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Poop: The Cure of the Future?


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Poop has been all over the news lately. (And no, I’m not talking about the recent election.) I’m referring to fecal transplant, the process of transferring a healthy person’s stool into a sick person’s colon in order to restore the bacterial balance. It sounds bizarre, and even a little crazy, but doctors and scientists all over the country are discovering just how effective fecal transplants can be.

Just last week, the Chicago Tribune wrote a story predicting that stool banks may one day be just as common as blood banks. Human stool transplants have been found to consistently cure up to 90 percent of patients who have had multiple episodes of C. difficile, an infection which causes serious diarrhea and affects about 3 million people per year. Typically, these infections are treated with antibiotics such as vancomycin, which can actually make the infection worse by killing off beneficial bacteria and allowing the resistant C diff. to survive. This recurring infection can be fatal, killing an average of 14,000 Americans every year. It’s especially dangerous for young children and the elderly who are more susceptible to the bacteria that causes the colonic inflammation and diarrhea.

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Use of the procedure is simple and shockingly effective for patients with serious bowel infections. CNN recently reported on a young girl who nearly died from the infection, and was cured immediately by a fecal transplant using stool donated from her mother. This recovery was after nine rounds of antibiotics failed to eliminate her life-threatening infection. While the idea of receiving a fecal transplant may disgust some, the sickest patients aren’t fazed by the “ick factor” of the procedure. If it helps them recover from their serious illness, they’re willing to try it.

Several studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of the procedure on treating not only C. difficile, but other conditions as well. (1) Various studies have shown fecal bacteriotherapy, to be effective in colitis, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, and some neurological conditions like multiple sclerosis or Parkinson’s Disease. (2, 3, 4, 5) Researchers in Amsterdam are even running a clinical trial to see if fecal transplants can help treat obesity. (6) I’ve written before that the composition of the gut flora is one of many factors that affects weight regulation, and fecal transplant could very well be a future obesity treatment. (7) There may be countless other conditions that could be helped by this simple, effective, and safe procedure.

I’m fascinated by fecal bacteriotherapy and have read all the studies on it. It’s a miraculous treatment in certain conditions, and we have yet to tap into its full potential in treating a number of gut-related illnesses. I’m excited to see how this therapy develops, and wouldn’t be surprised to see the creation of stool banks in a few years. Fecal transplant may be a disgusting concept to some, but who knows – one day it could save your life!

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  1. I completely agree that what bacteria can do to our health is vital. I heard that natural food diet can help the immune system work properly. We need to take those probiotics after fast food like a hamburger and chips as they really destroy useful bacteria in the bellies. The ballance of beneficial and harmful bacteria changes depending on what you eat.

  2. Does anybody know what labs will do the stool testing for a fecal transplant donor for bacterial groups, sub groups, and sub species? Thank you. I live in the SF Bay area.

  3. Roxy were you asking me for the name of my Northern California doctor? If so, his name is Michael E. Rosenbaum and his nutritionist is Janara. A very bright team!
    Hope this helps!
    I am dealing with parasites living in my body now with an extremely diseased and damaged intestinal lining…I am leaking terribly.
    Also something to consider, as I have been told, if you can’t get rid of candida then you may have Lyme/Lyme confections. It suppresses the immune system. I have Blastocystis Hominis in my colon and its bad. No western medicine doctor ever sent me to infectious disease..otherwise they would have found parasites inside of me. I am dying a slow and painful death..all because of not being referred properly and testing wasn’t advanced enough. Not be breast fed and given antibiotics over the course of my life and not being told to eat yogurt or probiotics has ruined my life. I was born almost 57 years ago…living in this world has been very difficult for me. I pray that God takes away my pain and suffering soon!

    • Ann,

      I am sorry to hear about your situation. You have probably explored severe inflammation as a part of the discomfort and pain, but if you have not explored it much, try looking up Proctitis. It is severe inflammation of the rectum/colon area and can be caused by infection. Maybe there is something your doctor can prescribe to help with the pain and inflammation. And again I am sorry if you have already tried this, but it came to mind since I have a lot of inflammation when I have a flare up. I will check into the doctor and nutritionist you recommended. Thanks so very much.

