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Will Welch, A-CFHC

Over the course of his career, Will Welch, A-CFHC, MS, BA, has had years of experience in academia and research. He ran a social and health psychology lab at UCLA; he was ABD PhD at Columbia Business School in their Organizational Behavior program, where he defended a dissertation proposal based on motivation research; he received an MS from the same program; and he’s headed employee survey and people analytics groups for large multinational companies.

Much of his time working at UCLA in the mid-2000s was focused on designing and running research studies, analyzing the data, and bringing together the results and literature review to start the publication process. He also served as a staff copy editor for two textbooks by Shelley Taylor, Health Psychology and Social Psychology, which added another rich frame for understanding the full breadth of research in these two disciplines.

The doctoral program, master’s degree, and dissertation proposal process at Columbia involved further education and experience with study design, research methods, and statistics in both lab and real-world settings, and he frequently uses this education to dissect and evaluate the latest research in health and psychology.

He also taught a graduate-level intro to social-organizational psychology course as an adjunct professor at Columbia Teachers College and found that teaching research findings to graduate students helped him better dissect and understand it.

He is familiar with the top journals in psychology and has co-authored academic journal articles that span levels of analysis as micro as genetics and as macro as organizational culture. He is also well-versed in research in positive psychology, health psychology, and the biopsychosocial model of health.

Before becoming a health coach, he spent years running global employee surveys and heading people analytics groups in the corporate world (at Tiffany & Co. and Citi), adding another dimension to his experience with research.

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