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Gourmet Paleo Made Easy by “The Paleo Slow Cooker”


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paleo made easy, the paleo slow cooker
The paleo lifestyle made easy.

As many of you know, in addition to writing this blog and doing the podcast, I work with patients on a one-on-one basis. I see patients with a variety of different health concerns, ranging from difficulty losing weight to more serious health problems. This is how I met Arsy, the author of The Paleo Slow Cooker, a couple of years ago.

When I took Arsy on as a patient, she had already removed many of the toxins from her diet and her health was beginning to improve significantly as a result. But she was still experiencing some symptoms, such as headaches and lethargy. I worked with her to change her diet even further, emphasizing nutrient-dense foods like bone broth on a regular basis.

Arsy was one of my star patients and her story underscores the power of eating a diet void of toxins and rich in nutrients, such as the Paleo diet. And as she mentions in this book, this worked wonders for her. She no longer has headaches and is feeling better than ever. This book reflects the knowledge Arsy has gained by experimenting with her diet to achieve optimal health. Slow-cooking became a tool that she utilized often to help her stay committed to these changes, while balancing her busy schedule.

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Achieving optimal health can be complex, often requiring a variety of lifestyle changes, ranging from sleep to stress management. However, eating real food that will nourish your body is always a great starting point.

When people are confronted with the concept of following this whole foods approach, they may be hesitant to make the necessary changes thinking that it will require gourmet cooking daily. In reality, many of us do not have the time or money to cook three elaborate meals a day. That is why this book is so necessary. The key to Arsy’s success with the Paleo diet has been her interest and skills as a cook and in this book she offers us a way to prepare delicious and healthy meals in a simple and affordable way.

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This book also demonstrates that the Paleo diet does not have to be boring. Arsy draws on her Middle-Eastern background with several Armenian and Persian recipes, as well as other ethnic recipes that she has learned about from friends, proving that with the elimination of grains, legumes and dairy, boundless amounts of options still exist.

I have mentioned that I prefer the term “Paleo Template” to “Paleo diet”, as no single diet is optimal for all individuals. This book does an excellent job of offering recipes that help those with a more individualized approach, from low-carbers to endurance athletes. There are recipes that are safe for those following an autoimmune protocol. It also includes many recipes using nutritious foods. Animal products, particularly organ meats, are some of the real super foods, but can also be some of the most time-consuming and intimidating to prepare. There are several recipes such as oxtail soup and liver and onions that are valuable for Paleo newbies and seasoned vets alike looking to add more vitamins and minerals into their diet.

I often use a slow cooker myself, and one of my favorite slow-cooked meals is pot roast. It’s easy, tastes great and makes enough so that during the week we can open the fridge, heat it up and have a delicious gourmet Paleo meal ready in a few minutes. The slow cooker does a great job of preserving the moisture, tenderness and flavor of a great meal.

This book will be a great resource to help you change your eating habits for the better and to stay committed. I will be using this book often to prepare some new healthy dishes. Click here to order this great cookbook from Amazon.com.

Arsy also runs a great Paleo blog called Rubies and Radishes, so check it out for more information about her health journey, plus lots of delicious (free) recipes!

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  1. Chris,
    Thanks lots for the recommendation, I am enjoying getting into slow cooking with Arsy’s book. All in one pot is a great way to cook and, of course minimal (or no) searing is more helathy too.
    Thanks for taking the time to write it all up Arsy.

    All my best, Neil from England

  2. Arsys book is fantastic. She creates wonderful international dishes along with other super tasty dishes. Shes also a kind person with an amazing upbeat attitude. I hope to see more from her.

  3. Chris which brand of slow cooker do you use? I am asking because Ive heard some brands of slow cookers have too much lead.