What Is SIBO? Causes, Symptoms and Why Its Hard To Treat | Chris Kresser
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What Causes SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth) and Why It’s so Hard to Treat

by Chris Kresser

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While bacteria are an essential part of a healthy small bowel and perform important functions, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth can lead to leaky gut and a number of other symptoms. Learn what puts you at risk for SIBO.

This is a guest post written by staff clinician Amy Nett, MD.

The normal small bowel, which connects the stomach to the large bowel, is approximately 20 feet long. Gut microbiome bacteria are normally present throughout the entire gastrointestinal tract, but in varied amounts. Relatively few bacteria normally live in the small bowel (less than 10,000 bacteria per milliliter of fluid) when compared with the large bowel, or colon (at least 1,000,000,000 bacteria per milliliter of fluid). And, the types of bacteria normally present in the small bowel are different from those in the colon.

Why You Should Thank Your Small Bowel and the Beneficial Bacteria That Live There

The small bowel plays an important role in digesting food and absorbing nutrients. It is also an important part of the immune system, containing an impressive network of lymphoid cells (cells of the immune system that help fight infections and regulate the immune system).

Are you at risk for small intestinal bacterial overgrowth? Find out what the most common risk factors and symptoms are.

The normal (beneficial) bacteria that are an essential part of the healthy small bowel also perform important functions. These beneficial microorganisms help protect against bad (i.e. pathogenic) bacteria and yeast that are ingested. They help the body absorb nutrients, and also produce several nutrients (such as short chain fatty acids) and vitamins like folate and vitamin K. These bacteria help maintain the normal muscular activity of the small bowel, which creates waves that move the contents of the intestine, like food, through the gut.    

What is SIBO?

SIBO, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, is defined as an increase in the number of bacteria, and/or changes in the types of bacteria present in the small bowel. In most patients, SIBO is not caused by a single type of bacteria, but is an overgrowth of the various types of bacteria that should normally be found in the colon (1). Less commonly, SIBO results from an increase in the otherwise normal bacteria of the small bowel. 

SIBO has been shown to negatively affect both the structure and function of the small bowel. It may significantly interfere with digestion of food and absorption of nutrients, primarily by damaging the cells lining the small bowel (the mucosa). Additionally, this damage to the small bowel mucosa can lead to leaky gut (when the intestinal barrier becomes permeable, allowing large protein molecules to escape into the bloodstream), which is known to have a number of potential complications including immune reactions that cause food allergies or sensitivities, generalized inflammation, and autoimmune diseases (2).

These pathogenic bacteria, whether too many or the wrong types, can lead to nutritional deficiencies on top of those due to poor digestion or malabsorption. In particular, the bacteria will take up certain B vitamins, such as vitamin B12, before our own cells have a chance to absorb these important nutrients. They may also consume some of the amino acids, or protein, that we’ve ingested, which can lead to both mild protein deficiency and an increase in ammonia production by certain bacteria. (We normally produce some ammonia daily from normal metabolism, but ammonia requires detoxification, so this may add to an already burdened detoxification system.) The bacteria may also decrease fat absorption through their effect on bile acids, leading to deficiencies in fat soluble vitamins like A and D.

What Causes SIBO?

The body has several different ways of preventing SIBO. These include gastric acid secretion (maintaining an acidic environment), waves of bowel wall muscular activity, immunoglobulins in the intestinal fluid, and a valve that normally allows the flow of contents into the large bowel but prevents them from refluxing back into the small bowel. (This is called the ileocecal valve because it’s located between the ileum, or terminal end of the small intestine, and the cecum, a pouch forming the first part of the large bowel.)

The cause of SIBO is usually complex, and likely affects more than one of the protective mechanisms listed above.  A number of risk factors for SIBO have been identified, with some of the more common risk factors listed below.  For a more complete discussion of associated diseases and risk factors check out this study and this study.

Risk Factors for SIBO

  • Low stomach acid
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Celiac disease (long-standing)
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Prior bowel surgery
  • Diabetes mellitus (type I and type II)
  • Multiple courses of antibiotics
  • Organ system dysfunction, such as liver cirrhosis, chronic pancreatitis, or renal failure

Moderate alcohol consumption and oral contraceptive pills (OCPs) also increase the risk for SIBO

Heavy alcohol use has long been recognized in association with SIBO (3). This study also found an association between SIBO and moderate alcohol consumption, defined as up to one drink per day for women and two drinks per day for men. Alcohol appears to have effects on several of the normal protective mechanisms, including causing injury to the small bowel mucosal cells, contributing to leaky gut, and decreasing the muscular contractions. Additionally, alcohol may “feed” a few specific types of bacteria contributing to overgrowth (4).

Overall there appears to be a moderate association between OCPs and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) such as Crohn’s disease (5). Though no studies to date specifically correlate the use of OCPs with SIBO, given the known relationship between IBD and SIBO, it is likely that this association holds true for SIBO as well. However, once patients stop taking OCPs, this risk appears to reverse.

How Do You Know If You Have SIBO?

The number of people with SIBO in the general population remains unknown. Some studies suggest that between 6 to 15% of healthy, asymptomatic people have SIBO, while up to 80% of people with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) have SIBO (6). 

SIBO is largely under-diagnosed. This is because many people don’t seek medical care for their SIBO symptoms, and because many doctors aren’t aware of how common SIBO is.

Complicating this, the most commonly used tests (breath tests measuring levels of hydrogen and methane gas) still have fairly high rates of false negatives (meaning the test results come back as negative but you actually do have the disease) (7).

The most common symptoms of SIBO include:

  • Abdominal pain/discomfort
  • Bloating and abdominal distention
  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation (generally associated with methanogens as Chris discussed in his recent podcast)
  • Gas and belching
  • In more severe cases, there may be weight loss and symptoms related to vitamin deficiencies.

Is SIBO Contagious?

Unlike many other bacterial infections of the gastrointestinal tract, SIBO is not contagious, and there is no evidence that exposure to any single microorganism increases the risk for developing SIBO. SIBO occurs due to a complex interplay of many different factors and is not passed on between individuals.

Why SIBO Can Be Difficult to Treat

Antibiotics are often used to treat SIBO. However, studies show that despite treatment with antibiotics, recurrence develops in almost half of all patients within one year. One study comparing treatment with rifaximin (the most commonly used antibiotic for SIBO) and botanical antimicrobials showed slightly better outcomes with the botanical protocol, but still with successful treatment in close to only half of all patients after one course of treatment.

These finding suggests that treatment of the overgrowth alone is not enough for most people. An additional piece of successful treatment must include addressing the underlying cause, or predisposing factor.

Though there are many identified associations between SIBO and other diseases as described above, abnormalities in gut motility are recognized as one of the most common associations. One study published this month demonstrated that patients with SIBO do have significant delays in small bowel transit time (the amount of time it takes something to move through the small bowel). This finding suggests that patients with SIBO, who do not recover after a standard course of antibiotics, or botanical antimicrobial protocol (which we prefer), may benefit from the addition of a prokinetic agent, which increases the muscular contractions of the small bowel. Octreotide and low dose naltrexone are two such options that are being investigated, and may help treat some cases of SIBO that don’t respond to antimicrobials alone.

As research into SIBO continues, we are increasingly understanding the complexity of this disease, and how treatment must be tailored to each individual to maximize success.

Now we’d like to hear from you. Have you had SIBO requiring more than one round of antimicrobial therapy? What helped you recover from SIBO?

Amy NettAbout Amy:  Amy Nett, MD, graduated from Georgetown University School of Medicine in 2007.  She subsequently completed a year of internal medicine training at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital, followed by five years of specialty training in radiology at Stanford University Hospital, with additional subspecialty training in pediatric radiology.

Along the course of her medical training and working through her own personal health issues, she found her passion for functional medicine, and began training with Chris in June of 2014.  She has recently joined his clinical practice to work with patients through a functional medicine approach, working to identify and treat the root causes of illness.  Similar to Chris, she uses nutritional therapy, herbal medicine, supplements, stress management, detoxification and lifestyle changes to restore proper function and improve health.


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  1. Dear suffering friends you may consider trying kelp. I am not the same Bonnie posting from before so as not to cause confusion. For myself I am dealing with FAR more than just SIBO and also deal with hypothyroid, gastroparesis, complete loss of motility, auto immune disease and so on. My diet is extremely limited. And I won’t get into the more private areas but let’s just say I could no longer go. No amounts of magnesium, every herb under the sun, superfood, tons of water, laxatives. Nothing worked. It was like my insides were dead. Complete loss of perilstasis. For years! I had to do colon cleanses which only compounds things. All probiotics made things worse. I tried iodine and I felt horrible. I read though all the forums I tried different kinds. I took the other co supps. I did the salt flushes and I just felt plain awful. I knew it wasn’t a die off or all these other things you read about. Between the reactions go everything and the constant die off from all the cleanses and herbs and such I’ve used over the years I know what die off is. And it certainly seemed similar but the key was that all my hypo symptoms were getting MUCH worse. I had tried kelp prior and had really improved but then switched because of all the scary stuff about contaminants. I know my body doesn’t like chemicals and iodine in this form wasn’t for me. So I tried kelp again and I want to say I had a reaction at first but something told me to try another brand and sure enough I think the kind I reacted to was contaminated. I tried another of the same brand and was fine and then decided to switch to capping my own. I also had similar issues with Triphala which can also be contaminated with cadmium lead and mercury. I highly suggest giving both a try. Triphala to help detox and get the gut going and kelp. Kelp also has wonderful antibacterial properties as well. Do lots of research before considering. I’ve been ill and I’ve tried everything under the sun in 20 years. My belly issues started 10 years ago after big doses of diflucan and nystatin.

    And again find a reputable herb pharm that sells organic powders and cap your own. You can also ask for certificate of analysis that shows the purity. I tried the big brands and did not have the same results.

    I had no issues with kelp. Strong triphala can cause pretty intense detox if you’re very ill so go very slow. I haven’t read of anyone else experiencing it but I did. None of the horrible side effects I had with iodine were present with kelp. Iodine is necessary for all functions of the body. I have read so many scare tactics in iodine supplementation but keep in mind Asia eats tons of seaweed! Seaweed can be harvested and grown in protected areas so just find a reputable brand. You always want to avoid fillers and chemicals so capping was the best for me to ensure purity. I am on the road to wellness for the first time in years. I am not completely healed yet but feeling better by the day. I hope this helps someone.

  2. Sick for 3 years had all the tests saw all the drs say it’s anxiety. Yes, now I am getting anxious and depressed that I’m sick all the time. Breath smells like I took a shot of alcohol, burning and tingling in fingers and toes. Foggy, exhausted, nauseated. Finally saw a naturopath a year and half ago did a sibo breath test said a little high did rifaxim felt a little better, every time it comes back it seems worse with worse symptons.

  3. I am not a typical patient, I’m the Nightmare of 4 Specialist. I seem to react to most FDA drugs from hives to ER/Hospital trips. I’m 69, Hypothyroid, Fibromyalgia, NO female hormones, Osteoarthritis, Osteoprosis -3.5, Degenerative Spine, Calcification of the Lumbar, Neuropathy, GERD, Barrett’s Esopogus, Diverticulosis, sm Hiatial Hernia, Gastropresis, and now SIBO. Which means many foods have been eliminated from seeds to fiber. Only the Thyroid seems under control. Rest is not. I’ve had 2 ER trips in Feb with wrong diagnosis, small bowel was swollen, not Diverticulitis, nor a UT. Spasms in the AB and burning in the Lumbar spine from the Calcification that 10 mg of Valium x 2 per day was surpressing along with the FMS and the GP spasms. Until a Under Educated APN to afraid of losing her license refused to renew what my now retired Pain Specialist and Neurologist were treating me with. I’ve had 13 Neuropathy drug reactions. Worst were Lyrica, Neurotin and Cymbalta. Being Hypothyroid means no SOY or grapefruit, low iodine consumption. With the other Gastro issuses there isn’t a lot left to eat I’ve not already eliminated. I also now have to take Cardziem for Hypertension that is PAIN caused, I do have an Enlarged Heart with a sm. Mitral valve leak so low sodium too. Back doc says spine will crumble if they touch it. Tired of being sick. Tired of the BP headache. Just plain tired no energy, and never ending PAIN. I do take 40 Billion Probiotics and 40 mcg of Selenium along with a lot of Bone growth vitamins/minerals. Allergic to sea food, certain food dyes especially red ones. Low tolerance to dairy even my calcium is picky Coral Calcium is the least bloating 1 I can find. 640 Mag Citrate, Stronium, Zinc/Copper.

  4. my mother (77) was diagnosed with SIBO after decades of misdiagnosis/dismisal of her chronic bloating/gassy symptoms. She is on a two week 3x a day550mg course of rixaifain. Its day 3 and the bloating seems worse, and stagnant. Taking gasX is not releasing it. its starting to cause heaviness in the chest. Is this a normal trajectory, of how the antibiotics work?

    Side note, she also has a hiatal hernia but no GERD.

  5. Hi there,
    I would be interested if you have seen patients with connective tissue disorders (such as Ehlers-Danlos) having SIBO. Collagen dysfunctionality can lead to leaky gut and reduced mobility, which could cause the SIBO.
    What is your experience in such cases? Which botanicals could be used for a more longterm relief?
    I’d be glad to hear from some expert or patient who can tell me some more (facts, please).

    • My son who is 9 has scored 7/9 on the Danos scoring. He has chronic unexplained nausea after having a stomach virus last May (10 months). I’ve been researching low vagal response due to Sensory Processing dysfunction as a possible cause for SIBO. He has several other diagnosis but this nausea is consuming him. He has lost weight and become depressed. It’s debilitating. His colonoscopy showed ilitius. Now Dr prescribed antibiotic for SIBO. But what’s the cause? I’m just at a loss for what to do to help him.

      • Hi Rebecca, sorry to hear your troubles. If anything I would try not to give your son antibiotics. Unfortunately doctors give these out like candy and they will not actually treat the issue, if anything it may just mask the problem – it can also take six months for a child’s immune system to improve after antibiotic use, that’s if it is improved (with some use of probiotics). If possible try to see a naturopathic/functional practitioner who is more experienced with these issues. Other resources I can offer you are Medical Medium, Dr Stephen Cabral and/or try doing some research on Paul Stamets Fungi Perfecti / medicinal mushrooms (coriolus in particular – although I am not sure for children). Best wishes.

  6. Hi Amy/Chris,
    Can anyone answer WHY bacteria from the large intestine would want to travel up into the small intestine? Bacteria of the large intestine prefer insoluble fiber so why would they travel north? Isn’t the SI where monosaccharides are digested and absorbed? Is it the ileocecal valve that is not strong enough to create a tight closure? If that is the case, then how the heck did that happen?

    • Hello
      If you do a Search here on this page for my name – Bonnie, you will find MANY REPLIES of mine explaining how I KILLED OFF my Intestinal Bacteria with 5% Lugol’s Iodine, with answers to all your questions.

      Rather than write it all over again, do a Search and then if you have any questions you can ask me.

      • Hi Bonnie,

        I’ve been suffering from SIBO 20yrs+. Most of my youth consumed by it.

        No day goes without searching for latest developments of IBS/ SIBO C.

        About 4 years back I bought Lugols not sure what was the percentage but as destiny would have it, I never had the courage to try it. Why?

        Well internet is filled with arguments and counter arguments. With Iodine, counter arguments that came up on Google were Hyperthyroidism or irreversible damage to thyroid gland.

        Fast forward today research suggests SIBO D is caused by food poisoning and SIBO C by methanogens which is archaea (not bacteria) which is why antibiotics fail against it.

        Wanted to know what type of SIBO u had, constipation or D.

        Thx a lot for persistence of commenting/replying for all this while.


        • Abhi
          Read my posts first, then you might be encouraged to try Iodine.

          We all need a tiny amount DAILY, and it doesn’t take much to kill off the SIBO.

          • hey guys, i was wondering if you could help. Bonnie – i did the iodine drops like you mentioned for about a week and my stomach began to feel instantly better (i was doing 1 drop per day in water). At the end of that week, my throat started to feel very tight and almost felt like there was a lump in it. I stopped the iodine and in about 2 weeks the throat/thyroid feeling went away. About 2 weeks after that, i started taking pre natal vitamins because i am trying to conceive now and the throat discomfort/pressure/lump feeling is back and has not gone away for over a month. i have no idea what it could be and am too scared that i may have damaged it with the iodine. Does anyone know what to do to make it go away? Did it bring something out in me that i didnt know i had? Is there anything naturally i can do to fix this feeling? Any help would be greatly appreciated!! thank you…

            • Hi Maria, I am sure Bonnie will be of help but I have read that it can be a symptom when supplementing with iodine especially with those more deficient. Sometimes it takes the body time to adjust. MSM, sweating/use of sauna and Himalayan salt can help. Are you taking selenium? It’s also best to supplement selenium with iodine. But maybe for now is it best to have a break from it. Wish you well.

      • Thank you Bonnie but I cant figure out how to “search for your name” in order to find your initial post. Can you elaborate?

        • Veronica – if you use the keyboard combination: Ctrl / Command + F this will help to search for any word you wish within a web page. Press both keys simultaneously and a search bar will appear (usually at top left) in the search bar you can search “Bonnie” and it will display anything associated…

      • I am struggling with Sibo for years now Bonnie!
        Have been on antibiotics now for 3 months, with the diet I lose too much weight and the Lugol’s Iodine all I can get from the uk thru my daughter who lives there is Lugol’s 7% Iodine, how do I use the 7% Iodine? How many times a day and what quantity with what amount of water??
        I am desperate by now,
        Rosalie from Melbourne

      • Hi Bonnie, The issue I’m trying to understand and resolve now is foot neuropathy, which started very slowly about 18 years ago. Just felt like a little child standing on my feet. It has progressed gradually since then until it is pretty debilitating. I was diagnosed with methane SIBO about 16 years ago, took antibiotics (not rifaximin), and my symptoms of severe gas and bloating were reduced but have recurred a little over the years. I haven’t had another test but am wondering whether even a sub-clinical level of SIBO could disrupt B12 metabolism thereby causing foot neuropathy. I am willing to try the Lugol’s iodine although I don’t find mention in any of the posts of a die-off reaction, which I always have to a severe level when taking anything that kills bacteria–even homeopathics. Also, I was diagnosed with Lyme disease eight years ago, which can also cause neuropathy. That was probably my underlying issue that caused a DX of fibromyalgia 35 years ago, possibly Hashimoto’s 30 years ago and CFS 25 years ago. I haven’t had another Western Blot test but have had two CD 57 tests that showed that I was out of the active Lyme range. Except for the foot neuropathy, I have gradually felt better and better since getting the Lyme DX due to alternative methods. Will appreciate your advice re. die-off after taking Lugol’s and whether there is anything that can be done to ameliorate it. Thanks, Jackie

        • Hi Jackie, Bonnie may respond to you but in the interim… Lugol’s will unlikely cause a die-off effect, especially if taken gradually. If you start with one drop in a glass of water and build up gradually, i.e. by day 3 depending how you feel add two drops (I believe Bonnie gave a description of the gradual dose) either way, a little of Lugol’s should have no die-off. I can speak from some experience. Like everything, start slowly. Having said that, I am not sure that Lugol’s will be your be all and end all. If you are dealing with a Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor they should be able to guide you with the right treatments but do as much research as you can, educate yourself. Listen to podcasts (Cabral Concept is a very good one, he also has a body detox) and look into Medical Medium and read all about celery juice. I imagine from your note that it will take more than one thing to get your body back to good health and start healing but it’s all possible. Best wishes

  7. Who in the metro NY or Long Island area treats SIBO> Tried antibiotic therapy w/o success. Diagnosed with severe SIBO and colonic inertia. Please help. Terribly nauseated and vomiting. Dropping weight from my 125lb frame. My GI issues resulted from small fiber neuropathy caused by iatrogenic nerve transection many years ago. I also have severe widespread CRPS/RSD. SOS

  8. I was diagnosed with severe sibo in Jan 2017 and went through 3 months of herbal treatment. I was retested and didn’t get the results for a few weeks. I’m now 5 weeks pregnant and just learned I still have sibo but the herbal protocol decreased my numbers by half or more. What can I do during pregnancy to keep this from coming back or helping to irradicate it further. Currently I still do probiotics, iberogast, and apple cider vinegar before meals because my stomach doesn’t produce enough acid. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

    • Most pathogenic bacteria build a biofilm around themselves for protection from attack (herbal antibiotics, etc.,) The biofilm needs to be removed in order for your chosen bacterial killer to work as effectively as possible. Look up the website: yeastinfectionadvisor.com and click on “bad bacteria”. Biofase is the product to break down the biofilm.

      Also lactoferrin attacks the liposaccaride on the outside of gram-negative bacteria, breaking it down. Life Extension brand contains no magnesium stearate.

      A comprehensive stool analysis will give you exact names of pathogenic bacteria that you’re dealing with, and let you know if you have any good bacteria.

    • Trista, please come to Iodine Support Group on Facebook. We can give you info about increasing stomach acid and how to do it naturally.

  9. Hi ….I’ve suffered with SIBO since I had an illeostomy. I’d never heard of it before a doctor said I could have it, proved he was right. I’ve been on all sorts of antibiotics and probiotics…..all to no avail. I have read a fair amount on this subject now, I still have SIBO (3 years), I keep it under control with grapefruit seed extract, it does work (15 drops twice a day in water) any less and I start to lose weight again, this I have found out by experimenting myself, I discovered this on the web as doctors are of no use whatsoever….SIBO is too many bacteria in the small intestine ..So why should I be drinking billions of more bacteria each day as prescribed??? they have no idea!!!
    Now to get to your iodine….is this the same as you would have during an Xray??? if so I’m allergic to it..
    I would dearly love to be rid of this….

    • Peter
      Injectable Iodine that goes into the Vein for contrast imagining is NOT the same Iodine as the one we drink. Nothing at all alike.

      Lugol’s 5% Iodine is made especially for ORAL USE, to kill infections and so on, in the gut. It has been around since 1818 and there is nothing like it.

      Google it and see what is mentioned. It is also used for THE HEALTH OF THE Breast Tissue, the Prostate, the Thyroid and Ovaries.


      • Hi Bonnie …thanks for the reply, I have just looked to buy some Lugol’s 5% Iodine….It seems to come with other “stuff” mixed in , what should I be looking for?? or could you give me a certain make?

            • Peter
              J Crow’s Lugol’s 5% is the best Iodine there is on the market. I have tried looking at the label from all directions. I don’t see any additives.

              • Hi Bonnie …I’m glad to hear that I’ve chosen the best, I’ll look forward to trying it and let you know the outcome.

                • Hi Bonnie …Yes I will…1 drop per day for a week then 2 drops a day for as week and then 3 drops a day for a week…now how much water do I mix it with ? and after the 3rd week providing all is well, 1 drop per day??
                  Many thanks

                • Peter

                  You keep increasing UNTIL your symptoms are gone, so everyone is different. It may happen for you at 6 weeks with 6 drops daily. Once your symptoms are gone, write in again and we can talk about a maintenance dose at that time.

                  Do you have a SLOW GUT? That was my problem and it is called Gastroparesis. Food moving along TOO SLOW can cause a lot of bacteria to build up over time and we feel rotten. Keep us posted a Year?

                • Slow gut???? who knows , I only have a small intestine, and I dont want that moving too fast otherwise all the nutrients disappear from my body and not take anything in…at the moment the bacteria are taking a lot of goodness that my body requires, I’m struggling to keep weight on, as the SIBO gets worse my weight goes down…as I said before I do take Grapefruit seed extract which keeps the sibo down but doesn’t seem to eradicate it …I’m hoping the Iodine will.

      • Hi Bonnie …not sure if my last comment posted or not?
        Thanks for your reply, I have looked into buying some Lugol’s 5% Iodine, however there seems to be other “stuff” mixed in…could you give me a make or what should I be looking for??
        Thanks #

        • Hi Bonnie

          My Iodine has now been delivered, but I’m in need of the amount of water that I dilute it with….


          • Pete
            There is no set amount of water to put the Iodine in. You have to decide that yourself. It is a matter of taste. I used about 4 ounces of water but never really measured it. I have read where people hated the taste but I never minded it at all.

            You could also put it in an empty capsule.

              • Hi Pete

                How is it going with the Lugol’s 5% iodine? We last heard from you almost a month ago.


                • Hi Bonnie ….in my 3rd week now of 3 drops a day.. there has been a change . As you know I’ve had an ileostomy (no large itestine left), I have a colostomy pouch ….the output has changed for the better and I have now dropped one session of loperomide at midday …So I’d say a huge improvement. I hope it carries on getting better…Well what can I say but a big thanks!!!…X
                  I’ll post again soon.

      • Bonnie, will Iodine help me gain weight? I can’t get past 85 lbs. Was down to 70. I have been self treating for almost 2 yrs. Drs are clueless and mine wasn’t concerned at all when I fell to 70 lbs. I was scared to death that I would die. Found a functional dr that helped me but the cost was too much for me. I’m trying everything and just can’t seem to go any further. I lost 1 lb and now am scared. Don’t want to lose anymore. I have hashimoto’s, candida, and leaky gut. My hair has been falling out again too.

          • Janet, I first treated the excess Candida with prescription meds and natural treatments. I take every vitamin and mineral to help. I cut out gluten, dairy and sugar. I take iberogast for the inflammation. I also take bone broth protein shakes. I take digestive enzymes and betaine and pepsin. I have incorporated all kinds of herbs known to man to treat infections. I have lost mucscle along the way because for 3 yrs I was losing weight and went to endo dr and she wasn’t concerned about the weight. Mind you, I didn’t start out at 200 lbs. I was 110 lbs. I couldn’t get anyone to listen to me and when I feel below 80 lbs I was calling every dr and going to see why this was happening. I can’t tell you what it felt like to basically be treated like it was all in my head. My primary would look me in the face and tell me that my labs were better than 90% of the patients in her practice. Labs are only good for what you’re looking for. I finally found a functional Dr that pointed me in the right direction. I’m not able to continue with him because of the cost. It’s all out of pocket. I read every article I can find and am at a loss for why I can’t move beyond 85 lbs. I’ve been stuck for 6 months at this weight and occasionally I lose a lb or 2 and get scared that I will be going backwards. Iodine is the only thing I’m not taking. I thought maybe this might be the missing piece. I’ve read about Wilsons temperature syndrome. I have low body temps all the time and he suggests that, that might be the cause of most peoples issues. He compares it to a car. It’s a simple cure but getting a dr to do it is another story.

            • Darlene,

              To find out if you have sibo get a comprehensive stool analysis. That is what I did, after doing like you, and taking every supplement under the sun, and not helping. I’ve eaten organic for more than 10 years.

              After researching, I thought I may have sibo and went to an integrative physician and they gave me a stool analysis kit to take home and send in.

              The results came back that I have sibo, of a pathogenic bacteria, which can cause autoimmune diseases (which I have).

              I traced it back to being infected 44 years ago.

              Anyway, the doctor office’s protocol did not work, so after more research by my new Dr. (google) I found out what to do.

              I would suggest that if you suspect sibo, get the stool analysis. You can get it directly from the company and not have to go through a doctor office (I found out that out later). I will be testing again to make sure that bacteria is gone.

              I too have been losing weight, and will lose more before this is all over. The bacteria get to eat your food first, and you get the leftovers. So, it doesn’t matter how good you eat. The bacteria does thrive and multiply quickly on any carbohydrates.

              The website to get the stool analysis is: walkinlab.com.

              One VERY important step to getting rid of bad bacteria, is to break down the biofilm that bacteria builds around itself to protect from itself from any type of antibiotic. It’s made out of mainly carbohydrates.

              To break down the biofilm there are enzymes: Biofase,lactoferrin, Interfase, serratopepsidase, and nattokinase. Then take the antibiotics that you choose.

              I know I have the biofilm, because it has been on my tongue for ten years. I thought it was candida, but it’s not.

              Also I had to go on a very strict diet, for the biofilm degrading enzymes to work.

              I won’t go on anymore, but suggest that you get the stool analysis and go from there.

              Please post how you do.

  10. In November 2016 I first wrote here about using Lugol’s 5% Iodine Solution to kill off my SIBO which I suffered with for 8 miserable years. I wrote in about 40 times, telling my story over and over and for what good? No one listens, because I think no one believed it. It was just too simple.
    SIBO is simply TOO MUCH PATHOGENIC BACTERIA living in about 10 feet of your gut. It causes all kinds of symptoms.
    Writers here have explained about all the different tests, all their symptoms and a myriad of drugs, antibiotics, alernative procedures you name it.
    It is JUST Bacteria and Iodine kills bacteria. Make sense?
    Why use anything else? It took me only 3 weeks to notice that I was “cured” but others may take longer.
    The word Iodine must scare people, but this is NOT the Iodine that our Mother’s used to put on scrapes and scratches. This is NOT for topical use. This was first brought to public attention around 1818 by Jacques Lugol and it was “all the doctors ever had in those days” until 1936, when Antibiotics were discovered. It even cured Syphilus among many other illnesses like Sinus Infections, Bladder infections, serious Gun Shot Wounds, amputations and so on.
    I write in here and a couple of people are interested in trying it but then the conversation peters off and no one sees what I have written. What is the point? Six months later I am back here again writing the same old thing. If Chris Kresser would somehow be able to RE-POST certain articles that would be great. Anyway, you can write me directly with any questions.

    • Bonnie, people may just not be posting what they’ve decided to do. Thank you for posting on what has worked.

    • Hi Bonnie, I’d love to ask you more questions about this as I’ve been reading mixed reviews. Some people swear by it, others advise against it. Can I ask how much you took and when you started to notice changes?
      Thank you!

      • Maria
        The amount of Iodine I took is in my first article (as mentioned above) in November 2016 but here it is again.

        I took Lugol’s Solution 5% = 1 drop per day in water for one week. Then 2 drops per day in water for the second week. Then 3 drops per day in water for the 3rd week. By the end of the 3rd week, the worst of the SIBO was gone. Then very soon after that, it was totally gone.

        Easy and simple.


          • Hi Bonnie please do reply to the question asked above by Maria since it is very important to know whether there was any relapse.. I have researched quite a bit about SIBO and medicines like Xifaxan Atrantil and would want a final solution to this miserable problem I am facing from past 6 years

            • Relapse? You guys are too funny. All you want to do is diagnose and test and diagnose some more. What for?

              Is everyone afraid of Iodine?


              • I’m not afraid of iodine, just want to know if you have had any relapse. I talked to my gastro doctor and he has never heard of iodine as a cure except on blogs. I’m just looking for a cure and would like to know the simple answer.

                • Linda
                  Why would I have a relapse when I’m still using it? I cured the SIBO around 2008 and I still take it daily.
                  When I decided to use Lugol’s 5% Iodine, I was desperate. It was MY OWN IDEA since I then belonged to the Iodine Group and we were all using it.
                  What more can I tell you?


                • Thanks, Bonnie. I literally just came across your story this week and it’s the only one that caught my attention. I just ordered the iodine today. I do have one more question for you, were you on any medication for SIBO when you first started the Iodine?

                • Bonnie, I imagine you already know (but it’s good to talk!) – you mentioned you have been taking the iodine ever since; I have read that too much iodine can start to cause thyroid problems. It was advised to eventually stop the iodine, at least for a little while… a bit like they say, everything in moderation, balance is key but I have no doubt you know this side of it, just thought it may be helpful to share… Best wishes

                • Elizabeth

                  Iodine should never be stopped as it is absolutely essential for it’s Cancer protection and daily maintenance of Breast, Ovaries, Prostate and Thyroid health.

                  I maintain my health of the above glands with a TINY daily dose of Lugol’s 5% Iodine but when I CURED my SIBO, I used MUCH MORE.

                  I wonder why a discussion of taking Iodine, repels so many people?


                • Don’t worry I agree with taking lugol’s Iodine! Whatever problem in the world it contain’s the seed of its very solution…

              • Hi Bonnie, last question i promise. 🙂 Are you taking any additional supplements with this to make it effective? Some people suggest taking a few other vitamins to make this work and mention that it doesn’t without the extra supplement like selenium?

                • Maria
                  Taking Selenium is for assisting the T4 to T3 conversion in the Thyroid. I was taking the Iodine for the SIBO, not the Thyroid.

                  There is nothing out there that will help Iodine work better. It KILLS bacteria – PERIOD.

                • Hi Maria, it is best with selenium but if you are taking a good multivitamin it will/should already include that. Otherwise a good source is a couple of brazil nuts! Best

                • Android
                  Iodine is definitely NON-TOXIC to the organs. Where did you ever get that idea? There are 4 organs in the body that need Iodine every single day in a Tiny Amount of only 2 drops daily. They are the Prostate, Breasts, Ovaries and Thyroid.
                  You need to do some research so you are better informed aye?

        • Thanks Bonnie
          My critters came back with a vengeance on 7.11.17. Will give it a try. Dr has been giving me alinia which does not fix the issues

          • Today is day 9 on iodine. I added 2 drops yesterday. Yesterday and today I have had stomach discomfort in the morning and many BMs. I’m not sure if this is the Iodine getting the bacteria out? I am taking the drops of iodine in the morning. The mornings are the worse time of day for me right now. Would love some feedback.

            • Hi Linda
              Just to let you know about Iodine and how it works. I just had a bad case of food poisoning and was going to go to the ER, but instead of, I decided to use the Iodine. The first day I took 16 drops divided morning and afternoon. Things got a bit better by that night. The next day, I took 12 drops, divided and it is almost gone now. But I will continue for a couple more days.
              So the 2 drops you are taking is really not enough, to settle things down. You might be afraid to take more, for a short time, but I would.

              • Hi Bonnie, I thought I was supposed to start with one drop and increase each week until symptoms go away. My symptoms last two days have just gotten worse. I was just wondering if this does happen to some people before they get better?

                • Linda
                  You have something going on in your gut right now and the amount of Iodine you are using, is not fixing it.
                  So you can either just put up with it and stay with what you’re doing or increase a wee bit to see if that makes a difference.

        • Hi Bonnie
          Thank you so much, I will start this ASAP but can you please tell me what I do with the 7% solution as I was unable to get the 5%. I live in Australia and they do not sell it here

          • 5% lugol’s is available in most chemists in Victoria. The chemist just orders it in and you have it in 36hrs. Fantastic improvement with 5% lugol’s after 14 years of agony in my large bowel.

      • Linda

        I was not on ANY medication for SIBO, never have been, never went to a doctor for it. I treat myself.

        Doctors are fairly useless and just want to experiment on us.

        Hope this answers your question.

        When the Iodine arrives, it would be a good idea to write me.


        • Bonnie, it’s Linda. My iodine has arrived. I’m ready to start. You asked me to write you before I start. Anything else I needed to know before? I was going to start with one drop in about six ounces of water. I will do that for one week and increase a drop each week as needed. Thanks.

          • Linda
            You never mentioned WHICH Iodine you bought and/or the strength, so how can I give advice when I don’t know?

            Some detail would be helpful.

              • Excellent Linda. Go for it.

                Follow how I used it and keep us informed as you go along, letting us know at what week, you notice various changes.

                • Day 1 and 2 were good. Today is day 3 and I have stomach pain and D this morning. Not sure if I should plow through or stop. I am doing 1 drop in water per day.

                • Get rid of the biofilm that the bacteria builds around itself for protection against attacks. Go to the website: yeastinfectionadvisor.com, and click on bad bacteria.

                • Janet, whatever you do, DON’T STOP THE IODINE!!

                  You’re probably thinking that the D is from the Iodine. No way. Iodine CURES DIAHREA.

                  STAY WITH IT GIRL.

                • Yes, stay with it. As soon as a person has a bit of an upset, they blame it on whatever it was (something new) they just started taking. In the case of Iodine, not much happens with the first 1 – 2 drops. So best not to blame the D on the Iodine.

                • Week number 2 with iodine. I had 5 out of 7 good days. I did increase to two drops today. I will keep you updated.

    • Bonnie,

      I’ve been self medicating with literally 6 mg of Loperamide since probably i discovered it worked relatively after my appendectomy and a ileum resection due to my diagnosed Crohn’s Disease, in May of 2008. Since then, on good days i could plug up my system and cause a regular stool by drinking water in moderate amounts, and on bad days i’d get the ratio of food/too much water/forgetting to take loperamide.. and then i’d have fire burning “D” for a while. Anyway, due to working crazy hours at work, a ton of stress, and not sleeping right and eating basically whatever I wanted, i got some tonsillitis and got two shots of anti bacterial, prednisone and something else.. Anyway, i think this is when the antibacterial reset my system and I’ve had nothing but, gas, belching for a full our in the morning for probably 2 weeks straight if not more, bloating, sharp spasms in my guts, painful D and tons of anxiety and freaking out about all of this.

      Anyway, i’m now in warrior mode and of course i’m going to the stripped down to the SCD diet or BRAT diet in the next few days (06/27/17).. No sugar, got my probiotic going already, just ordered my oil of oregano to try and also I got Lugol’s Iodine solution that I will take.. So I wanted you to know that yes, we are listening and I’m going to try this.. So thank you very much no matter what.

      • Hello
        Glad to hear that you got my message and are going to try the Lugol’s 5% Iodine (or some other strength) and what exactly is your plan of action?

        You will need some Guidance using Iodine.

        • well, i joined up on the IODINE support facebook page that i saw mentioned here and i just read about the supporting vitamins (selenium, vit c, etc.) that are recommended to be able to absorb.. Also, its recommended to start taking all the support items two weeks before so that your body is prepared for the bromine flush that will likely occur. Apparently some people have side effects from that.. What do you think? I really want to find a local practitioner to also get some guidance but i have no idea if there is on in Houston, tx LOL

            • Sorry about that.. I got the Lugol’s 2% but I can get the 5% if its just easier.. 2% you have to up the dosage I read.. it was a 2 pack of Lugol’s..

              • I guess you will have to do that Math, Mathew.

                Put the bottle in a dark place and use it once a day before 2:00 pm

                I used 5%, so if you’re using 2% just triple the amount I give you.

                NEVER MISS A DAY. One drop each day for one week in water or in an empty capsule. The dropper that should come with the Iodine should give you the same size drops each time.
                Week two – 2 drops per day.
                Week three – 3 drops per day.

                As simple as that.

                What do you think?

                • Sounds good.. I went ahead and got the 5% for simplicity sake so that works.. Today I started with starting iron, vit c, magnesium, a wholefoods multivitamin (i’ll check for selenium in that and some others) and i’m taking a great rated probiotic.

