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November 2013

xanthan gum, xanthan gum health
Harmful or Harmless: Xanthan Gum
Xanthan gum is an additive often included in gluten-free baked goods. While opting for gluten-free is healthy, are there adverse effects to xanthan gum?
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cauliflower and roasted garlic soup recipe
Recipe: Cauliflower and Roasted Garlic Soup
If you love garlic, you will love this easy-to-make super tasty soup!  It's the perfect addition to your favorite Fall recipes.
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old cholesterol guidelines, new cholesterol guidelines
3 Reasons Why You Should Be Skeptical of the New Cholesterol Guidelines
New guidelines are out regarding cholesterol and the prescribing of statins. How valid are these guidelines and how do they affect how health is measured?
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RHR: You Are What Your Bacteria Eat: The Importance of Feeding Your Microbiome – with Jeff Leach
Today, I'm talking with Jeff Leach of the American Gut Project about all things gut and surprising insights from the latest gut bacteria research. Tune in!
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Ask the RD: Probiotic Timing and the Blood Type Diet
Today, Laura and Kelsey will be discussing whether to take probiotics on an empty stomach or with a meal and the "eating for your blood type" diet?
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carrageenan, carrageenan side effects
Harmful or Harmless: Carrageenan
Carrageenan, an additive commonly found in non-dairy milks such as almond milk and coconut milk, may have an adverse affect on health. Read on for details.
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lebanese cauliflower, lebanese omelet
Recipe: Lebanese Cauliflower Omelet (Ijjit Qarnabit)
Enjoy this traditional oven-baked omelet shored up by grated cauliflower. A hint of cinnamon gives this simple omelet an exotic twist!
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carbs brain fog, carbs and the brain
Do Carbs Kill Your Brain?
In his book, Grain Brain, Dr. Perlmutter says carbohydrates cause effects that lead to a toxic brain. Is there evidence to the contrary? How true is this?
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RHR: How to Be Insanely Productive without Destroying Your Health
In part two of healthy productivity, we're looking at the “busyness” pitfall that steals productivity and how rest and rejuvenation fosters productivity.
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