight loss, reverse insulin sensitivity and reduce blood sugar levels.
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How Toxins Are Making Us Fat and Diabetic
We're more toxic than ever before, and recent evidence has linked exposure to toxins with both obesity and diabetes. Learn what you can do about it.
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A Healthy Gut Is the Hidden Key to Weight Loss
New research shows that maintaining a healthy balance of bacteria in your gut can prevent weight gain and metabolic problems like diabetes.
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10 Ways Stress Makes You Fat and Diabetic
A growing amount of research shows that stress causes both obesity and diabesity in a variety of ways.
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The Top 3 Dietary Causes of Obesity & Diabetes
What are the top 3 dietary causes of diabesity (obesity + diabetes)? You might be surprised by the answer.
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Not All Fat People Get Diabetes, and Not All Diabetics Are Fat
Obesity doesn't always increase the risk of diabetes. Some types of obesity are especially dangerous, while others may be protective.
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Episode 1 – Stephan Guyenet on Causes and Treatment of Obesity
In this episode I talk with researcher Stephan Guyenet about the true causes of the obesity epidemic, the failure of conventional weight loss approaches, and strategies for preventing weight gain and promoting weight loss.
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How Too Much Omega-6 and Not Enough Omega-3 Is Making Us Sick
We’re consuming up to 25 times more omega-6 fat than we need, and too much omega-6 is contributing to the epidemic of modern, inflammatory disease.
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