                  To confirm, should i take that for 2 weeks as a buildup and then start the 1 drop = 1 week ?

                • Mathew
                  There is no reason to wait. Just get at it and keep us informed of changes that you see and questions you might have. It took me 3 full weeks to be able to say – WOW.

                  But everyone is different and it may take you 6 weeks and 6 drops per day.

                  I had a stool test and that is where I got the idea to use Iodine. The bacteria had names and they were all PATHOGENIC and capable of causing much sickness, so I figured what else would kill them off?

                  It was totally my idea but what caused it, I believe was the SLOW MOTILITY that I had for years and didn’t know what to do about it. It turned out that I could SPEED UP my digestion, with a Thyroid pill, that I started on, AFTER I KILLED OFF all the bugs.


    • Bonnie,

      What company offers the comprehensive stool analysis that I don’t have to go through a physician in order to get the results? Thanks

        • Thanks. I did find a company to do stool testing that deals directly with the patient, and am posting the info for anyone interested, h
          holistichealthinternational.com. The testing is done by Doctor’s Data.

    • Hi Bonnie
      I have been following your posts. I am not sure if I have sibo or not….no diagnosis…I have had ct scans, ultra sounds etc. Nothing except H. Pylori and I took the horrible antibiotics for it and it came back a second time and took another round of the antibiotics….thats been two years and I am feeling the symptoms returning but I also have the sibo symptoms as well.
      I purchased the Lugols 5% and it came in today.
      My question is: Does it have to be put in water? Can I do milk or juice? Just wanted to make sure before I start.
      Thanks so much for your posts, I think they help a lot more people than you even realize.

    • Hi Bonnie
      Haven’t heard from you since August 2017.
      Just one question, I started the Lugol’s Iodine and I wondered if I should stick to the Sibo diet now I am on the Iodine?
      Are you still taking it??

    • I haven’t heard anymore from you Bonnie?
      Would love to get in contact with you by email. I just have some questions about diet and Lugol’s solution,
      I am in my first week of taking it now

  11. Not sure if this question will be noticed since this is an older article but the article mentions the possiblility of a prokinetic agent to be helpful. What do you recommend as far as this is concerned?

  12. Very informative. On a side note, I would have a very hard time discussing my symptoms with a woman this attractive.

  13. I have been suffering for approx 7 years from excessive bloating… pains in upper stomach.. excessive constipation.. and all the other symptoms of SIBO. I have had so many test, many doctors, endoscopys, colonoscopys, blood tests, allergy tests, that I literally started feeling like a lab rat and gave up because all tests came back negative. My doctor basically gave up on me…and I had to get a new doctor…who still could not figure it out! FINALLY …. I went to a really great Natropath doctor who tested me for SIBO… and I almost cried with relief when I finally got a positive diagnosis. I finally know what’s going on… and now am starting treatment. I am so excited to hopefully getting rid of this.

    • So happy for you Susan! Thankfully I didn’t have to wait that long although my symptoms have been a mystery until now. I want to go the botanical route and am now searching for the right person to help!

    • Hi I want to know where can u get the tritment my mother is going throw the same pain she cnt walk, having pains in her tummy, the skin evn burns ever since she stated taking her suger diabetic medication. I’m hopeless now Dr’s dd all the tests couldn’t find anything

  14. I was finally diagnosed with SIBO after 7 years of seeing Doctors whom diagnosed me with IBS. I went to Morocco in 2010 and brought Giardia back with me. This is what certainly caused my SIBO. I saw a Naturopath and was prescribed an herbal protocol followed by the SCD diet. I’m 117 lbs. – I’ve lost about 3 lbs. (I’ve always been small) after quitting gluten, sugar, and dairy. I’m fine with those restrictions, but the SCD diet felt way to limiting to me. So, I searched and found a nutritionist who prescribed 16 oz. celery juice every morning (to increase the HCL), bioactive silver, cats claw, zinc, vitamin c, lemon balm, and probiotics. I also use the Interphase plus for biofilms. I’m only on day 3 of 14. This is to be followed by continuing gluten, sugar, and dairy free along with probiotics, and… that’s it. No more dietary restrictions. She says she has great success with this and rarely anyone with recurrences. Has anyone tried this? Anyone tried Cat’s Claw? I’m concerned about it since it increases immunity, which, to me, is worrisome because that’s how allergies, auto immune conditions, etc., begin (I think). Anyone have luck with Cat’s Claw without super negative side effects?

  15. I was diagnosed with Sibo last July. Since then I’ve had to do three sets of treatments of 550mg Xifaxin 3 times a day for 10 days, 10 days off then repeat one or two more times. I also suffer from IBS, gastritis, stomach ulcers and gerd as well as have had gastric bypass.
    I currently don’t have insurance but once I do I plan on going back to my gastroenterologist to see if there is another treatment I can try since the xifaxin doesn’t seem to be doing the trick.
    I haven’t been able to get any other information on what else to try so if anyone has any suggestions it would be greatly greatly appreciated!

    • I tried that too and it didn’t work. I’ve tried nearly everything I’ve seen on this blog but here’s what is working for me. A nuturtionist friend said it’s the only thing she’s ever seen cure sibo. She said it can take many months to a year along w/ taking high dose probiotics + bacillus coagulans (5, 2x/day)

      Berberine (by thorne) or Coptis (by zhang hepapro.com is a more highly concentrated version of Berberine). I use coptis. my goals is to take 6/day.

      I had to start with 1 every few days about 3 months ago and am now at 3/day. It’s a lot better, almost no bloating or diarrhea now but not 100% yet. Each time I took one, my diarrhea would flare badly. I also take some detox stuff to “clean up the dead bacteria” that berberine kills. that helps too. It’s a long, slow process, not an overnight fix but worth it.

      I eat super healthy & no gluten, sugar, alcohol or coffee at first. Now I can eat some gluten & most high fodmap foods. Still careful & avoid sugar & alcohol. I think it’ll take another 3-6 mo but will be worth it,

      I also take collagelatin, whey protein powder & drink some of George’s brand aloe vera.

      • Hey, it’s interesting that you mention Bacillus Coagulans, since that’s been about the only thing to have ever really helped me, but only temporarily though.
        I suspect that I have rather mild SIBO and IBS, since it’s mostly a lot of gassiness I deal with all the time.
        I’d be interested to know:
        -What strains of other probiotics you use
        -How much berberine (in terms of mgs) you take
        -after what time you can expect any improvement
        -is the cure permanent? r do you need to keep taking it?
        -Does going on a low fodmap diet help with the treatment?
        -And do you have any source for the numbers you cite?

        Thanks in advance.

        • Other pro-biotics I take include Gut Pro from organic3, VSL3, saccharomyces boulardii, klaire labs therbiotic, soil-based epibiotic from epigeneticslabs. I rotate a bit & take probiotics 3x.day. I take a few other higher dose brands that I find from time to time as well.

          My doctors say the cure can be permanent but it involves being very strict w/ diet for months since my case is severe. They suggested others w/less severe case could be cured in 1-2 months if no sugar, gluten consumed & if you follow regimine w/berberine + garlic (allimax). I noticed improvement in a few weeks after flare of diarrhea (as bacteria die).

          The product I take for cleaning up dead bacteria is optimoxx from epigeneticslabs and I’ve gone through several rounds of that.

          Low-fodmap minimizes my symptoms & makes me more comfortable, especially in the beginning it helped more but now that my gut is improving I can eat more high fodmap w/less discomfort.

          Zhang Coptis contains 230mg of Chinese Goldthread rhizome (basically berberine) in 1 capsule. Thorne berberine says 500mg of berberine HCL in 1 capsule. My practitioners say the Zhang product is more concentrated & more powerful. I’ve tried both & I agree w/my docs.

          Time estimates for me to recover are based on what my doctors tell me. It has taken me about 3 months to work up to 6 capsules/day of Zhang coptis. Diarrhea got worse at first & w/each increase for a while.

          I am also going to add Allimed (a garlic product) you can google it, because that is supposed to help kill sibo too – according to my practioners.

      • How many mg per day of berberine are you taking? I’ve been taking 450 mg per day in divided dosages, along with other herbs in the supplement, that my Dr. recommended. I don’t know if the dosage is high enough to eliminate the specific pathogenic bacteria that I have. Also, have been on a very restrictive diet.

    • Hi Amanda, if I were you I would read through the comments on here particularly the most recent you should find helpful. Also try a large glass of straight celery juice on an empty stomach every morning see how you feel after 2 weeks. Wish you well.

        • Hi Sasha, Google is your friend and will give you more information but celery juice is the most healing juice you can find. Every morning on an empty stomach, consume a large glass of celery juice and you should notice a difference to health in as little as a week. (Have a look at the Medical Medium). Also I am not sure what you are suffering with but have a look at Lugol’s iodine, Bonnie who has commented on this thread has also left some helpful information. Best wishes

    • I was diagnosed with Celiacs at age 37. Fine for a year then diagnosed with Sibo. Ultimately I believe antibiotics were the cause of this. They kill ALL the bacteria, good and bad. I took Xifaxin thinking what could it hurt, but didn’t work. Currently starting low Fodmap diet for few weeks then Gaps diet while taking essential oils to keep bad bacteria at ease. My family hasn’t taken antibiotics in 2 years other than that Xifaxin. Essential oils people.

    • Amanda, I felt like I was reading my story. I’be been suffering for almost 2 years. Thank you for posting your story!

    • Amanda, I didnt really want to take antibiotics. Received results of sibo test last week. MD/Functional medicine practitioner recommended Candibactrin BR and Candibactrin AR build up to 1 caosule 2x and 2 tablets 2x daily right after meals. Then to add 1 drop per day of liquid Biocin.
      Are you following a strict diet? I started AIP last March, have had to layer low fodmaps on top of that.
      Saw almost immediate improvement when I began herbals. Not a straight path though.

  16. It’s a lot of fun to read all your stories! What is curious all of them correlate with mine. The only point is that I have severe and persistent acne on top of that along with ridiculously low testosterone i.e. around 4 nmol=100 ng/dl.
    Similarly have faced all that nasty experience of taking useless antibiotics, chronic depression, quite poor diet at the time when my skin flared up first time… then obviously it translated into dramatic underweight, indigestion, bloating you name it… Same old, same old.
    I wish you all good luck, I wish I could help all of you and myself by extension. Ill let you know if I finally manage to beat this condition into submission. Please don’t give up.

  17. I believe my case started from a trip to Asia where a had a case of food poison, after returning I had a second case of food poison 8 weeks later, I was fine for about 3 months when I got the worse case of bloating and pressure in my intestines I have every had. I took so many doses of Gas-x, antacids and other remedies, which seemed to last about 3-4 days, after that I started to experience cramping, diarrhea, horrible stomach pains, I couldn’t each much without feeling sick. I saw the doctors that sent me to GI specialists, all they offered for help was to go on the GAPS diet or FODMAPS diet. My family doctor did blood test said it showed I had a previous parasite which she gave me a 2 week dose of antibiotics. I felt 90% better while on the antibiotics and 1 week after going off them they prescribed them again as I started to feel worse again. Finally after getting worse again going off the antibiotics the second time, I decided to see a Naturopathic doctor. upon seeing her she did the SIBO Breath test and Candida blood test. They both came back positive. She wanted to go the natural route first trying garlic, rosemary, oregano, a tincture, berberine, none of it which helped in any way. After that she gave me a prescription for Rifaximin for 2 weeks which helped greatly, but after the 2 weeks, symptoms started creeping back, so I asked her to prescribe the maximum dose, As this is what I have read MUST be done, she did (550 mg 3 times daily, and after 2 weeks I went on the strict 30 day “SIBO” diet (mild cheating with some sugars). After that the symptoms were gone except for some after effect symptoms. She tried giving me some other items to help, GI revive (made me sick, so never took it), L-Glutimine (again after one dose made me extremely sick, so never took it again) I have been taking erythromycin (very small dose) as a Prokinetic, 60 days worth. When I came off the Rifaximin about 2 weeks later the SIBO was gone and Candida was in normal range. Now I am taking Floristor probiotics and a 5 strain custom probiotics along with a plant enzyme (1 daily) and a candida tablet (1 tablet daily), its been about 2 months and am feeling great. I eat somewhat according to the Fodmaps diet, but cheat regularly. I am hoping its all behind me and never want to experience that again. I lost 30 pounds in 5 months and wish anyone who has this the best of luck. My advise is you must do a strong dose (Maximum allowable dose) of Rifaximin and follow up with the diet, etc after.

    • I also have SIBO. I agree with you the rifaximin works but it seems I have to keep taking it every nine months or so and it’s outrageously expensive. Although the antibiotics work I feel like it’s just putting a Band-Aid on the problem and not getting to the root of the real cause, which I still haven’t figured out. My gut feeling is that it’s a motility disorder or a brain malfunction but I don’t know what to do to test for this we are going to 100 doctors.
      What do you think?

      • Hi Cheryl,

        I agree with you – I think that for many folks, SIBO is a secondary condition to a larger root cause. I discovered that my Lyme disease and other tick-borne infections are what allows my SIBO to come, since my Lyme Disease compromises my gut big-time.

        • Oh my goodness! I am on my second bout with Lyme now! This has just become a problem for me. So glad to see you posted this. I was beginning to think I was going insane.

          • Carolyn, I’m so sorry to hear you’re on your second round with Lyme. What a complete nightmare!

            Yes – I’ve talked to many people that have both Lyme and SIBO – it’s becoming increasingly common…

            My theory is that Lyme inflames nerves – and for people like us – there is inflammation in the involuntary nervous sytem surrounding the gut (called the enteric nervous system) and particularly the Vagus nerve. Because this system of nerves is inflamed/impaired, peristalsis is poor, therefore creating an environment where SIBO can thrive….a very hard and long battle to fight!

      • You need to replenish your good bacteria. Antbiotics kill everything. Thats why you feel ok until the bad bacteria builds up again. I would stay away from antibiotics. They are root cause of these problems. Try low Fodmap diet then rebuild uour pribiotics.

    • I have been diagnosed with sibo & IBS constipation. I am doing herbal treatment for almost two months. I still feel horrible. Bloated & constant stomach pain. How long before saw improvement. I am also on the sink diet

  18. I have suffered with IBS since childhood…pain, bloating, discomfort, diarrhea alternating with constipation, gas, belching (I also have GERD). I’ve been on Nexium 40mg for over 15 years now. Throughout it all I have had occasional green stools during bowel movements. However lately…for approximately the past 6 month “most” of my BM’s are dark green even when I’m constipated. I am a young 71 years old and as far as I know I am healthy. The green stools have me freaking out. Can SIBO cause this? I’m scared and have my yearly physical with my doctor in Feb 2017 but the green stools have me really stressed out. Has anyone else had that happen?

      • Hi Chris…was the reply you posted here on Jan 23rd in response to my “chronic green stool”? I can’t tell if your response was to my post or someone else’s. Thanks so much!
        Jackie Lattanzio

        • Jackie,
          Do you eat any berries (, especially blueberries or blackberries) or anything with blue food coloring frequently? That too, will cause green stool.

        • In Traditional Chinese Medicine green stool can be an indication of liver or gallbladder distress. A doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine or an acupuncturist can often help with this.

    • To the person who asked about the dark green stools. I have them too but I associate them with magnesium use or laxatives (I do not take Miralax-one molecule away from plastic). My understanding is that the stool didn’t have enough time to digest properly. It’s a tricky balance to get your magnesium intake right. I get mucusy stool with too much magnesium too. Sticking to the GAPS/Paleo/FODMAP/SCD diets (which ever fits your issue) will help greatly. I know it’s hard to keep up with but once you actually get all the junk out of your diet and are away from wheat, processed foods, high carbs, sugar, and GMOs you will have a major turn around. Changed my family’s life forever and cured (yes I said cured) my son’s diagnosed autism. I am forever grateful to Dr Heather Tallman Ruhm in NH for saving us. She got us the right path.

  19. What are the pros/cons of using Lugol’s iodine solution with potassium iodine vs Lugol’s iodine without potassium iodine for SIBO? The lugol’s without the potassium iodine that I found locally shows Lugol’s Iodine solution 12.5 mg & Black Fulvic Acid 70mg on the label.

    • Whenever i use iodine drops (lugols or nascent) i get a drowsy dazed feeling. even when i apply to my skin. when i take potassium iodide supplements (200 mcg) i feel nothing. any idea whats going on and why i feel this way?

      • I am asking which Lugol’s solution is better for killing off SIBO basically. Lugol’s with potassium iodine or Lugol’s with no potassium iodine. My practitioner gave me the non potassium iodine. Mother Earth brand I do believe.

    • Jennifer, there is no such thing as Lugol’s without potassium iodide. Lugol’s iodine is two parts potassium iodide for every one part elemental iodine in water. I looked up Mother Earth Labs and their formulation conforms to the scientific definition. You are confused about this. There is so much to learn about correct usage of Lugol’s. It is necessary to have selenium in the form selenomethionine at a dose of 200mcg a day to absorb iodine-iodide properly. According to a conference of MDs on iodine usage in 2007, other nutrients are also needed such as magnesium (not one that causes diarrhea). Magnesium glycinate is good for most people. Certain B vitamins are also critical. Many people also need zinc. Vit C. helps with utilizing the Lugol’s solution as well as helping repair stressed adrenal glands. Please join my Facebook page IODINE SUPPORT GROUP to learn more.

  20. Ive had 3 negative breath tests for SIBO and just repeated for a 4th time. waiting on results now. I have chronic bloating in my lower abdomen, struggle with constipation and have histamine intolerance, multiple food sensitivities, gluten issues and geographic tongue. I am now literally eating 6 foods since thats all i can tolerate. most foods, supplements, herbs, etc will flare up my tongue. if my breath test is negative for the 4th time is SIBO definitley off the table ? is it possible its candida? i have had several stool tests and they show no candida or parasites. but my bifido and lactobacilli numbers are very low. i also did a urine organic acid test and it shows high elevations of about 6-7 amino acids, elevation in 1-methylhistidine and low B1. ironically yeast and bacterial dysbiosis markers were normal except for elevated benzoic acid. Appreciate any insight. i have been struggling for 15 years with this. i was stabke for a while then after i took a course of rifaximin in 2014 i have had chronic bloating. i am also almost 30 lbs underweight

    • Jason

      I would definitely give Lugol’s 5% Solution a try, since you don’t really know what the problem is. Iodine will kill off a lot of stuff that nothing else will touch. Read my post above and think about it.


      • Hi Bonnie- thank you. My recent blood test showed that i have 50 mcg/L of iodine which is just under normal range. i dont eat fish nor. I have been rubbing 1 drop of nascent iodine on my arm a few times a week. the color seems to fade pretty quickly. however i get a weird dazed drowsy feeling everytime i do that. could i be allergic to iodine?

    • Hi there..have you had a doppler ultrasound?
      I had all the tests going as was losing so much weight..then i had a doppler ultrasound and they found SMA which is superior mesenteric artery syndrome which is a blockage not allowing your food to digest properly..
      Its taken me 2 years to find this and I’m still fighting for them to correct it as it can be life treating. A normal ultrasound will not find underlying problems like this..
      Hope this helps.

    • Jason,
      Investigate your house, work and car for mold. It can do a number on digestion and other areas of the body, so it could be your exterior environment rather than your interior that is contributing to your symptoms. Chriskresser.com has some posts/podcasts about mold exposure and the health effects as a place to start. One more thing to rule out.

    • I have a lot of those issues too and doctors all say everything is good. Finally I saw a naturopathic dr who did blood analysis and it showed I have a slow liver, and inflammation and bad bacteria in my small intestine. So on a bunch of herbs to try to fix this all now. I highly recommend a naturopathic dr who reads your blood. Totally different experience than a medical dr. Probably wouldn’t have found out about these things if I hadn’t gone, until it was too late.

    • Jason – your symptoms sound EXACTLY like mine! I was down to eating chicken, beef, and cruciferous vegetables. I went to a naturopathic doctor. Given that I was in SE Asia, we think it was parasites. I was given two rounds of Alinia, did some rounds of colonics, and used supplementation of probiotics, and L-glutamine. It took two months, but I was then symptom free. I then went to a trip to Germany for a month and ate nothing but bread, meat, and dairy. I came back and my symptoms returned (but not as badly). I am now being tested for SIBO (due to the recurrence), but am going to follow the same protocol.

    • Hi, so sorry your going through all this. I have a long story, but basically my autoimmune system is on the attack. There has to be an underlying problem, as many autoimmune diseases feed into each other, or hide within each other. Like Hi-pylori lives within yeast cells. Sneaky little bugger.
      Some things to think about if you have not already is parasites, hi-pylori, Candida, fungi, histamine intollerance, and of course the topic of this thread SIBO. I have been doing allot of reading, and there seems might be a higher amount of patients where if SIBO is present so is hi-pylori, and candida. So, in order to heal for one a patient would need to be treated for all.
      Also reading that each case is independent, so one treatment may not be the treatment for all.
      I really like this thread. Thank you all for Sharing your stories.
      I do not feel alone, we can get isolated too fast when we battle illnesses.

  21. I would like to try the Lugol’s iodine for SIBO but unsure if I should take it when I’m on prescriptions already for synthryoid, liothyronine, hydrochlorothazide, & metformin?

    • I think it’s best to find an educated functional med dr in your area to see u thru the protocol that’s what I’m doing

    • Hello Jennifer

      Metformin causes a lot of problems with our health. It slowly wipes out your B12 stores and affects the kidneys. There is an alternative called Berberine.

      You can take Lugol’s 5% Iodine no matter what prescriptions you are taking. I have been taking Iodine daily for 7 – 8 years with only benefits and I take several prescriptions.

      • Bonnie, I forgot to mention that the metformin is for metabolic syndrome not diabetes. Is the berberine more for diabetic patients?

        • Jennifer

          It doesn’t really matter why you are taking Metformin, since it still wipes out your B12 and affects your kidneys negatively. Why would the reason make any difference? You are still taking it right?

    • You appear to me to have mercury poisoning…mercury poisoning in the gut often looks like that. Could be vaccines…but my guess would be from silver fillings…many times teeth are worked on that have silver fillings and the procedures literally grind the mercury off the teeth and it goes into the gut. Broken teeth fillings are horrendous, acidicso in the mouth are horrendous as well. So this mercury also makesee the gut permeable…and candida flocks to it. In fact you can get rid of candidates all you want but it will always come in the eat it’s weight in mercury. The mercury will also ruin your natural ability to chelate the mercury…I found that gobs of antioxidants like non GMO coffee, etc really help get your glutathione working better to getting it out…work on getting that mercury out…and the bad news are the mercury tests are inadequate…if you get your hair tested for mercury and heavy metals and they find some…you have tons more what is shown for this stuff hides in your bones and tissues….it loves the brain and the gut. Kenisiology is probably the most effective way to test heavy metals in the system…good luck finding that who teachings were in western medicine…chelate chelation chelate…

  22. Can Lyme disease herxing cause your ileocecal valve to become irritated and inflamed? I’m doing an intensive naturopathic treatment of Lyme (IV vitamin C, acupuncture, magnet bed, and many other therapies). Throughout my 3 year journey of having Lyme and being sick I’ve never had stomach issues. Now, the past few weeks I’m having awful discomfort of my ileocecal Valve. I was told by the chiropractor of the clinic it is definitely my ileocecal valve and It is staying open and is inflamed. He did a hand manipulation and it worked for a day or two, but now the last few days have been awful.
    So, anyone know is this is common for the valve to become inflamed/stay open during serious Lyme/candida die off?

    • Hi Adam – I, too, have suffered with Lyme for a long time – While I do not know the answer to your question – I wanted to chime in to let you know you’re not alone! SIBO and Lyme is SUPER common, I think – and I believe my Lyme causes my persistent SIBO – together Lyme and SIBO is absolutely a nightmare…Just wanted to let you know I’m curious to see if anyone knows the answer to your question!

  23. Hi Amy
    I was diagnosed with SIBO and HPylori ! I am a little concerned about all this bacteria inside my body, as I do not feel very well at all. I would like some advice because when I ask my GI Dr’s nurse if I should seek medical help concerning all this she said it was caused from food and I have read several different sites that say SIBO is caused from other illnesses. I lost my baby brother he was 41 he had myelofibrosis which is a rare blood cancer and I lost my mom to cancer as well. I was 218lbs in July and now I weigh 170lbs I like that I’ve lost weight but I want to be healthy as well my nodes in my neck swell quite often and the left one hurts then it will go away for awhile then come back. I have a runny nose constantly sometimes on both sides but mostly on one side. Maybe I am just being too worried but I know my body and I feel there is something wrong.

    • Well of course something is wrong you have SIBO and HPylori. And your dr was right it’s the food you eat. Meat,dairy,starch,oats,gluten,protiens. All causes bacteria to bloom they feed off of that food.

      Do a 90 day fruit and juice fast. No you don’t starve your self for 90 days you drink as many calories as your body needs. This will detox your body also. Just Google 90 day juice fast.

      The bacteria infection you have creates all kinds of toxins and of course they go straight to your blood stream from your small and large intestine.

      Also look up dr robert morse on youtube.

        • Very true. There are other ways of juicing; with vegetables, spinach etc celery in particular. Google “celery juice healing benefits”. Some fruit can be added to juice for taste but more efficient and healing juices to get the body into a more alkaline state are those that don’t contain too much fructose sugar.

      • Matt, your advice is very pseudoscientific…. and far from what Chris Kresser himself recommends. What are your credentials to provide advice?
        Sandra, go find a functional medicine practitioner to work with to resolve your condition.

    • Ok the nodes swelling in your neck is a big concern. That means your lymthic system is not draining through your kidneys. Fruit only diet will make you alkaline and get the kidneys filerting again.

      You will know when they start filtering you pee will look milky. And don’t freak out once it happens you don’t have a bladder infection.

      I highly recommend you look up dr robert morse on youtube. He will explain it to you alot better.

      • Hi Amy, a fruit only diet will not make you alkaline, it does take a bit more than that and I wouldn’t recommend a fruit only diet. Start with fresh lemon in water every morning, have a look at taking apple cider vinegar that will also help alkaline the body and do celery juice (1-2 cups a day), you can Google celery juice or there are videos on YouTube. Take good care of your body. Best wishes.

        • I hate to tell you all this, but your body is not supposed to be alkaline. The pH of your BLOOD is supposed to be about 7.4. The pH of your urine or saliva should be about 6.4, which is slightly acidic. And please for the love of all that’s holy DON’T encourage someone to give themselves pancreatitis by drinking fruit juice only, Matt. People should eat very little fruit for the most part.

          The goal of good health is to balance the pH. This can be done a number of ways. I suggest you look up RBTI if you’re interested and find a naturopath who knows how to do that for you. It’s quite complicated and shouldn’t be done by people who don’t know what they’re doing. I don’t mean to be insulting but the information you’re giving out is not accurate and can hurt someone.

  24. maybe someone out there in “SIBO Land” can help me. i am so frustrated. ive tried e thing. i have among other things full abdominal distention after eating almost everything. (only whole foods no allergen type foods) i also get a side stitch pain after eating ceratin things which i cant identify. its in my left waist. it feels like i am crucnched up over there and need to extend myself to get relief. bowel habits are normal, daily, and formed.. my Oragnix profile showed high levels of b-hydroxyphenylacetate and high hydroxyindolesacetate levels. my dr is suggesting atrantil but it leaves me worse off with distention. the other thing he wants me to take is Serplus which has FOS/inulin and maltodextrose in it. which i am sure i cant have…and a diet of 70percent animal fats!! which i feel like i cant digest… please advise if anyone has experience with this. i currently eat no… dairy, soy, sugar, wheat, gluten, grains of anytype, seeds, nuts, actually the only thing i eat is meat, chicken, turkey, and vegetables, lots of coconut products. and berries alone by themselves seldomly…i have never lost a single pound despite excercise and caloric intake reduction. but honestly i just want to feel well, I am eating high quality foods and i cant digest anything properly!!

    • Jennifer
      If you can find my comment here below somewhere written a month or two ago, I have posted many times how you can “kill off” all the bad bacteria using Lugol’s (5%) Iodine. After 8 miserable years I killed my Pathogenic Gut bacteria in 3 weeks.

      I don’t know how this website works, I can never find my emails and people that I reply to, just ignore what I’ve said. I think i will unsubscribe here.

      • Hi Bonnie, I am going to start the iodine again. I said to you before I would take it and I purchased it but then left it in my drawer and forgot about it but I am keen to try it so I am going to start it again today and hope to last 3 weeks until the holidays. Just so you know your messages are getting through. Maybe when people comment they forget to tick the “notify me of follow-up comments by email” box. Best wishes

      • need advice: those of you with confirmed SIBO would you stay away from FOS/inulin and maltodextrose? My nutritionist wants me to take the prebiotic but those ingredients seem counterintuitive. since my chief complaint is abdominal distention.

        • Jennifer, I wouldn’t take any prebiotics unless the SIBO tests are normal. Prebiotics caused me to worsen. I think eventually you will need prebiotics but not while you have SIBO.

          • is there any reason i cannot continue the atrantil and also add the lugols iodine therapy? is there any contraindication?

            • Hello

              I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t also take the Lugol’s (5%) Iodine along with any supplements or drugs. I take several prescription drugs and a ton of supplements.

              The Iodine does not interfere with drugs or supplements. I’ve been taking it daily for 7 years. Mostly what it does is KILL bugs and viruses and bacteria and fungus.

              What are ya waiting for?

              • I agree with Bonnie, I just wouldn’t take them together i.e. I would take atrantil in the morning and then the iodine an hour later or vice versa just so that they can both work most efficiently. If you can start your morning with lemon water followed by celery juice, then take atrantil, followed by iodine you will really be helping to alkaline your body. Wish you well.

                • Awesome, keep it up! If you can do the celery juice even better (google or YouTube celery juice to read up on it). Hope the iodine helps. Best wishes

                • Stomach/gut alkalinity causes SIBO. The stomach and small intestine need to be re-acidified to deter SIBO. H.pylori infection is a common driver of low stomach acid levels that lead to SIBO/IBS/GERD.

              • Hi Bonnie do you think it would help with IBS-D – I think I will try it anyway just found some at a chemist near me – Adelaide, South Australia. I have share your info about this to Low- Fodmaps diet facebook group they have a multitude of gut problems so maybe it can help them too 🙂 thanks for sharing – will keep you posted !

              • Hi Bonnie, if you’ve been taking the iodine daily for 7 years to kill off the bad bacteria, how do you get the good bacteria established if taking probiotics?

                • Janet

                  How did I get the good bacteria established? I never really thought about it, why would I?

                  Just as long as all the terrible symptoms were gone, I was happy with that. I take probiotics now and then.

                  Iodine does not affect good bacteria and since other body organs need it to survive, I stay with it.

                  Also now that there is that leaking Radiation in FUKISHIMA, Japan this past 5 years, everyone needs the protection from supplemental Iodine.

                  Did I answer your question?


      • Bonnie, there is a glitch with this web site in that the “notify me of followup comments” is after the “Post Comment” button. Ppl are going to miss seeing the Notify button.

        • Beverly – I am sure there is information online but if you read Bonnie’s message she suggests how to take… “I had no idea what or how to do this, so I thought I would go slowly and started with one drop per day in water on a Friday and the next Friday, two drops per day and then, 3 drops per day. By the end of the 3rd week at 3 drops per day, all nausea and bloating was gone”.

    • u can try and herbal treatment dysbioside and fc Cidal. look those up and maybe they can help u overcome sibo. it’s helping me,I’m also using oregano oil.

    • Jennifer,
      Are you sure you haven’t caught something else? I was in constant pain and everything made me sick. My doctor did a full analysis of a sample and found a bacterial infection (beyond SIBO). She treated that and still don’t feel great because I have SIBO too but I’m so much better. Will see her Tuesday to start new treatment for SIBO. Hope you feel better soon. I’ve been there.

    • Hi Jennifer,
      I am just curious as to how the iodine worked for you? I feel exactly the same as you did when you posted…hate the abdominal distention! I hope the iodine worked for you!

      • Try juicing organic celery every morning before you eat or drink anything. It has helped me with my gut issues. Good luck..
        Oh yah try to avoid white bread and sugars.

        • Bev – well done with the celery juicing, the taste takes quite some getting used to! Would you say you are fully better?

          • Yes but not fully yet. It depends on what I eat but most of the time I am good. I add a dash of salt and pepper to the celery juice and quite good☺keep me posted as to how you are doing

            • Jennifer – you could certainly try with wheatgrass but I’m not sure. It’s obviously full of chlorophyll so will alkalize the body and have many benefits. Cucumber juice is also very healing, however fresh celery juice is one of the most powerful and healing juices.

        • Thanks Bev for the info on the celery juice – do you only juice the celery (nothing else added)? Did you have the abdominal distention from SIBO?
          It’s been a very long journey for me – I have tried a LOT of things to heal the SIBO…The only thing that made my SIBO go away in the past was when my LYME Disease antibiotics were working and masking my other symptoms too…weirdly, for me – SIBO is a symptom of my Lyme disease….I am treating Lyme now – but the protocol is a much longer one…so I am always looking for ways to reduce the symptom of abdominal distention, since it is so uncomfortable…If you had the distention and found a way to relieve that symptom, I would love to know your thoughts! Maybe I should give the celery juice a try…Thanks

          • Hi Taylor, I am sure Bev will tell you more but it should be straight celery juice (organic if possible), a large glass every morning on an empty stomach. The taste takes some getting used to but the benefits… well just a google search will let you know. Please give it a try I am sure in just a couple of weeks you will notice a difference. Don’t forget to let us know! Wish you well

          • Just give it a try and hopefully it will help. Drink it first thing before coffee or eating. No sugar and eliminate bread. I know it is hard but will help.

            • Thanks Elizabeth and Bev!!
              I will give it a try starting tomorrow to see if it helps! 🙂
              Bev – I know that routine!! Haha…I’ve been off of all sugar, all grains (even “good grains”), dairy, and limited soy for a few YEARS now! My Lyme diet is very strict…In the past few months I have been very low FODMAP too…(I eat about 10 different foods total!).

              • I keep forgetting to say add Bone Broth is helpful to the gut as well. I buy a whole organic chicken and put in my crock pot on low for 24 hours with a tsp apple cider vinegar, bay leaf, onions pepper and salt. I drink daily 🙂

          • Hello

            This i s a reminder to use Iodine to kill off the gut bacteria (which cause SIBO) and be done with it.

            I have written about this so many times. Are you guys NOT READING my posts?

            • Bonnie, I am so glad to hear that the Iodine worked for you – a few comments up, I asked Jennifer if it worked for her, and because of a bad reaction, she stopped after a few days…I suppose just as everyone’s body chemistry is different – so is everyone’s response to one particular treatment. I am definitely considering trying out the Iodine since you had such great results! The SIBO I suffer from is directly correlated with the magnitude of my suffering in other ways from Lyme/tick-borne infections – I want so badly to believe that the Iodine will cure my SIBO, as it did for you! My current state of illness is complicated (more than “just” SIBO/Lyme: autoimmunity, heavy metal poisoning, toxic mold infection, impaired detoxification pathways, etc…) – but who knows – maybe Iodine would at least help my SIBO symptoms to reduce if anything…thanks for your message here!

              • Taylor – hopefully you try out the celery juice and bone broth and maybe look into Zane Hellas 100% wild pure greek oregano oil (86% Minimum Carvacrol). If you stuck to those daily for 2 weeks you should for sure notice a markable difference, although you may not know which is having a profound effect but given they are all natural (and organic) each will no doubt help you heal in their own way. Sorry to hear what you’re going through and hopefully in 2 weeks you can be on the way to feeling a lot better! Wish you well and please update us all would be great to hear how you get on.

                • Elizabeth – wow, thank you so much!! I have been doing bone broth diligently for about a month now…(and I add in collagen hydrolysate – Great Lakes gelatin, since that is supposed to give the bone broth an extra gut-rebuilding boost when added!). I will try the celery juice first thing in the morning!

                  Tomorrow, I will see my doctor who is helping me with this complicated case of chronic illness – so I will ask him about adding in the oil of oregano and/or Iodine to my protocol…(Just want to be sure it won’t interact negatively with the 30-40 other supplements I’m on!)

                  I am over a week into a SIBO protocol involving silver/aloe…I think I may be having a big die-off reaction (fingers crossed!) b/c the distention is even worse this week and I feel flu-ey/run-down! I will also let you know about whether this protocol works in 1-5 weeks time! Not sure how much longer he’ll want me to stay on the high-dosage of silver/aloe…

                  For anyone on here who also has Lyme with SIBO – I think Lyme Disease/coinfections (I have Babesia/Bartonella) affect the Enteric nervous system (the branch of the autonomic nervous system around the gut) – This interferes with the peristalis of the intestines…allowing the SIBO to grow! (When the antibiotics for Lyme/Bab/Bart were “working” temporarily when I first started them – the SIBO went 100% away! As soon as the antibiotics for Lyme/Bab/Bart stopped working – the SIBO came 200% back!) – Included this in case anyone is searching this thread for anybody else suffering from both Lyme/SIBO…You’re not alone!

              • Are you not taking the companion nutrients? If you aren’t, just throw your lugol’s into the toilet. Because you HAVE TO TAKE THEM. You can’t take Lugol’s without ATP Cofactors (B2/B3), magnesium, Vit C (supplemental, not from lemons alone), mineral salt, selenium, etc. This is why Iodine doesn’t seem to work for people. The cofactors help you absorb it and detox smoothly. You’re a human, so it works. You need it. But you can’t just take it alone, a few drops in your coffee, and expect miracles. Learn about the cofactors through Dr. Brownstein. According to him, you need to take 50mg for SIX MONTHS to reach saturation. I know I am nowhere NEAR saturation, because I’ve only used it in a flimsy way, here and there. Now that I have SIBO, I’m doubling down and no longer flirting with iodine. Transdermal applications are also really powerful if you use them with magnesium oil.

              • Taylor
                Don’t make this so complicated that you’re afraid to even try it.

                Iodine KILLS bacteria and that is all you need to know.

                Doctors have not learned about this way of killing bacteria.

                We all write into Blogs like this one to learn.

                Don’t be afraid. Go for it.

      • I didn’t give it much chance my face swelled up like a puffer fish for 3+ days I e since been investigating mast cell and histamine intolerance , it’s been quite a long journey.. still not there yet

        • Thanks for your reply, Jennifer! Sorry to hear you are still struggling. Do you still have the distention? Have you found anything to relieve that symptom? It’s the worst! I feel like I have a bowling ball in my gut 24/7….

