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Relion Ultima Test Strip Recall


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Jenny Ruhl over at Diabetes Update posted a notice about a glucometer test strip recall that may affect those of you measuring your own blood sugar:

Aboott Laboratories has just issued a huge recall for blood testing strips which read low. The strips take too long to absorb the drop of blood.

The list of affected lots is given here:

Click to access Lot-Numbers.pdf

Further information can be found here:


Apparently, it takes more than 5 seconds for the blood to be absorbed and measured after being applied to the strip. I have some strips in the lot numbers listed in the recall, but they don’t seem to be affected since the blood is absorbed in only 1-2 seconds. I’ve been trying to reach Abbott to determine whether we can consider strips in affected lots that don’t take more than 5 seconds to absorb blood to be functional, but after waiting on hold for 20 minutes and getting hung up on several times, I gave up.

If anyone else is able to get through and find the answer to that question, please report back. For now, I’m assuming if the blood doesn’t take more than the typical 1-2 seconds to be absorbed, the strips are fine.

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  1. Apparently not all ReliOn Ultima meters are created equal. After not having used my ReliOn Ultima for some years I bought some new ReliOn Ultimate test strips. The first thing I noticed when opening the box was there was no coding stick enclosed. Then I noticed , in small letters, on the box a notice, “No coding required”. Cool, I thought. Actually, not cool. After trying 4 of the new strips and pricking 5 fingers, I concluded they just weren’t going to read with my apparently now outdated Relion Ultima meter. Bummer.

  2. Wish there was a date for this info. The link now only goes to the Abbott Laboratories web site.

    Not helpful.