      • Hi. I m sorry that you are so ill and I know how difficult this is. I too have been suffering with almost the exact same thing as you are more or less for the past 2 years. I started taking food grade Diatomaceous earth, however, it is NOT sterilized, so I am seeing results after sterilizing it myself in a hot oven. If you don’t do this, you will re introduce parasites as this is not sterile. I also do coffee enemas, baking soda enemas and am on the Byron White Formula’s for parasites. I’m not a salesman for them, but have definitely noticed that I am finally getting better and have only been on them since July 2015. It is now September 2015, only 2 months later and I’m doing a lot better. Twice a week, I also take sterilized liquid bentonite clay with psyllium husks and psyllim seeds to cleanse the debris.One also needs a formulation for breaking up gut biofilms. I am looking to buy nattokinase and lactoferrin and I have ben reading about this lately. I hope that this helps. I am also taking lugol’s iodine and that seems to be killing the eggs.

    • Ann, have you ever heard of taking diatomaceous earth for candida, leaky gut, parasites, heavy metal toxicity etc.? It has helped people so much! The DE needs to be food grade. Miraculous results and it’s very cheap! This might help you.

    • Have u tried the fmt do see if could restore any black and us medicine and fmt together get rid of the parasites and to restore your bowels.? Also I am very sorry to hear your sic

  4. Chris or anyone in my situation, I was wondering what your thoughts are on getting a FMT to help chronic constipation and reoccurring SIBO – methane? Im on my 4th round of Rifaximin + neomycin with no luck. Is this clinic in the UK your go to place to have this done? I am very nervous about negative side affects but nothing can be worse than how I’m living now. However I know FMT helps the gut flora in the colon, will it also help the small intestine? Thanks!

    • Have you ever been told to take S. Boulardi to help improve intestinal health? It is a wonderful product as it keeps things in balance as its a type of yeast that improves your immunity. I would contact your functional medicine md for help with this too!

      • Ann,

        My functional medicine doctor actually just recommended that to me along with a digestive enzyme at each meal, oil of oregano, vitamin D, vitamin B complex and a few other things. I’ve been nervous to start anything because I’m not sure the protocol for SIBO and especially nervous about probiotics because I know there’s some controversy out there and some might feed the bacteria and I’ve not tolerated some brands well in the past, including probiotic foods like sauerkraut, however it seems like I should give this one a try!

      • Very very true, my naturopath put me onto that and it stops my SIBO from getting so bad that I need Rifaximin again, it is amazing.

    • Jaclyn,
      You sound a lot like me! Have you taken antibiotics over the course of your life and had candida overgrowth along with SIBO?
      Well my story is long and sad and I am still trying to balance my gut…but my situation is a little different than yours as I have pancreatic insufficiency along with Lyme disease that wasn’t treated long ago properly so I have terrible biofilm issues with a deeply rooted yeast/fungus lining my stomach and intestines. Its very painful plus the yeast is eating my vitamins, especially the B vitamins.
      There’s a SCD Probiotic by Klaire Labs called LactoPrime Plus that won’t feed yeast and doesn’t have the prebiotics in them that I think you’re concerned about. This my be a good product for you as it is for me.
      Also, you probably have a leaky gut so you need help from a nutritionist that understands this and candida.
      Where do you live? I am in Northern Califiornia. I was just going to make a recommendation for a doctor and a fabulous nutritionist. The nutritionist has worked with me over the phone. A lot of practitioners us SKYPE and other methods of communication if you’re not able to be there in person.

