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Now Accepting New Patients (And Other Big News)


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Accepting new patients
Now accepting new patients! mum_ble/istock/Thinkstock

UPDATE: The current open enrollment has closed.

If you are on the wait list, you will receive an email with an estimate of when your initial appointment will take place by Monday, October 13. Please note this is only an estimate of when your initial appointment will take place, and your invitation email may come a little earlier or a later depending on patient flow. We thank you in advance for your patience.

If you did not make the wait list, keep in mind there will be more opportunities to become a patient in the near future.

The good news is that I’ve taken steps that will enable me to provide better support to existing patients, and eventually more slots for new patients that need help:

  • I hired a clinical associate, Dr. Amy Nett, whom I supervise and train directly
  • I partnered with an experienced functional MD, Dr. Sunjya Schweig, to create a new functional medicine clinic/treatment center: the California Center for Functional Medicine
  • I am launching a formal clinician training program to train the next generation of functional medicine practitioners with an ancestral health focus

Read on to learn more about each of these developments.

Introducing Amy Nett, MD

As a single practitioner, there are only so many patients I can serve—especially given my other obligations, including research, writing, teaching, and of course, personal and family time. By hiring and training other clinicians in my particular approach, I can serve a much larger population of patients. 

Amy NettThat’s why I’m excited to introduce Dr. Amy Nett. Amy came on board about three months ago after an extensive search for a clinician that would be a good fit in my practice. She has been working closely with me during that time, and I continue to be impressed by her strong grasp of ancestral nutrition and the fundamental principles of functional medicine. Amy also has an insatiable thirst for learning, and as a radiologist, is an expert at reading and interpreting the scientific literature. 

Learn more about Amy and her background. 

Amy is currently available for follow-up appointments to my existing patients. As we’ve just added her to the schedule, she has a lot more availability than I do and thus the wait to see her is much less than it is to see me. Amy is already very familiar with my approach and protocols, and I supervise her directly with contact and meetings throughout the week. If you’re a current patient, and you’re interested in scheduling with Amy, you can book an appointment with her through MDHQ, our new electronic patient portal.

In a short time (2–4 months), Amy will begin accepting her own new patients, and this will of course significantly increase the number of patients we can accommodate in our clinic. We’ll make another announcement when that happens. 

Introducing Dr. Sunjya Schweig and the California Center for Functional Medicine

In addition to hiring Amy as my associate, I have also partnered with a functional medicine physician who is both a colleague and a friend, Dr. Sunjya Schweig. We have merged our practices to create a new center/clinic called the California Center for Functional Medicine (CCFM).

sunjyaI joined forces with Sunjya because he and I share a similar approach to functional medicine and patient care, and have a similar vision for how to revolutionize medicine. I also have tremendous respect for Sunjya as a clinician (he is my doctor—that’s how much I trust him!) and as a person. 

Sunjya treats a wide range of conditions, but he has special interest and experience in treating chronic infections such as Lyme disease and other tick-borne illnesses. Learn more about Sunjya and his background. 

The CCFM website isn’t ready yet, so for now you can make an appointment with Sunjya by submitting an inquiry through the contact form on his website. He is currently accepting a limited number of new patients since he has recently relocated to Berkeley, CA, but he will fill up quickly so if you’re interested in seeing him you should act quickly.

Once the CCFM site is ready, I’ll make another announcement here with a link to it and additional information about the new clinic. 

Update on the Clinician Training Program

Each week I get several emails from people who want to incorporate Paleo-based diet and lifestyle instruction and/or functional medicine into their existing coaching, training, or medical practice, or from students or people seeking a career change who wish to start such a practice from scratch.

The main question I get from these folks is always some variation of: where can I learn to do this? How can I train to do work that is similar to what you’re doing in your practice?

So far, I haven’t had a good answer. There are several different options for getting “pieces” of the puzzle, but there is currently no single training program that offers it all: functional medicine, ancestral health (Paleo diet and lifestyle), and practice building and management. 

This is exactly what I will offer. The curriculum and structure of the training will be based on the functional medicine “systems model” of understanding how disease develops (and thus, should be treated):

systems model

As you can see, it all starts with what some scientists are referring to as the “exposome”. This refers to the totality of environmental (i.e. non-genetic) exposures from conception onwards—including our diet, lifestyle, physical activity, exposure to toxins (including prescription drugs), and early life influences (our parents’ health at conception and mother’s health during pregnancy, our method of birth, whether we were breastfed). 

