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Now Accepting New Patients (And Other Big News)


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Accepting new patients
Now accepting new patients! mum_ble/istock/Thinkstock

UPDATE: The current open enrollment has closed.

If you are on the wait list, you will receive an email with an estimate of when your initial appointment will take place by Monday, October 13. Please note this is only an estimate of when your initial appointment will take place, and your invitation email may come a little earlier or a later depending on patient flow. We thank you in advance for your patience.

If you did not make the wait list, keep in mind there will be more opportunities to become a patient in the near future.

The good news is that I’ve taken steps that will enable me to provide better support to existing patients, and eventually more slots for new patients that need help:

  • I hired a clinical associate, Dr. Amy Nett, whom I supervise and train directly
  • I partnered with an experienced functional MD, Dr. Sunjya Schweig, to create a new functional medicine clinic/treatment center: the California Center for Functional Medicine
  • I am launching a formal clinician training program to train the next generation of functional medicine practitioners with an ancestral health focus

Read on to learn more about each of these developments.

Introducing Amy Nett, MD

As a single practitioner, there are only so many patients I can serve—especially given my other obligations, including research, writing, teaching, and of course, personal and family time. By hiring and training other clinicians in my particular approach, I can serve a much larger population of patients. 

Amy NettThat’s why I’m excited to introduce Dr. Amy Nett. Amy came on board about three months ago after an extensive search for a clinician that would be a good fit in my practice. She has been working closely with me during that time, and I continue to be impressed by her strong grasp of ancestral nutrition and the fundamental principles of functional medicine. Amy also has an insatiable thirst for learning, and as a radiologist, is an expert at reading and interpreting the scientific literature. 

Learn more about Amy and her background. 

Amy is currently available for follow-up appointments to my existing patients. As we’ve just added her to the schedule, she has a lot more availability than I do and thus the wait to see her is much less than it is to see me. Amy is already very familiar with my approach and protocols, and I supervise her directly with contact and meetings throughout the week. If you’re a current patient, and you’re interested in scheduling with Amy, you can book an appointment with her through MDHQ, our new electronic patient portal.

In a short time (2–4 months), Amy will begin accepting her own new patients, and this will of course significantly increase the number of patients we can accommodate in our clinic. We’ll make another announcement when that happens. 

Introducing Dr. Sunjya Schweig and the California Center for Functional Medicine

In addition to hiring Amy as my associate, I have also partnered with a functional medicine physician who is both a colleague and a friend, Dr. Sunjya Schweig. We have merged our practices to create a new center/clinic called the California Center for Functional Medicine (CCFM).

sunjyaI joined forces with Sunjya because he and I share a similar approach to functional medicine and patient care, and have a similar vision for how to revolutionize medicine. I also have tremendous respect for Sunjya as a clinician (he is my doctor—that’s how much I trust him!) and as a person. 

Sunjya treats a wide range of conditions, but he has special interest and experience in treating chronic infections such as Lyme disease and other tick-borne illnesses. Learn more about Sunjya and his background. 

The CCFM website isn’t ready yet, so for now you can make an appointment with Sunjya by submitting an inquiry through the contact form on his website. He is currently accepting a limited number of new patients since he has recently relocated to Berkeley, CA, but he will fill up quickly so if you’re interested in seeing him you should act quickly.

Once the CCFM site is ready, I’ll make another announcement here with a link to it and additional information about the new clinic. 

Update on the Clinician Training Program

Each week I get several emails from people who want to incorporate Paleo-based diet and lifestyle instruction and/or functional medicine into their existing coaching, training, or medical practice, or from students or people seeking a career change who wish to start such a practice from scratch.

The main question I get from these folks is always some variation of: where can I learn to do this? How can I train to do work that is similar to what you’re doing in your practice?

So far, I haven’t had a good answer. There are several different options for getting “pieces” of the puzzle, but there is currently no single training program that offers it all: functional medicine, ancestral health (Paleo diet and lifestyle), and practice building and management. 

This is exactly what I will offer. The curriculum and structure of the training will be based on the functional medicine “systems model” of understanding how disease develops (and thus, should be treated):

systems model

As you can see, it all starts with what some scientists are referring to as the “exposome”. This refers to the totality of environmental (i.e. non-genetic) exposures from conception onwards—including our diet, lifestyle, physical activity, exposure to toxins (including prescription drugs), and early life influences (our parents’ health at conception and mother’s health during pregnancy, our method of birth, whether we were breastfed). 

The exposome is what determines how our genes express (or don’t express), which in turn contributes to the unique manifestation of underlying mechanisms, diseases, and symptoms that occur in each individual as they move through their life.