        • Histamine intolerance is very common in people with SIBO, I get facial swelling whenever I get DIE-OFF. So maybe the Iodine was actually working for you.

  25. I’ve had a NASTY sulfur taste in the back of my mouth since I was young. Has interfered w my life tremendously.
    I tested for stomach bacteria and have helibactor bacteria in my stomach. Large amounts. Not sure if it has any relevance to SIBO??
    If not anyone have any suggestions on how to get rid of this taste?
    I’ve had tonsils out, many dentist visits, ear nose throat doctors. No one can help me.

  26. I had gallbladder surgery on August 29, 2016. I figured after my surgery I would be on the road to recovery and feeling much better. But I still feel like I am five months pregnant. Every time I eat I have diarrhea. I just saw inside addition on TV and the newscaster had the same symptoms of feeling bloated and he was diagnosed with SIBO. I am making an appointment tomorrow with my doctor. I found this threat and started reading the symptoms and was floored. I am sure this is what I have. Hoping that I do not have to go through lots of testing. Thank you for sharing your experiences. Very helpful.

  27. I have not been tested for divorce but I recently saw a G.I specialist for the second time with in 10 years and had an endoscopy done due to constant gas, bloating, nausea and severe heartburn. My results all came back negative except for some swelling in my intestines. A week after my surgery I have been dealing with severe bloating, gas, vomiting, dhiarria, low blood pressure, loss of appetite, and nausea. I’ve spoken to my doctor and he advised me to take a pregnancy test which I did and it also came back negative. The symptoms are getting worse and doctors can’t find an explanation.

  28. I have had constant diarrhea for about 15 years. It has progressively gotten worse where I am a prison to my house. Went to my first Gastro doc about 10 years ago. He gave me Cholestromine. A packet that you mix with water and take 2 times a day. That helped some for a few years and now my diarrhea has gotten worse. Went back, he just kept increasing the dosages so I figured i was doomed. Decided a few months ago I would try another Gastro Doc. My diarrhea has gotten out of control mostly at night. I am having accidents at night mainly and don’t get much sleep. I have to wear depends every night and change them often. My second Doctor gave my some Flagyl to take for 2 weeks. Miraculously the diarrhea stopped. Once I finished the prescription, after a few days, it started back up again. Did another 2 weeks worth of Flagyl. Same thing. Stopped then started. Then he gave my some Viberzi. That worked the first two days, but then I had to take immodium with it. 2 in the morning and 2 at night with one Viberzi. Diarrhea is still happening at night alot! My girlfriend encouraged me to try her Gastro guy. I went late October. He did blood test, stool test, an x=ray of my small intestines, an Endoscopy test. All test results normal. Checked for Celiac disease. I have a colonoscopy scheduled for 12-2. Not looking forward to the prep since I have so much diarrhea. He told me to stop the Viberzi since he didn’t think it was helping. Did that. But had to start taking up 12 to 14 immodium sometimes more in a 24 hour period just to stay out of the bathroom. I finally called and said can’t you give me something! He called some Xifaxin. It worked two straight days, and I am back to taking 6 to 8 immodium a day with this prescription. HELP!

    • Sounds like either a serious food allergy or parasite. Assuming uve tried removing certain foods or ingredients from your diet for weeks at a time and had no success, Id recommend seeing Dr Kevin Cahill in NYC, probably the foremost parasitologist in the country. Normally a heavy dose of antibiotics is not ideal due to its napalm-like effects on the good bacteria in your gut, but given the longevity of your case Id assume there isn’t much to speak of in there. If there is a parasite, he will find what species it is and give u the appropriate medication (Flagyl may have just been the wrong type for your particular case). Id visit him, take the proper meds, then focus on the traditional ways to build your immune system back up to prevent any relapses.

    • What about organic apple cider vinegar? It is very good for the stomach, for digestion, for GERD, and a whole lot more. Read The Many Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar. I take it everyday as much as possible and it has strengthen my stomach. It’s good for food poisoning and diarrhea. I would also suggest take a lot of probiotic. It also takes care of my aches and pains associated with arthritis.

    • I have C-diff. My symptoms were explosive, foul smelling diarrhea, and exhaustion. It took several blood tests, stomach scan and x-ray, I was prescribed Flagyl, 2 rounds…didn’t work. In/out of hospital twice. Finally, Dr. prescribed Vancomycin, 2 rounds. So far, so good. Good luck !!!!!!!!!

    • Jordan Rubin with ‘Garden of Life’ Company in Florida was very sick and traveled all over the country in a wheel chair with severe case of diarrhea – losing weight beyond control. His father was a chiropractor and got him started on ‘Soil Based Organisms’. Now they call it a different name. It is plant based organisms. He was a tall very thin young college student that no body could help. He is alive, well and runs the very successful company today. He has married and has children and is the picture of such vibrant health. He believes in an all plant diet. He teaches the Biblical way for eating. Which now reminds me that I started taking them 20 years ago myself, I would get such die-off and I would call the company and spoke with Ramey, she was the one in the small business they started out with back then ( every health store has that line on their shelves today) where I purchased them, not on any store shelves then, she told me that showed that I really needed them and to take small amounts of it, break open the capsule and take a few grains at a time. It worked slowly, but like everything else I do, I feel better and move on. Today I am dealing with the Lyme’s too, and it seems after 4 colon surgeries, I have more trouble than I know what to do with. I think it could be SIBO now. I am going to start those products again. Along with hydrochloric acid to get the stomach more acidic. My whole system is very acidic, I feel lack of energy most of the time, headaches, always feel worse after eating. I am sure I have mold, heavy metals, Candida overgrowth, severe skin problems, and also was told 25 years ago by Dr. Sherry Rogers from N.Y. state that my detox pathways were blocked. So there you have it, it is a catch 22 no mater what you try and do. I take the Nascent Iodine – 3 drops a day and Humic/Fulvic Acid also. It is very costly to be sick all the time, I really don’t want to go to the Medical Doctors, they will only want to place me on Prescription drugs, I can’t afford the side affects they give me. God has the natural remedies to heal our bodies, we just have to keep searching and ask Him for guidance.
      Thanks and hope that this post can help some one who is suffering, there is hope, just keep looking up and trusting the Divine Healer for guidance.

  29. Thank you for this article, others, and your podcasts! I’ve been struggling with gut and skin issues for a while, and I’m curious if you have any recommendations for practitioners in Boulder or Denver, CO or anywhere near Gunnison, CO? I’d love to work with someone who has a functional medicine approach, LAc or ND. Thanks!

    • Dr Gerard Guillory. Denver
      Doctor that uses natural prescriptions-refferal from friend of mine.
      Specialty is gastric/SIBO etc.

  30. I am desperate for some help, I have been back and forth to the docs, been prescribed a number of meds for ibs but what I feel what I am experiencing matches sibo, as soon as I eat anything my stomach starts producing massive amounts of gas. It feels like it’s filling every inch of my body and I’m sorry I feel too much info but it is absolutely putrid. It’s like pure sulphur almost like bleach! On top of this my oesophagus (I think) tightens so under my rib in my stomach area feels like a brick! The gas makes me feel toxic and dirty and I just don’t want to eat anymore. I’m trying to hold down a job, I won’t move in with my partner because of it, it’s like a dirty secret and I honestly would have my bowel removed if I could. I’ve tried charcoal tablets, digestive enzymes, peppermint and probiotics, any relief is short lived. I am at my wits end and am going back to the docs tomorrow, I’d like to point out the tests I’d like to see I feel I have Sibo but have no idea what to ask for. Any advice would be appreciated, I really am at my wits end

    • You may want to look into Atrantil which is available from Amazon or directly from their website. It has helped me tremedously with my SIBO symptoms (not officially diagnosed) and decreased my bloating and the water retention I would get in my legs.

        • did you get alot worse on the atrantil before you got better? i feel it gives me immediate almost unbearable abdominal distention. (whereas everything i eat gives me moderate distention!!)

    • How. Can I make a comment on this subject other than a reply. I suffer from my urine smelling of strong ammonia also it as bleached my underwear if I have a little urine spill. I have many times asked my doctor with no explanations. Is this a sign of Sibo. I would love to know. I have autoimmune problems such as pernicious anemia where I have to have B12 injections because I do not absorb through my stomach also Hashimoto’s under active Thyroid.
      And sorry for using the reply for my question. I could not see how to participate in this conversation. Even after pressing the join the conversation link it did not work.

      Many thanks

      • Please get LYME & Coinfections [bartonella,babesia,mycoplasma,erhlichia,rickettsia, anaplasma] testing. Igenix or http://www.mdlab.com do best quality testing. Notorious for producing massive amounts of ammonia. Also stay away from fluoroquinolone antibiotics[ Levaquin ,Cipro,Avelox,Factive etc] as they ALTER THE DNA OF YOUR GUT BACTERIA AT THE POINT OF REPLICATION. Can also cause YOUR DNA to mutate. I can no longer eat any high sulfur foods as my gut converts to ammonia instead of methionine.

  31. I’ve read a comment in connection with Magnesium citrat. It tells that Magnesium Citrat using in daily basis increase the number of citrobacter in a huge amount. I use Calm (4 mg Magnesium Citrat) every day against constipation but I have SIBO also. It is true?? Thanks for your answer!

  32. My sister (died in 2012 due to nursing home injury) had this extreme problem for about five years. All types of invasive and other tests were done in and out of the hospital but no one ever tried the breath test. Not until GI doctors at a UPMC hospital in Pittsburgh (Dr. Arnold and Bender) tried another test which was a breath test and found she had SIBO. They put her on Rifaximin but her brain injury from a medication error happened a week later. One nurse noted she seemed to be having a better stool on the night before this happened and she was actually feeling full after her evening meal. It’s such a shame what she went through for all those years with SIBO and she couldn’t even live a normal life with continuous diarrhea. The comments some people made hurt her so bad and I always felt it was such a shame that none of the previous doctors tried this one test in all those years. This condition caused numerous other medical problems also and then with kidney failure (they say from her diabetes) things just got worse. People just don’t understand what SIBO patients actually go through so thanks for helping these people.

    • The last place you want help from is Western medicine. Antibiotics don’t work all they is damage the intestines and make your condition worse.

      Want proof search on youtube for fruit only diet cured my siBo. Countless people have made videos showing it does.

      It fact fruit only diet will cure all most everything. Unless it is very advanced. Think if it this way western medicine is not interested in a cure unless it makes billions of dollars.

      Look at cancer trillions of dollars is earned a year you think they really want to find a cure for that? Not that they could because people are to acidic and they need a fruit only alkaline diet tO clear out the lymthic system.

      As for sibo diet play a huge roll because anything else you eat besides fruit causes purification wicth means you are feed the bacteria.

      And as for me? Well I have autoimmune lupus. Nothing western medicine can do for but that is fine. Since I have eaten nothing BUT fruits I’m close to systom free after just 3 weeks.

      And no don’t believe but I need 200 grams of protein a day and 80 grams of fat. Nope not true and no proof for them claims ether.

  33. I do not know what I have but I will tell my story. It started with a mouth infection, I had not gotten my teeth cleaned in 20 years.

    There was so much plauge it showed up on dental xrays. That’s when my brain fog and fatigue started. didn’t get my gums fixed and whent on antibiotics.

    That’s when all hell broke lose bloating and joint pain horrible brain fog fatigue ect ect fast forward 9 years still dealing with it.

    Just now putting the picture together as I have finally gotten rid of the brain fog by detoxing with ozonated water and dmso.

    Colostrum has helped me the most. It improves your immune system and helps the wall of the small intestine.

    As for my mouth infection I have finally gotten rid of all the plague but I know the infection is still there.

    If you want to improve your immune system and fight infection. Look into ozone introvenus or hydrogen proxoide introvenus treatment.

    Can also try ozonated water and do gut flushes with oxy powder.

    • I have a friend who has been losing all his teeth, he was a hobo and alcoholic during his teens and 20s and never brushed his teeth. Now, in his 40s, his teeth are falling out one by one even though he’s been taking care of them for 15 years. After learning about Weston A. Price and reading the book the Calcium Paradox, I suggested he take MK7 (a type of K2). It is helping! For the last year his remaining teeth have gotten better! Also bone broth is very healing for the intestines.

  34. My Son is now 32, has been losing weight since he was 15 yrs old having been placed on penicillin for ‘life’ by a ‘creditable doctor, to treat recurring infections he suffered after any cut/scrapes to the skin. He already had osteopena, thinning hair and skin, cause unknown. He stopped the penicillin himself but now has little strength and weighs 6stone 9 on a good day. It was discovered he lacked certain enzymes which he now takes replacements for. He eats like a horse and has a good diet though it contains sugars and yeast. I cannot try diets recommended as we cannot afford for him to lose more weight. He has tests for bacterial overgrowth which were positive though no treatment was offered. His muscles are practically non existant, he is so thin. He works like a trojan and wont give in to this but i need help with killing the bad bacteria and increasing his weight. Can you help as i am so afraid his organs will be next.

    • Hi Debbie, might be worth reading through all the comments on here and doing some research on how to get rid of bacteria, there are a lot of natural alternatives.

    • Hi Debbie,
      I am posting what I posted for Leonardo below but I think this will help. You need a natural medicine doctor MD who believes in holistic treatment and does conventional medicine as well so they can also run the proper tests.

      Usually I don’t read these blogs but fortunately this will help. I have been sufferring from SIBO, yeast infection and 5 other stomach infections that resulted in a lot of joint pains and I could not eat and I was afraid to eat for some time. I was wondering what was going to happen. I am doing well now and I will tell you what I did for treatment. There are a handful of doctors who practice integrative medicine which is doctors MD with knowledge and acceptance of holistic treatment methods as well and they have a whole bunch of new tests to find out what is wrong since modern medicine is sometimes not knowledgeable for some reason. Do not trust naturopaths and websites since they are trying to sell their stuff and don’t know what they are doing. One of the best in the east coast is Dr. Mark Hyman and his center http://www.ultrawellnesscenter.com/home/ and of the best doctors in the US for integrative medicine that I took help of is Dr. Joseph Sciabbarrasi in LA. You can call his chamber and set up an appt with him he is more available. There is another doctor that I also see he is even better but it is harder to get appointments. Send me an email and I will send you his info but you need treatment urgently so it will be a good way to start right away with Dr. Sciabbarrassi and then also see the other Dr. They use all sorts of natural remedies and supplements that I have never heard of along with conventional medicines. Best of both worlds. Google integrative medicine to find more practitioners around your area but in my knowledge these people I mentioned are the best. Hope this helps.

      • Thank you so much for the information. I live in the UK but am going to Google as you said to see if there are any doctors of this kind here. I will contact the doctor you have mentioned Dr Mark Hyman as well. I am nervous about using the iodine that has been mentioned because of the risk of organ damage or failure. I will let everyone know on here how my son gets on. Thanks again for your advice.

        • I’m in uk too , he sounds just like me, perhaps read the body ecology book , cut out gluten sugar dairy yeast and preservatives, keep his calories up with avocados ,olive oil , coconut oil, ghee , loads of meat chicken fish and veg, could take colostrum ( from Finchley clinic) and sauerkraut from Red23, also symprove is a superior probiotic ( google it all??)

      • Thank you for your much needed input, I would appreciate knowing the other doctors information besides the two you gave the names for in your post.
        You have it together in your suggestions/advice. So many very sick people that have limited funds that get the run around.

    • Hello Debbie,
      Please check out the National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon:


      They have a center devoted to SIBO. See here:


      They should be able to help you.

      What caught my attention in what you wrote was the osteopenia. I have read several research articles (check out the NIH website) that implicate markers of bacterial infection (lipopolysaccharide – LPS) as driving up TNF-alpha production (an inflammatory marker) which in turn reduces bile production. See here:


      Also, bacteria in the small intestine can potentially deconjugate the bile that is produced. Collectively this results in low bile availability. The bile is essential to metabolize fats, which in turn is essential to absorb vitamin D, which in turn is needed to absorb calcium. A lack of Vitamin D will lead to osteopenia. You should get his Vitamin D levels checked.

      Hope this helps.


    • Debbie

      Went to my Dr. with stomach issues. He sent me to the health store for Pau d’ arco and Caprylic Acid. Both help with candida (overgrowth of yeast in the gut). They both helped with my issues. Also anyone can benefit by taking a good probiotic daily. It’s the best thing you can do for your gut.

  35. I have been to about 15 different doctors, 2 colonoscopy 2 gastroscopy 3 ct scans, 4 ultrasound, 2 pylorus blow ballon tests, 3 blood tests and more. I am getting weaker by the day, muscle pains all over my body, forcing myself to eat, bloated, nausea, diarrhea, soft stools.
    I am not doing well, I live alone and have to support a daughter 14 y.o.,
    Afraid of what is going to happen to her when I pass,
    Please I need help.

    • Leonardo

      Try using Lugol’s Solution 5% (iodine) which is made for oral use, since about 1818. It will kill all the bad bacteria in a couple of weeks and doesn’t affect the good. Read my email below to Jenn.

      • Hello Bonnie, I got the lucol last night after 2weeks of searching for it. I wish to know which one is good ,adding to water or milk. Secondly, content of water per drop of lucol because I used 50cl of water for 2drops today.

        • Hi Sam

          I would not use milk for the Iodine. Did you get the right one? What is the full name of it? I want to be sure.

          2 drops per day is the recommended dose (before 2:00 pm) in about 1/2 cup of water or into an empty capsule is fine.

          If it is Lugol’s Solution 5% then 2 drops is 12.5 mg and I want you to let me know, okay?

          • Hi Bonnie,the name on it is Lugol’s solution (Aqueous iodine oral solution). I will say a big thanks to you as I’m feeling better since last 18years of battling with sibo and GERD . As it gradually healing the sibo , I hope it will touch the GERD as well,because I can eat very well now.

            • Sam

              I am surprised that you have noticed an improvement already in only one week? That is amazing.

              Try to help others like I helped you. I wish more people would listen.

              • Bonnie,

                You are on a mission encouraging others to help each other! Same principle that moves me.

                Thank you for your kindness.

                God bless you!

              • Pls this is for everyone, I’ve had weight loss for the past six month,pls what do I do to increase my weight because it’s becoming more noticeable.

    • Leonardo, sorry for your problems. You have provided very brief information but presumably none of these tests showed anything? Presumably you have also been dealing with a functional MD? If not, it’s best to see someone who deals with the body as a whole. If you want to go down your own route there is a ton of information online and even if you read through all the comments on this feed you will probably gain a lot of helpful insight. Just take it all very wisely and research everything. In addition to that listen to health podcasts if you can and if you haven’t already cut out gluten, dairy and sugar for 2 weeks see how your body feels.

    • Hi Leonardo,

      Usually I don’t read these blogs but fortunately this will help. I have been sufferring from SIBO, yeast infection and 5 other stomach infections that resulted in a lot of joint pains and I could not eat and I was afraid to eat for some time. I was wondering what was going to happen. I am doing well now and I will tell you what I did for treatment. There are a handful of doctors who practice integrative medicine which is doctors MD with knowledge and acceptance of holistic treatment methods as well and they have a whole bunch of new tests to find out what is wrong since modern medicine is sometimes not knowledgeable for some reason. Do not trust naturopaths and websites since they are trying to sell their stuff and don’t know what they are doing. One of the best doctors in the US for integrative medicine that I took help of is Dr. Joseph Sciabbarrasi in LA. You can call his chamber and set up an appt with him he is more available. There is another doctor that I also see he is even better but it is harder to get appointments. Send me an email and I will send you his info but you need treatment urgently so it will be a good way to start right away with Dr. Sciabbarrassi and then also see the other Dr. They use all sorts of natural remedies and supplements that I have never heard of along with conventional medicines. Best of both worlds. Hope this helps.

    • Leonardo
      I suggest you to drink turmerik and ginger and apple cider venigar. Boil some fresh turmeric together with ginger and 1tblspoon of apple cyder venigar in a glass, drnk 3times a day in jst 2weeks you’ll see the improvmnts.

      I hope it works to you
      Goodluck and godspeed.?

    • Hey Leonardo!

      I have digestion problems since childhood due to several reasons. Gotten way worse along a lot of other things when I’ve had a severe burnout almost 3 years ago. During the first 2 years I’ve invested almost 20.000€ (!!!), visited 15-20 doctors, had a psychologist, did several blood tests along with other testings, also went to holistic MDs and MDs with TCM education and tested a **** ton of supplements that are generally suggested for my symptoms while getting worse due to the stress from all the sometimes contradicting information and the supplementation and what to do and what not to do and the appointments before I came across a C.H.E.K. Practitioner. I couldn’t even take a walk daily because I was so fatigued and I’m only 30! We did a 50 page assessement (!), and only then we talked about the things that I can do that would be best for me right now, with the energy, time and money available. It helped me a lot! Afer a few months I was able to do daily Tai’Chi along some aerobic exercise or very light strength training every other day (we actually dropped all the supplements except for digestive enzymes and HCl!) – which was done all on my own because I moved to the capital city in my country in search for better help, where I didn’t knew anyone. Sadly I had to attain a 30 hour course over 6 months by a government institution I got my money from which said otherwise they’d cut my income. That was too much, so now I’m focusing on the basics again until it makes sense to get back to my practitioner and continue the work where we had to stop. Not being piteuosly here, just not wanting to tell you half the truth!

      If you have problems that you can’t figure out yourself, if all the information overwhelmes you, if you don’t wanna invest hours on end every day to figure it out yourself (which is almost impossible, especially with all the misinformation and bits of information out there – trust me, I’ve tried hard!), do yourself a favor and invest if possible into a C.H.E.K. Practitioner with the proper education level and specialisation ( http://www.chekconnect.com ), or into somebody alike – with a lot of experience, a great education and who thinks holistically – before investing here a few bucks and there a few bucks and suddenly you are in the 5 digits with two drawers full of supplements and a shelf full of tests! There are so many lies, misconceptions, misinformations, dogmas out there, and so many people who sold themselves out to the supplement industry etc, it’s actually insane!

      Personally I trust only a few people and if I have the time I even then research what they say. I found Paul Chek to be a great source of information on all sorts of topics in the health and fitness field, along some information of some others like Weston A. Price, John Berardi (haven’t looked too much into Chris Kresser’s informations lately). I stepped back from most “biohackers” and whatnot out there…especially if they wanna sell you stuff 24/7!

      I know that you will find your way, trust your intuition! All the best for you and your daughter and much Chi my friend!

    • You appear to me to have mercury poisoning…mercury poisoning in the gut often looks like that. Could be vaccines…but my guess would be from silver fillings…many times teeth are worked on that have silver fillings and the procedures literally grind the mercury off the teeth and it goes into the gut. Broken teeth fillings are horrendous, acidicso in the mouth are horrendous as well. So this mercury also makesee the gut permeable…and candida flocks to it. In fact you can get rid of candidates all you want but it will always come in the eat it’s weight in mercury. The mercury will also ruin your natural ability to chelate the mercury…I found that gobs of antioxidants like non GMO coffee, etc really help get your glutathione working better to getting it out…work on getting that mercury out…and the bad news are the mercury tests are inadequate…if you get your hair tested for mercury and heavy metals and they find some…you have tons more what is shown for this stuff hides in your bones and tissues….it loves the brain and the gut. Kenisiology is probably the most effective way to test heavy metals in the system…good luck finding that who teachings were in western medicine…chelate chelation chelate…

  36. My husband and sister in law have had great results with this drink killing the h pylori bacteria. Not tasty but it is drinkable and worth the bad taste for how their gut feels while taking it.
    Lily of the Desert Aloe Herbal Stomach Formula
    Get on line or at a Heath food store

  37. I’ve had SIBO for over 15 years now. Started back in 2001 when I had my gallbladder out. I’m going through a bout right now and feel so horrible. It comes back 1-2 times a year but I’ve had c-diff and 3 SIBO attacks already this year. Was diagnosed 4 years ago type two diabetes. Because of the diabetes I have been told I have several uti’s a year now each treated with antibiotics, then I get SIBO or c-diff and I can’t win. Lost about 15 lbs. Drs started me on florastor helped for a little but keeps coming back. I’ve had to take Cipro, cifaxian, rifloxan, and I think augmentin all this year between the SIBO , c-diff, no gallbladder, and recurring uti’s . I started enzymes this week and it still happened. I wish it would go away. I take like 10 diff vitamins a day including b vitamin , daily vitamin, folic acid, vitamin c, florastor, enzymes, metformin, glipizide, just to mention a few. Please help! The annoying sulfer burps, diarrhea for days, can’t eat, tired of dealing with this.

    • Jennifer – it’s upsetting to hear what you’re going through but I don’t think the drugs are helping you – even if they did the issue would most likely return and it’s been an awfully long time you have had the problem. As good as it is to take vitamins, because of the SIBO etc your body isn’t going to get any proper use from them until you restore the gut. Atrantil (a natural formula) may be worth looking into, otherwise there are lots of herbal formulas available that could help, that contain; garlic, mushroom, turmeric, oregano, ginger, etc – your body probably needs a cleanse. If you type in “parasite cleanse” in Amazon there are different formulas for parasitic bacteria, candida, Sibo etc but if you believe it to be Sibo, Atrantil might be a good option for you. A good probiotic is also needed to migrate that good bacteria back into the gut (note, with Atrantil you don’t take a probiotic, it tells you on their website). I personally take Prescript-assist probiotic but there are some good probiotics out there. Lastly L-Glutamine helps restore a leaky gut but best to kill off the Sibo first and then restore with L-Glutamine and probiotics etc. Obviously a good diet is also majorly key and with Sibo, gluten should be avoided. Try and green juice as much as possible and lemon water / apple cider vinegar in the morning. There is a ton of information online that’s worth reading but take it wisely, also it’s worth listening to some health related podcasts; Chris Kresser has one, there’s Beyond Wellness, the Cabral Concept etc. Best of luck.

    • Hi Jennifer,
      I am sorry to hear what you are going through. A few years back I had such a big struggle with a constant inflammed gut and bladder, also recurring bladder infections. I can tell you what helped me. I’ve made these changes to my diet and have been keeping to it for almost 4 years. It is the way I live and eat now. It changed my life. No more gut problems and no more antibiotics.
      Here is what I did. No more gluten, lactose and almost no sugar and carbs(this includes beans, lentils & soy). Even fruits and natural sugars like honey, I keep to a minimum. Cinnamon and stevia are excellent and ‘safe-to-take’ sweeteners. Add lots of healthy fats like coconut oil, nuts, avocado and olive oil(not heated)to your diet. For probiotics, add lots of natural fermented foods to your diet. Sauerkraut, unsweetened cocao, olives, apple cider vinegar and most important – Kefir. Kefir is the best source of probiotics. I grow my own kefir and drink about a shot glass every day. You do not need much. Kefir changed my life. Don’t be fooled by the store bought full of sugar immatation kefir. Grow your own. It’s easy once you get into the habit. Fermented L-glutamine powder & Malkosan by A.Vogel are also 2 excellent products to help heal your gut. A variety of seeds and shredded coconut together with a variety of low carb veggies & salads are excellent sources of fibre. Hemp seeds and hemp seed powder is also a very good source of Omega’s. Try to add spirulina powder to your diet. It is rich in nutriens. Stay away from processed foods. Eat healthy proteins and don’t forget about the humble little egg. Boiled as a snack, omelet to replace the bread on a sandwich…..Try 100% goats milk products. Goats milk is naturally lactose free. I love goat cream and feta cheeses. Include coconut milk and non-sweetened nut milks in your diet. Also remember lots of herbs and try a new herb every once in a while. They add great flavour to your food. I can also recommend Bio-strath by A.Vogel as a multi vitamin. All A.Vogel products are excellent natural products that have been well researched. Remember that supplements like multi vitamins can only be absorbed into your body if your gut is healthy.
      I am not a doctor so I can’t promise that this will help in your case but adapting my diet really changed my life for the better. You do not have to do all the above at once and every day. I researched everything and kept on adapting my diet as I discovered new things and also as my body reacted. I still discover new things every day. Good health starts with a good gut that starts with what you put in your mouth. Research how food aids and wrong foods destroy your body until you are blue in the face and then research more. Never give up. Good luck and I wish nothing but good health and a good gut for you! ?

      • Hi Lindi, the diet sounds great, very healing. I’m just curious, what do have for breakfast? What would be a typical start for you? Also did you notice low energy when you began the low carb while your body adjusted?
        A friend of mine did keto to heal his gut and it worked, but he felt absolutely miserable for the six weeks.

    • Hi Jenn
      Years ago, I had SIBO for about 8 years and did a stool test, so I could see the Pathogenic Bacteria by name.

      I got myself a bottle of Lugol’s Solution 5% (Iodine) and started off with 1 drop per day for the first week, 2 drops per day for the second week and by the end of the 3rd week at 3 drops per day, the SIBO was gone, never to return.

      Simple and I didn’t have to change my diet or anything.

      • Hi Bonnie, thank you for your helpful comment on Iodine. I have since been reading into this and going to give it a try. Thanks again for mentioning it. I think once one finds a “cure” to any problem it’s easy to forget all about it and carry on with life so it’s nice you have taken the time out to comment with a possible solution and try to help other people! Best wishes

        • Hi Elizabeth

          Let everyone know how you make out with Iodine. I joined this group last year and posted the same thing about using Lugol’s Solution (Iodine) 5% and one person only read it and tried it but never responded.

          So I left the Group. I decided to try again and you responded but everyone else ignored my Post. It seems that the word Iodine is the problem.

          This is Iodine for taking ORALLY. It’s been around for 200 years and used exclusively by doctors until the 1930’s when antibiotics arrived.

          It does not affect the good gut bacteria. Too bad no one is listening.


          • Hi Bonnie,
            I am listening to you and will order some today and will keep everyone posted.’ Thank you for coming back on! 🙂 Iodine is so safe much better than some of the antibiotics they subscribe.

          • Hi Bonnie, I have also been following this feed for a while and trying to help others where possible so thanks for your comment. I wonder if people comment but then forget to or don’t follow up. I initially heard about Atrantil from this very feed (but only once) and not many seem to have tried that route either. I did start on the Atrantil but TBH I am not 100% sure what I am treating, all I know is that I need to get rid of bacteria and that’s the journey I am on so I am very much open to different things. You are the first I have heard talk about Iodine. I have read about it since and it sounds very interesting, especially as it appears to help with fatigue (believe I also have a case of hypothyroid / adrenal fatigue). Just started using a drop of Lugol’s Iodine in water today. I also did the patch/stain test on my stomach, it’s been a few hours and the stain is still there. I will continue one drop for a week and see how it goes. You mention this has been around for a very long time, I would not be surprised. I think there are a lot of purposeful products out there to be known which are not because it is not of financial interest to the Big Pharma. I have heard of very helpful natural alternatives that have been almost made unknown because of this! I was even reading today about apricot kernels and that’s a whole other interesting mystery. I meant to ask if you experienced any symptoms whilst taking Iodine and when you think was best to take it?

            • Hi Elizabeth and thank you so much for this response.

              No I have never had any symptoms because I take so little. I take 2 drops per day now and have for about 7 or 8 years. That is the total amount needed by the Prostate, Thyroid, Breast and Ovaries, each day. I would not take anymore than that amount.
              Iodine supplementation must be given with the correct form of Iodine. That is why I chose Lugol’s Solution (5%) not just because it has been around for 200 years and used by Physicians all that time, but because it contains both Iodine and Iodide.
              The Prostate & Ovaries & Breasts need IODINE and the Thyroid needs IODIDE.
              And not to interfere with sleep, I would not take it after 2:00 pm.
              Write with any questions and/or suggestions.

              • Hi Bonnie, thanks for the helpful info re iodine. Regarding the amount needed for thyroid, prostate, breasts and ovaries: I am wondering if the iodine is safe for me, I am in a higher risk category for breast and ovarian cancer. Do you have any info on this or do you know anyone who does? Thanks again.

                • Carol
                  I can’t tell you to take Iodine or not. I know from reading
                  Dr David Derry’s book I began using Iodine and will every day. It is available on Amazon for $12 and worth every penny. It contains all his research so there are answers to every question.
                  Also since various organs need either Iodide or Iodine, you will need to use Lugol’s Solution 5% which has both. Here in Canada where Dr Derry lived and practiced LUgol’s is hard to find, so I had to approach my local pharmacy and have them order it for me from Xenex Labs in BC and if you are in the US their other location is in Fearndale, Washington. They ship to Pharmacies all over the US. Ask your local pharmacy to order it in for you.
                  It is called Breast Cancer and Iodine. Write with any questions.

              • Hey Bonnie,

                I am very interested in trying this Lugol’s Solution (5%), but am very wary to try the Lugols after researching it online. I keep finding sites that have symptoms and also the fact that people take Lugol’s Solution (5%) to prep for thyroid removal as Lugol’s Solution shrinks the size of our thyroid. How do you know you’re not slowly damaging your thyroid? Have you gotten your thyroid tested? Thanks for any info 🙂 – Fay

              • Helll Bonnie, Can I please have your email address as would like to give this a try and would love your help? MAny thanks, Tereza

          • Hello Bonnie, I’m listening but just have to run it by my GI specialist once I am finished with the 2 weeks antibiotics. He had me on the probiotic Florastor (from Walmart) previously which made the nausea from gastroparesis, type 2 diabetes, NASH and reflux manageable but was not dealing with the SIBO. I have been cutting out carbs and dairy and eating 2 meals a day which seemed to help and drastically lowered my A1C.

          • Hi Bonnie,

            Walter Last recommends Iodine and other herbal and non herbal antimicrobials; he mentions purchasing them from AU, because a 10% solution can be purchased there, whereas in the US, a purchasing option which comes close cannot be found. Where did you purchase the 5% solution?

            • Hi John:

              I think you can buy Lugol’s online but I buy mine at a Pharmacy and used to using 5% and use two drops per day only. After reading about Iodine and joining an Iodine Group (now gone), I learned a lot about what other people used it for during my 5 years with that group.

              And TOO MUCH IODINE can be a big problem, even though it is good for some conditions, if you overdo it, you can shut down your Thyroid.

              I’m in Canada but there is only one lab (that I know of) that makes Lugol’s Iodine, so I have to find a Pharmacy and order it from them. This Lab is on the west coast but ships across Canada to Pharmacies that want to stock it.

          • Ty I’m gonna try it tired of acid and gut bloating every day been having this for 25 years doctors tell me to los weight and it will get better I weighed 140 lbs and it was worse and now I weigh 200 lbs and I look like I am 5 months pregnant all the time

            • Gina,

              Dr Gundry talks of a diet addressing all these symptoms and you drop weight. He has a product too that is phenomenal pushing out the bad bacteria with the good bacteria…yes it fixes the gut. This doctor is way ahead of his times…look him up in YouTube. His product Vital Reds I believe is the name…has Chinese medicine herbs etc that is so powerful healing the gut even the acne leaves, skin disorders clear up and it helps to chelate the heavy metals out of the body.

      • Bonnie just wondering if you had joint pain. My whole body hurts. I have IBS with constipation. CAN’T lose weight. And lots of problems with gas. We’re any of these your symptoms. ??? My energy level is almost 0. I feel horrible. Please Help

        • Hi Patty
          I had all those symptoms as well as constant nausea, swollen belly, indigestion all from an imbalance in bad pathogenic Bacteria and I still take Iodine today. Why waste anymore time? You will be very surprised.

          Sounds too easy? Go for it and let us know how you make out. This Iodine was made to be taken orally and used since 1818 by all doctors, for every medical problem until anti-biotics came on the scene around 1936. Keep us posted.


    • Hi Jennifer,
      I am posting what I posted for Debbie above but I think this will help. You need a natural medicine doctor MD who believes in holistic treatment and does conventional medicine as well so they can also run the proper tests.

      Usually I don’t read these blogs but fortunately this will help. I have been sufferring from SIBO, yeast infection and 5 other stomach infections that resulted in a lot of joint pains and I could not eat and I was afraid to eat for some time. I was wondering what was going to happen. I am doing well now and I will tell you what I did for treatment. There are a handful of doctors who practice integrative medicine which is doctors MD with knowledge and acceptance of holistic treatment methods as well and they have a whole bunch of new tests to find out what is wrong since modern medicine is sometimes not knowledgeable for some reason. Do not trust naturopaths and websites since they are trying to sell their stuff and don’t know what they are doing. One of the best in the east coast is Dr. Mark Hyman and his center http://www.ultrawellnesscenter.com/home/ and of the best doctors in the US for integrative medicine that I took help of is Dr. Joseph Sciabbarrasi in LA. You can call his chamber and set up an appt with him he is more available. There is another doctor that I also see he is even better but it is harder to get appointments. Send me an email and I will send you his info but you need treatment urgently so it will be a good way to start right away with Dr. Sciabbarrassi and then also see the other Dr. They use all sorts of natural remedies and supplements that I have never heard of along with conventional medicines. Best of both worlds. Google integrative medicine to find more practitioners around your area but in my knowledge these people I mentioned are the best. Hope this helps.

  38. I was recently diagnosed with SIBO after experiencing months of nausea, bloating, flatulence, constipation and lack of appetite. My GI specialist says it probably was caused by my recent diagnosis of type 2 diabetes.I also have suffered from GERD (reflux), gastroparesis, Non-alcoholic Sreatal hepatits (fatty liver), hiatal hernia, etc. etc. etc. so I was already slightly nauseated even though I am being treated with domperidone-through a study at Temple University since this medication i not available in America). My GI specialist is prescribing pro-biotics. I have also read somewhere that peppermint oil and certain anti-biotics can help. My main question is will this get rid of the continuous nausea? I can only eat 1 or 2 meals a day, have lost about 12 pounds and am avoiding carbs, and fats.

    • What about Iberogast a pro kinetic. It helps with movement of food through the digestive system. I take it and it helps me not keep that full feeling for hours after meals.

      • I’d like to hear more about Iberogast. I’ve never even heard of it. So what is it doing for you in addition to keeping you feeling full hours after meals. That alone would be great but I’m thinking you are taking it for other benefits. Am I right? Tell us all more.

        • I tried Iberogast when I was no longer able to get a prescription for my gastroparesis. I did not find it helpful. I am going to give the florastor, peppermint oi and oregano oil a try before adding in anything else. Thanks for your suggestion.

        • We tried ibergast with our 3 year old. It seemed to aggravate her symptoms. I think she has a yeast issue too, and ibergast has alcohol in it.