The exposome is what determines how our genes express (or don’t express), which in turn contributes to the unique manifestation of underlying mechanisms, diseases, and symptoms that occur in each individual as they move through their life.

So, as you might expect, the first module of the training program will focus on how to modulate the exposome, the environmental factors that are the primary drivers of health and disease. In most cases, addressing these factors is by far the most important thing you can do (and sometimes the only thing you need to do) to restore health. I’ll provide instruction on how to modify diet, physical activity, and other lifestyle factors for the most common health conditions and goals, from people with chronic illnesses like Hashimoto’s and IBS to athletes who want to optimize their performance. 

The next module will be the core functional medicine training. That will cover the most important diagnostic, therapeutic, and practice management skills you need to master to have a successful functional medicine practice.

From there, I will offer additional modules on advanced topics such as functional blood chemistry, methylation, lipids and heart disease, chronic infections, fertility/maternity, and more.

The training will be available virtually to begin with, though I am also considering in-person events (such as retreats or workshops) as well. 

I’ll make another announcement a few weeks before the training becomes available. If you’d like to be sure to be notified when it is, sign up for my email list if you are not already (enter your email in the blue box in the sidebar on the right).

Please let me know your thoughts and questions in the comments section.


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  1. Hi there,
    Was wandering what the protocol would be for ridding yourself of Blasto Hominis? I’m taking some Metagenics formulas Bactrex and Parex to try and kill it naturakky but I read it’s fairly resilient. There does seem to be any conclusive evidence on treatments. From the same stool test I noticed I there is Mal-digestion of Fat. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
    Kind regards

  2. Hi,

    My son suggested that I seek help from Chris as I have thyroid problems which in turn trigger blood sugar and energy problems. My doctor feels that the missing piece of the puzzle is nutrition.

    I missed your deadline as I wasn’t able to get to my son’s recommendation until after the wait list had closed.

    Chris, I wondered if it was possible to work with you at some time in the future? I also a a few mild autoimmune problems…so diet is key to my future health. I have been struggling with this for two years.

    I would like to work with you directly as you have a special expertise and experience in all of these.

    My thanks,

    • Ann, there will be more opportunities to become a patient in the near future. Join Chris’s mailing list (blue box on http://chriskresser.com/) and you’ll be notified of all upcoming clinic changes.

  3. Hey Chris,

    I’m very excited to hear of your plans for the training program. I really respect your approach and use you as a reference on many matters. I am a Paramedic who works in an Emergency room and function as a nurse in many ways. I’m persuing my RN as well as possibly a Nutritional Therapy Practioner cert through the NTA. Would a Paramedic be considered for the training program?

  4. Clinician Training Program, Chris count me in! I was suggested to follow and learn of you by my national educator whom I highly admire and to my surprise even he had referenced and that person was you. My sister told me about this great new program and I’m so excited for the launch. Even more so the opportunity of enrollment.

  5. I was excited to see the Open enrollment, but sad it has already closed. Is there a way to get on your waiting list???. My daughter has severe eczema, we have been trying everything for almost two years and hope you might be able to work will her and improve her health. Kind Regards, Tamara, mama of Annabelle Jojo.

    • There will be another opportunity to become a patient in the near future (3 to 4 months). Thanks for your patience!

    • Hi Tamara,
      While you are waiting for an opening. You could call Sonja at Herbs Forever at 1-213-427-3500. They have incredible herbs for eczema. “Blood Cleaner” (2 tabs 2 times per day) is the name. Then to apply directly to the skin, you can try “DermRash” from drkangformulas.com Chinese Herbal Medicine and Ayurveda knows the imbalances that cause eczema. Also, there is usually an underlying fungal issue that complicates eczema, so have her also get on “Yeast Away” from peakhealthcareproducts.com, as directed. If you really want to kick it in high gear, then you would also get “EczeDerma” from Dr. Kang Formulas as well. 3 tabs 2 times per day. She would need to stay away from eating wheat, sugar, beef, pork, and dairy.
      Take care,

  6. Hi Chris,

    I have no training except that of being an air traffic controller and was wondering the prerequisites? I’d like to improve my 14,000 coworkers health versus taking 2 computer based modules that the government provides.

