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Why Changing Your Diet Is Always the First Step in Treating Hashimoto’s


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Dr. Kharrazian has written an excellent post over at his blog about the importance of proper diet in the treatment of Hashimoto’s. He covers all the bases: the importance of going gluten-free, why gluten-free isn’t enough for most people, how to identify and address food sensitivities, how to balance blood sugar, and how to deal with the psychological and emotional resistance that may arise when making significant dietary changes.

The main obstacle most Americans face in implementing dietary changes, as Dr. K points out, is their addiction to the idea of a “quick fix”:

Americans are infatuated with pills, thanks to decades of conditioning from the pharmaceutical industry. It doesn’t matter whether they come from the pharmacy or the health food store, we have a cultural fixation with finding that magic bullet. It’s no wonder—making genuine, lasting changes to your health takes hard work and discipline, the two last things you’ll see advertised on commercials during your favorite television show.

As long as this mentality prevails, we’ll continue to suffer from increasing rates of disease and morbidity, and our “disease-care” system will continue to buckle and, eventually, collapse.

Dietary and lifestyle changes aren’t easy, but they’re the key to promoting health and preventing disease. And that’s just as true with Hashimoto’s as it is with type 2 diabetes and heart disease.


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  1. Hi they say you shouldn’t have soy or corn with hashis
    Mostly everything gf has soy and some stuff is made with corn flower. Is this bad? What can we eat?? Thanks Im so depressed and lost on this new diet!

    • I think it’s easier to manage this by just avoiding “Gluten-Free” foods- those that are manufactured to resemble a product typically made with wheat. When I went GF, I started suddenly eating GF cookies, cakes, etc.- items I wasn’t eating much of in their gluten form. That wasn’t the healthiest option! When I switched to Paleo, where I am avoiding grains altogether, I seem to have an easier time. I am limiting my GF treats to those I can make myself, for special occasions, which gives me a lot more control over the ingredients.

    • I have Hashimotos, I’m sure I have celiac, I’ve thought about this a lot I’ve read a lot, I’ve seen standard doctors, I’ve seen alternative doctors. I think we autoimmune suffers are the yellow canary in the mine. My opinion is we should take the best vitamin supplements available. And avoid any genetically modified foods like there the plague. Can anyone say enough about organic, or clean water that’s not poisoned by our friendly government with fluoride. Use fluoride and glutin free toothpaste. And if you have any amalgam mercury dental fillings be very careful and have them replaced by a dentist who knows what their doing so you don’t swallow any. And also very important is probiotics I believe gut health must be healed, You have to take medication so you don’t die, but you don’t have to feel alone, sadly theirs a lot more of us out their. P.S. Wikipedia Monsanto. And as far as what to eat try meat , potato, and vegetables, especially grass feed meat, and organic vegetables, and fruit. Everyone wants to eat birthday cake try Betty Crocker glutin free cake mixes, they have recipes on their web sites that are better than any thing with flour, because they won’t make you sick. It takes a while to get used to never eating glutin but I got used to it, I tell myself nothing tastes as good as feeling good feels. I google glutin free recipes all the time, and my whole family loves them. And my meringue cookies are so good my adult friends want them for Christmas gifts. They were my grandmothers recipe, Meringue Chocolate Chip Cookies, Preheat oven to 350* beat 2 room temp egg whites till stiff, add 2/3 cup sugar gradually one tablespoon at a time till glossy add 1/2 tsp glutin free real vanilla extract, and 1 package chocolate chips. Fold in gently. Drop on lightly greased cookie sheet. Place in oven and turn off oven, leave over nite.

      • I have another comment, glutin free treats full of sugar and grains, are shouldn’t be a main part of your diet. If home made you can better control the quality of ingredients, if your healthy only eat them occasionally and in small amounts. Make your diet as healthy as possible. Such as organic fruits and vegetables grass fed meat, organic milk, at the very least no bgh ect, clean water, herbal teas, and if your immune system can’t handle glutin be careful with other grains, when grains are ground they become inflamitory, if you have murcury fillings, have them safely replaced. And take quality probiotics and vitamin mineral supplements. Remove as many toxins from your environment as possible. Especially anything you put in or on your body. Take care of yourself and care for yourself.