        • I was taking Atrantil For SIBO symptoms and its recommended to take a pro kinetic with SIBO Treatment or with gastroparesis. I feel a lot better I actually feel hunger now. You can take it theee times a day or just in the evening before bed.

    • Probiotics probably will not get rid of your nausea. Probiotics are to put back the good bacteria in your intestines. Please do not take any anti-biotics because that is probably one contributing factor to your IBS. The more natural you eat and start doing everything the healthy, natural way, the better you will feel. My best friend was diagnosed with IBS and has all the issues that you are listing but she does not have diabetes. I have diabetes but do not have IBS. I have been cleansing, detoxing, doing colonics and trying to eat healthy as well as taking all kinds of probiotics, healthy immune system medications, etc. I feel good and I lowered my blood sugar count (via the doctor’s testing). I quit drinking soda’s and trying to exercise more. I cut out all sugar and am working on cutting out all meat. Read, search the internet for related articles and get yourself back the health you deserve. You do not need to be sick and hurting all the time. I have read almost everything there is on Candida, Thyroid, Intestines, healthy eating, juicing, green smoothies, etc and you should do the same and get your health back.

      • Hello,
        I have stomach issues as well. They were waaay worse than they are now. I went Paleo diet and even removed some of the approved foods such as nuts,coffee,night shades,ect. I had constant diahrea,stomach pains and burning plus complete fatigue. Went to the Dr. and had elevated CRP Level and elevetaed CBC on more than one ocasion. Antibiotics made me very sick with severe diahrea and a yeast infection every time. I knew i had to do something. So thats when i went paleo and took out anti immflamatory foods. I take a 50 billion pro biotic capsule made by Garden OF Life for women they also make one for men to. I get more probiotics in the foods i eat and i study eastern remedies such as roots and herbs, ect. Known for healing properties. I have made much improvement with no specialist. I do have an appmnt coming up with a specialist and am anxious to see how or if the way i changed things have effected my CRP and my CBC level.

    • Hello Andrea Smith. I also experienced almost all your symptoms except diabetes,you can check Bonnie’s advise on Lugol iodine solution to solve the sibo for more than 70% ,just avoid foods that trigger sibo and GERD within the 3weeks of taking lugol.

  39. Hi,

    I have been tested positive for SIBO through a breathing test a few months ago after months of suffering post food poisoning.

    I have gone through 2 rounds of 2 weeks of Xifaxan and just finished my 2nd round 4 days ago. I started doing Sibo Specific Diet immediately, but my stomach hasn’t been feeling too comfortable. So I ordered Herbal Antibiotics (Metagenics Candibactin-AR with Metagenics Candibactin-BR) on my own, and started taking them today along with MotilPro for prokinetics. If anyone can help answer my questions below, I’d really appreciate!

    1. Can I eat fruits raw during first 2 weeks of Sibo Specific Diet or do I have to cook everything?

    2. Can I start herbal antibiotics 4 days after the end of Xifaxan treatment?

    3. Can I stick to Sibo Specific Diet during herbal antibiotics treatment or should I eat food that feeds bacteria?

    4. Can I take prokinetics while doing herbal antibiotics?

    Any help would be appreciated!

    Thank you!

  40. Hi,
    Question for the group.

    For those of you that have had SIBO return, were you on a strict low FODMAP diet, staying away from wheat, corn, basically all carbs?

    I have been eating 95 % Meat, Vegetables, & Fruit only and on occasion I will stray only slightly, but in very small quantities.

    Did you feel that it came back all at once, or did you feel it slowly but surely returning?


    • Just starting Fodmap diet, but SIBO is back, I am sure. And as someone else noted their symptoms , “I have terrible leg pain (cramps in calves) and sharp pains in my hands, and very heavy feeling throughout my body as well as sharp stabbing pain in my stomach. I even notice a very strong ammonia smell that is very embarrassing. Another weird thing is that my hair becomes very dry and snarly, fingernails brittle.” I have all the same ones. What works?

  41. Hi, these SIBO symptoms keep coming back on me. I’ve tried absolutely everything and absolutely nothing I’ve done helps. I’m missing my ileocecal valve and it’s the gatekeeper from the colon to the small bowel and this is why it keeps recurring. The only thing left I think is to have an ileostomy. I have Crohn’s and had c-diff colitis 12 times. Any suggestions, anyone?

    • I too am missing my cecum valve. I had an appendectomy and small bowel resection (part of my cecum) I have terrible leg pain (cramps in calves) and sharp pains in my hands, and very heavy feeling throughout my body as well as sharp stabbing pain in my stomach. I even notice a very strong ammonia smell that is very embarrassing. Another weird thing is that my hair becomes very dry and snarly, fingernails brittle. Veins become very blue and easy bruising. Bloated and gassy 🙁 My doctor prescribed Amox-Clav 875 mg. I take 10 days worth and the pain seems to go away for a few months. Hair and nails get healthier. I have refilled my script 3 times and am on my last refill for the year. Will I have to take antibiotics the rest of my life? I never want surgery again! Appendectomy caused a sbo and ended with an NG tube and open abdominal surgery to remove a titanium surgical staple that strangled my small bowel.

  42. Hi, I would like to share my condition ten years ago when I suffered from IBS/SIBO and eventually how I got rid of it. It wasn’t diagnosed that time with proper tests. Some of the doctors suggested that I was suffering from IBS while I find my symptoms related more to SIBO than to IBS. My problem worsened when I started taking antibiotics on doctors prescription as the disease was misdiagnosed. There were times when the meals that were taken an hour before came out as whole without containing any bile with it. After reading about the disease over the internet, I started the course of Rifaximin tablets and Pro-biotic capsules on Doctor’s prescription. Though they helped slightly more but never cured the disease. The most important activities that cured the disease were the change in my dietary habits( switching from fast/processed food to homemade one), change in sedentary lifestyle( from less active to more active), the intake of natural sources of vitamins, particularly from cod liver oil and Himalaya LIV52 rather than from medicines, and the change in the environment. In short, I had to change myself in order to get rid of the disease. It took me an year so before coming back to normal. I believe the disease is mostly psychosomatic( physical illness caused by mental conflict or stress) and thus living a more healthy and satisfying lifestyle, both physically and mentally, can cure the disease.

    • Thank you for sharing! That makes sense to clean out the liver if anyone has gut problems.. I just ordered LIV52

    • RB is there anyway of contacting you via email or phone I’ve been struggling with digestive issues for 5 years had my gallbladder removed a year and a half ago when they couldn’t figure anything out, I just had a colonoscopy and upper scope done 6 weeks ago and now been in the most pain I’ve ever been, but my theory on that is that I cleaned myself out for the prep and now the bad bacteria has over taken the good. Let me know if we can talk.
      Thank you,

      • Yes sure Chad. You can contact me over my email [email protected]. Your theory on Good bacteria/ Bad bacteria is correct. Also in order to maintain the good/bad bacteria proportion, one takes vitamins essential for digestion from outside sources but as soon as one leaves those medicines the symptoms return because the body isn’t producing any vitamins. But when I took liver tonic for almost half a year( not continuously) and shifted my focus from disease to more important works, I found those symptoms getting reduced. The intake of liver tonics, along with physical activities, reduced the stress and strengthened the liver, helping make an acidic and appropriate environment for digestion, in turn keeping the bad bacteria below the small bowel. Your problem also, seems to me, is mostly liver related. So you may also start some good Ayurvedic liver tonic on doctor’s prescription. One good thing about these ayurvedic medicines is that they don’t have serious side-effects in general. They helped me so there’s a chance they can help you.
        Good Luck

  43. Last year I was diagnosed with SIBO by a Hydrogen lactose test. I was subsequently treated, with success, with Rifaximin.
    My symptoms returned not too long ago whereupon my GI Nurse Practitioner at the VA placed me on a FODMAP diet. It works with strict adherence, but any deviation results in the same symptoms. Am I treating the symptoms? When I asked about another regimen of Rifaximin she declined saying that won’t help in spite of articles that I have read stating otherwise. There was a triggering event event that l believe was associated with the re-emergence of my symptoms – high sugar intake at one sitting. I’m the one that pushed for Rifaximin in the first place because it wasn’t on the VA formulary. Now I’m questioning whether the VA is more concerned about costs and just treating symptoms. I have gone to great lengths to clean up my diet/lifestyle and willing to buy from a trusted Canadian Pharmacy.
    Am I wrong in thinking another shot with Rifaximin, along with a FODMAP approach, might eradicate SIBO. I hate my current situation of not knowing.

    • You’re not wrong. My GI Dr. had said that if I had SIBO (which I don’t unfortunately, still have no idea what’s wrong with me) she would recommend Rifaximin but that some people need it yearly. It sounds like it’s more of an issue with the VA, I would ask why they don’t want you to do it again if it worked the first time. Hope that helps!

    • Try Enteragam. It’s a lot cheaper and easy to get. Tell them to send it to foundation care pharmacy and you should pay no more than $59 for a box

      • I agree Enteragam & also low fodmap diet helps but that did not cure mine. For some reason, trying the herbal methods upset my stomach & caused worse malabsorption (and leg cramps), so I’m on rifaxamin now. Fingers crossed it works.

    • If you are unable to get the prescription there are alternative methods that I have used because I couldn’t get the prescription (too expensive and not covered). I have used Oreganol, Biocydin, Candibactin and garlic. Not all at once but I pulse through them one bottle at a time. I also get colonics which really help me move out the dead bacteria and reduce pain symptoms.

    • I ordered mine from a Canadian pharmacy since my insurance wouldn’t pay until I took a bunch of other drugs first. Otherwise it was going to over $1000 out of pocket if I purchased in the US. From the Canadian pharmacy it was $160 for 100 tablets. I noticed the price in rupees (it’s made in India) was about $33.

      I’ve only been on it for a week & am still bloated but my acid reflux is gone. Fingers crossed for successful treatment.

  44. Hay everybody my name is raz im from israel i want to share with you all my story or journey but first of all I want to apologize on my English it’s it not my basic language I’m from Israel anyway it started 4 yrs ago I started to feel very sick and I didn’t thought it could be worse than that and it was in one split second in a dentist appointment one injection that straw the camel back and change my life for much worser from fatigue it went to brain fog tinnitus itching hearing loss and much much more the first thing that we normally do is run to doctors office and from there is a tons of tests blood mri CT colonoscopy endoscopy and much more with all the docs from any department like proof of neurological and internal prof that recognize autoimmune and gastrointestinal prof and more but nothing has found for 1.5 yrs all the while I thought that I have cancer or that I will never made to go out of it never it’s only had worse after this time I decided to find someone how help me alternative way and found one special that it’s live in u.’s and he is well known and he change the way I’m thinking about health and he’s way basically was to stay away from animal food be vegan and take a lot of supplement after you have done a lot of test that shows you a lot of things like candida digestion heavy metals early cancer signs inflammation and so forth off record I had all them in some degree I decide to go in this way full force and don’t look right or left with a lot of motivation and the next 2 yrs was very slight improvement but other great deals of symptom also arise much worse digestive and bladder and immune like neck pain back knees well slowly I’ve got to a point were I react to every food that I’ve ate and go down from 84kg to 53kg can’t even walk literally on death door blood test started to show that my body started to be very week and still nothing found in conventional medicine I realise that my symptoms was increasing by food and I understood that the basic of all I have is from the digestive system so I left my atl doc and search someone that help me meanwhile I’ve started to read a lot of books that is written on autoimmune heavy metal’s digestive parasites cleansing intestinal cystitis and bladder symptoms candida h.pylori (that I have also) and supplements and I found one thing that connect all of them … food… I startedon’t to try thing nothing has work and I know that I need help from someone and found some British guy after one conversation with him I like his ideas and sign him to help me I was hopeless I don’t care it cost me a lot started to learn from him and he just show me the right direction for thing and slowly things clear up and fog is disappear in 6 months I’m 8kg more my blood test is much better after I stuck with no improvement I tweak by myself with things that I’ve learn that isn’t working before and now they do because I’ve need to take from him the basic without the basic (food) it’s never work and stages of new food so it’s literally a formula and yes I’m proud to say I know the formula and yes I want to help other the most important thing is that it’s very big thing I can feel the power of been health again it can reverse anything autoimmune gut infection is chrons maybe even cancer belive me I never thought that I could say that I will get out of it I even almost sell my taxi in desperation and sickness but I wanted to beemail health again not just to live with very low grade life quality anyway plz contact me for forther question

    • Hi Raz, so much in common with your symptoms but one especially, bladder issues. I learned thru reading others comments that my pain was due to oxylates in my diet. I could not handle SIBO symptoms, the aching back, legs, feet… AND BLADDER.

      • Have not been diagnosed with SIBO; DX’d with IBS approximately 4 – 5 yrs ago. Have severe bladder problems & have seen 5 different Dr’s. I began searching for an answer to my symptoms & have arrived at SIBO. Now to go back to the Dr. I am still paying off Dr bills as I do not have insurance Still am thankful to have found this site and you wonderful sharing people !

    • Hi, I have a young friend (27 yrs) who has come to the conclusion that he has SIBO. It has been something he has dealt with since he was a teenager, but in the last 2 months it has gotten very very serious. He can’t work or even leave the house its so bad. I know he is trying to get better and seeing specialists, but nothing seems to help. Is there anyone I can introduce him to that might be able to give him options he hasn’t encountered yet?
      Thank you,

      • There are at-home tests u can take, or he can go see a parasitologist. His rectum or stool would need to be examined for the presence of any parasite or overgrowth, and the appropriate antibiotic prescribed to kill it. I have been dealing with a parasite that keeps coming back, but I see a Dr that identifies it and provides me the appropriate medication. This stuff will nuke everything in his system – both good and bad – so its not always the wisest choice, but if he is in such a bad way, it may be necessary.

      • Hi Paul,
        I am posting what I posted for Leonardo above but I think this will help. You need a natural medicine doctor MD who believes in holistic treatment and does conventional medicine as well so they can also run the proper tests.

        Usually I don’t read these blogs but fortunately this will help. I have been sufferring from SIBO, yeast infection and 5 other stomach infections that resulted in a lot of joint pains and I could not eat and I was afraid to eat for some time. I was wondering what was going to happen. I am doing well now and I will tell you what I did for treatment. There are a handful of doctors who practice integrative medicine which is doctors MD with knowledge and acceptance of holistic treatment methods as well and they have a whole bunch of new tests to find out what is wrong since modern medicine is sometimes not knowledgeable for some reason. Do not trust naturopaths and websites since they are trying to sell their stuff and don’t know what they are doing. One of the best in the east coast is Dr. Mark Hyman and his center http://www.ultrawellnesscenter.com/home/ and of the best doctors in the US for integrative medicine that I took help of is Dr. Joseph Sciabbarrasi in LA. You can call his chamber and set up an appt with him he is more available. There is another doctor that I also see he is even better but it is harder to get appointments. Send me an email and I will send you his info but you need treatment urgently so it will be a good way to start right away with Dr. Sciabbarrassi and then also see the other Dr. They use all sorts of natural remedies and supplements that I have never heard of along with conventional medicines. Best of both worlds. Google integrative medicine to find more practitioners around your area but in my knowledge these people I mentioned are the best. Hope this helps.

    • Hi Raz. Would love to hear more. I am working on a research program with a nutritionist. Please email me. Thanks

  45. Are parasites such as e-histolytica under the SIBO umbrella? I tested positive recently and am looking into appropriate courses of action to kill it.

    • I have been sick for the past 13 years, very debilitating miserable life. Since I was in my early 20’s I have been diagnose with candida, IBS, positive h-pylory, frequent colon and intestinal polyps and frequent gastritis and stomach ulcers, fibromialgya, chronic fatigue, PMS, pelvic tumors, fibroids, endometriosis, and now my Holistic doctor sent me to get SIBO breath test and full GI Panel for parasites, candida and bacteria. I am waiting to hear back which I am pretty sure they will come back positive, The lab that I was referred to is in Scottsdale Az. http://www.parasitetesting.com , I’ve heard great things about their treatments as well for getting rid of bacteria, parasites and candida. all natural and all info is on that website. All the regular doctors treat you with antibiotics which they dint seem to work because kills good bacteria in your gut so is a cycle thing. They treat the symptoms but not the root cause. But i was told by my holistic doctor it does fall on the same umbrella, reason; parasite/bacteria/candida causes. all under the same boat.!! i am looking forward on starting that treatment soon. I will post updates that hopefully will help most of here suffering from terrible symptoms especially chronic .

      • Thanks for sharing RS, and I feel your pain to a certain extent. Let us know how the treatment goes; as far as I can tell the options out there are limited so if this place in AZ is legit then the word needs to get out to help people in our similar situation. My Dr keeps prescribing the same antibiotic cocktail every time and while it has immediate success, the parasite keeps coming back a year later and the cycle repeats itself.

      • Hi RS, I can relate to your story. Have had many the sam DX as yourself over past 20+ yrs.. but. 3 yrs ago was DX with chronic Lyme Disease. My current holistic Dr. believes all these other co-conditions where able to take root because Lyme was never detected and treated. Testing for LYME is much like Sibo tho, very inaccurate with many false negatives. It is important to find a well versed Dr. that can evalute your WHOLE health and past history. While, we have done several rounds of antibiotics to treat my Lyme, he believes treatment wont be successful until we address all these other co-conditions. Im not implying you have Lyme, but given our simular history maybe worth looking into. As Lyme is allowed to go without treatment it reeks havoc on the entire body, from gut, immune, nervous system, & hormones which greatly effect menstrual cycles. This had been a life long journey for me, and im not healed yet but i am getting answers now & knowledge is power 🙂
        Hope you too will continue to get the help and answers you seek and deserve & good luck with your new protocol ~ wishing you all better health in days to follow.

        • Hi T,

          I also suffer from a severe case of Lyme disease which has changed my immune system. I was lucky and was diagnosed within a year we think of the tick bite. However I suffer from major inflammation and gut issues.
          Please contact me if you are interested in sharing

          • Hi Laurie, I, too suffer from Lyme and SIBO/gut inflammation…Just wondering how you are doing now? I’ve been having a very hard time with the abdominal distention, in particular – it’s very severe, worse at night – but present 24/7…

    • Hey Dan! Me too! There doesn’t seem to be a lot of info out there. What have you found out? I am taking a whole bunch of natural “killers”, but I am skeptical it will work from everything I read. I have found some interesting alternative treatments. One of which is using a RA drug for the Histo. Very frustrating.

      • What alternative treatments have u found? I try my best to stay away from inflammatory foods like sugars and gluten as well as my food allergies (cow’s milk, peanuts), get sufficient exercise and sleep, and supplement with things such as berberine, allicin, and one/two probiotics every day with the hope of my body just eliminating the parasite naturally. It seems to be improving my overall condition but not taking fully eliminating it, which is why I keep resorting to the antibiotics. Pretty desperate for any other ideas tho.

        • Dan, have a read on Atrantil that is meant for Sibo. Also if you can, try avoid antibiotics. Drs dish antibiotics out for anything and everything to ‘mask’ a problem that doesn’t eliminate an issue. Check out naturalhealth365 a great website with all sorts of insightful info (including warnings on certain antibiotics causing permanent nerve damage).

          • Has anyone tried some of these black walnut/wormwood compounds that are supposed to be a natural parasite killer? Looks like there are capsules and liquid eye-dropper types on amazon, I may give them a shot if anyone thinks they work?

            • Hi, I have used the Dr. Hilda Clark parasite cleanse which is herbal with wormwood cloves and double strength black walnut hull tincture. Was tested before and after and it works great. It is recommended you do this once a year for maintenance.

              • I just purchased the black walnut tincture. What is a good dosage that people have used with this? One, two, three times per day and how many drops? I realize it will be what I can tolerate but what have others started out with? I am using it alongside Candibactin, biocydin and oreganol and have been pulsing through those for about 4 months and wanted to add the black walnut to get at any lingering strains of this bacteria. I am feeling much better but know theres a little bit still hanging on because I still get some random bloating and pain. Thanks

              • That’s great info thanks. I finished a cycle of paromycin and tindamax recently that Dr Cahill (a well-known parasitologist in NYC) prescribed me and not sure it killed everything. I am gona get re-tested soon and when in his office, plan on asking him his thoughts on this alternative. It cant hurt to try.

            • It helped me but then I may have gone a little bit overboard. I was taking the recommended dose of 2 dropperfuls, 3x a day. I did that but it only kept the Candida at bay and then if I ate anything with sugar, I could feel it coming back. So, I took 4 dropperfuls 2-3 times a day and felt it sort of come back so I upped the amount to 6 dropperfuls 2-3 times a day. By that time I finished off my bottle and had to get more fast but did not get the same brand at my local health food store but by that time I think I pretty much got rid of the Candida or at least do not feel the effects of it like the pain and pressure when I urinate. I was also taking Chlorophyl at the same “overdose” amount to be sure my liver stayed clean while I was getting rid of these toxins.

            • Hi Linda

              I have used black Walnut worm wood for parasite cleanse and is is very effective combine with bentonite clay a detoxing agenthe and physillum husk to push the parasite and toxins out of the body.
              All can be found on amazon.

  46. One more question: Anyone have an explanation for why one might wakeup with SIBO-related nausea and have it last a chunk of the day but then have it completely disappear by evening?

  47. I may be repeating myself BUT what sort of experience has anyone had treating methane-dominant SIBO with Flagyl? I’m halfway through a 14-day course. Also, has anyone ever gotten a good explanation for why nausea might become THE most pernicious symptom, especially in year three of Spring recurrence of symptoms? The nausea began in April 2015 while going another round with Rifaximin (which had been “effective” in Sept 2014, but then recurrence six months later.)

    • In doing just a small bit of research it looks as thought the antibiotic Flagyl has nausea as a side-effect. It is non of my business what kind of doctor you have treating this but I myself would look for a Naturopathic doctor and get a natural cure to my SIBO. I would do endless research on it myself and see what I can do to alleviate the suffering from this horrible disease. I would do nothing but natural, holistic cures. Antibiotics continue to cause problems within the intestinal area and if it were me I would discontinue all use of antibiotics and seek only natural cures. First of all, a Gluten-free diet would probably alleviate most of your symptoms and do this as a lifestyle change not a temporary diet. Americans are suffering from over-thinking the cure. If we rely on the same cures our ancestors had and stay away from processed foods, stay with natural, organic eating then we will all live healthier, better quality of life.

  48. Hi,
    I am allergic to Betaine and any kind of Vinegar. What other supplements are out there that can raise stomach acid naturally?
    Btw, I have SIBO(confirmed by the breath test). Mine is the Methane type.
    Thank you so much,

      • I was told to try Milk of Magnesia and after taking 2 nights my symptoms are 90 % better! I have tried everything so was so surprised ☺️

    • Try bitters with out alcohol.

      or the best I have ever come across is Dr. Shades Liposomal bitters. 45 dollars a bottle but I Think it’s worth it. Just keep taking bitters.

  49. I’ve had SIBO for several years but just discovered Atrantil. It’s wonderful. I suggest you check it out. Herbal developed by an MD.

  50. Hi, I just finished 30 days straight of rifaximin for hydrogen SIBO – I have had IBS-D for 30 years and 3 years ago it became severe after a hysterectomy and I am thinking over use of diflucan for yeast infections. Anyways, I cured myself by starving out the bacteria for 2months straight but became anorexic weighing in at 106lbs that was nov 2013 to jan 2014. then I began to eat again with no issues. but now after eating tons of carbs I started to get more and more “d” every morning and bloating so tested positive for hydrogen. I didn’t feel awful but was worried I might go back to 2013 so treated it. Now 30 days after I am in worse pain then before. I can’t eat anything or even drink water without an IBS attack coming on. It has been a week off and I have missed 2 days of work due to ibs attacks. I seem to be hyper sensitive to all foods again!!! WHY is this happening??? why hasn’t anyone mentioned this might occur?? I have been told pancreas? but I am on pancreatic prescription enzymes! Please help as I am in tears and severely anxious thinking I am going back to 2013 again where I can’t eat anything without severe “D” and ibs spasms sooo severe I almost pass out!!!

    • Barb – are you taking any probiotics or natural supplements? Maybe try Liquid Chlorophyll for the pain, although if the pain is that severe you should probably see a doctor or qualified nutrition

    • Barb,
      I was in a position where I also was suffering extremely regular IBS attacks which were very painful. I fixed my problem by going onto a ketogenic paleo diet. I consulted a book by Robb Wolf called “The Paleo Solution”. It brought things under control for me and now I’m trying to sort out my underlying gut bacteria problem.

    • Try Colustrum from getthetea.com. It’s a miracle worker. My friend is taking it for her IBS. I got it for myself but do not have IBS so I gave to her. I research lots of things and have found so many cures for so many things but my problem is Candida. Can’t seem to rid myself. I just manage to keep it at bay. I went back to using something that I am sure would cure it if I could stay with the diet. I am about to start a 7 day fast and cleanse. If you have not done a colonic cleanse, then you do not know what you are missing. I did this about 20 years ago and did great. Changed my life but then went off the health wagon and have been suffering weight gain, thyroid problems, Candida to the max so now I am doing lots of research and studying. One good thing is that we are living in a time where new cures are coming about everyday and one day it will be our turn for “the cure”. I’m telling you though that I believe in this Colustrum, it is going to do wonders for IBS. I will continue to come back to this site and see what everyone is doing cause if we stick together and let each other know what works for us then we are bound to figure it out even if the doctors don’t. There is something I read about that seems to help and that is Allicin C which is on the same website getthetea.com but can also be found on Amazon cheaper. Be careful you get the same formulation as on getthetea.com because it seems to be the best. It’s made from garlic or using garlic or some how garlic is involved and the good thing is that you will not suffer from the smell of garlic either breath or from body odor. I will get this but want to deplete the other Candida cleanse that I have first.

      • Hi Linda – which candida cleanse are you using? I am also similar to you, initially thought it was a candida/sibo problem, now believe it’s a candida/hypothyroid problem with adrenal fatigue linked in. Everything stems from the gut so it’s key to get that right. I have on rotation (apparently its good to change it up every 3/4 days) Interfase Plus, Elle Belle ultimate candida cleanse and prescript-assist. I have just run out of prescript-assist but I would order again. My immune system has always been very weak so frustratingly I find if I take more than one capsule at a time I will feel the “die-off”. I haven’t heard of Colustrum, I also just read about Atrantil (although that’s more related to sibo). I agree, I think we can all help eachother more than doctors can help us.

        • I’m using CCWS Candida Cleanse. The website is http://www.candidacurecenter.com. The candida cure stuff is good but I did not see it through. The good thing about it is that you do not have to follow an organic or vegetarian diet because it tells you to eat a fatty diet so that the pills will adhere to the fat and go to work where the candida is growing. This candida is a big issue with me and I have had quite a time and lots of suffering with it. I am currently doing a cleanse along with a fast and colonic irrigation. I am sticking with this for 7 days with lots of prayer and waiting to see positive results. I have done so much praying on this candida issue and my hypothyroid and trust the LORD will lead me through a successful cleanse.

      • Linda – do you mean Colostrum? Did you try it at all or only give it to your friend? Only they say it helps Candida? (along with many other benefits)

        • I took it a time or two but for some reason I could not remember to take it at night. You are supposed to take first thing in the morning and then again at night at bedtime. I remember the morning but didn’t do the night. I did it on random days so of course could tell no difference but it’s because I didn’t take it consecutively so basically I didn’t take it. I will post again when my friend sees results either way. I know it is going to help her. I actually didn’t know it help Candida. I will be ordering more after my cleanse.

        • Yes, I misspelled Colostrum. Thank you for correcting me because I don’t want anyone to err because of my misspelling. I only gave this to my friend and she took it for about two weeks and stopped. She was determined to get her pain under control before tackling the IBS which I think she feels she must live with. I think she got better in a short period and figures she has it under control and I did see a great difference in her health while she was taking the Colostrum and wanted her to continue. With you telling me it helps with Candida, I will get that stuff out and try for myself. Why is it that all of us suffering these issues with Candida and IBS, SIBO and it seems no one cares enough to find the cure. There are horrible, painful issues here but no one has the time to find a cure. Makes me feel so insignificant!! None of us seem to be getting the REAL cure.

        • It seems that Candida is one of those issues that keeps rearing its ugly head. I wonder if I will ever get rid of it completely. I did a 7 day fast and cleanse a couple of weeks ago. I only took in the cleanse items which was natural pills to assist the cleanse and then mixed psyllium husk seeds and bentonite clay with a small portion of juice to be able to tolerate the mixture. I did drink some coconut juice (all 100% organic), apple juice (which was suggested in instructions for cleanse) which was also 100% organic. I was not focused on getting rid of candida but if it happened then all the better. About the 4th or 5th day I noticed some die-off effects of candida. I noticed also in urinating that I could see some cloudy mass that I identified as fungus and this from my urine. I experienced this about 20 years ago but then was not sure it was the candida but apparently that is exactly what it is. A couple more days on the cleanse and experienced even stronger die-off effects but I knew it was the candida die-off. Sure enough I am feeling much better and rarely have any of the candida flare-ups (at least so far). I know it is not gone but with me if I can get rid of a small portion then I am happy. I will continue fighting this battle until I find the sure fire cure. I am at war with my candida.

          • Linda, Something you may or may not know. Candida is a commensal yeast that lives synergistically w/ other bacteria in our bodies if it doesn’t get out of control. I spent years at war w/ candida. I took the Diflucan and a year on Nystatin. I also was very rigid on the Candida diet for 2 years. I can tell you from several nutrition courses I have taken and from my own frustrating experience, your candida issue is the canary in your gut telling you-you have a much bigger issue to address first. You will not win the war if you do not address WHY the candida is so prolific in the first place. Have you done an extensive stool test to look for parasites? That is where I would start. I had Blasto and too high of H-pylori. Follow up shows I won that war. Now I have Entamoeba Histolytica, which is a nasty lil critter. Hard to detect and hard to kill. My yeast levels are still very high as well, probably bc of the E.Histo and possible other co-infections. The more you stick w/ the gut protocols and clean low carb diet, the closer you get to health…I hope!! I still don’t have all the answers and am open to new suggestions.

            • I would like to know more about how you discovered the parasites? Where did you get this stool test done? When the test is done, does it list what the stool contains? I have started doing some things to get rid of the Candida that seems to be working. In the past, I would just take something to get rid of the Candida without thinking about how the body would rid the stuff once it died. I read somewhere that in taking medications to rid the body of bacteria or fungus, etc, you also needed to cleanse the liver to be sure the liver wasn’t being taxed too heavily with all the toxins it was having to deal with. So, recently I read that Fresh Green Black Walnut Wormwood Complex was good for getting rid of Candida and I started taking it along with Chlorophyll for cleansing the liver. I took it for about a week and finally saw results. I now am not having any of the pain from the Candida and even after having something sweet still do not having any of the effects of the overgrowth. After this I decided to take another recommended product for getting rid of the Candida while also taking a cleanse for the Liver. For whatever reason, I am having success with the Candida and I am feeling very grateful for all the information out there and not from experts but from all those suffering with the same things I have suffered. By sharing information with each other, we can gain knowledge and helping ourselves as well as helping others with the information.

    • Seriously, try the Gluten-free diet. It could be the cure to all of your ailments. It will have to be a lifestyle change in order to stay healthy. Stay away from antibiotics. Search out natural, holistic cures. Instead of antibiotics, take probiotics and check out prebiotics from health food stores. Probiotcs will help replace and restore the “good” bacteria in the gut whereas antibiotics kill bacteria in the intestines. Stop using Western Medicine and seek out the healthy alternative…..find a Holistic doctor or Naturopath and stay away from the MD’s. Start doing your own research on the web and do not rely on anyone else to do your thinking for you. You must take your own health in your hands because no one cares about you like you do. Search and search and search some more for answers to your health problems. You will be glad you did.

      • Gluten Free is not enough, most of the food is packed with starches which translates to high carbs which translates to sugar. Candida and SIBO feed on carbs.

        • Gluten free isn’t necessarily enough but it can be a good place to start. Reducing (or ideally cutting out) sugar and gluten is beneficial for starving off bacteria because bacteria feed on this. It can be difficult at the beginning but it only takes 2 weeks for the body to adapt and for you to notice a change. It won’t necessarily solve the issue entirely but it will contribute to a better internal environment to solve the problem, either way it’s a good way to detox the body. Once you start I find it helps to almost visualise the bacteria in the gut “starving” and dying off in numbers due to the lack of feeding them. Garlic and other natural herbs are a very beneficial. On another note I would recommend looking into Atrantil.

          • Actually, Alan Ebringer’s research says it’s starch, not carbs that are the problem. Look up the no-starch diet. Said to produce miraculous results for IBS and other autoimmune / reactive arthritis type complaints such as ankylosing spondylitis. I guess it may also help SIBO if it is caused by pathogenic bacteria like proteus and klebsiella

    • Hi Barb,
      I am posting what I posted for Leonardo above but I think this will help. You need a natural medicine doctor MD who believes in holistic treatment and does conventional medicine as well so they can also run the proper tests.

      Usually I don’t read these blogs but fortunately this will help. I have been sufferring from SIBO, yeast infection and 5 other stomach infections that resulted in a lot of joint pains and I could not eat and I was afraid to eat for some time. I was wondering what was going to happen. I am doing well now and I will tell you what I did for treatment. There are a handful of doctors who practice integrative medicine which is doctors MD with knowledge and acceptance of holistic treatment methods as well and they have a whole bunch of new tests to find out what is wrong since modern medicine is sometimes not knowledgeable for some reason. Do not trust naturopaths and websites since they are trying to sell their stuff and don’t know what they are doing. One of the best in the east coast is Dr. Mark Hyman and his center http://www.ultrawellnesscenter.com/home/ and of the best doctors in the US for integrative medicine that I took help of is Dr. Joseph Sciabbarrasi in LA. You can call his chamber and set up an appt with him he is more available. There is another doctor that I also see he is even better but it is harder to get appointments. Send me an email and I will send you his info but you need treatment urgently so it will be a good way to start right away with Dr. Sciabbarrassi and then also see the other Dr. They use all sorts of natural remedies and supplements that I have never heard of along with conventional medicines. Best of both worlds. Google integrative medicine to find more practitioners around your area but in my knowledge these people I mentioned are the best. Hope this helps.

  51. When reviewing a SCD it says no corn or wheat of any kind, however when it comes to alcohol bourbon is allowed which is a made from corn and wheat furthermore tequila is not allowed can someone explain this? Also, onions and garlic are OK but why is onion powder and garlic powder not OK to consume? One more thing with corn, is popcorn allowed on a specific carb diet?

    • Onion powder and garlic powder could have a starch added to it for caking purposes in the bottle. I believe the distillation process in alcohol may change the properties but I don’t know exactly, maybe the moderator will answer that one. And corn, I know for me, I avoid it all together. I think for many people doing the SCD they have digestive issues and popcorn is hard to digest or could activate their Irritable bowel or Crones disease.

  52. If SIBO is caused by moderate to heavy alcohol use, and then is treated with antibiotics, if one reduce the amount of alcohol greatly, will the small intestine repair itself over time?

  53. Has anyone tried diatomaceous earth for their SIBO condition? I have been reading a lot about it lately and watching youtube videos of testimonials.

    • Hi Elka, I was reading the same things. For some time I was looking at trying that or Bentonite clay. My SIBO is more lots of stools daily and I found that it increased my frequency so I stopped. Then I spoke to my colon therapist and she said that if you do a “cleanse” with these types of products you have be very careful and do it with supervision by a colon therapist or integrative doctor who understands the process and possible complications. So I am not saying its good or bad. I Just chose not to continue because I can’t pay for that supervision and I didn;t like the immediate effects I had.

      • I decided to give the diatomaceous earth a try for at least a week. I’m on my 2nd day — and actually feel better than before I started. I am just taking a teaspoon a day in liquid. I’ll try to remember to update here after a week.

        • Wow, so it’s been a week since I have started the diatomaceous earth daily for my IBS – SIBO. I started a week ago with 1 teaspoon a day in my coffee and by the fourth day upped that to a Tablespoon a day. Well — today I feel better than I have in over 5 years. Seriously — this is amazing. I will continue the DE and update after a month or so.

            • I went back down to 1 teaspoon a day. 1 Tablespoon was too much. I am feeling much better. I am feeling lighter and cleaned out. Sleeping better, and a lot more energy. Constipation gone. I’ll update in a couple of weeks.

      • I’ve used the Bentonite clay along with Physillum husk seed which is great. I used this 20 years ago and am starting tomorrow on another fast and cleanse using this. I’m sure a doctor would tell you that you need to be supervised so they can get more money out of you but there is no need to be supervised. The Bentonite clay draws out toxins from your body and the physillium husk seed scrubs the tough hardened lining of the intestine to get the junk out that keeps your body from absorbing nutritious food and supplements. The clay draws out toxins and the husk scrubs and cleans the junk out along with anything else in the intestines. I would not hesitate to use these products. You also need to use a very good Probiotic at the same time to implant good bacteria in the intestines. I’m starting the Sonne’s cleanse that contains all the stuff you need for a reasonable price (Amazon) with instructions as to what to take when. The Candida cure is at candidacurecenter.com. The orders come from some place I cannot spell but I believe it was said it was in Thailand and takes as much as two weeks to receive once you order. Don’t be afraid cause it’s perfectly legit and I have ordered. It is also guaranteed with 60-day money back guarantee. someone has a website with negative review or warning about this and said if you didn’t believe it was a scam then just ask for your money back and they will run and hid. So, out of curiosity I did ask for my money back and they refunded it. I felt like a heel lying about how it didn’t work for me but I am going to reorder and let them know I continued to use the product and it did work. I’m going to get healthy once and for all. I’m tired of being sick and tired and not feeling good. I freed myself of the hold those soft drinks had on me and now ready to cleanse this tired old body. I want to cleanse at least once a year at least. It talks about fasting and cleansing in the Bible or at least fasting cause the thing about cleansing didn’t make it in the scriptures where Jesus talks about using a gourd to well (you don’t want to hear about that).

  54. Help the natural way.

    I have candida problem but noticed a different kind of digestive disturbance that started about a year or so ago. It got really bad after starting gelatin/bone broth. Within a few weeks my stomach or small intestine started pounding with what felt like flu symptoms at night.