      • Yes I was on 40+ courses of antibiotics between 1990 and 2007 due to mismanagment by my primary care physician of something that they should not have been prescribed for. I have suffered from andida yeast overgrowth since 1996. I am currently on nystatin powder 1/4 tsp 4 times a day and it does help somewhat, but I cannot go off of it as within a week my awful gas, bloating, and intestinal discomfort come back tenfold. I am still searching for relief and a cure. For others I do have two recommendations for professionals who are excellent and know what they are doing. They are not quacks. Dr. Marjorie Crandall if you think you have candida yeast overgrowth. She got her PhD in this and cured herself. You can google her and find her website. She lives in So Cal but provides info worldwide and an impressive booklet you should definitely order for about $20. Awesome, it covers everything you need to work towards getting over candida. Also if you are in the SF Bay Area I recommend Dr. David Varon, gastroenterologist who specializes in dysbiosis of the gut. Just started seeing him so I am praying he can help me. He is a proponent of fecal transplants for dysbiosis. He has a video on Youtube you should watch. Just look up under his name. If your insurance does not cover, he charges a very minimal fee and gives free samples of various probiotics and other things that he has. But still what I need help with is how do I get off anti-fungals? I am on VSL 3 probiotic in large quantities, completely healthy diet. It has been almost 20 years and when I have a flareup I am still miserable for days. I cannot eat any sugar, carbs in any quantities. I have been tested completely for all parasites, etc. I do have slightly reduced immunity to candida yeast as run by an allergist test. I am ready to consider FT as next step. Anyone have success getting off anti fungals? Thanks.

        • Hi roxyinsf, I have been researching doctors who do fecal transplant in the Bay Area so I was happy to see your post. I have C diff, Candida. SIBO, Leaky gut and so on….
          Have you had great success with Dr. David Varin?

      • Also, can you give me the name of the Northern CA doctor and nutritionist? I am desperate too. Thanks.

    • Hi Jaclyn. Can u email me. Anderson.m6812@gmaildotcomi suffer from severe sibo and want to talk to someone who understands. I been doing tons of research on FMT and honestly it’s pretty much 100 percent safe as long as you know your donors past. I’m about to do it myself as I’m very very desperate

    • Jacalyn,

      It may be the reason those antibiotics are not working is that you may have a yeast/fungal overgrowth (sbfo) at the same time. You can find out by asking your doctor to prescribe an anti fungal such as Diflucan. If you get immediate relief, you will know you also have yeast overgrowing in there and perhaps your bacterial overgrowth is cleared up. Some doctors don’t want to prescribe an anti fungal unless you have a vaginal infection but hopefully you can talk them into it or find another doctor who will work with you. This happened to me so I know it can be confusing, but after taking 1 Diflucan tablet, within 1 hour my symptoms completely improved. The trick is trying to stay on Diflucan long term (for months) so you can clear it up and be sure to take something like VSL 3 pro biotic. Dr. Marjorie Crandall, expert on yeast overgrowth, in LA area has phone line you can call for more info on long term anti fungal treatment. (310-375-1073). If you try the anti fungal I would like to hear how it turned out. I am still struggling because every time I go off the Diflucan, it comes back, so my issues are very complex in that way.

    • Jacylyn – Can you somehow get to Dr. Pimentel @ Cedars Sinai in L.A. Ive got ibs-d but he also works w/ ibs c which might be yours. Also have you tried Pimentel’s “elemental diet” which starves the sibo critters by putting you on broken down foods that are thus quickly digested b4 the bugs can get any lunch. Diet goes 2 weeks of yuck but it can work. Dr. Siebecker a Portland nutritionist can help on this; she made a homemade recipe of it so you avoid the commercial ingredients that u might not wanna be taking. I’m @ this time looking into this and a dr that follows this protocol in the SF Bay area

    • Hi! I Have SIBO for a year and tried every medicine there is. It works just for a few weeks. So a Dr recommended the FMT and I’m considered it. I spoke with a person who had it done and said it really helped him a 98%. Always have to be carful with lactose products but his life changed for the best.

  5. FECAL TRANSPLANT DIY (Do It Yourself)…

    Hello Chris and readership,

    The information base on fecal transplants has expanded considerably in the past couple of years. By way of UPDATE: it should be stressed that fecal transplants DON’T require the services of medical personnel, nor does it require sophisticated equipment. It is a simple procedure that can be done at home by any lay person. Please see the following references for complete details.

    1) News article from Med Page Today: “Endo Type: DIY Fecal Transplant” (http://www.medpagetoday.com/Endocrinology/GeneralEndocrinology/45141). This article has a link to a 30 minute YouTube video by Michael Hurst: “DIY Fecal Transplants to Cure Yourself of Digestive Disease” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WEMnRC22oOs).