So, as you might expect, the first module of the training program will focus on how to modulate the exposome, the environmental factors that are the primary drivers of health and disease. In most cases, addressing these factors is by far the most important thing you can do (and sometimes the only thing you need to do) to restore health. I’ll provide instruction on how to modify diet, physical activity, and other lifestyle factors for the most common health conditions and goals, from people with chronic illnesses like Hashimoto’s and IBS to athletes who want to optimize their performance. 

The next module will be the core functional medicine training. That will cover the most important diagnostic, therapeutic, and practice management skills you need to master to have a successful functional medicine practice.

From there, I will offer additional modules on advanced topics such as functional blood chemistry, methylation, lipids and heart disease, chronic infections, fertility/maternity, and more.

The training will be available virtually to begin with, though I am also considering in-person events (such as retreats or workshops) as well. 

I’ll make another announcement a few weeks before the training becomes available. If you’d like to be sure to be notified when it is, sign up for my email list if you are not already (enter your email in the blue box in the sidebar on the right).

Please let me know your thoughts and questions in the comments section.

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  1. I have been waiting for your program in particular! I am an acupuncturist by training and really wanted a program that incorporates all that is great about functional medicine with the respect for individualized medicine that our training emphasizes. Yeah! Please keep me posted

  2. SO exciting! I am an IIN trained health coach, but am unsatisfied with this level of training and would like to get some sort of naturopathic/integrative medical training. if I understand correctly, what you’re offering is complementary to this medical training and not the training itself, correct? if so, I would love any advice on a training program that best matches your methods…. Thank you!

    • Hi Sarah,

      My training will be in “applied” functional and integrative medicine.” In other words, it’s focused on how to use a functional/integrative approach in clinical practice.

      It does not provide the basic skill set that you would learn in conventional, naturopathic or osteopathic medical school, or by studying Chinese medicine, nor does it provide a license or degree. It’s more of a “continuing education” opportunity, though it will be open to students in any of the licensing programs I mentioned above.

      Does this answer your question?

      • Hi Chris,
        I recently obtained my Masters in Nutrition & Integrative Health and am currently completing hours to become a Certified Nutrition Specialist. My program covered much of what you mentioned above, but what I’ve been lacking since finishing my clinical portion is continued experience in functional lab testing. I am definitely interested in your training program, please keep me posted! Thank you

      • yes, thank you! I would love a couple of your top recommendations for functional medicine schools in the US for a ND (and maybe LAc as well) license.

        • Hi Sarah,

          There really are no “functional medicine schools” in the U.S. at present. You can go to school to obtain a license as an MD, DO, ND, DC, LAc, etc., but you would then need to supplement those programs with continuing education in functional medicine through a training program like the one I plan to offer, the Institute for Functional Medicine, etc.

  3. I’ve practiced as a board-certified anesthesiologist for over 2 decades in the Sierra Foothills. What you are developing seems incredibly legitimate and timely. Looking forward with a very high degree of anticipation to your best efforts.
    Strong work.

  4. I received a message this AM saying that you are accepting new submissions; when I went to submit, sadly I see all new submissions are closed. What can I do. Is there another list?
    I live in southern California, can you refer me to practitioners who practice as you do?
    Thanks so much,

    • Unfortunately the wait list is full. There will be more opportunities to become a patient in the near future (3 to 4 months).

  5. I am a RN/CRNA and Holistic Health Coach. I am interested in the training program. Is it only for MDs? Who is eligible to participate? Also any information on timing and financials?
    Thank you,
    Shelley Hurguy

  6. The clinician training program sounds amazing! Do you have pre requisites for people to be able to enroll or participate in this training program?

    • Just saw the answer to my questions in the other comments. Thanks and I am super excited for this program!

    • Hi Nicole, see my answer to this question above. The first module which focuses on nutrition/lifestyle intervention will be open to licensed clinicians (MD, DO, ND, LAc, DC, RDs, etc.) as well as nutritionists, health coaches, trainers, and others that work with clients in a health capacity. The functional medicine training will likely be open to licensed clinicians only.

      • It would seem a graduate-level or doctorate-level degree should also qualify one for the trainings. There are plenty of providers who are doctorate level(Ph.D., etc.) that take the IFM and other modules.

  7. Hello Chris,

    I sent you an email this morning to [email protected] The form did not work when I first clicked it and it seemed to have stopped accepting submissions after that. It would mean the world to me to get an appointment. Please let me know if there is anything we could do.

    • Unfortunately the wait list is now full. There will be more opportunities to become a patient in the near future. Thanks for your patience!