    I seemed to be ok once I stopped bone broth. I knew that oregano oil was suppose to have an effect on bacteria so I thought that I would try it against the sibo. I took a few drops of oregano oil under my tongue twice a day for 3 or 4 days. I started doing bone broth again and after a few days the pounding began again. This time I took a few drops of oo and the pounding stopped within a short period of time. The process may have repeated another time, can’t remember. Anyway I have been eating 4 or 5 ounces of jelled bone broth for couple months now every morning with no trouble at all.

    As a side note I buy 100% oo and cut it myself with 30% or so coconut oil.

  55. I have had ibs-d prominent for 20 years and then in 2005 had a bowel resection for diverticulosis. Now my quality of life is suffering. I have been everywhere, to teaching hospitals and also Cedars Sinai where Dr. Pimental originated the SIBO theory. I have used Rifaximan but it doesn’t last. Cipro seems to set me straight after a four day dose but the doctors don’t like giving antibiotics. I have gas, bloating, stomach pain, intestinal pain and diarrhea every day. I used loperamide daily. Lately though it seems to be a two edged sword, I need that to go out but then it stops up the gas. I am very down about the entire situation but hearing you all have makes me feel less alone. I know it is hereditary because one of my children and one grandchild also have it. I wonder if an SSRI will help. I do have anxiety but this doesn’t seem related. SIBO doesn’t care what I eat although I know sugars and going off the FODMAP diet make it worse. I hope someone finds a way to help us soon. With modern medicine you’d think they could.

    • Anxiety IS related to gastro issues. Google anxiety, gut and you’ll find some studies/articles on this. It stands to reason if you are not digesting well or have reduced nutrient intake because of SIBO you’ll begin to feel the effects of lacking nutrients such as depression, etc. The majority of the serotonin receptors exist in your gut.
      This article may explain one aspect of gut biome health and our moods: http://www.caltech.edu/news/microbes-help-produce-serotonin-gut-46495

      • Hi Sallie, you sound as I used to feel with anxiety and many other issues. What are you currently eating? What has helped my SIBO exponentially (I’m free of all symptoms) is by NOT eating any grains, including gluten-free grains like rice, or pseudo grains (quinoa, millet, amaranth) at all. None. The SIBO bacterias are feeding on the sugars that grains convert to in the gut. The Specific Carbohydrate Diet and refraining from only certain FODMAPs like onions (or me) along with two courses of Xifaxan/Rifamaxin and some supportive supplements like B complex, Vit A, D, C, zinc, magnesium, rhodiola for adrenals and colostrum to heal mucosal lining have done the trick so far. I’m not saying I’m totally healed of all my maladies yet, as not a whole lot of time has passed, but boy do I feel better withe he SIBO and my other digestive complaints. The caveat? If I return to eating grains the SIBO will more than likely return. It’s the way it is for those of us who are prone to SIBO. At least for now until things really get under control, as Ihope they will for us all. However, I’ve learned a new way of cooking and eating. I’ve looked at it as a new adventure in culinary delights (attitude is everything for those of us who are chronically ill) and all my illnesses are greatly improving (IBS, SIBO, Reflux and heartburn, fibromyalgia and its myriad miserable manifestations, and the best… my Barrett’s Esophagus (precancer of the esophagus, GERD being the primary risk factor for contracting it) is no longer present according to my last endoscopy!) Do give the SCD a try. What can it hurt?

    • Just from the symptoms you spoke of gas, bloating, diarrhea it sounds like you need a Gluten-free diet. Stay away from antibiotics which only cause more problems. You need more “good” bacteria in the intestines but antibiotics kill that off with each pill you take. Take a good probiotic and switch every month or so to a different brand with different bacteria. This will help you more than you can believe but also check out doing a gluten-free diet. Not only will you be able to rid yourself of those awful symptoms but you could cure yourself of the SIBO.

    • Please be careful with Cipro and related drugs. I now have a dual problem. I have had IBS -D for years post getting a parasite in Morocco. 4 doctors told me it was IBS, and basically there was nothing I could do. Then, I got a UTI for the first time and was prescribed Cipro. After the 3rd pill, I developed tingling in my left hand and occasionally my left arm and foot. I hasn’t gone away and now I’m trying to treat that with glutathione IVs from a naturopath specializing in detox. I told her about the IBS, and she suggested I may have SIBO. I have yet to do the test, but will soon. Anyway, don’t take Cipro- you may be lucky and not have nerve issues, but you don’t need another issue to deal with.

      • Julie
        So sorry to hear all you are going through. I too have issues and they don’t seem to have any answers.
        I have read posts about Fossil Powder being helpful for digestive issues and am in day 2 of trying to detox by taking it slowly hoping this will help. Go to Amazon and view testimonials.

  56. I most likely gave SIBO.
    I have done many diets.
    Now I manage with lowish fodmap, gluten free mag citrate for constipation, making sure I get enough soluable fiber ( gluten free pasta, etc) to deal with diarrhea and just started b-12 shots. I juice my greens ( not too much because of thyroid and don’t eat raw stuff except for carrots and peppers. I make sure to mix cooked greens with white rice or gluten free pasta.

    I would love to get rid of SIBO but for now after trying the protocols and failing this is working for me. Everyone is different.
    It is managing it

  57. Hello,

    Can you recommend any integrative/ holistic doctors in the Santa Barbara area for treating a possible case of SIBO?

    Thank You!

  58. Hi, I am a SIBO sufferer. I believe my SIBO is hereditery. I came to this conclusion after seeing a photograph of my late Father taken when he was about 50 yrs of age. The photo was taken in the garden and showed my Father minus his shirt. His stomach was swollen exactly the same as mine and thinking back to when I was a child ( I am 70 yrs of age ), I remember he always had excessive Flatulance and Burping and Indigestion as I now do, back then ( 50’s-60’s) SIBO was unheard of.
    My SIBO is constant. Antbiotics (AB) will reduce it noticeably but never cure it. So, about every 15-18 months I visit my GP for a course of AB. Whilst this helps enormously I also take daily four tablespoons of “KEFER”.
    For those who are not aware of KEFER it is a Probiotic that originally came out of the Eastern Urals. It can be bought in a satchet, the contents of which are mixed with HRT milk. After mixing it, it is then placed in a warm cupboard. It requires a constant temperature of 21 deg Celsius which give the best results for fermenting. After approx 24 hours ( I let mine go for 28-30 ) it is removed from the warmth and placed in the fridge to stop the Fermentation. 24 hours later it is ready to drink.
    I take four Tablespoon full of Kefer every morning approx 30 minutes before eating my breakfast.
    I have been taking KEFER for approx three years now and can eat virtually anything . I rarely get indigestion although because I don’t restrict my diet at all I do get Flatulence, although greatly reduced compared with not taking KEFER.
    I should have stated earlier that my SIBO was so bad before I discovered it that it affected my breathing to such a point that I found it hard to breath.
    A search on youtube has many video’s on KEFER.

  59. Hey
    Found the post really intersting.
    I have a hiatus hernia along with Barrett’s esophagus and was treated for the same two years back.
    Since the tratment I have had severe bloating and gas.
    I asked my doctor but he puts in the bag of IBS with absolutely no help.
    I believe I had low stomach acid prior to the treatment (mostly ppi’s) for hiatus hernia, which decreased the acid level even more.
    Just wanted if this theory is correct and if yes then how do I treat SIBO without increasing the acid level as it may affect the barrett’s and hiatus hernia.

    • It certainly was the opposite for me. I am actually malnourished but overweight, by about 50 pounds. I am doing the Specific Carbohydrate Diet now and have lost 15 and have a better overall composition and clearer thinking but I have a long way to go to kill the bugs that made me sick.

  60. I’m at a loss for an explanation of how treatment would work. I know that a specific diet plays a part in treatment, but I still can’t understand why sibo is treated with antibiotics when antibiotics put me in this situation in the first place?

    • Ashley, all general antibiotics give me horrid diarrhea except Cipro which makes me able to eat anything without diarrhea. I’ve heard a recent theory that we have bacteria specific just to us so everyone responds to certain antibiotics differently. Rifaxamin did nothing for my SIBO but maybe because Cipro kills my specific bacteria it works. I think there is a Ted Talk about this but they call them microbes. You’d think with all the ppl suffering more money would go into research. There is a new drug on the market that starts with a V. Can’t remember the name. Google it. I’d rather do natural but when I need more I’d like options.

  61. Does anybody know if being on a SIBO-friendly diet already will/can impact an Organic Acids Test? My test came back with no indicators of bacterial overgrowth, and I’m trying to sort out if that is definitely a trustworthy result, or if there’s a potential for my dietary absence of bacteria-feeding foods to have influenced the test. I’m not entirely sure how the bacterial byproducts work.

    • There is a SIBO breath test that Genova and biohealth have (I’m sure other labs too) that is more accurate in detecting SIBO than an organic acids test- that one can have false negatives regarding bacterial markers.

  62. Over the last 6 years I’ve seen 7 specialists (GI) , I’ve had ct’ s, mri’ s, barium, double hernia repair, I changed my diet, tried elemental diets. Every test, blood,urine, biopsy, fecal, all completely normal. I tried antidepressants (used to slow the gut in small doses) , probiotics and a total sibo diet. Nothing worked. I had recurring sibo for the last 3 yrs. I took ciprofloxacin and flagel every 2-3 months for years with good results for month or so then back again it came.
    My fix : a hida scan. It showed nothing, again but was extremely painful when the stuff was injected to contract the gallbladder. My surgeon gave me a 70% removing the gallbladder was going to fix me. Sceptical I had it removed. Prior, my digestive tract had no issues and now once again I’m feeling normal. No one could seem to know what was wrong. I really thought that I’d be dead in short order..
    Don’t give up! I’m feeling optimistic now. If I found out anything it’s doctors really have no clue . My doctor still doesn’t believe it was my gallbladder.. but I sure FINALLY feel better.

    • I’m happy for you that it seemed to fix things for you. I wish you the best of luck that this truly is the end of suffering with SIBO for you. Unfortunately, that’s the first thing did in my case was test gallbladder and said I should have it removed, so I did. When I came back saying I was worse than before, I went through all the MRIs, CTs, tons of labs, breath tests, and the only thing that flagged positive was SIBO that has not responded to antibiotics.

    • I had mine took out too and felt great started gaining wait back a year later almost to te date started feeling fatigue losing appetite being very emotional depressed sleep deprived pain in my stomach diarrhea I’ve been dealing with it almost two years I’m tired I wish u the best and pray it doesn’t return but seeing all these posts scares me will it ever go away ?

  63. A woman tried an Elemental Diet for SIBO and writes about it here: http://www.hollywoodhomestead.com/elemental-diet/

    It sounds extreme but she said all else has failed for her and this worked.

    There also was a multi-center clinical trial that Chris referred to in his article that showed herbal antibiotics worked as well as the prescription for treating SIBO, without any side effects. Here are the herbals that they used http://www.siboinfo.com/herbal-antibiotics.html I ordered these products from Amazon and the reviews on there were very encouraging.

    • dr ruscio and dr siebecker often use the elemental diet. They have said it can work in many cases but that the adherence is hard. most people can adhere to antibotic courses and diet change better. so they try that first. they consider the elemental diet very effective. seriously check out these amazing experts on SIBO. I am sure we have all had days we would do anything to feel better. but two weeks of no solid food its pretty extreme. it is safe if confirmed that you are okay by DR. If you have done fasts before maybe it would be easier. If my case was more complex it would easily be worth the flight to see DR ruscio.

      • I am sure we can all agree there is no magic bullet to getting well. Although it seems, I am always on to the next “This-Will-Fix-It” protocol. I was seriously considering the Elemental Diet, but I found this article
        I have tested positive with E. Histolytica so this diet would not be a good idea for me until I am cleared. I would not recommend the E.D. to anyone w/ gut issues until they have ruled out parasites. The genetic testing (GI Map and DRG) are the best for finding the amoebas. Whereas the regular stool test (BioHealth 401H) would probably be a better bet for worms. That is just my take on this from the research I have done. I hope this helps

  64. We are trying to verify that my 3 yr old has SIBO. Her SIBO is actually synthesizing B12, so wondering if anyone has experience with this. We are thinking Klebsiella, but not sure yet. Dr office is so slow, been going on for a year now. Scared to just give her herbal treatments since she is just 3 and I can’t tell whats going on from her perspective. She’s also allergic to penicillin. Do people usually know what bacteria is overgrown in them specifically? And does anyone have experience with Klebsiella or any other bacteria that would highly synthesize B12?

    • No, they can’t tell what strains are overgrowing, unfortunately. I have read that B12 deficiency often does occur in prolonged SIBO cases and/or leaky gut. I don’t have any answers for you, as I am still battling this myself. Antibiotics didn’t work for me and my doctor just basically sent me away saying he didn’t have any answers for me either. I am currently trying the herbal route along with an SCD/low FODMAP combo type diet, basically very low carb, high fat (which is sometimes an issue because i have no gallbladder), no dairy, no nuts, no raw fruits or veggies, and I have introduced fermented foods. I read a new study from abroad showing a four-strain high dose probiotic regimen could wipe out SIBO, so hoping that taking probiotics containing those strains along with fermented foods will help run the bad guys out and rebalance.

      • This might sound crazy, but the movie that came out “Miracle From Heaven” made me sit straight up! The girl named every diagnosis and pills that the doctor prescribed and said to me. There is a condition where the stomach stop sending signals to the intestines to digest food. I didn’t have a pen to write it down, but started with pseudo…something!!!

        • The diagnosis was pseudo-obstruction. I have had stomach issues for years and it can trigger depression or anxiety for which I have taken anti-depressants for. About eight years ago, my indigestion increased to a point where I couldn’t eat solid food. Naturally I lost incredible amounts of weight. Thinking my problem was structural, I had a diagnostic laparoscopy done. It showed nothing except that I couldn’t stop dryheaving. (I can’t vomit because of a fundoplication done in 1999.) I was subsequently told my problem was neurological. Fastforward to now, I have chronic fatigue syndrome, POTS, multiple chemical and food sensitivities, and hypothyroidism. So, for some of us, I think our condition is neurological in origin. Like the little girl in the movie. When she fell on her head, it likely “fixed” her problem. Don’t ask me how, it just makes sense if this condition is in part neurological. Plus, she was young and their bodies heal much quicker than adults. (Not to mention she had God on her side.) One theory floating around out there suggests CFS is not about the infection patients have but likely where the infection resides within the body. The theory is “what if the infection resides in the vagus nerve?” Again, a neurological hypothesis which correlates to my own digestive issues.

      • Hi Kris,
        I reside in Australia and have had stool testing completed by BioScreen labs. They produce a full report that details the strains of bacteria and the approximate number of each type, as well as recommendations (diet, etc). Not sure what exists in other countries. You are totally right, “standard” medicine does not always take into account this type of information, but I think that Western medicine is changing. I have a holistic GP that uses these types of tests in conjunction with herbal and vitamin supplements as needed (as well as Western medicine). With the advent of so many diseases and new findings about the importance of gut flora and the immune system, it is slowly changing. I believe in a holistic approach, and incorporating as many healing methods as possible as we are multi-dimensional beings : so nutrition, exercise, spiritual practice – they all come into play and count in the whole of the being. I would say we have this incredible access to the Internet in our day and age, why not use it to educate yourself? Knowledge is indeed power 🙂

        • Yes, unfortunately, natural medicine is not well supported here. It is not covered by insurance at all. My GI has released me from care at this point, stating he doesn’t know what else he can do for me, never did a retest at all and refused to order one when I asked to see if or how much my numbers lowered, Even if I sent away for an expensive, out-of-pocket comprehensive stool test on my own, and another lactulose breath test, I wouldn’t be able to find a doctor who would take it seriously or know what to do with the results (no NDs near me), and doubt they would even look at tests done from a lab outside the one associated with our local health system. They’re a little stuck in their ways and behind the times here, unfortunately. That said, I have to question how testing stool from the colon that is going to tell what is overgrown in my upper small intestine or what’s causing the overgrowth to begin with?

          • Hi Kris,
            I know it must be difficult when there is no one in your area to help. But I truly believe we are all our own best healers, if we just trust and listen and pay attention to our bodies. You can also check out functional doctors that work via Skype, I have used them in the past for my adrenal fatigue and they worked wonders. The absolute best medicine is to switch to a natural diet filled with whole foods and eliminate processed foods, as Hippocrates said “Let food by thy medicine and medicine by thy food”. As far as the bacteria identification in stool, to my knowledge it is conducted via DNA testing. They have been able to ID bacterial DNA and can test for differing strains…check out Ubiome’s website – they can test and ship internationally as well. I have not used them yet, but may at some point in the future. I really do look forward to the day that Western medicine is more holistically focused, and not so focused on drugs. That being said, there are quite a few functional doctors out there that you can find out about online….

            • Hi

              Please know that stool testing can only test for bacteria in the colon and lower/large intestine. The hydrogen/methane breath test is the standard test for bacteria in the upper/small intestine.

      • Depending upon where you go, you can indeed be stool testing for the predominant types of bacteria you have in your gut. Science in this area is changing so very much, and is being reflected with things like the Microbiome Project and the recent Microbiome Summit online. Mainstream Western doctors have not 100% caught on to this, but there are many Western MDs and Functional Medical Drs that exist that you can find online. Do your research!! We are so blessed to have the Internet in this day and age, it allows us to research and to learn so much!

    • I have gotten a ton of information on Siboinfo.com, Dr Seibecker is amazing at describing all of the elements of this problem, as is Chris Kresser, but her information gets straight to the point, if you are just dealing with SIBO anyway. We have a skype call scheduled with her in June and July this year.
      I finally found a Naturopathic Doctor (ND) in our area and she is going to try and help us treat our 3-year-old herbally. We are probably going to start with Allicin at first and see if we get any results. She is moving forward cautiously at this point, because she doesn’t’ have experience with children especially this young. I guess finding a doctor with sibo experience in kids is rare. Taking botanical antibiotics takes longer than pharm antibiotics and at this point we haven’t tried the pharm path, mostly because we think this is partially why we are in this position in the first place.
      I have heard probiotics can make Sibo worse and I have heard they can help. The most important thing I guess is to be sure you are taking the right strains (Chris Kresser talks about these). Also, I will give them to her a week and take her off when I notice they become too much. Seems to work well that way.
      I have also discovered that it’s all an individual basis, what works for one may not work for another, so you have to just accept the ride and do the best you can. Don’t give up and keep trying to figure it out. Unfortunately, you will be alone, except these forums and an occasional lucky person who finds a good Sibo expert. But, just keep educating yourself and try, try, try. Keep learning, and eventually, I believe there will be more help out there from the medical community.

    • For me it is Proteus Mirabilis. Discovered because it somehow also got into my bladder. Still working through my issues

  65. Hi My 7 year old special needs daughter was diagnosed with SIBO. It took us over a month to finally nail down that SIBO had to be causing her so much pain. She screamed daily. She had tons of gas. She can’t speak so I was not sure what was wrong and tested her for everything under the sun and finally they figured it out as SIBO. As soon as started taking Flagyl, she became better. We are currently still on Flagyl for another week. She is in a wheelchair. We take probiotics, she always has. I had to put her on formula, she used to eat a healthy fantastic vegan diet. I am not sure if we will have to continue to keep her on formula and I am petrified of the idea of SIBO coming back. It was brutal seeing her in so much pain. Any suggestions on future diet? I read carbs and sugars not good. Thank you.

    • If it hasn’t been suggested yet I would look into the low FODMAP diet. I haven’t had a confirmed SIBO diagnosis but I’m pretty sure it’s what I have and the low FODMAP diet has greatly reduced my symptoms. A lot of people with IBS have success with reducing symptoms through this diet as well. Hope this helps!

      • Check out Norman Robillard’s website, Fast Tract Diet (for both heartburn and IBS.

        I am doing my lactulose breath test 2 days from now. To the extent that I have already implemented some of his suggestions, I do feel better. Robillard, a microbiologist, claims to have taken the SC Diet to the next level by limiting consumption of 5 groups of carbs with fermentation potential. I think he’s on to something, he is clearly very intelligent and articulate at explaining the Fast Tract Diet.

  66. I am 21 years old and I was diagnosed with SIBO almost two years ago after abnormally high results from a hydrogen breath test. I was given a couple rounds of antibiotics and then started taking a probiotic every day, which I have taken every day since. One year later, I did the test again and, again, had very high numbers and went on more antibiotics. Now, about 8 months later, I feel that I need to take the test a third time. I feel bloated and gasey constantly. I also have acid reflux and gluten and lactose intolerances, but these do not seem to be factors that increase the risk of SIBO from what I have read. It is very frustrating. Is there anything anyone recommends I do?

    • Hi Cailey,

      I was recently diagnosed with SIBO and decided to get rid of it holistically. 8 years ago I was diagnosed with H Pylori followed doctors orders and took medication to get rid of it. Shortly after taking those very strong meds I developed a gluten allergy and acid reflux. Hope experience can help you seek other treatment then the traditional way.

    • Think about how Muslim fast for a week. I think I’m gonna give that a try because it makes sense. The SIBO won’t have any source of food and could just die by good bacteria feeding on them? It would also be cool if we could email each other since your only a year older than me?

  67. I had my colon completely removed 56 years ago when I was 15. I think I might have SIBO. I have not found information on the effect or safety of taking probiotics with only a small bowel. Nor have I discovered what strains of probiotics to take either for normal digestive and immune health or for SIBO. It seems to me that taking probiotic strains that normally reside in the colon but not the small bowel would cause problems, might even cause SIBO, or at the very least they would be a waste if money. Does anyone have information shedding light on this issue? Or an educated opinion?

    • I was told by my provider to go OFF my probiotic immediately. My test results showed an overgrowth of a bacteria found in most probiotics (l-acidopholis) and she said the probiotic could me making me worse. To your point, I’d be careful about taking a probiotic after a SIBO diagnosis until you know exactly what kind of bacteria is in your system.

    • All bacteria are comensal – they live in balance in the proper context. They only become pathogenic when they are not being balanced properly by competing bacteria. In addition, the extended use of antibiotics for non-life threatening situations has caused bacteria to mutate into the more threatening forms (ie: MRSA, C-diff). Consequently, the forms of bacteria usually present with SIBO are generally those that are already normally found already in the gut. A great resource is the Microbiome Project (as well as the Microbiome Summit that recently took place online).

    • Your food and diet choices up til now have resulted in your present condition. Are you willing to research to learn what you are eating that destroys the beneficial balance of gut bacteria. Learn about probiotics and how to make fermented veggies at home. And eat them. A pill from the doctor is not going to fix it.

        • Nora, I wason here looking for info on weather or not I should continue my pro/prebiotics when I found your comment. Do u know WHY probiotics are bad for SIBO?

          • They can create byproducts that feed the overgrown bacteria causing sibo. I tested high on methane, low on hydrogen. The common lactobactilli strains in most probiotics create hydrogen which feeds the methane producing overgrown bacteria. This is why I tested low in hydrogen, high in methane.

              • It just depends upon the situation. Every single person’s gut is different! Certain strains of probiotics could be very beneficial with SIBO – it all depends on what the overgrowth is (what types). Best to get tested to find out the types of bacteria that are present in over abundance and work from there-

                • I have to ask how you are determining what strains are involved in the overgrowth. From what I’ve researched, according to standard medicine they can’t tell. I have heard of some stool test, but that’s not accepted by standard medicine, so would not be covered by insurance. After all I have paid out already in testing and doctor visits, I can’t afford the naturopathic recommended tests labs. I’m having to go it on my own from internet research on using herbals, because they won’t cover ND treatment, period. Any ideas?

              • Probiotics, for me, makes my Sibo worse!!!! I can’t gain weight! Fat makes me ILL! Have had Sibo for three years. On a lowish fodmap diet. It has helped in ways. Knowing what you eat and how your body reacts to it is a long process. I give my body a break from food so it could heal when i have a flare up. I lovvveeee CHARCOPILLS. They relieve gas fast and remove toxins from colon. I also drink lemon with warm water first thing in the morning ( google benefits ), wait thirty minutes to eat. EAT SOLUABLE FIBER BEFORE EVERY MEAL and insoluable fiber after that. Salad after meals too. Drs did nothing but pills, pills and bills! Stay awayyyyyy from any ingredients that end in -ol. Cause bad bloating, flatulence and annoying pain. Eat organic. My grocery bill went wayyyy up!!! Keep stress down. Sleep when you can. Your brain doesnt effect your digestion like when you’re awake. These are things that I’ve learned, tried along the way. Im better (ish) than before only because of trial and error. If i feel my rectum is swollen from eating wrong stuff and straining ( Do not strain ), i insert a hydrocortisone suppository in it before i sleep. Meds are $$$ in the U.S.A and suggest getting overseas for chump change. I pray for everyone.

      • That is garbage that food and lifestyle have caused sibo my son has a severe lung condition that he has to have antibiotics to keep him alive that is not his fault he also cant eat as it not safe so he has to have formula thru a tube thats not his fault and he did not choose to be like that so go and educate yourself

        • Agreed. I already was eating low carb paleo for about four years before I got SIBO. I wasn’t eating garbage, just whole foods, no sugar, no grains, etc. Now to do low FODMAP/SCD I’ve have to cut out a large part of the foods I enjoyed. I’ve started experimenting again since this diet still made little difference and, to be honest, many of the foods listed as no-nos do not seem to flare me up. I can eat cooked garlic and onion, green peppers, tomatoes and asparagus without exacerbation, so I’m not sure that is the answer – at least for me – either.

      • Fermented vegetables are awesome. But if you have SIBO, especially an overgrowth of yeast, eating fermented foods can make you feel worse and should be cut out. But that’s the rule of thumb. At the end of the day, everyone is too different for one diet or treatment to fit all. I was vegan and then went paleo. It’s amazing how, like you said, so much good health can be achieved just through a healthy diet.

  68. I have had a first treatment with rifaximin and my symptoms actually got worse, parasite tests have been negative, but i’m beginning to suspect parasites, otherwise, why would i feel worse after taking antibiotics? i have read that parasites are often in a symbiotic relationship with bacteria, so that could be the cause

    • Hi Mary
      I not long finished my treatment too and ended up worse off. What happened in my situation though is it made candida flare up, so now I’m on tablets to treat that.
      I hope this helps and you figure out what’s going on

      • The first round of xifaxan caused my Candida to flare. I didn’t get meds for Candida even though I’ve had issues with it since I was a teen. So this time I cut sugars significantly unlike the first time and it seems I’m not having issues with it this time. This medication is really rough though.

        • I get Candida overgrowth every time I am on Rifaximin. I had about 5 rounds of Rifaximin (not consecutive) when I treated my SIBO. First time was a success. But ever since then every time I was on it, roughly 4th day into the treatment I would get Candida completely out of control. Small intestinal candida for me is much more difficult to treat and much more symptomatic than SIBO. I can usually control my SIBO with diet. With Candida I get symptoms no matter what I eat. I drink some water in the morning and I get an acid reflux and indigestion from it. I mean it’s horrible. I always get vaginal candida at the same time (never have it usually) and my stomach becomes itchy, so it’s no doubt that it’s SIFO and not just worsening of my SIBO symptoms. Thank you, Rifaximin! I am done with you!

  69. Last year I was diagnosed with SIBO. After a course of Xifaxan and mostly following the FODMAP diet, I was able to hold off symptoms for about a year. I’m doing another course Xifaxan now and had this question when I’ve completed. For example, if I have beer and pizza will I feed/grow bad bacteria in my small intestine? Will the bad bacteria be at that higher lever permanently? Thank You.

  70. I am extremely surprised not to see scleroderma listed as a risk factor in this article, as it is a well-established association. In fact, a SIBO diagnosis has helped to diagnosis systemic sclerosis (scleroderma) for some people. Scleroderma can cause fibrosis, or a stiffening of the digestive tract (as well as other organs) leading to decreased intestinal motility. Up to 80% of people with systemic sclerosis are thought to have SIBO. If you are diagnosed with SIBO and also suffer from Raynaud’s phenomenon or have experienced skin changes, tightening, puffy fingers, or joint swelling or contractures, get a thorough work up by a rheumatologist asap.

    • You are absolutely right. I have a parent with scleroderma and I believe that is the issue they are having…you post validates my feeling.

    • That is interesting. Do you mean puffy fingers or skin tightening all the time? I get it occasionally. I get mild raynauds in my hands and feet occasionally and suffered with it in my nipples early on while nursing my twins. I was just diagnosed with SIBO a couple weeks ago. I have had symptoms for 3 years.

    • My two cents here in hopes that it may help. I do have systemic scleroderma only in my gut-(no skin issues or other systems involved). I do have Raynauds as well. I have been diagnosed for 13 years after having an emergency laparotomy for what my doctor believed was a bowel obstruction. Complete gut shut down, 2 week hospilization.

      I have used:
      Cipro-Flagyl combo weekly-awful, killed off everything on Monday when I took the drugs, by Friday I was miserable. I also took Reglan as needed until it was black listed.

      Acupuncture/custom made Chinese herbal formulas-helped but still had episodes where I could not eat for a week (gas, intense bloating, abdominal pain, diarrhea)

      Now I take Culturelle every day and occasionally S. Boulardii and this has been my most successful strategy. The number of episodes is maybe once a year but probably less, and my autoimmune markers for scleroderma are now normal.
      I have never been formally diagnosed with SIBO but my gut transit times and other symptoms lead me to believe that I do have this and FOR ME this treatment plan is working.

      As a healthcare consumer we really do have to do our own research…I was a patient of the top scleroderma doctors in the world and he told me my probiotic control of my scleroderma symptoms was a result of the “placebo effect”. Whatever! It works for me and defies your experience and I am ok with that. 🙂

  71. I don’t have a mainstream physician. About 2 years ago my holistic chiropractor determined through muscle testing that a valve (now forgotten, presumably the ileocecal) was “permanently open.” He showed me a simple maneuver to perform daily involving the body meridians: press down firmly on a spot between my pelvic bone and navel while rubbing an area near my underarm with the other hand. I practiced this for a while, but because I didn’t fully understand GI dysbiosis nor the ramifications about my valve, I stopped the maneuver after a couple months. I couldn’t tell if it was accomplishing anything.
    QUESTIONS: Can the ileocecal valve indeed be permanently open? Could it then cause SIBO? How to close the valve, or otherwise remedy it?

    Other than receiving interpretation of a comprehensive lab (blood and urine) through the chiropractor’s office, I never had a stool or other test for specific pathogens. I believe I had bacterial and candida overgrowth from various indicators. Since that time and botanical treatments, I believe the bacteria (causing copious gas and rauchy odor) has subsided leaving stubborn intestinal candida with relatively mild symptoms but frustrating nutritional deficiencies it seems.
    QUESTION: do you recommend a particular (affordable) test or lab so I know specifically what I’m dealing with at this point? Leaky gut has since been ruled out by one lab test through another practitioner.

  72. Kris, you need to add adhesions to that list from C-Sections. I had a C-Section almost two years ago and began having pain and back up from adhesions near my cecum. My gastroenterologist told me I didn’t have them. I went to a physical therapist that is highly reputable nation wide. The GI I saw was uneducated at best. He said I didn’t have adhesions when even I could feel lumps pulling on my intestines. Anyways, SIBO can be caused by backflow, and no it’s not always constipation. Irritated intestines with partial obstruction will get backed up but will “dump” to compensate (consider the Chron’s patient in the beginning stages). That’s why I caught it early before it progressed to a worse obstruction, however I already developed SIBO by the time I self-diagnosed and got to the physical therapist. Therapy has improved my quality of life and my intestinal function because my rate of weight loss has slowed, but I still am receiving treatment. Anyone who’s had a c-section and developed dysfunction should see a GI asap and if they ignore your intestinal pain go to a physical therapist (one that doesn’t look confused but has EXPERIENCE when you bring this up).

    • Hi Tiffany, I am very interested in your experience and feel that it may finally explain what has been going on with me. I have had 2 c-sections and was diagnosed with SIBO 2 years ago (2 years after 2nd C-section). However, I have had abdominal pain and problems ever since my 1st. How does a physical therapist help? I have taken the antibiotics and manage it as best I can with diet. However, I just had to take an antibiotic for a sinus infection and now I am back to square one with being sick again. It is so frustrating and I am on my 3rd GI doctor. I will also add that I am B-12 and VIt D. deficient and have a very low ferratin level. This has definitely created serious problems for me in addition to weight loss. Any advice or help is much appreciated!

      • Antibiotics cause terrible problems to our guts! Physicians prescribe them but never do anything after to rebalance or repopulate our guts with the good organisms they killed. One in 4 people have parasites, 90 something % of parasites do not culture out in stool specimens. They eat up all your B12, Iron and Ferritin. Where parasites go, they carry toxic heavy metals with them. They cause malnourishment, weight loss, large appetites and carb cravings and fatigue. Diagnosis is difficult. majority of Medical Doctors do not believe in them, and treat you blindly because they don’t know what else to do. Please look at this as a possibility. Be your own advocate.

        • my daughter has had bacterial over growth along with short bowel syndrome for 11 years now same antibiotics cycled monthly… she has not gotten any better actually worse now because she is on TPN… do you know of any other treatments out there that she are a win ?


      • Currently healing my leaky gut with the AIP protocol. To minimize my risk of having to take antibiotics, I supplement with 10,000 units of D3 daily and I use ionic silver during cold and flu season (nasal spray of ionic silver 3x/day and swish with 1 Tbs of it for 3-5 minutes then spit it out, 2x/day). For years I struggled with sinus infection. Since starting this regimen four years ago, I’ve had no infections, not sinus, not respiratory, not any type.

      • Sam, sorry about this late reply. The scar tissue can be broken up mostly with hands on physical therapy. It cannot be broken up otherwise. Laparoscopy will make it worse if you scar up a lot like I do. Find one experienced. You might be able to get it through your insurance by telling your doctor about your history of pain. If not, call around and find a PT experienced treating women with c-sections. My PT told me to start doing yoga to encourage and maintain plyability of the scar tissue. I “think” that it will recur and worsen if not. My body is this way. Since November I’ve noticed a tightening because I’ve been using not feeling well as an excuse.

    • Are you saying that abdominal surgical adhesions can tug on the intestines, resulting in the backflow that ultimately produces SIBO? That would certainly make sense for me. My gut problems started a month or two after abdominal surgery.

  73. I’ve had SIBO for almost 7 months now. I could deal with the pain but the bloating is unbearable. I was diagnosed right before I had to move to the Fort Worth, TX area and have not had time to find a good GI to resume treatment. Any recommendations? I was on one two-week course of Rifaximin. I felt better for about 4 days and then my symptoms returned. 🙁

    • Don’t give up hope. It seems like there are very few success stories on here so I will tell you mine. I was 21 when my health started declining drastically after some emotional turmoil. I went from 190 down to 150 in a matter of months. After the whole ringer of tests including colonoscopy endoscopy gallbladder a medley of blood work the only thing that showed anything was the hbt. Here I am almost 2 years later and I’m a fully functioning person again. Back to a healthy weight and diet heck I can even drink beer again if I want. Just don’t get down, don’t get depressed it’s hard I know.

      • Would you mind sharing your experience: how you were diagnosed and treated? Would love to know more about your experience….I have not been officially diagnosed.

      • Hi Sam,
        Could you please detail how you were able to recover please. I would really appreciate your story and information on what you did to treat your SIBO.

        • Hello,
          Im sorry i have not checked back to this site for awhile. I hate to say it but if you want to get better thats exactly what you need to do. You cant be worrying on these websites i wasted a year of my life doing just that. I know its hard when you are neaseated and your bowels dont work. Dont get me wrong there is great information and support but its easy thinking you will never feel better when this is all you read. I was diagnosed with a hydrogen breath test and stool analysis. I worked with a homeopathic practioner out of new york. Originally prescribed antibiotics by my gastroenterologist. Took those made me feel worse. Tried taking atrantil had some positive results. I tried every trick on these forums from diets to accupuncture. There is not a fix all for everyone. For me, I cleaned up my diet from gluten dairy and nuts those were some of the worst triger foods. My biggest problem was because of my emotional turmoil my stomach wouldn’t work right. There is a huge connection between the two. This is exactly why being on these sites isn’t going to fix you. Getting up and running or exercising even though you know you will vomit will help. Go for a walk, read a book, try and enjoy life but you have to keep moving. Lastly you have to have a connection with a higher power to give you the strength you need. I was lucky for my support system from family but I couldn’t have felt better without strength from him. So what helped me was no gluten dairy or nuts (I can eat all of those now), exercising through the stomach problems, talking with my family

          • Sam, I agree with you. My issues didn’t start until severe personal trauma. My guts stopped working right 6 months later and 8 years since, it’s a chronic loop of symptoms. Stress is a culprit to many health problems. The gut, as it’s also a muscle, would be affected from stress and the tightness it cause on muscles. Chronic tension very likely slows down transit time. I feel this is what is happening to me.

          • Sam,
            I was diagnosed with SIBO recently and given antibiotics by GI doctor, but obviously that is not going to solve the problem. Even though I am feeling pretty optimistic I know I will need guidance through the healing process, would you mind sharing who was the homeopathic practitioner you saw in NY?

    • Do the Medican again they give you refills do all the refills then do probioitics I know l have sibro BAD l do the Rifixmam often we have this for life . You can get probioitics at cvs cheap 2/ 1 price l billion each take 2/3 a day you will fill better I have the best Gl. In the World ..Judy

    • Do your meds again do all your refills then do probioitics billion each get those at cvs 2/1 price cheap take 3/4 probioitics everyday you will fill better I live with sibro Aswell I do this yearly we have this for life …sorry if they didn’t tell you no cure ..

    • Since October 2013 I’ve had two upper and lower screens and they found nothing, but my stomach and symtoms were getting worse. Today, is January 15, 2016 and I’ve tried antibiotics and ect for the bacteria but temporary help. Tried Xifaxan but got worse. But, you want believe what reduce my pain and bloating…oolong tea!!! I drink it first thing in the morning and before every meal.

    • Have you been tested to see which bacteria you have? My GI says Xifaxin is used to treat the hydrogen producing bacteria, which causes diarrhea. Neomycin is used to treat the methane producing, constipation causing, bacteria. Repeated use of Xifaxin may not treat your bacteria. And Xifaxin may be safely prescribed repeatedly (according to my doctor) but Neomycin may have serious side effects. So it may be important for you to take the breath test to determine what bacteria remains in your system. My current symptoms are consistent with the methane producing bacteria (and yes, the swelling “pregnant belly” is SO painful!) but my doctor wants to repeat the test to confirm diagnosis before prescribing the Neomycin again.