    2) Research paper from the medical journal Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology: “Success of Self-Administered Home Fecal Transplantation for Chronic Clostridium Difficile Infection (http://www.cghjournal.org/article/S1542-3565%2810%2900069-8/fulltext).

    Hope this helps. Best to all.

  6. I am also curious as to when the clinic in the Bahamas will be open? It is a lot closer to me as well

  7. Does anyone even know of a board certified MD in the San Francisco Bay Area who will even talk about a fecal transplant for conditions other than CDif? I have suffered from small bowel fungal overgrowth for 18 years and have not been able to get rid of it. It keeps coming back and it is awful. I go on antifungals and feel better and when I go off of them it comes back. If anyone has a resource, I am willing to travel anywhere in the SF Bay area. Thank you.

    • Maybe you have an autoimmune disease or leaky gut or even a parasite. Do you have food allergies?
      I have Biofilm issues too where the fungal infection is hard to get rid of.
      It sounds like your body is fighting off some other infection as well. Do you have blastocystis hominis? I would have a stool test done by Genova Diagnostics or Metametrics to rule out a parasite. Hope this helps in some way.

      • I even had C Dif show up on my stool but I got rid of it by taking S. Boulardi and probiotics.

    • Since the U.S. FDA put a block on FMT for anything other than C diff, you are going to have to go a lot further than the Bay Area to get a treatment. We are entering into a joint venture in the Bahamas which will bring the treatment a lot closer to the U.S. than our primary facility in the UK, but it is still not mainland US.

      • Hi Mr Taylor, I was wondering when the clinic in the Bahamas will be opening? I’ve been hoping and planning to come see you in England from California (I have a consultation in a few weeks), but the Bahamas would be so much easier!

        • Sita–You write to Mr Taylor in England. I am in England, can you send me his contact please Doreen

    • My kid had C DIFF twice in her life and once I did a fecal transplant in my own home, she got better quickly and now she is C DIff Free. I can definitely go over what I did in my home. It was easy and it took a few minutes and saved her a life time of suffering. Just email me [email protected]

  8. so, this is what them fellers in San Francisco have been up to all these years? who knew they were just taking core samples to maintain colon health….

  9. Does anyone know how Blastocystis Hominis affects the immune system and colon?
    Also, I was told that I drank model airplane fluid at the age of 5….how would this affect my immunity, endocrine, neurological, etc. systems?
    I was never breast fed, was one month premature, and an incubator baby at 4 pounds. My mother smoked and drank while I was in her womb.
    How would expect a child to grow up with these things…would they have health problems?
    Please help with this…I am really sick these days and see many practitioners. I just wanted your unbiased feelings on this.

  10. At this point, I’m tired of the new FDA regulation and want to start a clinical trial. Using Medstartr to investigate FMT as a treatment for PI-IBS and IBS-D. First need a clinician and researcher to work with me on a proposal. fecalmicrobiotatransplant.blogspot.com

  11. Alix,
    Did you take any probiotics or eat any fermented foods after taking the Antibiotics? Did your doctor tell you to take anything to replace all of the good bacteria the antibiotics wiped out?

    • Marjorie,

      I wasn’t told about probiotics back in 2007. Since then I’ve taken lots of different brands of probiotics without any benefit. I wish someone would have told me about fermented foods then because I am unable to have them now. I have a severe rash when I eat fermented foods.

  12. It seems as if there are many things that have been treated with antibiotics that we eat. Also, be careful not to take supplements that have magnesium stearate in them. As this will suppress the T cell function of your immune system. I can see how the magnesium stearate hasn’t help me at all with the leaky and inflamed gut to improve as it suppresses the immune system.
    It sounds like for sure you have intestinal dysbiosis brought on by antibiotic usage. You need to talk with Beatrice and an IM physician. You need a supportive team helping to address the issues. Food allergies are a result of candida and bacterial imbalances in the digestive tract.
    I hope that I have been able to help you. My problems came on after I came back from Mexico and picked up Blastocystis Hominis, I got candida, plus I was given a megadose of CIPRO by a very stupid MD for a virus. I had cytomegalovirus, epstein barr virus and chronic fatigue around the time I got the parasite The partner I was with ate the same thing but was not affected. I had terrible cramping in my digestive tract.
    Right now my diseased colon is leaking the products to knock down the candida and bad bacteria in my intestines….not sure how much time I have left….I am very ill…you can’t imagine how upset I am at the medical professionals who kept ignoring me when I kept telling them something was wrong in my digestive tract. I need a Fecal transplant and not sure how I am going to get one! Please pray for me!