  7. Great work, Chris! Perhaps your team could offer some of the following practitioner directories to those who missed the boat and need help sooner than 3-4+ months:

    American Holistic Medical Association (AHMA)

    American Association of Integrative Medicine (AAIM)

    American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine (ABIHM)

    American Association of Naturopathic Physicians (AANP)

    American College for Advancement in Medicine (ACAM)

    American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM)

    American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M)

    Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM)

    Functional Medicine Doctors

    Kalish Method Practitioner Directory

    Paleo Physicians Network

    Primal Docs

    The Hormone Cure

    Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN)

  8. Chris i have read through all the comments and am trying to make sense of how they might apply to me but i have further queries relating to your clinician training programme.

    I studied Nutrition at the College of Natural Nutrition in 2006 and gained a qualification as a Natural Nutritionist, which would have made me able to get insured to practise as a Nutritionist in the UK. It was an amazing course and i chose it because i had been diagnosed with ME and the woman running the course had had terrible ME and made a full recovery and looked amazing and was a truly awakened human being, the more official nutrition courses i checked out at that time, seemed to be very allopathic in their approach and not at all up to date with the science, i.e shove (any form of) calcium into someone with osteoporosis etc. and the people involved with it that i got to meet looked ill and still thought eating brown bread was the answer to everything. So though i would have preferred a more formal qualification i didn’t go there.

    Anyway i chose not to go into practise with the Natural Nutrition qualification because i didn’t actually feel at all ready help others with real confidence. I have continued to study on my own, following new science as it comes out in my areas of interest, treating my own illnesses and helping friends and family and and growing my own food, making bone broths, fermenting foods etc always on the look out for a great course to help me really have the confidence to set up a practise. So i was thrilled to discover your course. But then a bit gutted to see i might only be able to do the first module as a nutritionist. I am trying to find out about the laws in the UK but i am pretty sure we can order lab tests as nutritionists. If that is the case, would you allow people from the uk to continue on your course to the end? I have looked into trying to do the certified diploma in functional medicine but it seems like that might be a repeat of your course (And i’d much rather do your course) Or do you think i should try to do that one too? Many thank for your time

    • Hi Justine,

      We haven’t worked out the exact requirements for the program yet, but if you are able to order labs, that might qualify you to participate. We’ll discuss more as the time approaches.

      • Hi Chris

        Just to let you know, since your response here i have been doing some investigating. I have discovered that my title turns out is Nutrition Advisor i can get insurance to practise with the FNTP and due to this i am now registered with 3 labs in the UK which means i can order their lab tests. They offer many of the tests you have deemed as your preferred brand (at the time) for a particular type of testing system as well as many others you mention from time to time as being good tests.

        I thought this would be helpful for you to know in the planning stages of your course. I am really hoping this means we Brits could do all the modules.

        Warmest regards Justine

  9. Hi Chris,

    I also practice Acupuncture in the US.. And have been waiting for the day when you would say that you are providing trainings. I have always been curious about your thought of TCM and combining the Functional approach. I will definitely sign up for what I think will be a online training, but wow I would love personal weekend seminar type trainings..especially if CEUs are provided!!

    • Hi Rachel,

      I do plan to offer in-person workshops and/or retreats that are either standalone trainings, or supplement the virtual/online trainings. There’s no substitute for in-person interaction!

      • Hi Chris,

        Thank you for all that you do and congrats on your new practice! My name is Sarah James, and I am a Family Nurse Practitioner student and Certified Health Coach in San Francisco. I am also in the IFM training program and completed the AFMCP this past September. In addition to the clinician training you will be conducting next year, do you offer any internships within your practice? I would love any opportunity to learn from your and your team! Thank you for your time.
        Sarah James, RN, BSN

  10. Chris – Congratulations on all these exciting developments and recent success! I’ve been anticipating the news on the clinician training program and am ready to jump in so I’ll look forward to the forthcoming details. Quick question: are the modules mutually exclusive so that someone with more experience/education can, for example, opt to skip module 1 and simply register for the module 2 functional medicine component? Or is module 1 a prerequisite/both modules linked? Thanks!

    • Yes, they will be separate and I specifically designed them that way for this reason. Some people will only want to do module 1 and stop there, because they want to focus on nutrition and lifestyle and have no intention of becoming a licensed practitioner and/or treating chronic illness in a clinical setting.

      Others already have the nutritional base but want to learn how to use labs and a functional medicine approach in the clinic. They can start with the functional training (module 2) and proceed through future modules.

  11. This sounds a little suspect. I clicked on the link within 5 minutes of it being sent to me and the link was down.

    This wasn’t 30 minutes, it was 5 minutes.