  8. Has anything changed in terms of prescribing meds or taking insurance for labs or office visits? I’m a current patient and need follow up, possibly with Amy.

  9. HELP Please ~ too many notices in my inbox! I don’t want to receive all the comments that are posted here. How do I change this Please??

    • Alice, I don’t see you subscribed to get notifications for this post. If you’re still getting emails, check to see if there is a link in the email to unsubscribe.

      • I received the email today about the opening of the waiting list and by the time I clicked on, it was full. I believe Chris or his newly hired professionals would be of great help to me with my complicated health challenges, as well as allow me to be a student in training while I capitalize upon their treatment. Please, I would really appreciate a chance to get to consult with him and learn from him. I rather enjoy the concept of merging integrative and functional!

        • The next open enrollment period will be in 3 to 4 months, thanks for your patience! He’s opening his new clinic, hiring new practicioners, and starting the training program so he can serve more people in the future.

          • What should we sign up for to be made aware of the next wait list opening? Just the newsletter? Or is this a different mailing list?

            Please respond

  10. The next time you are about to open the practice for new patients, would you consider opening it first to those of us who have paid for and gone through the Personal Paleo code and the High Cholesterol Action Plan?

  11. I am a current patient and I need a follow up appointment. If I book with Amy, can she prescribe meds? Does your practice allow me to use insurance at all for lab work or anything?

    • If you see Amy for a follow-up appointment she can prescribe medication if she feels it is necessary. Our practice does not accept insurance, but can provide a superbill to submit to your insurance.

    • Clarification: you must see Amy in person before she can prescribe medication. The same is true for any physician, at least in California.

  12. Looking for some advice – I’ve been back and forth from the ER, Doctor’s office and GI’s. Completed an endoscopy, Ultra-sound and CT-scan. Ucler was ruled out, I was told I have mild heartburn. I’m constantly nauseated and feel weak and fatigued. I was put on 40mg Omperazole twice a day. This has been going on since end of August. No one can tell me what’s happening, I’m not feeling well. Would appreciate and advice or insight. Thanks!

  13. Could you please expand on the idea a bit. For instance, would the completion of your course work account for CEU’s, or any other credentials? Thanks in advance for a response.

    • Eventually I hope that the training will offer CEUs. It is very expensive ($30-50k) to set that up though, so it may not happen initially.

  14. Bummer…checked email 29 minutes after you sent…apparently 5 minutes too late. I will proceed to stare at my inbox constantly until the next announcement. #patienceispaleo

  15. I can’t wait 3-4 month,I am that sick and nobody can’t figure it out. Besides it will be the same story-it will be closed in a blink of an eye.

    • There are other practitioners out there that can help. Dr Kresser is amazing and very knowledgable, obviously, but if you’re in urgent need and can’t get in to see him or Amy, you could try another practitioner who follows similar principles?
      I’m not keen on selling my own practice here, but I’d be happy to help if you need? [email protected] (I specialize in pediatrics but I work with all ages)

  16. IS the clinician training open for Nutritional Consultants? I am interested but not sure what the qualifications are. thanks

    • Module 1 of the training, which is focused on environmental factors that contribute to health/disease (diet, lifestyle, toxins, etc.) will be open to non-licensed practitioners. The functional medicine training will likely require a license, since it will focus on tests that can only be ordered by licensed practitioners.

      • Great info about module 1 for the training. What if a non licensed practitioner ( CNC) worked under a licensed practitioner could we possibly go through the functional medical portion of the training….just thinking out of the box….thanks!

        • We’ll figure out those details as the time approaches, but that may be a possibility.

  17. I just saw ur email regarding new patients. And I went to fill the form and it was already not allowing sign ups. I had just gotten ur email An hr ago. I really would like to apply to have u help me. I use all ur products and follow the paleo code info. How could it b closed so fast, not fair.

    • Unfortunately the wait list filled up quickly. There will be more opportunities to become a patient in the near future. Thanks for your patience!

  18. Hello Chris! I apologize if this has been answered already..Am I understanding correctly that you will be offering a training program to the public to do what you do as a functional medicine practitioner? Are there certain qualifications for the program? I would love love love to take part in your program.
    Thank you for your time!

    • Hi Chris, I forgot to add this above to my previous questions: I am currently enrolled to start a program with IIN, starting later this month, in the pursuit to eventually do what you do. Are you familiar with IIN? Would you recommend it in addition to your training program? I hope this is the right spot to contact you about these questions.

    • Hi Kayti,

      See my reply above regarding who the training will be open to. My training will be quite different than IIN, so I imagine they’ll be complementary.

  19. This was my last hope to figure out what is wrong with me. I really can’t continue my life as it is. I exhausted all options.