  74. For the past few years, no matter what I ate by the end of the day i looks 6 months pregnant. I lost a lot of weight at the time so it looked really bad. I was just diagnosed with SIBO and prescribed Xifaxan and Neomycin at the same time. The first two days I was so nauseous and sick I couldn’t take all the antibiotics I was supposed to. Now I only have a few days left and if anything my symptoms are WORSE than before! My doc told me to follow the FODMAPS diet but cheat here and there to make the bugs come out so they can be killed. I feel like I’m doing that so I have no idea why my symptoms (mostly bloating) are worse. Anyone have a similar experience? or does it get worse while on the antibiotics and better afterward?

    • Antibiotics always make me feel worse. Give it a week for your stomach to settle down and see how you feel. The bloating may just be a temporary reaction to the antibiotics (maybe caused your gut to go into spasm, giving the sensation of increased bloating)

    • I’ve had SIBO since June 2015, the worst the diarrhea. I took every antibiotic possible, combined with probiotics and with a drug to kill stomach bugs. Nothing worked. My last Dr told me to follow the FODMAP diet. I will try that.

      • I’ve suffered from that since 2013 and did the probiotics and antibiotics and when I stopped the antibiotics it returned. My son told me to try oolong tea and since I tried it in November 2015 this is March 2016 and I can pass a bathroom without stopping! I started drinking 3 cups a day and after a month I notice my trips to bathroom became less.

        • I find that Gaia Herbs Gas and Bloating Tea (I used two bags in a mug) help with gas and bloating. It makes me belch when I drink it.

          Simethicone pills also work to help me belch.

  75. I was diagnosed with SIBO three months ago (very high readings) and have been treating with SCD and Rifaximin (actually, three weeks Cipro and then Rifaximin 550 mg/day for a month and a half now). Not much improvement yet. Doctor doesn’t want me to increase dosage of Rifaximin, but gave no real reason as to why when I asked.

    I wound up in ER the other day where I was diagnosed with mild acute pancreatitis and instructed to go on liquid-only diet for several days, followed by diet restrictions that are pretty much the complete opposite of SCD. Now what to eat?

  76. What to do if you can’t tolerate antibiotics? Even herbal ones at small doses give me severe stomach cramps and anxiety. Probiotics give me severe gas. Don’t know where to start

    • Hey Chris – I have the same reaction. From what I have been able to figure out – it is the histamines in probiotics triggering something in the seretonin neurotransmitters in the gut that cause the anxiety. THE WORST. I am in a real bind because I can’t tolerate food that contain histamines or trigger histamine reactions, and also have trouble with oxalates so my diet is very limited and I am disappearing. So even with the cleanest diet, I can’t get good bacteria back in there or meat on my bones.

      • Hi Sally!
        I’m in the same boat as you.
        I have terrible GI pain ..mostly gastritis..I only tolerate 3 to 4 foods..have to eat mono meals and can’t seem to take any supplements… Right now I’m doing scd intro..I tried to introduce ground beef and I’m having a bad flare right now

    • Hi, have you ever been tested for Dientaemoba’s or blasto or other pathogenic parasites?
      Also I had a comprehensive stool test (here in Australia) $328 that showed I could not tolerate probiotics that are high in Lactate as they cause Bad bloating and IBS type symptoms. Take D-lactate free probiotics and my dr had recommended to reduce the strep in my gut with antibiotics etc as well as the above probiotics, there were a few other things too. Hope it helps 🙂

  77. People talk about antibiotics and Probiotics for sibo. But my gut seems to go into complete spasm and my anxiety levels soar whenever u try to take either. Plus Probiotics seems to bloat badly (I had to have a colonic cause I was in so much pain from last one I took). Don’t think I’m ever gonna be able to get better. Sure the anxiety is playing a part in the fact these things give such a bad reaction with me.

    • After 45 years of alternating constipation (up to 14 days between bowel movements) and extreme diarrhea, cramping, bloating & pure misery, I’ve finally taken the advice a physician’s assistant gave me a few years ago. I was doing mega probiotics (on advice of a physician), stool softeners, Senekot, and a high fiber diet (all on advice of physicians). The paralyzing gut problems had started to effect my life A LOT. I could not go anywhere for fear that would be the time I needed to be in a bathroom for a few hours. The SIBO ruled me. I had two major stomach surgeries 40 some years ago and have gastroparesis. The advice that’s working: Extremely low and/or no residue foods. The residue/fiber was packing my stomach and small intestines and blocking transit. I’m strictly following that diet now and have seen a marked improvement….a BM every day for two weeks and no loss of control. The BMs have consisted of soft, formed stools and very mild lower stomach cramps. Hopefully this is not a fluke. If the food is not staying in my gut, it doesn’t have a chance to rot.

      • My daughter has your symptoms, with gastroparesis and weight loss. I suspect SIBO for sure. What are no/low residue foods exactly? We have tried many options including black walnut for 2 weeks which helped a lot, along with chicken bone broth soup and root veges. I’d be interested to find out about the low residue foods. Thanks so much

        • The following is from Mayo Clinic and was given to me by GI doc office: Low residue limits amount of fiber & other undigested material that passes through the large intestine. A check with a doctor or dietitian can recommend vitamin/mineral supplements (preferably liquid) because fruits/vegetables, etc, are severely limited. A low residue diet will reduce the size & number of stools. Some foods in a low residue diet: Refined breads, cereals, crackers, chips & pasta w/ less than 1 gram of fiber per serving; white rice; vegetable juices w/o seeds or pulp; fruit juices w/ no pulp; milk, yogurt, pudding, ice cream & strained cream based soups & sauces; tender meat, poultry, fish & eggs; oil, margarine, butter & mayonnaise; smooth salad dressings; broth-based strained soups; jelly, honey & syrup. Dairy products should be limited to no more than 2 C a day.
          AVOID: whole grain breads, cereals & pasta; whole vegetables & vegetable sauces; whole fruits, including canned; yogurt, pudding, ice cream w/ nuts or pieces of fruit or vegetables; tough or coarse meets w/ gristle; luncheon meats or cheese with seeds; peanut butter; salad dressings w/ seeds or pieces of fruit or vegetables; seeds & nuts; coconut; marmalade. After giving the digestive system time to heal with this type of diet, a transition can be made to low fiber. Low fiber diet lists can be found on the internet. This was hard for me because I was always told fiber was necessary for regular bowel movements. WRONG! I am doing so much better now…some flare ups, but nothing like before. Good luck to your daughter.

    • Your gut troubles are most likely the cause of your anxiety. We’ve been taught to believe the opposite. Not true at all in my experience, and am still getting opportunities to relearn this one. With inflammation and nausea from disturbed small intestines, I’m in a state of fear, sometimes debilitating. When the nausea fades and the inflammation calms down, the fear is gone. See GUT: The Inside Story of Our Body’s Most Underrated Organ by Giulia Enders (2015, most recent) or The Second Brain by Michael Gershon (1999). By the way, I just started a series of colon hydrotherapies; they are starting to stir up and move the contents of the impacted small intestines. This is very uncomfortable, causing intense nausea for days, but then it clears for short periods, then longer ones. Yesterday was the best day I’ve had in a very long time. Whoa, life again… Today, not so good, and am glad to be heading back into the colon hydrotherapist. I know I’ll be sick for a couple of days, but the nausea is actually better than the toxin overload symptoms I’ve been dealing with for six months. Good luck to you and please take care. This anxiety is not you! Please feel free to remind me of the same thing when I’m having a bad day…

  78. I was diagnosed with methane-type SIBO in early September 2015, along with candida, blastocyctis, and citrobacter. Recently finished a round of antimicrobials, and my SIBO retest (lactulose breath test) results have actually slightly worsened. Starting treatment round 2 with a stronger dosage of herbs, and have been eating SCD/low FODMAP since diagnosed. Have others seen a worsening of symptoms before getting better? My naturopath assures me he has seen this before (although rarely) and has still been able to “cure” the SIBO eventually.

    My antimicrobial protocol includes the following: allicin, berbarine complex, neem, oregano/clove/thyme essential oils, grape seed extract, a probiotic (without prebiotics) and magnesium citrate to aid with motility. My naturopath did not recommend using a biofilm disruptor.

    • Hi Jen – In the podcast that Chris did with Dr. Pementel, they mentioned that it is important to eat at least 100 grams of Carbs while doing the herbal antibiotic protocol. That is because, unless the bacteria have something to eat – they will hibernate and not be killed. The only way they die is in the stage while they are feeding. Dr. Pimentel says that it should be some high glycemic type carb too – like white bread or a sourdough white bread that digests quickly. I had read an e-book called the Sibo Solution online and started over a week ago. I stopped eating all carbs like, bread, sugar and starchy vegetable and have been eating low fodmap as well. My symptoms improved pretty quickly. But then I listened to the podcast — and have added some bread during the day. I am experiencing a little bloating now – but not too bad. Here is the podcast link: http://chriskresser.com/sibo-update-an-interview-with-dr-mark-pimentel/

      • Hi Elka, Surprised he mentions bread because they feed off the yeast – and if they’re feeding, they’re not dying, they’re spreading. Reason for bloat is most likely a wheat intolerance. See how you go but sounds a bit odd to me.

        • Well, if you are taking the antibiotics or the natural antibiotics they will kill the bacteria. So basically you are luring them out with the carbs and killing them with the antibiotics. I am taking the herbal antibiotics. Since I added back the carbs I am still feeling pretty good.

          • Elka is it possible for you to list the herbs and ither things you are taking in dosage and whether they are taken together or different times of the day.


            • Allimed (Allicin) – 1 – 2 Caps 3x per day

              Berberine Complex 2 caps 3x per day

              Neem Plus: 1 cap 3x a day

              MotilPro for motility: 3 caps 1 – 2 times a day

              Biofilm Defense – not sure of dosage – just order this

                • I am taking the herbal antibiotics about an hour after meals. I am not sure if this is correct, because I am self treating. But seems to be going fine. I ate everything on Thanksgiving — that was a mistake! I’m back on track now. Feeling quite good. Still have a ways to go – but I believe I am on the right track – after a few years of suffering with IBS-C this is quite a relief.

                • Elka,

                  Thank you so much for your response. I have SIBO and my only complaint is terrible bloating. I don’t have other terrible symptoms that other do that I’ve read about in this thread.
                  Which ones of the supplements you listed are antibiotics and which ones are for other purposes.
                  Also, have you tried Allicin from other reputable nutrition companies – I only ask because the one from Allmed is so expensive and if you believe it makes that much of a difference.
                  Thanks for your time.

                • So Allicin and Berberine you are taking an hour after meals.
                  What about the other 3 supplements you are taking?
                  Thank you!

        • When I say I am eating some bread — it happens to be a gluten free sourdough. It is high glycemic but doesn’t have any wheat. I also eat some jasmine rice which has the highest glycemic of any rice – digests very fast.

        • Chris adds a biofilm disruptor taken one hour before eating. The critters come out to feed on the carbs and the disruptor pokes holes in them. At the same time you eat you take botanicals that kill them. That’s the premise for the protocol.

    • I’m a practitioner of Chinese medicine. Your protocol is very aggressive to kill the bacteria, which may be necessary, but it sounds like you need more support to heal the tissues. Acupuncture is a great option, plus licorice, bone broth, colostrum. I hope you find help and heal quickly.

  79. I have just been diagnosed with SIBO I’ve more than likely had sibo for over 40 yrs. I’ve had ibs and food allergies all my life and every side effect of sibo most of my life. When I was 12 I got very sick and had to have 3 months worth of antibiotics. I see a Natural path who has started me on natural antibiotics instead of more synthetic antibiotics. It will take 6 months to treat. I’m willing to do whatever I can naturally. ; )

        • Loli – thanks. I have interfase plus but haven’t been able to use it properly yet because I keep getting a cold/flu due to the weather season at the moment (my immune system is very weak). I took a similar product before 3x in one day (as described) and became bed ridden for a week with “die-off” which I was unaware of could happen until I read about it thereafter, so I try to go slowly and cautiously the products, if already sick I avoid them. I am surprised they don’t say to do this. Look forward to trying interfase though.

          • Molybdenum helps with the dieoff but be careful not to take large doses or for longer than necessary, no more than two months . Amy is treating me for many things, I highly recommend her. Her undergraduate degree in pharmacology gives me a lot of confidence in her protocol’s. It was amazing how seemingly unrelated test findings are interconnected. It’s expensive but being chronically ill is very dangerous. I have been sick as far back as I can remember, and the treatment takes commitment and fortitude. Just remember there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and it’s not a train!

            • LOL you are right….. “It’s not a train” and that can be frustrating at times, but it is better than having to call the paramedics because things are happening to fast and overwhelm the body.

        • Be careful with Interface Plus. One of the ingredients is EDTA and it can destroy your tooth enamel. EDTA is an acid used by dentists to soften the enamel while doing root canals. I have read about people whose tooth enamel was enamel was destroyed by taking this.

  80. I was recently diagnosed with SIBO by a gastroenterologist after taking the breath test, he originally prescribed Rifaximin stating that it was the best medication to treat my condition. My insurance company rejected the Rx and the doctor subsequently changed the prescription to Ciprofloxacin, I believe I have had this condition for a very long time (6 months-1 year) and have been enduring some VERY unpleasant symptoms that have affected my ability to function normally. I am hesitant to take a second-choice medication that may not work as well and could cause more problems in the meantime, any feedback would help a lot in deciding what to do in order to recover quickly, thanks in advance.

    • Hi Stephanie,
      It’s worth reading through the comment thread on here to gain helpful insight. I would personally suggest not to take the Rifaximin/Xifaxin or the Ciprofloxacin if you can help it. From what I have read it does not defeat the problem and the issue can become a long term occurrence and possibly reoccur with a vengeance. Antibiotics/drugs advised by a doctor unfortunately can only mask a problem. In the process they also destroy your good bacteria. In order to get to the bottom and defeat what’s de-functioning your body (besides helping your body with a decent diet) is natural antibacterial/anti-parasitic products. Please look into that before you consider Rifaximin (or any other related drug). There is so much information available on natural products (i.e. garlic, oregano, etc) that are powerful in helping your body get back to it’s natural state. It may also help to read about the need to kill any ‘biofilms’.

      • Stephanie, while much of what Elizabeth stated is true, I don’t believe that natural antibacterials are any more discriminating in destroying good as well as bad bacteria than prescription. The only bad thing about Cipro is that is a broader spectrum antibiotic that can cause antibiotic resistance more easily than Rifaximin, which is why Rifaximin is the preferred medication. I started off on Cipro because my doctor figure Rifaximin wouldn’t be covered by insurance. I only found out about it by Googling about SIBO treatment. I am a lucky one in that my insurance does cover the Rifaximin, so I asked my doctor to switch me from Cipro to Rifaximin. That said, after a month on each antibiotic, I have seen little to no symptom relief. I also have been taking some of the naturopathic suggestions as well as following an SCD/low FODMOP combo diet along with the antibiotics, so I too am still searching for answers. Best of luck that it works for you. My doctor is now investigating if my SIBO is the result of another as yet undiagnosed disorder 🙁

        • Sorry, I just realized I left something out of my reply. Following either protocol (Rx or natural) is going to wipe out most of all bacteria, good and bad. I was instructed to take the antibiotic at night, and take a multistrain probiotic in the morning to help crowd out the bad and repopulate the good bacteria. In addition, I’ve also been drinking kefir and kombucha, and trying to incorporate other fermented foods such as kim chi and sauerkraut, as they contain far more strains than any over-the-counter probiotic available.

          • Kris,

            I am currently taking Rifaximin and was wondering if you are eating/drinking the good bacteria foods while taking antibiotics or after?


            • Hi, Ella. Yes, was doing them together. My doctor had me on a low daily dose of Rifaximin (which I feel has been ineffective), so I was told to take the Rifaximin at bedtime and take the probiotics during the day. If you take them at the same time, the effects may sort of cancel out. Taking the probiotic and eating other natural probiotics earlier in the day gives them a better chance to start populating before taking the Rifaximin.

              I had an appt. with GI yesterday and he has taken me off the Rifaximin as it has not been effective. However, I may seek another opinion on this, because the standard protocol is high-dosing (550 mg three times daily) for two to three weeks followed by probiotic supplementation after you’re done with the Rifaximin, whereas he had me only on only 550 mg once a day, 1/3 of the dosage I’ve seen talked about on many sites.. What daily dosage are you taking of the antibiotic?

              • Kris,

                I am taking the recommended dosage of Xifaxin 550 mg 3 times a day. I am not done with it, have another few days to go, but hasn’t notice much difference yet.
                I have SIBO and unlike some of the horrible symptoms people describe in this thread, I have bloating. But it’s very uncomfortable and it drives me crazy! although I should probably be thankful that it’s only bloating.

                I just ordered almost all the supplements that Elka listed that she is taking and I am also taking oil of oregano. I will start all the supplements once I receive them.

                Do you suffer from SIBO or other GI disorder?

                • Just a note….Herbal treatments can be very powerful! Be very careful…….. I ended up calling the paramedics twice! The first time I was treating my “SIBO” with Allysin and Neem (not knowing I had parasites) and it started killing them releasing their toxins and made me very ill. The second time, I knew I had parasites, was being treated by my Applied Kinesiologist, and I decided to added back Allysin and Oil of Oregano (also both anti-parasitics) and I started to kill too many too fast and got severely ill and had to call the paramedics again. Proceed cautiously and see how your body responds. You think you are treating SIBO, but in reality you do not know what all you are actually treating.

                • Tobi — Can you be more specific? What symptoms did you experience that made you call the paramedics. I have been wondering if there could be any danger to the amount of herbal anitbiotics I am taking.

                • Elka, I think it’s only a problem if you start the treatment by take too many at once. The body does not know what to do with all the toxins. I did this the first time without knowing about “die-off” because unless you have researched it or really considered that your body may react, you wouldn’t know. Herbal formula’s made to kill parasites (at least the ones I have used) do not mention you may experience “die-off” so proceed slowly, most actually advise to take the 2-3+ a day (regardless of whether you have done so before). If you start off with 2-3+ you can actually end up really sick as I have done. I don’t know Tobi’s circumstance to be paramedically sick but as always everything in moderation. If you have been taking the herbs for a while then obviously the body will be used to it and it’s fine to take a bit extra. I think this is more a warning/caution for the inexperienced.

                • Tobi — OK, that was my general impression about it too. I have been taking it easy — and sometimes skip the mid day doses.

                • Elka,
                  The beauty of herbal supplements is they do a powerful job without hurting our body any more than pharmaceuticals (they do not damage our own cells, and they do not kill our good bacteria). But they work very well! They work on things you don’t know you have. Everyone is “Treating SIBO”, but why do you have SIBO?? Herbals may end up showing that answer. So what happened to me….well the first time when I was treating SIBO and I refused a fourth round of Rifaximin because I could tell it wasn’t working and my body didn’t like it any longer, we tried Neem and Allysin. Day two of those supplements I threw up the Neem in the am but not the garlic. Neem was am/pm, and the garlic was three times a day. I took the garlic at noon and went to LA to visit my daughter, was out to dinner and when the check came I told them I couldn’t get up because I felt bad, “are you alright”, “no I can’t move or I’ll faint” remember I am a RN…… I felt hypoglycemic, hypotensive and bradycardic. I had eaten all the legal foods. After 30min of not being able to move, and going from leaning back to full reclining in the booth with my legs up… I still felt horrible and said to call 911. My daughter double asked because she knows I would never call the paramedics. They arrived and still could not move me. After getting to their truck 15min later, my vitals stabilized and I was released. Long story short I was by Watts in LA, the hospital would have been LA County and they didn’t want to take me there. This was at a time when I did not know I had worms/parasites. Got home and looked up all the NEEM ingredients and all can cause hypoglycemia (low bld sugar) which I already was on a very restricted sugar and carb diet for over a year. Four months pass, then I found out I had worms and other parasites, was seeing my Applied Kinesiologist. She had me on her Voo Doo herbal tea, Paracid and other pill herbals, along with kidney and liver support to help with the detox process. I DECIDED ON MY OWN to add back Allysin and the Oil of Oregano because I want these parasites gone faster. That was a bad decision- I got overloaded in two days with toxins, woke up at 230am with severe stomach cramps that lasted 4 hours then I started throwing up bile that didn’t look like bile (it was thick and looked like melted lemon opaque ice cream) I could’nt move from the floor in front of the toilet and was throwing up on the floor. That’s when I called 911. So remember……. you have a GI problem, you don’t know if it is only SIBO, I don’t feel SIBO is a primary disease. MD’s don’t seem to know much about herbals. Just saying be careful. As your experience builds, you will understand how your body reacts and what it can handle. I have been treating my parasites with herbals since September. Two days ago I was sitting and started to have severe lighten bolt intermittent pains over my liver area for over an hour (I have worms in my liver). Went to bed to get through the pain. The next day I had raised itchy dots on my whole torso, anterior and posterior. The second day after the pain I had a stomach ache the whole day. I don’t have a colonic scheduled for 2 days from now, so last night I gave myself a coffee enema. I was able to hold it for 20min, and when I went to the toilet I do believe I expelled a 3 foot tape worm!! I know what happens to my body now and what might be causing it. Herbals are slower than antibiotics. I have been treating these for 2 1/2 months now, but I plan on staying out of the hospital and causes the least stress on my body as possible. It is already at it’s max. Good Luck to you all. DO NOT GIVE UP and do not settle for not feeling good, that is not the way our bodies are. They want to heal them sevles, but they get overwhelmed and we have to help figure it out. SIBO should not be a way of living. It is not normal.

                • Thank you Tobi! That is very interesting and informative. I hope we both get better — you are right, this is no way to live!

                • Yep, I have confirmed SIBO through hydrogen breath testing with very high readings. Totally agree, the bloating and distention are horrible. Can’t get comfortable and often feels like my intestines or something is being pinched by my lower ribs, which also feel bruised from the pressure.

                  Good to know, Tobi. I will consult with another doctor about using the herbal remedies, because I am aware they can be as powerful or more so than prescription antibiotics. I’ll be looking into whether any DOs or NPs are covered by my insurance.

                • Thank you Tobi and Elizabeth for very informative replies. Do you think I should finish my course of Rifaximin before taking the herbal supplements. I’ve been taking Oil of Oregano once a day and it’s not doing anything good or bad.
                  Elka mentioned taking the supplements after meals. Do you guys take them before meals or after?

                • My Applied Kinesiologist is having me drink the detox tea and Interfase Plus on an empty stomach am/pm. With meals I take Paracid after three or four bites, so when the parasites start eating they get the herbal poison. The at the end of my meal I take digestive enzymes, which increase the acids etc. and make it less friendly to the parasites. If I were to take the digestive enzymes at the beginning of my meals, it would hamper my bodies ability to produce them on their own, and they are needed to kill bad things we accidentally ingest.

              • Hi, I was on Rifaxamin 550 mg. twice daily for 10 days, followed by a probiotic and have seen significant improvement, but not 100%. My GI doc said many people require two courses to begin to get things under control, so I’m prepared to try that if necessary.

          • Yes – just wanted to echo your statements about the natural and herbal “antibiotic” remedies are very powerful and can also disrupt your gut flora. Probiotics must also be taken even with herbals.

      • Hi,
        I was recently diagnosed with the SIBO relating to methane gas production. I would like to go the botanical route but I am currently nursing my little one. Do you think it would be okay to take oregano oil and other herbs to help nip this in the bid. I would wait until I am done nursing but it won’t be for another 6months to a year…:(

        • Kate, I learned I had SIBO after being diagnosed with Ocular Rosacea, a SIBO related autoimmune eye disease. I can’t take the antibiotics for various other reasons, and my ND doesn’t even think the natural antimicrobials ate a good idea. But I’ve been able to manage it by doing the Fast Tract Diet combined with AIP. FTD limits foods that are known to feed the bacteria in your small intestine. It’s worth checking out anyway. Good luck!

        • It probably depends on the age of your lo. I am still nursing my 2yo twins. They only nurse 1-4 times a day. After doing some reading I felt more comfortable with the antibiotic route than the herbal route.

    • I had a pancreaticoduodenectomy about a year and a half ago. I knew healing and adjusting would be adventurous, it’s been horrific. Pancreatitis attacks about every 3 months, sudden internal spasms or “whipple attacks”, Painful to eat solid food, spontaneous bouts with painful nasia, brain fog, body aches and the list goes on and on. All my bloodwork, mri’s and ct’s came back normal. So it wasn’t the beast.
      Finally, last week I was diagnosed with SIBO and started on the VERY expensive medication Xifaxan. I’m on day 5 and can feel the difference. I’m having an upper gi to make sure it’s not from a kink or scar tissue from reconstruction.
      Hope it doesn’t come back, insurance denied me because it’s considered an elective medication. EGH!
      If there are preventative measures, I’d love to know.
      I’d like to go organic if I can. I don’t eat processed or refined anything, And very limited wheat.

    • Stephanie, and anyone else RX’d Cipro for SIBO, I would urge you to avoid it at all costs. Cipro is in a class of antibiotics called “fluoroquinolones”, that the FDA has given a ‘black box’ warning label. Most doctors are unaware of the dangers:


      Peripheral neuropathy, tendon rupture, seizures, and thyroid problems, are just a few of the potential side effects.

      My own health has been nearly destroyed by these drugs, and while I’m following many of the protocols now that rebuild gut flora, which has helped modestly, nothing has healed the nerve damage, which affected my cardiovascular function, gut motility, cognitive ability, etc.

      I should add that B-12 deficiency was also a hidden problem for me, common with SIBO, that I may have had for years, and anyone with SIBO is at risk for it. Serum B-12 tests don’t offer accurate results, but methylmalonic acid tests do. If you’d like to learn more, I wrote a blog post about my diagnosis and recovery protocol:


      SIBO is frustrating because the nutrient deficiencies it creates slow the body’s ability to heal, and eating more can often make us feel much worse. I would recommend testing to locate and fix deficits, such as B-12, vitamin D, plus key minerals and trace elements like zinc and copper.

      Time will tell, but B-12 therapy may improve my gut motility, carbohydrate utilization, energy and mood, and become a key part of healing from SIBO. I hope this can help the rest of you, too.

      • Excellent post Terry. The fluoroquinolones nearly wrecked me, too. Luckily, before taking too many I exhibited clear allergic reactions and stopped. Then I found out what they were.

        Also wanted to make a note to readers here – while herbal “antibiotic” remedies are not as harsh on the GI, they do still kill good bacteria. The multiple benefits of the herbals over synthetic antibiotics is that they are often the whole plant, which benefits our bodies more. But they are also quite powerful and steps should be taken with the herbals to replace the good bacteria as well.

      • Do you have any information/links on B12 and carb absorption/utilization? (I was able to find studies on gut motility.)

        I found this especially interesting, as I was just playing around with the results of my DNA testing the other day, and one of the things I noticed is that I have a number of gene variations that result in impaired processing of B12. Given that B12 has such an impact on things like gut motility, this could be a clue for the medical community — perhaps some of us are genetically prone to B12 deficiencies and, since that is not something that’s routinely tested, it could increase the risk of developing SIBO.

  81. I am so happy to have come across this site! I have a lot of these same issues:
    bloating looking it 6 months pregnant
    stomach ache
    feeling full after even a small bit of food,
    skin rash on arms, that comes and goes
    dry skin
    Foggy brained
    Achy all over
    Cant sleep thru the night
    constipation, diarrhea, normal stools that alternate throughout the week. Right now constipated for 4 days..

    The list goes on. I was diagnosed with H. Pylori a LONG time ago (talking years), which drs did NOTHING about as they knew nothing about the disease. Then I mentioned it back in May of this year and I was tested for it and it was positive so they put me on a triple antibiotic regimen for 10 days. After that I felt pretty good, no bloating, I lost 20 lbs had energy and felt great, I was soooo happy! Then on September 26th a few weeks ago (yes I wrote the date down) all of a sudden I felt tired, sore, BLOATED like NO OTHER, constipated grumpy but worse than before…..i thought may be it was PMS but my period wasn’t due for 3 weeks. I then got my period (normally PMS subsides at this point) and it hasn’t. I am still tired, foggy brained exhausted feeling, woke up this morning and my back ACHES and my stomach. I feel slightly nauseated but not bad.

    I am wondering if I have SIBO on top of the H. Pylori coming back? I am going to schedule a breath test just to see if there is something other than my assumption that my H. Pylori came back. I think the breath test can also detect H. Pylori if I understand correctly? My MAJOR ISSUE is…I live in a small town in Alaska and the health care here is SLIM..but with some research I can talk to my dr and suggest some tests and go that route for starters. Please contact me at [email protected] if you have any suggestions that I can offer my dr to help me along the way. I am feeling desperate at this point. any help/insight/ or suggestions are MUCH appreciated, at least after reading all this I dont feel alone! Thanks everyone

    • You symptoms sound very similar to what mine used to be like. I have some posts on my website that might help you. Here are my posts on insomnia-http://familyhomeandhealth.com/category/insomnia. Also, you may be helped by these posts-http://familyhomeandhealth.com/category/liver. And you may want to check out this post as well-http://familyhomeandhealth.com/2014/12/can-eat-sibo.html. I hope you soon find what is helpful for you! By the way I also had triple antibiotic therapy, and it didn’t solve my digestion issues. It may have helped some, but I still had lots of issues.

      • Thank you so much! This is some good info. Its really nice to have people out there that have had the same issues and are able to help. I have never done the blog thing until yesterday, this is really cool.

        Does anyone know about the breath test? Are there different ones I need to do? what about doing some of these things without knowing, I am sure some of the stuff would be good for the body to rid any bad stuff that may be in there….which I am sure everyone has some

        • I decided to have the testing done. But, some people end up treating SIBO herbally without testing. If you are going to do oregano oil, you may want to have testing (it can kill the good bacteria you do need just like antibiotics). If you are going to use something like garlic, then generally it doesn’t have side effects. If you are intolerant to garlic, you may not be to some types of the pills (they don’t have the FODMAPS that regular garlic has). Those are just some thoughts that came to mind.

          • Also, h pylori can be treated with DGL-http://doctormurray.com/dgl-for-peptic-ulcers/ DGL may help or hurt your SIBO symptoms so you would want to pay attention to that. I took DGL recently for close to 16 weeks with good effects for my digestion and hormones. I had already taken a few rounds of Allimed for SIBO.

            • Thank you so much for all the info! I have heard good things about DGL and mastic gum. What negative effects does DGL have on SIBO? Can you elaborate a little on that?

              • I have heard one source say that demulcent herbs (herbs that sooth the mucus membranes of the digestive system) may be bad for SIBO. (It may have been Dr Allison Siebecker.) That is one reason I felt safer taking it after I had done the Allimed for a while.

      • The only thing that was scary is, as I was reading online people were talking about how they did the coffee enemas and coconut oil enemas and they were expelling things, but then they could see stuff crawling in their skin and they got itchy and what not, and saw exit wounds. Does this really happen? Has anyone has that happen? Cause that is just SICK. LOL. And scary…I don’t know about all that. I don’t think I could handle it…I would go nuts.

      • Hi again Kristie,

        I have read some of the links you sent me. GREAT INFO! Thank you again!

        Do you have any blogs or info on diets for high ferritin levels (hemochromatosis)? I was told I have one gene for hemo, but my dr told me that it wouldn’t cause issues unless i had two mutated genes but after some research, I believe this may contribute to some of my issues as well.

  82. Please everyone suffering from SIBO or Candida, consider reading about BIOFILM and how it is a protective barrier to parasites, fungus and bacteria… It protects them from dying completely. This might be the reason why patients relapse. The bacteria lingers and lives within this biofilm it produces. It is, according to him, essential to take a supplement which kills biofilm in order for all subsequent treatment to be really effective. Biofilm is the reason treatment like taking antibiotics does not work in 50% of cases and patients relapse. I have not yet tried it – still saving my money for the whole treatment but I am convinced – after countless years of battling candida that this is the only real thing close to a cure for me. It’s all on this naturopath’s page – the website is yeast infection advisor (.com) and I urge you to check out the tab ”bad bacteria” . He deals with treating bacteria as well as candida.. Hope you get healthier!

    • WOW! Thank you! I just browsed through the website you gave and you may be on to something! It mentions H. Pylori AND AND AND! High iron levels, in which can be caused by biofilm bacteria and I was also just diagnosed with high ferritin! Thanks so much for the website, I have somewhere more to go with this.

    • I totally agree that Biofilm is an important confounder in SIBO.
      I did a round of the traditional SIBO antibiotics with no effect and herbal antibiotics had little effect. But when I found out about Biofilm and started to tackle that in conjunction with herbal antibiotics I started to get relief.
      I have used Interfase (plus EDTA that I already had – Interfase Plus has the EDTA in it). It seems helpful.
      I also think Mycopryl is helpful.
      And I eat coconut oil which is supposed to get at the Biofilm. (I mix about a tablespoon of warmed coconut oil with almond butter and dip slices of apple into it for breakfast.)
      I have tried many herbal anti-bacterials.
      I found Oregano Oil helpful.
      The most helpful may be 2 products by Biotics Research used together: FC-Cidal and Dysbiocide.

      • Thank you Ann! that is some great info. I need to schedule an appointment for a breath test for starters. Can you tell me, when there was die off, could u feel the parasites in your skin? I really want to know. I read some stuff about it, but you cant always believe what you read. I feel there are more credible answers here. Someone was saying they could feel as if the parasites were trying to get out of their skin and a few other gross details. It sounds a little far from the truth to me, but I have never done a parasite cleanse before. I am just curious if anyone has really experienced that…?

    • Just a word of caution. I recently discussed using a biofilm disruptor with my naturopath, but he was hesitant for a couple of reasons: 1) the leaders in SIBO research/treatment are not using them (Siebecker, Pimentel, etc), 2) there is not enough clinical evidence to prove that disrupting biofilm will not have negative long-term side effects. I certainly am not an expert, but thought I’d share.

  83. In scanning through this thread, I keep seeing “I’m positive I have SIBO”, or other similar sentiments. When we get chronic symptoms that appear digestive-related and aren’t getting the attention we need from doctors, there’s a tendency to dive into the internet head-first, searching out our symptoms like detectives. As someone who’s faced faced a lot of the same things others here have, I’d just like to say tread cautiously. I understand the Eureka moment when you discover that obscure condition that seems to align perfectly with your symptoms, but there’s lots of other conditions out there that could also match up. At best you’re throwing (in some cases a lot of) money away on unhelpful products, which, believe me, may seem like a fair trade-off when your health is at stake. Here’s a worst-case scenario: A relatively inexperienced dietician determined I had a Candida overgrowth, which was the root cause of my problems. In reading about it, everything made sense. I felt we had solved the case, and proceeded with the Candida diet. Within two WEEKS I had lost 15-20 pounds and was lost in a cognitive fog. During the third week systems shut down and I woke up one morning going into shock. An ambulance showed up in time and that was the end of my Candida diet. It was an unusual case: A few months later a GI specialist found I wasn’t absorbing fats, which contributed to the sudden, precipitous weight-loss. Obviously, this is a situation that will probably never happen to any of you and it’s not meant to scare anyone off from self-experimentation as a means of diagnosis, but just to say that when you’re playing doctor, stay smart about it. Like a real doctor should.

    • If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck… Doctors are constrained with a 15 minute visit with someone they hardly know. They are stressed with too many patients, most lack true experience with life, never mind keeping straight the many symptoms. I have suffered GREATLY at the hands of doctors; lots of time and money, a great waste of my life. 3 specialists diagnosed me to have IBS, ignoring all else. I already had 3 bouts of Small Intestine Bacteria Overgrowth (SIBO). I suffered 18 months out of 36 months and I am suffering again for the 4th time. Since the doctors can’t give me the time of day, act like I am looking for attention, and diagnose me wrongly; I am left on my own. Pretty much we know our own bodies. Maybe we are not doctors, but we want to be well and we desperately seek healing. Doctors don’t desperately seek my healing. They talk, ask questions and come to conclusions that are not necessarily correct under the guise of “PRACTICING’ medicine. I asked my doctor, after 7 months of expensive tests WHY did SHE let me suffer for 7 months when all I needed was a breathe test? She didn’t think I had SIBO because I was constipated and from her recollection of what she learned I should have had diarrhea. 7 months! It was extremely uncomfortable to go through all the holidays looking 6 months pregnant at the age of 59. There are good doctors but they are hard to find. A good doctor listens and believes you. What’s happening to me is REAL.

        • Thank you! It is nice to have agreement in our suffering. So many times I am alone. Doctors do not take me at my word; they, of course, don’t want you to diagnose yourself. But the tests and symptoms prove the truth. They are too quick to guess at a convenient diagnoses for THEIR convenience. Where is House when you need him, lol.

          • That’s ok, I know it doesn’t seem right to “self-diagnose” but in this day and age things in life change. I by far trust my own opinion on my health than any “everyday” doctor – your body already communicates something is wrong by giving you a problem, its just a matter of listening to your own body and doing some proper research to work out what that is – unless of course it’s extremely serious (and in that case should be seeing a professional). When there is a world of knowledge on the web from people who have same/similar experiences I would rather gain that insight than from someone who may as well be a stranger. A lot of people now haven’t been seeing the same doc for years so the likelihood of a doc knowing your body more than you is just unrealistic. A general doc from experience and the cases I have heard seems to be a complete waste of time (unless they are an expert in their field) can lead to prolonged health issues because the issue itself is being thrown at with antibiotics etc and not actually being resolved. The last time two times I went to a doctors, both different docs (on separate occasions) had to Google something, that was writing on the wall for me. Unsurprisingly it’s also been highlighted recently that docs are receiving bonuses from keeping their patients out of hospital, so when you hear that story that they were sent home and such and such happened it makes you wonder who else really cares or knows about your health other than you. I haven’t watched House myself but am an avid watcher of Grey’s and admire the dedication, commitment and care shown that majority of general doctors seem to lack. Taking time out of work to see someone who doesn’t really know what’s going on and can only suggest something which is unlikely to help, verifies to me that something radical needs to change.

  84. I had an IgG food allergy test done and cut out all of the foods on the list. My symptoms diminished but dod not go away. After doing some research I excpected I had SIBO. I am now drinking garlic soaked in water on a daily basis and I am doing much better.