    • Marjorie, I know how you feel. Some days I don’t feel like there is any hope. I don’t know if this will help you or anyone else in this thread, but there is one thing that has eased some of my gut symptoms from candida. 1/4 tsp Nystatin oral powder in 1/8 cup water 4 times a day. Your physican can order if from Pharmaca in your area. They have to tell Pharmaca it is Nystatin, USP 50 million units and is refrigerated. It is not absorbed into the bloodstream so you don’t have to worry about any systemic issues. It just treats the lining of the intestinal tract. Then you drink 4 oz unsweetened almond milk with 2 sachet packets of VSL 3 regular strength mixed into it 2 times a day. You can buy the VSL 3 regular strength over the counter at Costco and some private pharmacies. It is expensive at about $80 for 20 sachets but well worth the price. I am on this every single day and that is the only thing that is holding down the candida growth along with no sugar/carb diet. It is terrifying to think I cannot come off the antifungal or the candida comes back really strong. Anyone try long-term Diflucan? I was told a year on Diflucan could remedy the situation. Thanks for anyone’s help.

    • Yah, in Jesus name; that’s how I pray and will try to remember to ask Him to heal you, Marjory [& me!] Btw am praying 2 find a GI in Bay Area who follows Dr. Pimentel’s protocol for Sibo and ibs-d. Doug

  13. Also, Integrative Medicine Gastroenterologists are very rare in the US. I know of only three. There should be more of them because they understand leaky gut. Mainstream medicine is so far behind in their technology its not funny. A holistic MD told me their textbooks are 30 years behind. Amazing isn’t it! Gee I wonder why there are so many sick people with Intestinal dysbiosis. Probably due to over prescribing antibiotics and people eating foods that have been treated with antibiotics! My guess! Man has really messed things up….hasn’t he!
    Most people can only afford to go to doctor’s that accept their insurance. Can you see how corrupt the system is??
    Out with the old and in with the new….If holistic medicine was affordable more people would be healthier. But instead people are stuck and brainwashed into believing that Mainstream has all of the answers. That’s what happened to me….and why I am so ill! The doctor’s kept telling me that nothing was wrong with me and my problems were mental.
    You can get the picture I am sure.
    I am so sad because I am trying to get my parents to change and they are so locked into their doctor’s….they don’t understand why they have terrible joint pains, arthritis, allergies, etc. I keep trying to help but you can’t make a horse drink water, but you can bring them to it! Both my parents have leaky gut and don’t get it! I just give them ideas of eating pasture raised meats with no hormones. But they are on a fixed income and where they live (in a retirement community) their clubhouse serves regular foods, not organic, sustainably raised animals!
    Oh well, some day when this is all over, we won’t have to worry about sick any more…I am looking forward to this day!

  14. Alix,
    Have you been checked for parasites?

    Also, there are specific Integrative Medicine Gastroenterologists that may be able to help also.
    Dr. Gerard Mullin at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland. I saw one in California by the name of Farshid Sam Rahbar. I did a “Skype” interview with him. He had a game plan to heal my gut due to my specific health history.
    Eating 100% grass fed meats has helped me. Local farm raised, no antibiotics were used.
    When did your problems begin?

    • Marjorie,

      My problems began after I took antibiotics for a few weeks back in 2007. I lost about 20 lbs in a few months after the antibiotics and had digestive issues, fatigue and joint pain then. Then I moved from Canada to Australia and my condition slowly worsened to where I am now.

      I only eat lamb and need it to be very fresh due to my histamine sensitivities. I live in a very small village and I don’t think I can get grass fed lamb all year. Maybe only during a short period in fall.