    And low and behold is a special announcement pre-selling his new associate and dropping the carrot of training.

    I highly doubt there was even a signup but this was an attempt to create false scarcity and a fake waiting list practice that Chris is in such high demand.

    I really enjoy Chris’s blog posts but this cheesy “waiting list practice” nonsense is insulting to your reader’s intelligence.

    Chris you are better than this.

    • We did accept 100 new patients for the wait list. Unfortunately, some people got the email sooner than others, which happens when sending to such a large list. We are looking at changing the process for the next open enrollment, so it’s more fair.

    • Are you serious? The last time my practice opened, 2 years ago, 600 people joined the wait list in about 3 days. My practice has been closed to new patients that entire time. Was that also part of my secret ploy to promote my clinician training program?

      If you have ideas for how we can improve or change the process of new patient registration, we’re all ears. Keep in mind that 1.3 million people visit this site monthly, 140,000 are signed up on the email list and 200,000 download the podcast each month. Though the audience is international, the large majority are in the U.S. So please take this into consideration when you offer your suggestions.

      Last time we ended up doing a lottery and assigning random numbers to people because so many joined the wait list in such a short time. That wasn’t perfect, but it seemed more fair than giving someone who signed up at 8:23am on Monday a spot 100 people ahead of someone who signed up at 10:00am that same day.

      The problem with this approach was that with 600 people on the wait list, and me only seeing patients two days a week, #600 on the list wouldn’t get an appointment for 3 years. Of course over time quite a few people found other practitioners or got better on their own, and dropped off the list. So it only took me 2 years to get through it.

      This time we decided to only add 100 people, which I can get through in about 4-5 months. This way people won’t be told they have to wait up to 3 years, and we can do “rolling” periods of open enrollment. The downside, as you just saw, is that with the current high demand it only took about 20 minutes for 100 people to sign up.

      Next time we may keep the enrollment period open for longer, maybe a week, and then just do a random lottery and select 100 people from the total # that sign up. Again, it’s not perfect, but at least it gives people a chance even if they aren’t able to open the email immediately after it is sent.

      I empathize with people that have been waiting a long time to become a patient, and missed the opportunity this time. I wish there was some way I could serve more people myself, while continuing to run the blog, podcast, write books, etc. But there are only so many hours in the day.

  12. This sounds like a really unique and exciting program. Over the past number of years I have added more and more Functional Medicine to my practice with terrific results. Would be very interested in such a consolidated program. I would be interested in learning in greater detail about the marketing and practicing building section of this course as this is a very a important element to a successful practice on multiple levels. Thanks for this

    Chris Butler

  13. Is there any training available for those specializing in Pharmacy? I am currently in pharmacy school and would be interested in taking an alternative route after graduation.

    • It depends how you want to help people. As a pharmacist, you’d certainly qualify for the first module, and possibly the functional medicine component as well.

  14. I am a Physician Assistant, and trust that I will be able to participate in the training. Very excited to bring this forward to patients of a traditional internal medicine practice.

  15. I live in Melbourne Australia, any chance you will do online again or do you know of people in Melbourne i could get in contact with.

    • It will be an online training course (with some optional in-person workshops/retreats), so you will be able to participate.

  16. Any referrals for a doctor that practices alternative medicine or like minded regarding GI issues in the Los Angeles area?

    • HI JG,


  17. Hello,

    I’m in need of care and was hoping you new of and could recommend someone in the sacramento area that was like minded in alternative medicine, as you?

    Thank you,

  18. Great news Chris, we are an Osteopathic clinic all the way over in the Gold Coast of Australia and have been practicing ad hoc ‘functional medicine’ because there is such a lack of it here and the integrative medical doctors are so expensive, there is only 3 for a population of 500 000 and they have long waiting lists. Have been trying to find a program to formalize what we are doing – I deal mainly with kids but my associates do adults and am doing the Walsh training in March but my wife is super keen to do your program. I am hoping that your international followers will be able to do the program. Thanks for keeping shining the light – I know how time consuming all this work is – and how so many people want a piece of you. so well done brother – well done!

    • Hi Jonathan,

      Thanks for your feedback and kind words. Yes, the training will be available virtually for people that live overseas. The potential difficulty there is that I will be discussing labs and supplements that are U.S.-centric. That said, many of these labs and supplements (or at least suitable alternatives) are becoming available in other countries so it may not be much of an issue.