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Weight Loss

Trying to lose 5, 10, 20, even 50 pounds or more? Get my best recommendations for weight loss that won’t make you miserable.

RHR: Building Your Fitness Routine, Staying Motivated, and Avoiding Burnout, with Jason Khalipa
On this episode of Revolution Health Radio, Jason Khalipa, CrossFit Games champion, gym founder, and pediatric cancer advocate, shares his journey and insights on building a sustainable fitness routine, staying motivated, and navigating the challenges...
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RHR: Supercharge Your Health Battery, with Dr. Molly Maloof
When the demands on our bodies exceed our capacity, we become burned out, mentally and physically. In this episode of Revolution Health Radio, Dr. Molly Maloof joins Chris to discuss the physiology of the burnout...
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RHR: Taking Charge of Your Metabolic Health, with Dr. Naomi Parrella
Physician and obesity medicine specialist Dr. Naomi Parrella joins Chris in this episode of Revolution Health Radio to discuss metabolic health and how it relates to weight loss. Dr. Parrella talks about her work with...
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Health Coaching and Client Transformations: Health Coaching in Action
Health coaches are trained to help their clients recognize their strengths and tap into that potential to change. Read on for real-world examples of how health coaches help their clients transform their lives.
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Health coaching examples
Paleo for Weight Loss: How an Ancestral Diet Can Help
If your friends, family, or clients have struggled to lose weight, an ancestral, Paleo diet may be the answer. Find out what the research says about eating Paleo for weight loss.
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paleo for weight loss
A Complete Guide to the Keto Diet
Who is a good candidate for keto, and who isn’t? How does someone successfully adhere to a ketogenic diet? Check out this article to find out and get tips on following the keto diet.
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Keto diet
Intermittent Fasting: The Science Behind the Trend
Intermittent fasting (IF) can lead to weight loss, an improved metabolism, and a lower risk of chronic disease. Find out why IF works—and when it’s a good choice for your health.
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Intermittent fasting—combined with a healthy, active lifestyle, like this woman is engaging in—could lead to weight loss.
Are You Undereating? Here Are 6 Common Signs and Symptoms
You’re exercising regularly, trying to keep stress under control, and eating a nutritious diet. And yet you still feel a little off. If this frustrating scenario sounds familiar, you may be undereating.
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Here’s how it looks in an equation:
How Working with a Health Coach Can Help You Fight Chronic Disease
Change is hard. Find out how working with a health coach can help make changing your diet, exercise, and lifestyle easier.
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By working with a health coach, this man can make progress changing his diet and lifestyle.