    • don’t know about parasites, but there’s some Klingons hanging round Uranus….

  15. I basically am on the paleo diet without eating fruit as I have a systemic fungal and bacterial infection in the intestines that went bad 4 years. ago I basically eat 100% pasture raised grass fed meats. Beef, chicken, lamb and goat on a 4 day rotation other wise I would have anaphylactic reactions to them. It’s pretty sad. I have been working really hard to heal my colon that has blastocytis hominis and my stomach and small intestines from candida. The candida is everywhere basically.

  16. Also Alix, if you haven’t guessed already you have what sounds like a leaky gut and you need to heal it with the GAPS diet.

    • Hi, I agree that you most likely have leaky gut. But just FYI GAPS didn’t help me, however the Autoimmune Paleo did and I’m mostly healed.
      If you want more info, I’m happy to give it to you and share what’s helped me. I know how hard it all is!!
      Best of luck!!

      • Sorry, put the kettle on, this is one of my long responses.

        One of the most common co-morbid events that we are witnessing here at Taymount BioResearch (The Taymount Clinic) when addressing gut bacterial dysbiosis is Leaky Gut Syndrome. Recognising it’s importance, it is something that we have been discussing with Professor Jonathan Brostoff, Britain’s leading allergy specialist

        Patients arrive for treatment to rectify their dysbiosis, surviving on a range of specialist diets that they have refined in order to reduce their increasingly allergic responses to foods. Patients say that prior to their condition these foods were never a problem. They report that these allergic responses have have developed over a period of time that is consistent with their dysbiosis condition.

        Once the patient’s dysbiosis has been “normalised” by the introduction of a normal healthy gut microbiome via the use of FMT, they report that their allergic responses begin to moderate over varying periods of time.

        This has led us to the proposed conclusion that the colon is primarily an organ of the immune system and secondarily an organ of digestion. I recently talked to a large group of physicians at the world’s premier children’s hospital; Great Ormond Street Hospital specifically on this concept and it was hugely encouraging to witness this proposal generating considerable positive debate amongst medical professionals.

        It is our belief that gut microflora are our primary regulation control for immune responses and our research is now concentrating on this subject.

        Chris (Kresser) would you like to weigh in on this subject?

      • Devona,

        My diet currently consists of lamb, carrots, turnip, lettuce, cucumber, coconut oil and fish oil. From what I can tell from the Autoimmune diet there are no foods that I am eating that are not allowed.

        One of the complicating factors with me is that I can’t tolerate any fermented foods. Even minuscule amounts with make my skin break out in a rash.

        I will check out the contact given to me by Marjorie but do any of you know of any more practitioners specializing in digestive issues and allergies? I’ve already been to many naturopaths but I need someone that has successfully treated people like me.

        Thanks again.

  17. I am currently suffering from a multitude of food allergies/sensitivities, joint pain, digestive issues, fatigue, eczema and others. My diet is limited to 6 different foods. Stool tests have shown that my gut flora is sub-optimal and my IgE levels are above the measurable range. I eat lamb, carrots, lettuce, turnip, cucumber, coconut oil and fish oil. I am very sensitive to histamines and nightshade vegetables.

    I am looking into fecal transplants but would like to have it done in a clinic setting rather than do it myself. I live in Nova Scotia, Canada but would travel anywhere in the US or Canada. Does anyone know where I can go to get a fecal transplant done? I have not been diagnosed with C. Diff. or Colitis but suffer from various digestive issues forcing me to blend all of my food and limiting me to an unhealthy number of food options.

    • Dear Alix, we are an FMT research clinic in the UK. To the best of our knowledge the US FDA has placed a total prohibition on the use of FMT for anything other than the treatment of Clostridium Difficile infection, and Health Canada has obediently toed the political line. Sorry for the bad news.

      • Dear Alix,
        I wanted to give the name of a brilliant naturopath. Her name is Beatrice Levinson. You can look her up online and also call her.
        Have you had much success with the GAPS diet or taking a soil based probiotics?
        I assure you that Beatrice will be able to guide and help you.
        Her number is 831 642-0202 She lives in Monterey, California and practices in both Monterey and Meno Park, California She is from France!

