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Eat Meat, Just Source It Sustainably
Do you feel guilty eating meat? Have you been led to believe that a vegetarian or vegan diet is the most environmentally friendly?
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Is Organic Meat Better?
Several recent scientific reviews have examined the nutritional differences between organic and conventional meat. Learn if organic meat is really better and what other factors you should consider when buying your next steak dinner.
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Recipe: Creamy Chicken Stew
This stew is quickly prepared if you have cooked chicken breasts on hand. Make it the night before and it’ll be ready for breakfast.
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Recipe: Slow Cooker Jambalaya
In this recipe the chicken, andouille sausage, onions and bell peppers should be sautéed (browned) before being placed in the slow cooker. If andouille sausage isn't available, kielbasa sausage is a good substitute.
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Recipe: Tom Kha Gai
Made with real bone broth and coconut milk, Tom Kha Gai is surprisingly nutrient dense and filling for being such a creamy, flavorful, savory soup.
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Recipe: Chicken Panang
Enjoy this guest recipe by Russ Crandall! Panang is a mild Thai curry that is richer than red curry and has a depth of flavor that is unsurpassed.
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Recipe: Chicken, Tarragon and Grapefruit Salad
Tarragon has a distinctive, yet subtle taste that goes very well with many meats and sauces. The grapefruit provides just the right amount of freshness.
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Two Delicious Paleo Chicken Recipes
I thought I would provide a few recipes that I've developed as part of my Paleo Meal Plan Generator. These two easy-to-follow chicken recipes would be a great addition to your weeknight dinner plans.
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