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Raw Milk

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How to Keep Your Bones Healthy on a Paleo Diet
One of the most common concerns of those starting a Paleo diet is that the diet is low in calcium and our bone health will suffer. But is that accurate?
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Does Dairy Cause Osteoporosis?
There is a myth out there that dairy foods contribute to osteoporosis by acidifying our bodies. But is this really accurate? Read on for more details.
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milk causes osteoporosis, dairy and osteoporosis
How to Cure Lactose Intolerance
Lactose intolerance is one of the most common food intolerances. Is true lactose intolerance the cause of digestive distress? Can it be cured?
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Can Some Trans Fats Be Healthy?
Trans fats are one of the few food components that are widely accepted as being unhealthy, and for good reason. But can some trans fats be healthy?
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Raw Milk Reality: Buying Raw Milk Safely
Once you decide on raw dairy, the next step is to find a source. The key to minimizing the risk is to ensure your raw milk source is using best practices.
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Raw Milk Reality: Is Raw Milk Worth the Risk?
Is raw milk worth the risk for you and your family? In this article, I present a framework for making this decision and provide two alternatives to raw milk.
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Raw Milk Reality: Benefits of Raw Milk
What benefits does raw milk have that pasteurized milk doesn't have?
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Raw Milk Safety, Iron Overload and Finding Calm in Stressful Situations
In this episode we discuss a variety of topics including the raw milk debate. To drink or not to drink?
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Raw Milk Reality: Is Raw Milk Dangerous?
Foodbourne illness is a serious issue. But is drinking raw unpasteurized raw milk the culprit?
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