    • Hi Maria
      Please would you be kind enough to help me with this garlic thing — I keep reading about people drinking garlic but I don’t understand — are you putting pieces of raw garlic in water or are you taking in the entire clove? Cooked or raw? Does it help at all with the bloating? Thank you so much for sharing

  85. I’ve been dealing with digestive issues my entire life (keep in mind I’m only 18 now), but recently found out about 5 months ago I was SIBO positive. My doctor recommended the antibiotics but I have a hard time swallowing pills so I looked into further treatment and found the elemental diet. I had one dose and refused to have another because it was so disgusting. I told my doctor and my mother I would rather starve, so I went on a water fast for 10 days to starve out the bacteria. So to clarify, I had no substance other than water for 10 days. And before people tell me that’s dangerous or destructive, I highly encourage you to research water fasting. The process and outcomes are phenomenal although the fasting process is difficult initially because of the food cravings. But after I finished the fast, my results came back completely normal. My results before the fast were in the 60-90 parts per billion range early on in the digestive process (normal amount is around 20) and after the fast they were down to 23-50 range. I highly encourage fasting to anyone who is at wits end and wants a shortened healing process although be warned that fasting can be dangerous if not researched thoroughly and taken seriously because your body is running on its own energy. But it’s been about a month and a half since I finished the fast and came back with normal results and I’m very certain I’ve relapsed with the bacteria. I take Ibuerogast 3 times a day to help with IBS symptoms and MMC function. I also take acv on and off whenever I feel the symptoms more so. But to clear out the bacteria again I plan on doing a 3 day water fast once a month to continually starve the bacteria. I have been trying to live by a low fodmap diet but is difficult because I am a freshman in college and can’t control what goes into everything I eat or even know what’s in everything I eat (*found out some of the mayo at my school had gluten in it!). I hope my story can be a small testimony to anyone struggling with treatment options but please thoroughly research fasting before you do it or you can really end up damaging your health!

  86. 3 bouts with SIBO in 4 years & am on my 4th right now. I look like I am pregnant. I am 61. Biggest deal is seeing regular doctors a number of times & 3 idiot “specialists”. Don’t mean to bash, BUT, their ignorance caused me a lot of suffering. First time went on for 7 months before any relief came. The 7 months of waiting on my doctor included X-Ray, CAT, MRI, Ultrasound, some test with radio active oatmeal & then finally the breath test. 2nd time around I asked my Doc why the breath test last? She said I was constipated & overgrowth should have diarrhea with it. Seven months because she didn’t bother to look that up! Also all those test exposures! Thanks a lot! I’m to take yet another bottle of orange sugar syrup to test my SIBO in 3 weeks. It takes forever to get an appointment for it; they give the test on Tuesdays & only one person at a time. I am faxing information about myself to my new “specialist” (that makes 4) so maybe there will be a little more understanding of my specific needs (I had 18 inches of my colon removed when I was 15, I have a LOT of adhesions, etc.). I plan on taking the test, taking Xifaxin, & then following up with digestive enzymes & probiotics religiously. I want to find the cause & I NEVER want to go through this again. Seriously, not one doctor has helped me, except for sugar test and Xifaxin, I have had to research for myself on the internet. Every doctor has missed this. 3 specialists said it was IBS. Give me the older generation of doctors with maturity, experience and a good bed side manner any day compared to these young ones that see you for 15 minutes, all the while asking you 25 plus questions so they can try to stick you in a category. My insides are a mess & I can’t see what’s wrong. I have to trust doctors & yet I can’t because things are WORSE. I appreciate being able to read the experiences of others here. I read & then say EXACTLY! I have brain fog & sheer exhaustion & am taking ProVigil to stay awake. It is prescribed for Narcolepsy! Otherwise I was sleeping for 13 to 16 hours a day. My D has been very low (11), but I have brought it up with Bio-D-Mulsion Forte to 29. I also drink BADIA tea It has a purple band on the box, super cheap, regular supermarket. This is a good answer to constipation-I should know, ha ha. I think the doctors should be asking US for information. Peace to our intestines and Godspeed to our healing processes.

    • Hi Carey, don’t even get me started on doctors but please don’t take the Xifaxin if you can help it. I have not taken it myself but from what I have read it does not defeat the problem and the issue can become a long term occurrence and possibly come back with a vengeance. These antibiotics/drugs unfortunately only mask the problem. In the process they also destroy the good bacteria. The best thing to get to the bottom of it and defeat what’s defunctioning your body (besides a decent diet) is natural antibacterial/anti-parasitic products. Please look into that before you consider Xifaxin. Hope you feel better 🙂

      • Please don’t tell people with true SIBO not to try Xifaxan. For many people it is the only thing that has helped and as antibiotics go it has few side effects as it remains largely contained in the GI tract where needed. I tried all the diets and natural remedies first with no improvement. 10 days of Xifaxan returned me to 80% or more of normal function. I prepared to do another course if necessary, but it’s been 3 months now and I have few remaining symptoms.

        • I wish my insurance would approve the xifaxan . I have suffered with SIBO for a while now and the last 6months it has gotten worse was put on Flagyl and that did nothing. Dr wants me to try xifaxan and the insurance co denies it because I don’t meet the criteria of “hepatic encephalopathy” I am 43 yrs old and have no life because I am so miserable and my husband of 25 yrs and 4 children are also suffering because of my health. It is so depressing. And now the dr isn’t even talking about the SIBO but rathering talking about removing the large intestine because of motility issue.

    • Hi Carey,
      I have been on the same journey as you…for over a year and a half.
      I started have symptoms after picking up a heavy table….I have had a complete hysterectomy in 2002, and also had two hernia repairs…adhesions…and mesh?

      Perhaps a meshoma? I gained almost 20 pounds…cannot do even water without getting huge…no nausea and no diarrhea ..at all..I was .huge from collar bone to past …I went up from a size 4 to a 12.
      I have done Xifaxan, and had pelvic floor therapy…these did make a difference.I went down from neck to knees edema….now still abdomen……I also have a 25 percent blockage of the mesenteric artery..just found out…..and I am currently sub clinical hypothyroid…I am 65. I have seen 2 Drs.. Specialists in Gastro , 2 internists..a family Dr. And Integrative Dr, and 4 surgeons….And 2 Urogynocologists….they were the most helpful….I had aSitz marker test at my request again diagnosed constipated..that was followed by two back to back bouts of Xifaxin….helped…not cured….but that is not it…! …and the continuous diagnosis is Chronic constipation yet…I am functional so I get dismissed….what to do?
      So mine must be a hernia…pin hole .type? ..pseudo blockage? ..a floating kidney, mega colon? adhesions attached to bowel?.dunno?something is very wrong…. Help!

  87. Just diagnosed with SIBO by breath test after clearing Blastocystis with courses of Bactrim and Humatin.
    GI doctor recommends course of rifaximin.
    Scares me, since I already suffer from autoimmune problems at 63, with chronic urticaria and angioedema.
    Is there an effective practical natural remedy? (I already minimize refined carbs and have taken soooo many probiotics.)

    • Look into the elemental diet, which takes as long as the rifaximin regimen or water fasting. Both are difficult and the elemental diet disgusting but the only other treatments I’ve come across besides antibiotics

    • Hi Earl,
      There are lots of natural alternatives. Just Google how to kill parasites, there are many different natural products that can help and there are products you can purchase that contain these various natural products in one supplement; such as garlic, cloves, oregano, woodworm etc. Have a look on Amazon. Ensure you don’t purchase just the cheapest probiotics or parasite killers, the cheap ones tend to have the least amount of strength. I have heard that Prescript-Assist can be helpful and Diatomaceous Earth is good (I have just started using this so can’t attest to it quite yet but the reviews alone are worth reading)

    • p.s. I have read a few times that rifaximin can work to start with but the problem always comes back and doesn’t actually get rid of it; in other words like majority of drugs it masks the problem temporarily. Rifaximin is another antibiotic which in the long run is no good for the stomach as it destroys all the good bacteria. Natural remedies are the best route to go.

      • Elizabeth I totally agree! I feel SIBO is just a symptom of a bigger problem. I’ve taken Rifaximin 3 times which I now regret, but at least my parasites have been discovered through natural ways and are being treated. I feel after the parasites are killed, SIBO will take care of itself. SIBO now appears to me, my good organisms have migrated north to escape a parasitic environment in my colon.

        • Being new to this I am not really one to say but anything with strong antibacterial properties is what is needed for the body to kill it off. It’s best to take a something that has a combination of many of the natural (anti-parasitic) products that help to kill it. But if using a specific product to fight it, use slowly and gradually because the “die-off” which I have experienced from a Candida product can be extreme. I was in bed for days but that’s because I didn’t take it slowly to start with. Garlic, cloves, oregano, coconut oil, black walnut & wormwood are all powerful. Many types of good parasite cleanse supplements will contain these. General diet itself is also important and it can be very beneficial to start the day with AC Vinegar and fresh lemon in a warm glass of water. Hope that’s of help.

  88. Hello. Looking for some help! I am a 19 year old male, and I believe, (but not positive), that I have SIBO, Candida, or some type of stomach parasite/yeast. I have dealt with digestive issues for the past 2 years, along with skin issues; stomach cramps, bloating, indigestion, random bouts of diarrhea and constipation, eczema, and mild acne. Also, my stools for the past several months have been mushy, crumbly, unformed, dirty and unusual looking, and it definitely looks like there is a large amount of bacteria in them. (Looks like the hairy, floaty green algae stuff in fish tanks.) I have tried elimination diets, such as low-fodmaps, scd diet, but have found that the symptoms are completely random no matter what I eat. I’ve been eating 95% Paleo based for the past year and a half. I am very active as well. As of now, I am drinking 2-3 tbsp’s of acv with water a day, taking a HCL supplement before dinner, probiotic on an empty stomach, zinc and a multivitamin with dinner. I’ve definitely noticed that exercising and the acv helps keep my digestive symptoms at bay, but I am still getting a good amount of acne and my stools have not changed. Back to the diagnostics.. I have never been diagnosed. I have seen a couple doctors who did nothing for me, and I am waiting 2 months to see a GI. But I am completely fed up with whatever is wrong with me and cannot wait. And even when I do get that going, the testing will take awhile and is unreliable even. I have been doing quite a bit of research and have come across SIBO, and I feel that it is very close to what I have, and/or Candida. Especially with the bacteria in my stools. I also believe that whatever is wrong, is causing malabsorption, (if that’s the word), of vitamins and nutrients. If anybody could please give me some insight, advice, and tips on my situation and help me figure out whats going on! I don’t care if you’re not a doctor, doctors can be very unreliable.. I’m just looking for anybody who knows or has experienced the same thing. I just want to know what is wrong with me. Thanks in advance

    • Nate you sound like an incredibly intelligent 19yo. I feel it is the parasite and bacteria that is causing your SIBO! I totally understand your frustration w medical doctors. But w the sounds of your stools something has got to culture out! I don’t know if you have the money, because it’s not covered by insurance, but a applied kinesiologist may be able to help you. It has been the only person who has helped me! I live in San Diego and their is one here who specializes in guys and parasites. In the meantime you could start in wheatgrass and chlorophyl drinks to make their environment difficult. Colonics also brings them out. I feel SIBO IS A SYMPTOM OF ANOTHER DISEASE, it is not the primary problem, that’s why it “is so difficult to Treat” because the underlying disease still exists. Our gut are very complicated and important to keep In balance.

      • Thanks for the reply! So you’re saying that the infection is ‘culturing’ out in my stools? That makes perfect sense. And so that almost 100% proves that I do indeed have some sort of infection. I definitely want to try to hit my whole gut with whatever I use, so no matter what I have, I can do some sort of damage to it. Have you heard of CandiBactin? Seen a lot of positive reviews on that for getting rid of SIBO and Candida. The ingredients looks fantastic and I feel like that would cure my entire gut. Also gonna look into the Wheatgrass and Chlorophyll, and L-Glutamine. Wondering if it’s okay to use probiotics during the infection/overgrowth? Another thing I wanna add is every now and then I drink GT’s enlightened kombucha, and there’s a certain flavor called ‘multi-green’ that I believe has chlorophyll and some other green herbs in it, and I feel pretty amazing during/after drinking it.

      • In very short. I’ve also dealt with what the gentleman above is dealing with for over a year…I’ve had a Colonoscopy, Endoscopy, and several other tests done. I was tested for SIBO and it came out Positive. Went to go see my Dr. who practices holistic medicine with the help of MetaGenic Supplements. He’s prescribed a quite Difficult Regiment for me, and although I’m quite confused, I do know it will help me some…Everything came out ok with my Colonoscopy & Endoscopy nothing too alarming aside from some Internal Hemmarroids, sorry don’t mean to be graphic…But other than that, everything is ok…I was very scared for a while of the unthinkable…But Since my SIBO came back positive the GI wanted me on an Antibiotic called Xifaxin….Which would cost me $500-$900 depending how much my insurance would cover, if they covered anything at all…I said Forget about it, because not only did I know now I was dealing with SIBO I also knew I’ve been dealing with Candida for more than several years, and Yeast overgrowth….So when I went to go see my PCM who practices holistic medicine…He recommended a Protocol that would Eliminate Dairy, Gluten,Soy,Corn and ALL Sugar from my diet including Fruits! Along with the protocol I would need to drink Bio-Active Silver Hydrasol three times a day 2tbsp for 8weeks! Along with that I would also need to take Candida Forte & Ultra Flora Spectrum which is a combo of really high count Probiotics. But since the prescription Silver was going to cost me $96 a bottle from his office I ventured out to my local health food stores and found a comparable product called Soveirgn Silver it was 10ppm versus the Argentyn 23ppm. I came back with my doctor with that info, and he said I had to be on Argentyn because its a prescribed strength…I grabbed a pamphlet from Argentyn, and another from Soveirgn Silver and they both said the absolute same things…I looked at the back and noticed they were both made by the same company so I called…I spoke with a Dr. they had on call and he initially said that even though Argentyn is stronger…That Soveirgn Silver would and could potentially also do the job! So that’s where I’m at, at the moment! I will be starting my Protocol today! And hopefully it works, and I will update after the 8-weeks! To see if my test comes positive or negative.

        On the Diet…I’ve been extremely confused….There’s a Diet for Candida, for Yeast, for Leaky Gut, for SIBO, there’s diets like Whole 30, FODMAP, Nigthshades….As you can see it can get a bit overwhelming, especially if you’re dealing with a number of things….In my case SIBO,Candida, and Yeast. Some of the ok’s in Candida aren’t ok with SIBO and or Yeast, vise versa…So how do you know what to eat? Because by the time you cross reference what you’re left with, it’s basically Protein, some Veggies, and salt! lol I have a dedicated Nutritionist that is helping me and gave me a handout/list of a Candida yes/no’s but obviously some of those I can not have because of the SIBO as well…And although she’s been a lot of help, I feel like she lacks knowledge in the SIBO dept, along with the other two…So it’s been a work in progress…I know that I will try my best and if I fail in some areas, or eat the wrong things it will be unintentionally, but for the most part I have a general understanding of what is ok to eat and what isn’t. Another thing I should add, is that I’ve started a Myers Cocktail IV Therapy. The DR. put me on it for twice a week for 4 weeks then once a week for 8 weeks…Please let me know if there’s any other feed back…I certainly hope that my knowledge helps some! Best Wishes, and God Bless!

      • I said I had been eating 95% Paleo. Well the exceptions were oatmeal, tortilla chips, and rice and rice products. Recently cut those out and have been 100% paleo (except for beans). Started experiencing new symptoms today; random fatigue (I had no energy for 5 hours, when just yesterday I ran for 3 miles), and almost constant light-headedness when standing. I also had a very painful stomach cramp today. Along with those, I’ve noticed weight loss as well. I’m already super skinny and a bit underweight! I’m very very concerned. I feel like there is something inside me eating me alive…

      • Hi. I’m blown away reading all this. It sounds like me 100%!!! Anyone willing to offer me advice I’m open, please do email me [email protected]
        I have gas (mainly belching) bloating, stomach pain that’s anywhere from my stomach to low down in my ovaries, also back etc. No triggers ryme or reason. Dr doesn’t want know when I mention bacteria or candida etc.
        I’m particularly interested in the comments re wheatgrass colonics and making the environment inhospitable.. Thanks in advance for any replies. Not sure if I get email updates upon response so please email me if you have advice. Txs in advance..

        • Hey Nate,
          She is FABULOUS! Brandy Augustine PhD in Del Mar above Prep Kitchen, 1201 Camino Del Mar #205 858 509-4742
          Took me 3 years of struggling before I found her. She is literally saving my life!!!!! She is not cheap, but worth every penny, and not a cent wasted! Good Luck to you
          I have had 23 colonics and I have had over 500 or so parasites and parts come out of me ( maybe 20 in the toilet including egg clusters ). You will be amazed what you go through to recovery, but you WILL recover with her!

      • I too live in San Diego. Could I have the name of your kinesologist. That would be greatly appreciated. Best, Barbara

        • Brandy Augustine PhD 858 509-4742
          1201 Camino Del Mar #205
          Del Mar, Ca 92014
          She is the GREATEST. I’ve tried for 3 years to get help. She was right on day one!!! Not a wasted penny!
          Good Luck

    • Nate….The only thing that has MINIMALLY eased some of the problems with gastroparesis is eating low residue foods. The high residue/fiber type foods are more likely to stay in my stomach and rot. The low residue diet seems contrary to constipation issues, but at least it has an easier time moving out of the stomach itself.

      • Never heard of Gastroparesis before.. looked it up. I definitely fit some of the symptoms, except I have bowel movements every day. I do not suffer with constipation

    • Hey, i think u dont jus have a single problem,there are several issues that might be goin on such as SIBO coupled with leaky gut syndrome,lack of beneficial bacteria, i recommend u check out “gut thriven 5” and follow the steps that are outlined.I have the same problem,however sticking to these steps in recovering from my digestive problems has helped my condition improved greatly.

    • Nate –
      Regarding the acne:
      Our skin is our largest organ and one that helps us detox. One thing I’ve noticed in the conversations on this site is that people aren’t talking much about detox support as they work hard to kill microbes, bacteria, biofilm, fungus, etc. Many of us don’t detox well, which is why our bodies get overwhelmed in treatment or in every day life. We can have DNA mutations that interfere with proper detox and another process called methylation. Acne is a sign of hormonal imbalances, improper GI function, and/or poor detoxing. Lots of good info on line about safe and easy detoxing–I strongly encourage you to incorporate a simple protocol and then build from there. Start slow and steady.

      The main ways your body detoxes should be explored:

      – your blood carries toxins through your lymph nodes and liver so dry brushing is key in helping circulation and flushing –there is a lot of info online for dry brushing which you can do after you shower every day

      – also, you can take liver support like milk thistle seed extract, burbur, parsley extracts (they’re expensive but valuable and can be bought online)

      – exercise can help get the blood circulating but also, sweating is very healthy, especially in concert with bath soaks with some helpers like epsom salt, sea salt, hydrogen peroxide. There are good recipes online.

      – you are already well informed about food sensitivities – strict diet is key and may be something you need to commit to for several years but likely not forever once you get your gut balance back and help your immune system function a little more normally –70% of your immune system lives in your gut so andy imbalance there is likely going to affect how it under functions (to make you susceptible to illnesses) or over functions (which brings on auto-immune issues. If you aren’t already familiar, look into “leaky gut”

      – you are already well informed in gut health – rebuilding your gut flora is complicated and takes a long time. Most info I’ve researched suggests people don’t replenish w/ enough probiotics – since I’m doing IV antibiotics I take 800-900 billion probiotics daily. As always, high quality with as many varied strains that are live are critical. But also, people w/ acne usually don’t flush well in your digestion so you should incorporate a binder or two–psyllium husk, bentonite clay, or my favorite is pure cholestyramine (expensive Rx and not usually covered by insurance but it is doing miracles for some of my very serious digestive issues) but a binder used daily (with a 2-hr buffer after and before consuming anything else) or twice a day will really help heal your gut but you will also need to make sure you’re regular. The more bowel movements you have each day, the better. If this is a challenge for you (constipation also commonly causes acne) try drinking 2-3 tablespoons of pure organic tart cherry juice. I toss my probiotic into the cherry juice.

      – and sleep and stress control is sooooooo important. Stress is like a huge hairball clogging the pipes.

      There are other detox protocols but those are the basics.


  89. I am an RN and won’t stop until I am healthy. I am running across some very interesting stuff. I have been dealing with SIBO (supposedly) for the last 3 years. I had a parasite a year ago that cultured out in my stool, Blastocystis H. That was easy to get rid of, but the 3 days of die off were terrible. Still struggling with SIBO and stumbled across coffee enemas (google it- too much to explain) this stopped my bloating. Then came across a woman who detoxes heroin addicts w wheat grass (google wheatgrass). So started wheatgrass, then started colonics for a better coffee enema. Worms started coming out, both in colonics and in my toilet stools. Identified as a fish worm, Shistosomes- probably from sushi. Then went to an Applied Kinesiologist, who found I had 10 DIFFERENT TYPES OF PARASITES!!!!!!!!!!! She did no lab cultures, and she confirmed by her techniques (which are very unconventual ) that I had Shistosomes! on that list of parasites! I suggest to all of you out there LOOK OUT OF THE BOX! Western medicine (which I am included) is not helping us! You may have something totally different than you think and SIBO is a side effect. Find the root of your problem, SIBO is a symptom. Our food sources are messed up and they are ruining our bodies. Off of my soap box……. but please think bigger picture.

        • Then how about trying Chlorophyl drinks (kale, spinach, apple, parsley and spirulina powder (at Whole Foods and maybe Sprouts). Coffee enemas I believe are what started to mobilize the parasites in my body. It is a green coffee from Canada, 10 times the caffeine of regular coffee and high Palmitic acid. It goes up your colon absorbs into the hemrroidal veins and into the Portal veins directly into the liver- irritates the liver, makes it purge the toxic build up and bile, gets your intestines moving and gets rid of the bad shit causing problems! Doing that for 3 weeks on my own, then starting to drink wheat grass and chlorophyl drinks, then I started professional colonics is when worms started coming out in the toilet. If I hadn’t of done this I would have never known I had worms! They don’t like to come out. MD’s kept telling me I had a virus and SIBO.

          • Try ‘GT’s Enlightened Kombucha. Multi-Green flavor’ It has of course probiotics, and Spirulina, Chlorophyll, and a few other green herbs. No unnecessary/extra ingredients. Every time I drink one of these I feel amazing. Tobi, what do you think?

          • Any reason for doing the coffee enema before the professional colonics?

            I’ve done coffee enema before, haven’t had amazing results, but curious about colonics


    • Is there a diet for sibo? As I read these blogs, I see I am eating all the wrong foods. I need help. I’m surprised that my Dr hasn’t suggestedig. November will be a year that I’ve been dealing with these stomach issues.HELPPPPPPP

      • Try a FODMAP diet. It’s been great for me to start. I picked up a good book to help my understanding by Patsy Catsos, “Free at Last!” Other posters are correct and there may be an underlying problem.

        My doctor prescribed an anti-spas med and while it is not helpful at this time (apparently I am overrun with bacteria at the moment) I believe it will be helpful after the antibiotic treatment.

        Hang in there and find the right gastro. Good luck!

      • Hi Sandra,

        I think i may be able to help you. I have been to doctors over the past 5 years. This past year, my latest doctor one figured out immediately what i had- SIBO. The breath test came back positive and i reacted to the solution immediately so i knew my doctor had to be right. I’ve been off and on antibiotics but i have a better solution since i keep getting reactions. My reactions are 6 month prego distention, constipated and severe abdominal pain when i ingest gluten. I stay on a strict meat/seafood/ veggie/ fruit strict diet. i I’ve tried eating gluten free items that are packaged does not work- for me. if i do get a reaction (and this may not be for everybody) i do a 2 ducolax, wait 2 hours, put 355ML of miralax into a pitcher and 40 oz of gatorade and let the magic happen. I then begin to resume my strict GF diet. Strict to the point of carrying all my food in coolers. i remain social but with my cooler close by. i hope i can help someone with this remedy because my original doctor told me to eat GF and nothing worked. So i tried the cleanse first and it did!!! My current doc put me on the antibiotics, the same antibiotics did not work the second round. I ended up with CDiff. anyways this is just a suggestion and worth a try.

      • Started with Coffee enemas on my own for a month, daily- I used 2 starbucks individual med roast packets (costco cheapest) and and 2 empty bottles of fleets enema. (again costco). Dumped the fleets out, added a pack of starbucks (which is not organic and would have been better, but I was just starting alternative self help) into the fleets bottle and added spring water or distilled water, mix well. Best to do after you have a BM so that you can hold the coffee for 15min, then sit on the toilet for whatever comes out. for the enema, Go lie on the bathroom floor on your left side to start, insert the enema tip and squeeze the coffee in, then the next bottle, there will be some left over so I mixed the two leftovers to get all the coffee I could. after you insert the coffee get your hips up on a pillow and now lie on your back a few minute to get the coffee into the transverse colon, then lie on your right side to get it to go to the ascending colon (if it does, idk, but thats our anatomy). The coffee enters your Hemorrhoidal veins, then goes into the portal veins up directly to the liver. It irritates the liver and makes it purge bile and toxins that have accumulated and are taxing the liver making it unable to do its job. After the first month, I learned about wheatgrass and coffee colonics (CLOSED SYSTEM COLONICS). I started drinking 2oz of fresh wheatgrass daily (wholefoods) and added chlorophyl drinks 12-16oz, then in between my own enemas, I started getting professional coffee enemas 3 times a week for two weeks, and have now cut down to two times a week. On my second professional colonic weird stuff came out. Then when I went home, what looked like an embryo (brown center/surrounded by a mucous looking coating, irregular shaped about the size of a marble) came out in the toilet. Continued as I was doing. After the 7th colonic the next morning at home, two approx. 10″ fucking worms came out with one piece of stool. I took a pic w my phone (and of everything). Absolutely disgusting looking. Sent it to a lab, who waited for more stool specimens before they would ID it…… But I had no other stools because of colonics. I ID’s it online as Schistosomes, fish worms, probably from sushi. My Applied Kinesiologist Identified Schistosomes in my body, mature and eggs 🙁 I have 10 parasites ID’d in me. Once you get one, it is easy to get more. Parasites are protein, in a normal healthy body, they are recognized and killed by our immune system, broken in little pieces and we poop them out and never know a thing. For many reasons, I was overwhelmed by them. Certain parasites can cause elevated esinophils, but otherwise not detected, majority of them don’t come out of us and do not culture out in stool specimens. Therefore many, most MD’s don’t know what is wrong with us. So at this time I am seeing an Applied Kinesiologist in Del Mar (San Diego County) who specializes in gut and parasites. Brandy Augustine PHD. She is fabulous. I am on a detox tea of hers as she also has me on supplements to strengthen my liver, kidneys and body so that when we do specifically go after a certain parasite, my body is strong enough to handle it. Parasites have very strong toxins they release and are inside of their bodies. When you kill them you can be overwhelm by the release. I had to call the paramedics as I was bent over in a fetal position for 4 hours then started throwing up bile that did not look like bile, it was thick and milky looking, shoeing my liver was not functioning properly, but liver enzymes were never elevated in the past. May I add MORE IS NOT BETTER! I decided on my own to add Oil of Oregano and Allisyn (high Dose of Garlic). I want these things out, they have stole 3 years of my life. But all the things I was doing created too many toxins and I had big time problems. Slow is better, as not to stress your body more than it can handle! But you still kill the organisms. With my own coffee enemas started, it got rid of my bloat. I had started to eat a balanced healthy diet, as I had been the perfect patient without results on a SIBO diet and my hair was falling out because of no carbs (which the Doctor said made no sense, but it was true. Once I started eating healthy carbs, English muffins and Jasmine Rice, along with the cheat of tortillas, my hair started to fill back in. As of this date, I am feeling better, still no bloat, looks like tiny pieces of parasites are coming out in colonics and the toilet with my stool. With the detox tea, at times I will get headaches and kidney aches as these things are being flushed out and releasing toxins. But Brandy takes care of this and wants no stress so she rids these symptoms, I just have to communicate to her what is happening. FINALLY I AM WINING THE BATTLE against these creatures. I feel our food is a big factor in creating these problems, the antibiotics and hormones are causing Dysbiosis in our guts.

        • Hi Tobi,

          Would a colonoscopy have found these parasites? Did you ever have one before you started your own coffee enemas?

          • Hi Lizzie,
            I have wondered this myself…….. not sure….. If they are so very difficult to culture out in a stool specimen, (which I’m not sure why 1) do they hang on tightly and not move with stools? , or 2) are they further up and possibly living in the small intestine, with accidental passage to the large intestine? or any other reason?) not sure if they can be seen in a colonoscopy. I am 59 1/2yo with my next one due in April, but God willing I will be healthy and rid of them by then!!

        • Thank you for sharing specifics of your journey. I appreciate knowing exactly what happens & exactly what to expect. I wondered about coffee colonics. If I drink it I get incredibly jittery & my heart races. Will I have the same happen if I consume it at the other end? Sounds funny, I know. Decaf? Seriously.

          • Hi Carey,
            Coffee enemas have a totally different purpose and effect than drinking coffee orally. Decaf would defeat the purpose, which is to get up to your liver and get it purging and working efficiently again, to get your gut working properly. The green coffee I use for coffee enemas has 10 times the caffeine that we drink, I felt no caffeine side effects at all.

    • Tobi, can you please tell me how long you had your symptoms before you realize it was si Bo and that you discovered you had the parasites……what’s your symptoms bloating very bad pain and gas.my pain is lower right abdomen and has been there for quite some time I have had a colonoscopy I have had endoscopy I have CT scans both contrasting contrasting I have had the ercp surgery and oh yes diagnosed with IBS. I have had my symptoms for going on for years now and I am quite frankly sick of it the pain is immense at times it seems like it has made me back hurt. no matter what I eat little or small portions big portions ice well and can be small on for weeks at a time with horrible gas…..

      Please reply.

      • Robert,
        I had a very stressful event,Oct. 2010, My husband died 2 months after being diagnosed w Pancreatic CA. Approx. 6months later I was not feeling great and started seeking care of a DO. We balanced my hormones, and did a nutra eval, and I started on supplements I was low in or lacking. I was exercising like crazy 12-14hours a week as an antidepressant. Then I started getting overly tired, thinking I overtrained…. took time off and then decreased the amount of time of exercise to half that when I started up agiain. (Most likely I was in adrenal shut down, which my labs did not show). I believe at that time I was very compromised and started getting parasites, or else ones I had already, started to take over. So still being treated by the DO, we did genetic testing, and searched for mitochondrial dysfunction as a possible explanation for my lack of energy. Nothing came to light so I was on a bunch of supplements to replace what I was lacking. (Basically feeding the parasites what they were depleting me of.) 90% or more parasites do not culture out in stools. 2013 I had the same complaints, so we retested my nutra eval, and I was worse off than the test in 2011! SO she had me stop taking everything, and said I can’t help you until we figure out what is wrong with your gut, it is really messed up. Sent home to do the breathing test (which came back + for SIBO) and a stool specimen (which came back + for Blasto). I also had Candida overgrowth. I was going on a trip so she wanted me to wait until I got back home in a week to treat the Blasto. While I was gone, we treated the Candida, and I was bed ridden with die off for 3 days, and it was like a miracle how I felt after. Then got home and took Alinia for 3 days for the Blasto, again bed ridden for 3 days and I didn’t care if I died the first night, it felt so bad. Again like a miracle after, the way I felt. Then tried dealing w the SIBO with 3 rounds of Rifaximin- I think it was 10 days each, with a breath test in between. My methane started at 150 and slowly made it down to 21. They like it to be below 20. She didn’t want to start me on an AB again, and I said I wasn’t doing it anyway because my body couldn’t handle more. This was April 2015. So we tried the herbal route w NEEM and Alysin (high dose garlic) I had a terrible “reaction” to these herbs and had to stop them. Actually I think they were killing the parasites (we didn’t know I had, because they never cultured out) and I had a terrible reaction to the toxins. So I stopped the herbs and I was just following a SIBO diet. I started doing my online research myself and found out about coffee enemas. July 14th, 2015, I started them myself at home, and they were stopping my bloat. Then new neighbors moved in, and I found out more about coffee enemas and colonics through the wife (who works with this professionally). The ball started rolling…. August 23rd I started professional closed system colonics and wheatgrass about the same time. Second colonic, a worm egg ball came out in my toilet at home, totally clean w/o stool. Didn’t know what it was at the time. After the 7th colonic, again at home w/o stool, two 10-12 inch worms came out. On my own I added Oil of Oregano and Alysin again to my treatment regime, which was a mistake, too many die at once and I ended up in the ER with severe stomach cramps and vomiting up bile, which did not look like bile (it was thick and looked like melted yellow ice cream), worms are in my liver). CT scan showed no blockage and no diverticulitis, but generalized edema. Since that time, I started seeing my Applied Kinesiologist, Brandy Augustine PhD, who identified the same worm in my toilet, without knowing I had worms yet. She identified 10 species of parasites in me. I have had approx 30 colonics to date with 20-30 THOUSAND parasites come out of me! These have been mostly babies, and teenager stages of life, with possibly 20 adults. Note, I have had no other signs or symptoms except being overly tired and exhausted some days. I saw Brandy today, and we think 5 of the parasites are gone, but there is a new one identified (parasites carry parasites, and this could have been on or in one of them). Parasites also carry heavy metals with them. My metals are decreasing and I am feeling stronger as of last Wednesday! We are gaining on these creatures! 😀 I feel good To answer on e of your questions…… I always had bloating but never terrible gas that I passed. The bloating would just go away with time if I stayed away from sugars and carbs.

        • Tobi S – thanks for your response to Robert. Very insightful, especially about the neem and garlic, hopefully you are getting much better and enroute to full recovery. One question about the kinesiologist, you mentioned she identified the parasites in you, how did she go about that? Sorry I don’t know much about the kinesiology side but will look into it. Thanks

          • LOL Being a nurse it was like quackery- but I was desperate and she made me a believer!!! As she identified the worm that came out in my toilet without me telling her I had worms! They do muscle testing and it utilizes our bodies magnetic field. A similar belief as acupuncturists. A Western medical professional has trouble being opened minded to things like this. But I am definitely a believer. It is not Kinesiology, BUT Applied Kinesiology. Finding a good one is priceless!!

            • Hi Tobi. Amazing story Godbless you trough your journey. What is the doctors name of applied kinesiology in SD you seen?

              • Brandy Ausgustine Phd
                1201 Camino Del Mar #205
                Del Mar, Ca. 92014
                [email protected]

                5 parasites killed and 6 to go, parasites carry parasites, and when you kill one they release their contents. But I have felt better and stronger since November 4th, and continue to improve 😀 Thank you Chris for your well wishes! Best to you also

  90. Hi, all. I hope this thread is still active. I am getting desperate as I’m really having difficulty working because I feel so bad, slightly relieved when lying down.

    I started back in April with stomach ache all the time and not being able to eat. I’d feel full after just a bite or two. Went through the whole upper GI endoscope, colonoscopy, ct scans with and without contrast, ultrasound (which resulted in removal of gallbladder but no improvement) and now for the past three months my stomach bloats out like I’m 7 months pregnant and painful. My pain and majority of the bloat is between sternum and belly button, now lower abdomen.

    GI doc diagnosed IBS-C and ordered breath test that was positive for SIBO, as well as off the charts for lactose intolerance. GI doc did not state whether I blew methane or just hydrogen, or both. For the past month he’s had me on cipro at 250 milligrams every other day (this does not seem like enough to do anything) and if anything my symptoms are worse. The weird thing is even though my guts blow up, I am NOT flatulent nor do I burp very much. I am miserable every day and the past week I’ve been so tired I can hardly function (probably due to malnutrition at this point). I have eaten low-carb paleo-ish for several years before this even started. Doctor recommended low carb/high fat/no fiber and I have been following that along with the cipro.

    I have also tried taking enteric peppermint oil, but just gives heartburn if not taken with food, no relief of symptoms. I have also been taking a digestive enzymes supplement that seems to help somewhat with pain following what little I do manage to eat. For that matter, it doesn’t seem to matter if I eat or not, I still bloat, but it’s worse after eating.

    Anyone else experience SIBO this way? I find lots of complaints of the bloating/distension, but also of major flatulence and diarrhea, which I do not have. Would anything else produce a positive breath test? Has anyone found any relief? I’m glad for the weight loss I’m experiencing, as I could stand to lose another 20 pounds or so, but I’m so tired of this.

    • Idk about anyone else, but I e been dealing with SIBO (diagnosed by breath test) for the last 3 years, I BELIEVED. I was not getting better so I searched for more helped. Funny how people come into ours lives at the right times. long story short- I started coffee enemas, wheat grass to detox and colonics, this dissipated my bloat and stomach problems. Now parasites (visible worms) are coming out both in the colonics and in my stools in the toilet. A specimen was sent to the lab and results pending. THIS IS MOST LIKELY THE ROOT OF MY GUT PROBLEMS! All parasites do not culture out. Mine did not either from Past specimens sent. ALL of you suffering out there, it is worth the try!

      • Hi there Tobi S Just curious… Are you STILL doing coffee enemas and colonics? Or were you able to ween yourself off? I’m dependent on them to survive and feel like a prisoner some days, and others, I’m grateful that I have them? It’s gotten to the point that colonics and water enemas produce nothing expect some undigested lettuce and the water just remains stuck until I ruminate it out throughout the day.

    • I had self diagnosed myself as lactose intolerant for years, but even with avoiding dairy I was still sick a few times a week, always bloated and uncomfortable. I went to a new gastroenterologist 2 years ago who did breath test and I was diagnosed with SIBO. He prescribed Xifaxan and for 6 months I felt like a new person! Regularity for the first time since I could ever remember! Then my symptoms slowly came back. I tried it again, but it wasn’t as effective. Then my insurance changed and it was $1100 so the antibiotic was no longer an option. I did a lot of research and found a diet from a doctor in Pinehurst, NC. – http://www.pinehurstmedical.com/downloads/GI/Diet-martin_scd_en.pdf

      I changed my eating habits and cut out sugar, high fructose corn syrup, beer, dairy…all the good tasting thing and went to a whole grain – no white flour, no white rice, no beer, no sugar,no soda – as close as I can be to the diet noted. It has been about a year and I feel so much better. I am not bloated and uncomfortable all the time and my bouts of being sick and needing to always be near a bathroom have decreased immensely. I also lost close to 15 pounds just by changing what I eat and drink. I do have slight relapses now and again, but usually it’s because I ate a piece of cheese, had cookie or celebrated with a margarita…who can live on a “cardboard” diet 100% of the time?