        • Marjorie,

          I have been searching for a naturopath that has extensive experience in treating digestive issues and allergies. From what I can see from her website it looks like she has this. Thank you. I will contact her.

          • Alix,
            There is a fantastic ND in Tantallon, NS. Cornerstone Naturopathic, Dr. Ben Connolly. Absolutely amazing doctor. I highly recommend him. Have had great success with his therapy.
            I hope you are doing better.

  18. Hi Sue,
    I had rosacea, also had ezcema, had severe gut dysbiosis, had hair loss, had thyroid issues, and major hormonal issues that set me into early menopause (which I’m out of now). I reversed my chronic disease issues through the AutoImmune Protocol, sometimes also called the Paleo AutoImmune Protocol, or the gut healing diet/protocol. It is a radically restrictive diet that you must be totally committed to. It took me 6 months to a year, but I’m completely well. Totally worth it. If you would like more information on it, I’m really happy to share. Just email me at devonabell (at) hotmail (dot) com.
    Best of luck with your healing!!

  19. I have rosacea (which anyone who has it – its based in the gut. We know this but our Drs refuse to even look at the facts) which is tied to bacteria in the intestines. My immune functions are a mess as a result – severe sun sensitivity, histamine intolerance, I have malabsorption issues such as hair loss etc. I am pretty convinced that the cure for rosacea is merely a fecal transplant. Simple, right? Not a high risk procedure at all. Unfortunately most Drs want to put people on antibiotics for life rather than attempt to fix the problem, so I will likely need to pay out of pocket to treat myself.

    • Sue – I would seriously love to see you try this for a couple months:

      But some Unmodified Potato Starch. It’s cheap and easy to find. Every day, mix 1-2TBS of this into a cup of yogurt or kefir. If you can’t do dairy, mix it with water. After 2 weeks, up it to 3-4TBS a day.

      As far as I’m concerned, this is just as effective as a fecal transplant…it will completely flood your large intestine with resistant starch and force your gut bacteria to adapt to the new food source. Beneficial bacteria are all that can feed on resistant starch, when given enough food, they will take over the large intestine and crowd out pathogenic/non-beneficial bacteria. In addition, this resistant starch has a very unique property in that the microbes found in the yogurt or kefir–or any fermented food–will latch on to the RS granules and in this fashion, they can better survive the trip through the stomach and small intestine so they can do their magic in the large intestine. Most probiotics eaten end up dead in the small intestine–RS changes that.

      Good luck!

      • Interesting. I will give it a try. I am not sure whether it will do the job as effectively as a fecal transplant – as it seems that some good bacteria may be damaged or missing, such as with acquired celiacs (which a Dr in Australia has reversed with a fecal transplant). But it seems a sound theory. At the very least it might lessen my reactions which would be fantastic.

        Thank you 🙂

        • Sue and Tim: What if you’re allergic to potato? I can’t handle potato starch. Any suggestions?

          • Have you tried raw potato starch? All of the allergens are filtered out in making it, it’s nearly pure starch and is not digested at all in the small intestine like cooked starch or a potato.

            That said, easy alternatives are really green bananas, air-dried plantain chips or slices (you need to make your own), and mung-bean noodles eaten hot or cold.

            Hope this helps!

            • Hi Tim! Lovely hearing back. OK, So I can’t have potatoes due to an intolerance (I follow Paleo AIP, and I cut out all nightshades). I don’t know if I can tolerate raw potato starch. In the past when I have tried a derivative of something I’m intolerant to, I have regretted it. For example, I am intolerant to wheat/gluten. So I sprouted the wheat and cut it and made a nice little wheat grass shot. When I drank it my autoimmune disease flared for a week (I have interstitial cystitis)!

              I’m a little leary of trying the potato starch, raw.

              Maybe I can try really green banana or the plantain chips/slices. I can make my own. Would I do that in a dehydrator? Or do you want me to chop the banana into slices and let them sit on my counter for several days?

              Finally, I’d love to read more about this approach. Could you refer me to an article I could read?