Are you a Paleo enthusiast who wants to make a difference? Become a Paleo Ambassador!


UPDATE: Thank you for your interest, we are no longer accepting applications.

Do you love sharing what you’ve learned and experienced with a Paleo-style dietary approach? Do you read my blog—and others—regularly, and find yourself forwarding posts to friends? If so, my upcoming Personal Paleo Launchpad community may have a special position for you.

What’s the Personal Paleo Launchpad?

The Personal Paleo Launchpad is your support team. No matter where you are on your health journey—just getting started or working to stay on track—the Launchpad provides all the support you need to stay motivated and informed.

What’s included:

  • The Personal Paleo Launchpad Forum: Our forum is moderated by a knowledgeable Registered Dietitian, trained by me and steeped in Paleo-expertise. Our community is populated with smart and informed people, all with the same goal: finding and living their personal best diet. While most are using Paleo as a starting point, we move beyond Paleo by personalizing our approach to meet our individual goals. What we have in common is a commitment to smart, evidence-based answers. In the forum, you’ll be able to chat with and get support and encouragement from thousands of other goal-focused, motivated people like you and expertise from our Registered Dietitian, Kelsey Marksteiner.
  • Bi-Weekly Q&A Sessions: Submit your questions for this recorded session—our RD will cover all the basics and beyond (with special guest appearances by yours truly).
  • Monthly Seminars: a monthly on special topics of interest with interviews of luminaries in the ancestral health niche.
  • Meal Plan Generator: Design your perfect personalized meals—it’s never been easier! The updated Meal Plan Generator allows you to convert measurements to imperial, metric and UK measurements, includes Quick Meal Options (30 minutes or less), and a consolidated shopping list, all to make sticking to your plan easy.
  • Progress Tracking Tool: Get a holistic view of your progress by tracking changes to how you feel across over 50 individual symptoms. Seeing your progress over time not only helps you to stick with the program, but is key to making the changes that truly personalize the program for you.
  • Discounts on Paleologix supplements and my digital programs (Personal Paleo Code, Healthy Baby Code, High Cholesterol Action Plan).

Hiring Paleo Ambassadors for the Personal Paleo Launchpad Forum!

Here’s who I’m looking for:

  •  You are passionate about and familiar with the content on, the Paleo lifestyle, different approaches and health modalities. You are an informed learner.
  • You’ve personally achieved success with a Paleo-style diet and/or you consistently read Paleo and Real Food blogs and gather health information from multiple sources.
  • You have some familiarity with online chatrooms and “forums,” or at least consider yourself to be tech-savvy.
  • You enjoy meeting and interacting with people from around the world, discussing health and related subjects.
  • You have the passion to make a difference and have an impact in your community.
Here’s what you’ll be doing:

I’m looking for 3 or 4 superstars to serve as forum moderators inside our new community. If chosen, your role will consist of:

  • Become an authoritative representative and ambassador for and the Paleo lifestyle.
  • Arrange with your fellow Ambassadors to be online each day to monitor the chat rooms to lead visitors to the best chat threads for them, flag or remove comments that don’t serve the community, and even answer a few questions or lead folks to an answer, if you want to.
Here’s what you get:
  • The opportunity to be seen and appreciated as a respected authority to Paleo followers world-wide.
  • Special advanced-level recognition as a community leader, with your picture.
  • Free access to the Personal Paleo Launchpad and all of my digital programs (Personal Paleo Code, Healthy Baby Code, High Cholesterol Action Plan), for as long as you remain an Ambassador in good standing.
  • Free access to all future digital programs.
  • A 30% discount on Paleologix supplements.


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  1. says

    Came across this a little late but wanted to know if there were any openings left to be a part of the community? I’m a Chicago-based dietitian with my own private consulting practice. I rely on Paleo-based research (any books, articles, websites, podcasts I can get my hands on) in my practice and in what I recommend to my clients. I would love to join if still possible as I think I’d be a great asset to the group!

  2. Grainfreejane says

    How are the application reviews coming along? I’m very excited about the possibility of getting this position. However, either way I will probably be signing up for the forums as soon as they are fully launched. Hope to hear from you soon!

  3. Andy T says

    Are applications still available? If so, where? I am an RN and local gym owner and would love to help this lifestyle grow.

  4. Cassiel says

    I’d love to help out, and I’m trying to submit an application, but it won’t let me because it says my phone number is invalid. I’m in Australia, so my phone number format is different. Are applications limited to US residents only? I was hoping otherwise, since I imagine you will have members from all over the world! If you are accepting applications from outside the US, please let me know what I should do about the phone number.

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