    • Kris,

      Please see my post below, I didn’t have the a typical symptoms. After doing much research I believe I am a methane problem, however I am not sure if one can tell that just from breath test. Chripo did not work for me. I went on Xifaxan 3 times a day for almost 6 weeks, now I am on the compound specialty med I talked about before. Explain to the doctor more details make him/her sit down and work with you. Ask about Xifaxan possibly. Also I notice I have trigger foods not one set diet is perfect for me. That took years of understanding, prior to knowing about SIBO.

      • Thanks, Tiffany. I had another follow-up with my GI yesterday. I asked about the hydrogen vs. methane from my test results. He said they don’t have the capability to measure methane, so he doesn’t know if I also produce methane, but my hydrogen readings were very high. He now is going to switch me to the Xifaxan (that thankfully is covered by my insurance, which I’ll start as soon as it arrives from the mail order – no brainer with local pharmacy $517 vs. $20 for mail order service with my insurance). Probiotics he just suggested Floragen. I tried taking it initially and it made things worse, so waiting until it hopefully gets under control before trying to rebuild gut flora. I’d love more info about specific types of probiotic strains you are having compounded. GI isn’t sure 100% of my problems are completely from SIBO alone, so if I don’t have improvement in the next few weeks after starting Xifaxan, he’s going to refer me to the state medical college for evaluation. As far as foods, anything aggravates it at this point still. I’m eating only meat and small amounts of cooked, low-carb, low fiber veggies only.

    • I am experiencing everything you are. Have had all the same test. I am still miserable. I look pregnant and at 66 years old we know that ain’t happening. I am struggling with medicare to approve a drug that my GIRLFRIEND doctor requested. Is there a diet that could help me?

      • Sandra, Google SCD or SIBO diet. My doctor recommended low carb, low fiber and high fat. SCD gets a bit more specific with food lists and when to try reintroducing foods.

    • My signs and symptoms were bloating (sometimes as full as 6 months preg), leaky gut, sometimes I would gain 5lbs in one night if I ate the wrong food, constipation with normal looking stools otherwise, no regurge, no gas, no belching, very tired, brain fog, very hard to learn or concentrate, no skin problems, not sick all the time.

    • The probiotic VSL#3 has drastically helped my wife in the past six months. It comes in capsules or sachets that you can get or order at your pharmacy without a prescription. While a bit expensive it is life transforming. Prior to finding this solution she spent three years burping constantly, irregular and varying texture and colored bowel movements, most very greasy indicating low fat absorption. Unable to drink any alcohol, dairy, beef, spicy food, or any soups with a lot of liquid. Her hair was falling out, nails turned orangish yellow and stopped growing, and generally felt horrible combined with sleep interruption and low vitamin d and b levels in blood tests. I was watching her health slowly decline and unable to do anything. All this we think started after taking antiparasitic medicine Zentel for eggs in feces possibly from contaminated salmon sushi. Multiple GI doctors including endoscopy and cultures were useless. She takes 6 capsules per day (each capsule has over 110 billion CFUs) and her hair has stopped falling, nails returned to normal color and growing fast, and blood test shows normal vitamin d and b levels. Still can’t have alcohol and while not free of all symptoms 100%, six months on she feels miles away from how she felt before. She continues to take the VSL#3 and hopefully will continue to see improvement. Would recommend to anyone looking for natural alternative. While I have no proof I personally believe irresponsible handling and preparation of raw fish for sushi is driving a silent and overlooked epidemic of parasitic infections that are resulting in SIBO and other afflictions. All it takes is carelessly cutting the fish too close to the stomach lining that comes with filleted fish or with a cross contaminated knife that was used to gut and fillet a fish, piercing the stomach wall and touching the edible flesh.

      • Very interesting points about quality of sushi and mishandling/prep! I think I might need to avoid it for awhile. Glad your wife is improving.

  91. July 8th I was a very healthy energetic human being. July 9th I had a colonoscopy and my nightmare began. Was it the prep kit, or that they did a colonoscopy when I wasn’t fully cleaned out (as I told them). Since that day my upper stomach has been blown up and felt like I ate 3 Thanksgiving dinners, as well as my bowels were not eliminating on their own any more. All my test come back as if I am fine, but I am not. I brought up SIBO to my doctor, and because she is probably sick of hearing from me everyother day she threw at me 500mg of Neomycin 2 times a day for 14 days. She never even set up a test for me. I notice when I take the Neomycin I feel really weak. How does a nightmare like this happen when I was perfectly healthy.

    • Christine,

      There is help. The sooner you set up an appointment with someone who can get you properly diagnosed and knows what to do, the faster you will recover.

      There are several or more doctors around the country who specialize in SIBO. I haven’t utilized Allison Siebecker, Naturalpathic Doctor, but she is an expert in SIBO and has helped a lot of people. She is doing Skype appointments and her colleague is also doing Skype and possibly in office appointments (I think). They are located in Portland, Oregon. Best to call and find out what is what about appointments, also you can ask if there is anyone near you that knows what to do – they keep a list. http://www.siboinfo.com/

      Good article that she wrote that gives details on what to do: http://www.townsendletter.com/FebMarch2013/ibs0213.html

      This is a good video with question/answers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=piHbr1dhymM

    • Christine,

      What it sounds like is a new GI is needed, a doctor should never just throw meds at you and if you feel like your doctor did this to you it is your right to find a new one and fast. I would look at Jean’s post from September 12 she recommends good resource.

  92. my mom has been sick with stomach over 2 years, we just got results saying she bad bacteria, and is depleted in good bacteria. The doctor put on antibiotic for 6 days and proboiotic for the next 2 monthes. My question is what type of diet should I have do, what foods are best???? Help?

    • Annette,

      This is too vague she may not even have SIBO. It maybe someone else bacteria related, “bad bacteria” doesn’t help. The best plan is to ask the doctor about her diet, a GI should have outlined that for her.

  93. I have had two positive readings for sibo after having breath tests. I have major bloating, pain, constipation etc. I was diagnosed with IBS years ago and after the first positive breath test I was given six weeks of rifaxamin. The breath test was repeated after the six week course of antibiotics was done and again the test was positive with even higher numbers. I have multiple stomach issues but after reading this article I don’t know if SIBO is indeed causing the most problem. It’s so frustrating to constantly feel like this with no relief.

    • I was in extreme pain for almost 4 months before they figured out it was SIBO. Mostly had attacks at night. I am currently finished with the antibiotic treatment which was originally suppose to be only 2 weeks and ended up being 5 weeks to 6 weeks at 3 times a day. Also I am on specific probiotic and a specialty compounded drug that is blended at a specialty pharmacy (i.e. you cannot get at a Walgreen, CVS, Walmart etc.) to maintain the balance. I have had 2 “relapse” for a lack of better wording, and had to go back on the antibiotics for 2 weeks min. each time, and be off my other maintenance drugs while I took it.

      I no longer eat white refine flours (typically very little in carbs/gluten) if I do want those I eat complex cards. Also I workout regularly which helps. No more high fructose corn-syrup in ANYTHING. (ketchup is a big one). It took about 4 months after being treated to starting feeling 100% and it is not always perfect, I feel bloated today, but I can live my life normal again which I wasn’t even able to work at one point because the pain was too bad. If you want additional details please feel free to email me.

      • Im experiencing the same symptoms Tiffany . I have been on Xifaxan for 2 weeks and prior to that I started then stopped and started again . I am not having any luck with the Gastroenteroligist and cant take the pain, weakness, tiredness. and always feeling sick.

        • Michelle,

          Xifaxan will work to kill the extra bacteria built-up but what is your GI doing for the maintenance of the bacteria? How is he/she preventing it from building back up? I am on a specialty compound it has to go through a specialty pharmacy and diet. I find that High Fructose Corn syrup is no good as well. Where do you live, like what big city are you around? Maybe myself or someone else on the feed could recommend someone else.

  94. Good info, but would be better if the CURE cases could be on a different post, as now many people just repost their problems or questions for a doctor near them

  95. Hello,

    I was told I have IBS about 2 years ago and have had stomach issues (abdominal pain/cramping, constipation, extreme bloating all the time) and am now concerned it’s SIBO.

    I am curious whether the course of antibiotics is a necessary treatment as I was on strong antibiotics last year (2 courses back to back) and am hesitant to put my body through that again and further mess up my intestinal flora.

    I have read an article by Dr. Dinsmore a naturopath practicing in Vancouver, BC and he talks about the use of herbs and probiotics that help. I am wondering what your experience has been with that and if there are some herbs you can recommend that I try.


  96. I’m testing for SIBO this week, I’m positive I have it, and have for 5 years. I looked like I’m 6 months pregnant. I have leaky gut, get stiff joints from eating almost everything except meat, and have a bacterial infection that my doctor wants me to do twice a week Clindamycin IV treatments to clear it up. My question is, should I wait until my gut has healed some to do the 5 weeks of antibiotic treatment? I know antibiotics are bad for the gut, so should I wait until mine is intact and the SIBO is under control? Or should I work on everything at the same time?

    • Clindamycin IV treatments is what gave me C-diff from surgery that I know have SIBO and have suffered since January 2015. I see a naturopathic doctor who got rid of the c-diff and now needs to treat this. Be very careful with the Clindamycin

  97. I was diagnosed with SIBO from a hydrogen only breath test (no methane) and tried xifacin 2 weeks. GI does not consider motility or prokinetic. I may switch to functional dr or nd. Anyome very good dr recommendations in Boston or ri? Anyone heard of treatments with Biocidin and oliverex? Pt iven my nd but don’t we as a suggested treatment.

  98. After a year and 2 months the Dr has finally figured out that I have SIBO! I have never been so happy to have something wrong with me! My symptoms have been nausea.. extreme sometimes. It got better when I stopped my Byetta which is a diabetic med I had been on for 7 years but then it started again! I got my LapBand deflated thinking that may be causing it, although I have had the band for 7 years too, that didn’t help either. So, my Gastro Asst ordered the breathing test for SIBO and it came back positive and I started the antibiotic this week. I still am feeling sick to my stomach, even worse so I’m thinking it’s the antibiotic but I’m still taking it 3x a day and am following the diet the l
    Low Fermentation. Diet . Stay tuned!?

    • Delight,

      How long did it take you to see improvements? Did you go off the low fodmap while you were taking it like dr. Pimentel suggests during antibiotic treatment? Do you think your sibo is cured? I just started taking atrantil about a week ago and I’m still experiencing symptoms. I tested positive for sibo and I think I’ve had it for a long time, so I’m hoping the atrantil will start working soon. I so appreciate any feedback 🙂


      • At first I followed the directions on the bottle, but this is what worked for me: I got rid of any competing probiotics and started taking one capsule of Atrantil about every 2 or 3 hours each day (for continuous coverage). I also took Oxy-Powder (a safe, natural laxative) right before bed to help with the constipation while waiting for the SIBO to die off.

        I was avoiding all GMO’s, grain, gluten, starch, dairy, high FODMAPs, fruit, probiotics, prebiotics (including FOS, inulin, lecithin, guar gum, xanthan gum, psyllium), nightshades, fibrous veggies. Sweeteners I used were Lakonto and stevia.

        It took about 30 days total for the SIBO symptoms to all disappear. (I think it would have been quicker if I had not been taking probiotics in the beginning, which were interfering with the process.) My days of constipation are gone, and my belly does not blow up anymore. Oh, and the extra 5 pounds that I had gained… those are gone too.

        Note: I am still taking one capsule of Atrantil before each meal for maintenance, as I am still working on getting my Crohn’s, leaky gut, hiatal hernia, and ileocecal valve problems under control. These issues make us prone to developing or redeveloping SIBO, and I do not want it to come back!

        • I’m so happy you are doing so well. Do you know what the ingredients are in the Atrantil product? Are they listed on the bottle? The website just says proprietary.

          • Atrantil ingredients: the company’s label uses latin names for herbs that have more common names. Sneaky and underhanded. So here’s a translation:

            The three ingredients are Horse Chestnut, peppermint, and a high-tannin herb called Quebracho. If you want to substitute a less expensive high-tannin herb, simply buy white oak bark in capsules (for example, at swansons vitamins or on amazon).

            The makers of Atrantil even say that the reason for the Quebracho is the tannins. Therefore, substituting a more available, less expensive herb high in tannins would perform similarly.

            And the other two herbs, peppermint and horse chestnut, are widely available for low prices.

    • Are you saying your SIBO is healed through taking Plexus product? Beside gluten free what other diet did you follow? Thank you, Sandy

    • Please!!!!!
      How can I get in contact with this lady (Sandra)?
      I am in dire need at this moment with many of the same symptoms and feel exactly as her. I know that she can help me.
      Sheila Morda email: [email protected] comcast. net 717-440-5776
      Praying some response

  99. This is all so overwhelming. I got a breath test today at the Open Medicine Institute. Within an 1.5 hours, I was at 121ppm. The nurse stopped testing once I reached that point, and said my high score indicated that I most likely had SIBO. The thing is – I have no gastrointestinal problems. No issues at all, except for minor, occasional constipation. What I do have is increasingly severe CFS and Fibromyalgia. It’s almost unbearable. I eat pretty well already, and can’t imagine limiting my food options so drastically in order to adhere to the FODMAP diet or even a basic SIBO diet. Food is the one thing that I can still appreciate. On the other hand, I’m nearly bed-bound. Has anyone improved their CFS symptoms by diet and antibiotics?

    • Personally, I believe CFS and Fibromyalgia are caused by mineral deficiencies and the need to detox. I have friends who have reversed their symptoms that way. Minerals help you detox and are so very important for us. With our soils being so depleted, I believe that’s the reason behind many ailments. Even Dr. Linus Pauling was quoted as saying “You can trace every sickness, every disease, and every ailment back to a mineral deficiency.” Most likely your constipation issue could be as simply as drinking more water. So many people are walking around dehydrated. We should be drinking half our body weight in ounces of water at a minimum!

    • I have CFS as well, and have been treating it with modest success using Dr. Myhill’s modified Stone Age diet.

      When I started the diet, I was having severe memory issues, exhausted all the time, and crashing hard after meals. I had to take two naps to get through the day. I would stay awake and stare at the ceiling because I was literally too tired to listen to music or watch sitcoms. The boredom was almost unbearable. I was heading downhill fast.

      Within two weeks of eating basically vegetables and meat, my symptoms were retreating. The brain-fog lifted. My energy stabilized. It’s been six months, and I feel WAY better. I’m awake all day, I am on top of basic chores, I’ve even be working on some music with a band.

      I still have a long way to go, though. I have no physical stamina whatsoever and have to take it really easy all the time. I think there are two main reasons for this: first off, my body is damaged on a cellular level. It can take months to years to repair that kind of damage. Second, I still haven’t found a way to kill the Sulphate-Reducing Bacteria* (the presumed culprits in my case) because they thrive on vegetable fiber and I can’t find any info about how to fix that. I also can’t find a doctor who isn’t an idiot about CFS.

      I can’t work in my condition and am barely able to survive on social assistance. Plus the conservatives slashed funding to the healthcare system so that I can’t see a dietitian. Without Dr. Myhill’s website, I probably would either be bed-ridden or have committed suicide by now.

      What it comes down to is this: Do you want to get better? Or do you want to eat cheesecake? Those are your options. After a few weeks on the diet, the cravings went away. It’s hard to watch other people eat my favourite foods, but on a daily basis I’m happy making the foods that I can have.

      Seriously, try the diet for one month and see how it feels. Then decided if you want to continue.

      Oh, and FYI, I had no real GI symptoms except for farts that stank like sulphur.

      And I probably got the overgrowth by eating too much soy. (I was mostly vegan for a while.) Occasionally consuming dairy despite my lactose intolerance could also have been a factor.

      – A

      *SRBs produce hydrogen sulphide in your body, which, in the quantities produced when you have an overgrowth, is sufficient to poison your mitochondria and shut you down.

      • Antibiotics didn’t help my SIBO. Only garlic. Crush a clove and let it soak in a few ounces of water for 15 minutes. Then chug it. Not very appetizing but VERY effective. Within 10 minutes you will feel the effects. Bloating goes right down. Garlic is a natural antibiotic, antifungal, antiparasitic. Stay away from all carbs and sugars. That’s what the bacteria feed on.

        • I would consider doing this, but would I end up offending everyone around me for the rest of the day due to bad breath?

        • Dawn

          Seriously — garlic? Can you please share a bit more information with me. Suffering for long time with SIBO. How long did you do the garlic treatment for? Are you still SIBO free? Do you consume all foods that you did before you got the SIBO? Million thanks!!!

    • Kim, it might be a good idea to get tested for Lyme disease. Many people with Lyme are misdiagnosed with CFS and Fibromyalgia. Lots of people with Lyme don’t remember a tick bite and many don’t get a bullseye rash. You need to see a Lyme literate doctor for reliable testing and diagnosis. Contact ILADS.org or LymeDisease.org to help find a doctor in your area.

    • I also didn’t have the intestinal issues but I was tested for fibromyagia, MS and other things. Once I started on the antibiotics I noticed an improvement very quickly. I went through some detox issues but once that cleared I started to feel like myself again. There is a mouth swab test that can be used which is more accurate for results.

      • Hi,
        I’ve never heard of the mouth swab test for SIBO. It sounds a lot easier. Can you say more about where, how, who can provide the mouth swab test?
        Thank you.

    • Gut bacterial imbalance caused me to suffer greatly from CFS and fibromyalgia… I was never tested for SIBO because this was years ago. I discovered a systemic overgrowth of candida among other things, and by sticking to a strict diet of ONLY meat and vegetables: no sauces, no sugars, no grains, no dairy, no fruit, no mushrooms…. but all of the meat and veggies that I could consume… with lemon juice and s&p for spices… along with homeopathics to kill the candida albicans and specific herbs to clear the dead debris from my colon as the bacteria died, I lost 20 pounds and felt great after 2 months. I realized that if I cheated on the diet my chemistry would go back to what it was and the excruciating pain would return, so I stuck to the diet… and just kept myself satiated… and I ate like a horse! If you believe the diets are too rigid then I would suggest that you need to do more research, because even though each case is totally unique, we ARE what we eat! I’ve been CFS- and Fibromyalgia-free for 24 years!

      • Congratulations for being CFS and Fibro free! That is encouraging to here. Do you still eat only cooked meat and vegetables, or have you introduced new food (i.e. fruit) into your diet? Again, I have no gastro issues, and suspect my CFS was caused by mercury poisoning. Do you think that one with no GI problems can still strongly benefit from eating only meat and cooked vegetables? Thanks, and I’m truly happy you’re feeling well. You deserve it!

  100. (I apologize if this post shows up more than once…having trouble with it)
    I tested positive for SIBO with the hydrogen breath test and was given antibiotics. They didn’t help at all. I haven’t gone for my follow-up visit yet but my doctor doesn’t have the best bedside manner unfortunately. Not sure what to do next, maybe try the natural remedies and see a nutritionist?? I’ll see what my doctor says as well but I’d rather not take another round of heavy antibiotics unless it’s going to actually help. So frustrated with the pain, bloating, gas, weight gain and feeling hungry constantly…which is not normal for me at all.

          • I haven’t seen this doctor yet but heard great things about him…and he’s the director of gastro dept at Cedar Sinai med center in LA. One of his main focus’ is SIBO. Dr. Mark Pimentel.

        • Hi Nicole,
          My daughter is a student in LA and I need a good SIBO doctor for her. Would you mind telling me the name of your doctor? thanks!

        • I haven’t gone to see this doctor yet because I have to get a referral from my current doc for insurance to pay more but I read a lot about him and he’s the director of gastroenterology at Cedar Sinai in LA…Dr. Mark Pimentel. He appears to be very knowledgable about SIBO and has a specific protocol on how to successfully treat it. I have also been hearing about the natural remedy, called Atrantil, developed by a doctor in Texas. I’m thinking of giving this a try as well.

          • Hello! I am a Kinesiologist and help people with their health issue holistically. I work in Laguna Beach. I carry Biotics supplements. They have a natural remedy protocol for SIBO that has been tested at Johns Hopkins with great success! If you would like to know more, please email and I will send you the details. [email protected]

      • Hi,
        I live in St. Louis and would love a recommendation for a great GI doctor. I was just diagnosed with SIBO, but have not been happy with my current doctor. Any recommendations would be appreciated.

        • Ruthann, I also live in Philly, and have a SIBO diagnosis. I noticed you wrote a little while back about an association made with a mouth sore you got, then Burning Mouth Syndrome. My BMS started the same way 16 years ago. However, I didn’t get the SIBO diagnosis until this past Fall! I’d like to talk to you privately about it. May I give you my email address?

            • Sherry I too went to temple, saw Henry Parkman. I tried to address sibo on all levels. I knew my motility was an issue. I had the smart pill, it said my digestion was slow. Unfortunately he did nothing for me. At the same time I took the herbal antibiotics, they worked. Also did the scd diet. Two months later it came back. I would up with inflammatory ulsers. Had it removed and biopsyed . I now have burning tongue and many mouth sores. I would love to talk to you. You can reach me at2678474496.

              • I live in Philly too, and also got not help from Dr Parkman. I have IBS and Sibo, also leaky gut and burning tongue. Have you thought of FMTs? That’s what I hope to get, now I’m just getting by, My phone number is 215-247-1419. I have yours because you wrote it down when you posted on 9/1,

    • Check out a product developed to treat SIBO by a GI dr in Texas called Atrantil. I’m trying it – just started – because I didn’t want to go straight to the antibiotics. Maybe it can help you.

      • Atrantil does not list its ingredients on its website, an irresponsible decision making it impossible for people with allergies or sensitivities to buy the product without being stuck with it once they see the package to see what it contains. Big thumbs down.

        • Atrantil ingredients:

          Proprietary blend 550 mg
          Quebracho extract, powder
          Conker Tree extract, powder
          M. balsamea Wild extract, powder (leaf)

          Other ingredients: Microcrystalline Cellulose, Gelatin, Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide, Titanium Dioxide.

          Atrantil website: http://www.atrantil.com/#_l_62

          • Atrantil ingredients: the company’s label uses latin names for herbs that have more common names. Sneaky and underhanded. So here’s a translation:

            The three ingredients are Horse Chestnut, peppermint, and a high-tannin herb called Quebracho. If you want to substitute a less expensive high-tannin herb, simply buy white oak bark in capsules (for example, at swansons vitamins or on amazon).

            The makers of Atrantil even say that the reason for the Quebracho is the tannins. Therefore, substituting a more available, less expensive herb high in tannins would perform similarly.

            And the other two herbs, peppermint and horse chestnut, are widely available for low prices.

    • This man can help you. His name is Myron Hardesty. His office number is 502-456-9453. He is an Intergrative Medicine Specialist in Louisville, Ky. I have suffered with SIBO for 6 weeks before getting to him.
      Having no clue as to where you live, I would contact him ([email protected]) and tell him what is going on with you, perhaps he can direct you to someone in your area like himself.

      Bet of luck beating this thing, its scary as heck.

  101. I tested positive for SIBO with the hydrogen breath test and was given a round of antibiotics. It didn’t help me at all. Not sure what to do next but I’m so tired of the bloating, pain and gas. Nothing seems to help…not exercise, eating healthy or those meds. I have yet to see my doctor again because I was out of town. I’m thinking I should see a nutritionist and try the natural remedy for SIBO??? Obviously I need to talk to my doctor but he doesn’t have the best bedside manner.
    I have actually been gaining weight and feel unusually hungry all the time as well. Both of these things are not the norm for me. So frustrating!

    • I too was not helped by antibiotics. But was helped a bit by a FODMAP diet which cuts out sugars and carbs. However since I take codeine for back and stomach pain I imagine it is preventing the motility I need to get better even though i am using eurythomycin. Any thoughts on alternatives to opiods besides pot which isn’t helping ?

      • Lisa Dettmer

        I am new to sending replies from this site but your comments caught my eye.. I am preparing a response with great detail as a response to your online comment. Before I complete this information I would like to share with your others on this site, it would benefit me if you can receive my proposed information.. As such, please respond to me thru this site. Thank your, Jeff Harris

      • Lisa,

        Please find an earlier response to your salient post. If you see my post please acknowledge and I will later give you details of my experience that may be germane to a similar experience I have and now proceeding with.

        Jeff Harris- Newport Beach, CA 7.27.15

      • 8.7.15

        Lisa Dettmer Lisa Dettmer’s Post of 7.24.2015

        I am new to this blog site and want to share my experience as it may help others and provide some beneficial feedback for me regarding IBS and central stomach pain.

        Over the past three years I have been tested with just about all the test known to mankind- all normal. The most recent was an endoscopy ultrasound (ESU) proving normal. And there is a pending camera endoscopy. I live in Newport Beach, CA and fortunate have local access to Cedars Sinai MC in Beverly Hills near Los Angeles. You can Goggle their GI and GI Motility through their Website: http://www.cedars-sinai.edu/ . My latest consultation last month at Cedars Sinai MC was with a renowned GI Motility specialist where he prescribed MOVANTIK (NALOXEGOL) and suggested I continue on Norco for two-months seeing him afterwards. This drug therapy was to determine if I had a narcotic bowel/stomach and motility issues.

        Shortly later I consulted with two pain specialist who would not prescribe any opioids but one did prescribed a procedure called a Celiac Plexus Nerve Block. My Norco use has been within the parameters not to exceed four 10/325 daily and I have used this at such a level for 7 years initially due to oosteoarthritis through a total hip replacement and later from the stomach pain.

        Truly through this saga of opioid use without abuse may or may not be the reason for my stomach pain. Because doctors cannot determine the etiology of my pain, the only thing they can suspect in opioid induced pain in my gut as generally defined as NARCOTIC BOWEL/STOMACH. I had no problem with withdrawal symptoms abstaining from Norco for six weeks prior to a breath test but only pain continuing in my stomach that I had to deal with.

        It was suggested, from an initial consultation with a GI doctor at Cedars Sinai last April that I have Narcotic bowel syndrome and later after a breath test proved normal, there was an additional consultation with a doctor at Cedars Sinai specializing in GI motility who thought I had as previously diagnosed, a narcotic stomach. He said stay on the Norco or other opioids and Naloxegol (MOVANTIK) for two-months and to see him in two-months. I later emailed him a question I did not present in the above consultation and through their patient portal: “That because of no improvement in pain or bowel movement quality resulted from my 3.5 months of a LO-FODMAPS DIET, may I resume a “normal” diet?” And he suggested I try and reintroduce slowly certain food groups previously restricted in a LO-FODMAPS DIET to find if I am affected.

        While I have adhered to a LO-FODMAP diet now for over four-months losing weight from 165 to 149 pound, I have not experienced any relief of stomach pain. My stomach pain is dull and constant only in my stomach while I experience belching starting early in the morning around 4AM and pain in my stomach. The belching stops in a couple of hours upon rising. The stomach pain wains around 3PM after taking 4 Norco pills between waking and 3PM. The specialist at Cedars Sinai, whose expertise is GI motility, thinks this pain and belching is the result of lack of “cleaning” of my stomach in my GI tract which occurs in the early morning while sleeping. This may be interpreted as motility issue. Naloxegol (MOVANTIK) is essentially a laxative I have to take daily along while taking Norco to further diagnose a narcotic bowel/stomach syndrome and suspect to evaluate GI motility issues as a source of centrally located stomach pain.

        Since seeing two pain specialists, none wants to prescribe narcotics and the last pain specialist said he will only approve a Celiac Plexus Nerve Block. While I see a nerve block may be similar to acupuncture, having a nerve block may null the diagnostic efforts using Naloxegol (MOVANTIK) and Norco concomitant. I will investigate that a nerve block and the diagnostic test of continuing Norco and Naloxegol (MOVANTIK) with Norco is advisable as together the drug therapy test may be masked by a nerve block not recognizing whether is beneficial in pain relief. I recognize that drug therapy as described with Naloxegol (MOVANTIK) is both to relieve pain suspect from a motility issue and relief of pain so would also be a result of a Celiac Plexus Nerve Block. So while I wish pain relief and use of Naloxegol and Norco concurrently with Celiac Plexus Nerve Block may give me pain relief how would be Naloxegol be diagnostic as one of the purposes of Naloxegol is to determine pain relief while I may experience concurrent therapy with a Celiac Plexus Nerve Block?? My local GI doctor in Newport Beach, CA does not understand my logic and replied: “Are you not seeking pain relief?” Is my logic flawed?

        There are two other GI tests suggested being a capsule endoscopy and a ERCP (short for endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography) that my local GI doctor in Newport Beach suggested while ECRP has been ruled out from the normal EUS results. The capsule endoscopy is mutually recommend already from the motility specialist at Cedars Sinai and my local GI doctor while I believe the previous tests performed and a psychological evaluation met with negative findings except that the neurologist suggested stopping all my meds.

        Test Performed – All Normal:
        Abdominal US – EUS
        Endoscopy US.
        US surface abdominal
        CT two with contrast, Abdomen & Pelvis
        Stomach Gastric Emptying Testing with Radio Isotope
        Blood tests
        Fecal tests and bacteria
        Bacteria Breath Test
        Hydrogen Breath Test – only lactulose (not lactose)
        Neurologist Evaluation- Said stop all meds.
        Maintaining a strict LO-FODMAD diet without apparent pain relief
        Esophageal Manometry
        pH 24 Hour Study with a probe into my stomach
        EDG: An esophagogastroduodenoscopy (EGD)
        Lipase Test: One of the causes of severe abdominal pain is inflammation of the pancreas.
        GASTRIN TEST: Gastrin is the main hormone that controls the release of acid in your stomach.

        Tests or Future Therapy Pending:
        Celiac Plexus Nerve Block
        Capsule (pill) Endoscopy
        Acupuncture (have to petition my advantage Medicare provider)
        Stool softeners – sometimes up to 5 pills
        Ducolax – rarely
        Saline enema – not very often – few times per year
        Magnesium Citrate not very often – 3 times a year perhaps
        Suppositories – not very often – maybe a few times per year
        Other fiber supplements – tried but no significant results- stopped
        Other drugs previously taken without benefit:
        Linzess 290mcg
        Various Probiotics including Align and VSL#3
        Xifaxan 200mg
        Erythromycin 50mg
        Amitriptyline 50mg
        Omeprazole 20mg
        Drugs currently taking:
        Naloxegol (MOVANTIK)
        Probiotic Digestive Care (Rite-Aid) 4 strains bacteria

        All the tests and drugs have not helped me or revealed any reason for my stomach pain or belching over the past few years while not any test so far preformed offers any clue to my stomach pain.

        It may be clear that I do not have SIBO; the therapeutic effectiveness of antibiotics may not help others with levels of therapy less than 550mg XIFAXAN for SIBO. I was prescribed 200mg XIFAXAN without relief prior to a hydrogen breath test with lactouse. To get a better breath test diagnosis of SIBO, it was recommended that I abstain from opioids and antibiotics for a period of time prior to my breath test. My breath test was normal and antibiotics were ruled out. I found http://www.iffgd.org

        Functional dyspepsia, the enteric nervous system known as the enteric nervous system, nerves in the wall of the intestines control how the gut reacts to an ingested meal, and they regulate the processes of digestion, nutrient absorption, and waste elimination.

        His research interests include the understanding of signaling by the neurotransmitter serotonin in the digestive tract; changes in the gut (enteric) nervous system in response to and following inflammation; and the mechanism by which smooth muscle function is disrupted in gallstone disease. (I may have this problem).

        IBS, SIBO and motility problems as we know can be difficult to diagnose and treat while I hope my story here may give some ideas for treatments and diagnosis for those whom experience digestive disorders. I encourage any feedback.


        Jeff Harris – Costa Mesa, CA

        • In very short. I’ve also dealt with what the gentleman above is dealing with for over a year…I’ve had a Colonoscopy, Endoscopy, and several other tests done. I was tested for SIBO and it came out Positive. Went to go see my Dr. who practices holistic medicine with the help of MetaGenic Supplements. He’s prescribed a quite Difficult Regiment for me, and although I’m quite confused, I do know it will help me some…Everything came out ok with my Colonoscopy & Endoscopy nothing too alarming aside from some Internal Hemmarroids, sorry don’t mean to be graphic…But other than that, everything is ok…I was very scared for a while of the unthinkable…But Since my SIBO came back positive the GI wanted me on an Antibiotic called Xifaxin….Which would cost me $500-$900 depending how much my insurance would cover, if they covered anything at all…I said Forget about it, because not only did I know now I was dealing with SIBO I also knew I’ve been dealing with Candida for more than several years, and Yeast overgrowth….So when I went to go see my PCM who practices holistic medicine…He recommended a Protocol that would Eliminate Dairy, Gluten,Soy,Corn and ALL Sugar from my diet including Fruits! Along with the protocol I would need to drink Bio-Active Silver Hydrasol three times a day 2tbsp for 8weeks! Along with that I would also need to take Candida Forte & Ultra Flora Spectrum which is a combo of really high count Probiotics. But since the prescription Silver was going to cost me $96 a bottle from his office I ventured out to my local health food stores and found a comparable product called Soveirgn Silver it was 10ppm versus the Argentyn 23ppm. I came back with my doctor with that info, and he said I had to be on Argentyn because its a prescribed strength…I grabbed a pamphlet from Argentyn, and another from Soveirgn Silver and they both said the absolute same things…I looked at the back and noticed they were both made by the same company so I called…I spoke with a Dr. they had on call and he initially said that even though Argentyn is stronger…That Soveirgn Silver would and could potentially also do the job! So that’s where I’m at, at the moment! I will be starting my Protocol today! And hopefully it works, and I will update after the 8-weeks! To see if my test comes positive or negative.

          On the Diet…I’ve been extremely confused….There’s a Diet for Candida, for Yeast, for Leaky Gut, for SIBO, there’s diets like Whole 30, FODMAP, Nigthshades….As you can see it can get a bit overwhelming, especially if you’re dealing with a number of things….In my case SIBO,Candida, and Yeast. Some of the ok’s in Candida aren’t ok with SIBO and or Yeast, vise versa…So how do you know what to eat? Because by the time you cross reference what you’re left with, it’s basically Protein, some Veggies, and salt! lol I have a dedicated Nutritionist that is helping me and gave me a handout/list of a Candida yes/no’s but obviously some of those I can not have because of the SIBO as well…And although she’s been a lot of help, I feel like she lacks knowledge in the SIBO dept, along with the other two…So it’s been a work in progress…I know that I will try my best and if I fail in some areas, or eat the wrong things it will be unintentionally, but for the most part I have a general understanding of what is ok to eat and what isn’t. Another thing I should add, is that I’ve started a Myers Cocktail IV Therapy. The DR. put me on it for twice a week for 4 weeks then once a week for 8 weeks…Please let me know if there’s any other feed back…I certainly hope that my knowledge helps some! Best Wishes, and God Bless!

    • I saw Dr. Patrick Nemechek in Arizona. He tests for autonomic disfunction which explains a lot about the always feeling hungry. He has me on very high DHA fish oil, 2-4 Tbs of US extra virgin olive oil, tad of flax meal (I use oil) and SCD or Fodmap diet. I saw improvement in stools and energy within a couple weeks. Still not 100%, but it was nice to have some energy. I took a backslide after two recent surgeries. Oy.

  102. Is the probiotic SacB safe to take with SIBO? I am slowing re-introducing probiotics into my system and want to ensure I steer clear of candida overgrowth but I heard that it aggravates SIBO. would love any clarity or insights on the best probiotics to leverage as a strategy to repopulate with good gut flora.

  103. I’m not sure if I have this, I know I have diarrhea and I’m overweight with eating anything sweet whether be fruit or anything so for the past two/three days I’ve changed my diet to SIBO diet, on the fodmap diet I still had diarrhea, after eating bread, pasta I feel yucky, bad taste of sugar after eating bread, and like a high and low of eating sugary food, I have celiac, I have a toe fungus toe, hopefully not tmi. Here’s the sites I found. I’ve been on this diet for 3-days and I’m hungry, I want and crave a potato. I’ve taken a lot of antibiotics in my love, which doesn’t help! I lived on a sugary diet and almost all sugary!


    Let me know

    • Holly, that sounds typical of yeast overgrowth in the intestinal tract. Have you heard of candidiasis? I would do some research on that if you haven’t.

  104. My symptoms of whatever digestive disorder begun differently than others that I have read here but I’m hoping I can find someone with a similar story so perhaps together we can figure out how to stop these frustrating and painful symptoms.
    I have been ‘unwell’ since January 1 although having many months to put some of the pieces of the puzzle together, I reckon this has been progressing over the past few years.
    I had a full GI work up-colonoscopy, EGD, esophageal manometry, pH monitoring, upper abdominal ultrasound, HIDA scan, barium esophagram over the recent months. All tests have been negative.
    I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis in 1995. I take no meds for this.
    My symptoms started with severe retrosternal and inter scapular pain. One dr. called it nutcracker esophagus. Soon to follow was dysphagia. I couldn’t eat anything besides liquids and pureed foods. Dropped 10 lbs in two weeks which I couldn’t afford to lose.
    Symptoms evolved to forceful belching, bloating, chest pain. I have had chronic constipation as long as I can remember.
    Found a functional MD who ordered a Nutraeval blood test and she diagnosed me with dysbiosis and leaky gut. I’m off gluten and dairy and alcohol. Not much improvement. Have tried taking Microb-x but felt so ill on it that I couldn’t work. She also put me on a bunch of other supplements so it might be the combination.
    Acupuncture is the only way I have pain relief. I go twice a week.
    trying to work up the courage to try Microb-x again because I cannot function anymore. Can’t socialize or work because of the belching. Obviously like so many here, this is ruining my life.
    Next plan to have breath test for proper and formal diagnosis. I do not want to go the antibiotic route since I’ve read that the chance of relapse is high.
    Good luck to you all and I will keep you posted if I learn anything new.

    • Hi, i am belching so much throughbout the day too! Its constant foe over a year, can someone tell me what this might be caused by?

      • I empathize with your unexplained belching. Unfortunately “Gas” is used in writing herein that does not define whether it is flatulence or belching GAS. Gas would be better defined as from whatever orifice it emits.

        So, I have belching that starts when I wake while in bed along with pain centrally located in my stomach. I had a hydrogen lactose breath test that suggests that I do not SIBO or need antibiotics.

        I am preparing a very comprehensive letter to be placed on this site describing years of past testing, future testing, therapies, results, etc. You may want to review this letter in a couple of weeks after I submit. However, I noticed you suffer from belching as I do and thought I would refer you to a Website of a hospital in Beverly Hills, CA. This is a huge world renowned hospital that deals with GI issues and if you dig extensively i