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7 Foods That Promote Younger Skin and Prevent Wrinkles
There is a connection between the foods we eat and how young our skin appears, and it is possible to prevent some wrinkle formation and get more youthful-looking skin through your diet. Find out how.
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Nutrition and Aging: What to Eat for a Long and Healthy Life
The diet and lifestyle choices we make have a significant impact on aging. Read on to learn how nutrition and aging are connected and the steps you can take to control the aging process.
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RHR: How to Slow Aging and Increase Healthspan, with Dr. David Sinclair
Is aging inevitable, or can it be reduced—or even treated? In this episode of Revolution Health Radio, I talk with Dr. David Sinclair about what causes aging and strategies to reduce its effect on our...
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Estrogen in Men: Why You Need to Balance Your Hormones as You Age
Low testosterone in men is widely studied and discussed, but doctors often overlook the importance of balanced estrogen. Learn about estrogen and men’s health, and what to do if your levels aren’t in line.
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How to Slow Down Aging—with Sara Gottfried
Today, I talk to Dr. Sara Gottfried about her new book, Younger, and how specific genes or environmental factors can affect how fast your body ages.
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How Paleo Makes You Look Younger, Sexier and More Vibrant
Did you know that the Paleo diet not only fosters a healthy body in terms of weight loss, but health in terms of hair, skin and nails? Read on for more.
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How to Prevent Spending the Last 10 Years of Your Life in a Diaper and a Wheelchair
The conditions we associate with aging are common, but they certainly aren't normal. Read this article to find out how to age gracefully.
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