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The Hidden Truth about Statins


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Statins are the most popular drugs in history. Drug companies made $26 billion selling statins alone in 2008. 25 million Americans take them, and the number is growing each year.

One reason why statins are the best-selling drug category by far is that 92% of people taking them are healthy. The FDA has approved the prescription of statins to people at low risk for heart disease and stroke, who don’t even have high cholesterol. Two years ago the American Academy of Pediatricians recommended that statins be prescribed for kids as young as eight years old.

With sales statistics like this, you’d think statins are wonder drugs. But when you look closely at the research, a different story emerges.

Statins have never been shown to extend lifespan in men without pre-existing heart disease or women with or without heart disease. While statins do save lives in people with pre-existing heart disease, the effect is much more moderate than most people have been led to believe.

In addition, statins have been shown to have serious side effects and complications in up to 30% of people who take them. Studies have also shown that the majority of these adverse events go unreported, because doctors are largely unaware of the risks of statins.

I am in the process of updating my research on statins. Please check back here at the end of August or the beginning of September for a presentation with more current information, as well as information about how to prevent heart disease naturally without drugs.

  1. Hello Chris,

    Thank you for the video presentation regarding the truth behind statin drugs. After reading your articles I no longer fear cholesterol like I was once led to believe.

    However I have a question I’m hoping you might answer. I have been taking anti psychotic medication (Zyprexa) and Mood Stabilizer (Depakote) for my bipolar disorder. I am currently coming off of the drugs. I am aware of the dangerous side effects of the drugs, but one of side effects of the anti psychotic is that is raises your total cholesterol level. Should I be concerned that the drug is raising my cholesterol unnaturally? I am starting to go on a paleo diet in hopes of stabilizing my mood and prevent psychosis from happening again and have been consuming pasture raised meats and organic liver which I know could raise my cholesterol level as well

    I would appreciate any feedback thanks.

    • Also I forgot to add that I have sought consultation from a naturopathic doctor in my area. I am not just coming off of the meds irresponsibly but was hoping you could answer my question regarding the cholesterol.

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