    • When I first went Gluten free I replaced wheat crackers etc. with Gluten Free crackers and other gluten free processed….My hashi’s got worse!!!…I saw they replaced wheat with corn….It is maddening….in most gluten free processed foods there is corn syrup corn oil
      corn flour or other technical names which really mean corn…Even chickens fed corn and steakhouses who advertise corn fed beef I ate and went into severe asthma attacks when most of my life I had no asthma…so i watch chicken and beef and only eat grass fed….Corn is genetically modified and we didn’t have that when growing up!!! I was vegetarian for 20 years eating whole wheat and lots of grains….That is what started my Hashimoto’s….diet means everything…I guess Paleo is the way to go for me …

    • When I first went Gluten free I replaced wheat crackers etc. with Gluten Free crackers and other gluten free processed….My hashi’s got worse!!!…I saw they replaced wheat with corn….It is maddening….in most gluten free processed foods there is corn syrup corn oil
      corn flour or other technical names which really mean corn…Even chickens fed corn and steakhouses who advertise corn fed beef I ate and went into severe asthma attacks when most of my life I had no asthma…so i watch what I eat chicken and beef and only eat grass fed….Corn is genetically modified and we didn’t have that when growing up!!! I was vegetarian for 20 years eating whole wheat and lots of grains….That is what started my Hashimoto’s….diet means everything…I guess Paleo is the way to go for me … after the allergic asthma I developed menieres which for me is caused by allergic reactions to wheat corn etc……….read where it might take 2 years before all is well and the damage that took a long time to my brain will take at least 2 yrs to repair the damage….From Atkins diet to vegetarian to the diets of the time Atkins worked best for me…I hope they do not find anything wrong with juicing…..I now have lost a lot of weight without trying just by going Gluten free…now I am trying to gain weight back.

  2. I need help, please. I have suffered from Hashimoto’s, untreated, for over ten years. Was finally diagnosed this year, but due to the fact that I live in a domestic violence women’s shelter, have no insurance and am currently (though not usually) unemployed, I cannot get a prescription (have tried) and have some but not total control over what I am eating. I am really suffering. My anxiety and depression are getting to me – what can I do to lessen my suffering? Thanks for any help, Melissa

    • Hi Melissa – have you tried applying for Medicaid for yourself if you are currently living in a shelter and have no form of income? Often you can qualify for this assistance in the interim. If you go to a hospital for help in this area, they can often find resources too. Additionally, have you talked to a social worker or case worker at your shelter? They should also be able to locate low cost or free medical care (they may even have someone who comes to the shelter!) to help you. Hashimoto’s is nothing to mess around with – I can’t believe you have managed this long without treatment. I wish you much luck and strength ~


      • Hi Kristina, Thanks for replying- yes, I have struggled and suffered awhile. I have been to two clinics- and yes, a Dr. recently came to the shelter and he is one of the ones who said I have to have an endocrinologist for treatment. There is free medical /dental care for the homeless – bu tis is ver very generic and basix. They have insurance called Access here – and I was told I could not apply because I have no children. Budget cuts and new restrictions. Yes, I have talked to a case worker and also a therapist about my frustrations. I think, my best hope is to finally get a job and get real insurance.

    • Armour Thyroid medication is not that expensive even without insurance coverage. In fact, its cheaper for me to buy a three month supply and not use my insurance card, than to use it. If you can get a doctor to write you a prescription, just fill it and pay cash.
      Good Luck!

  3. Diagnosed with Hashimoto 3 years ago. All Gluten tests negative but I dont believe them it makes me sick. My problem is that I’m allergic to ALL fruits and ALL vegetables plus add in Dairy, tree nuts and eggs. I cant even be in a room while they are cooking or steamed or touch them or I have to use an epi pen. No allergist, health & wellness or endicr has an answer. We have our own organic garden and just walking through the garden causes shock. I dont have a “go to” food like fruit. I cant get my carbs from gluten or fruits and veggies. Very depressing situation, battling each day. So I just eat minimal items and feel miserable or get sick. Immune system is getting worse…HELP

    • Hey when I first found out a year ago about having hashis and having to take levoxyl and cytomil everyday for the rest of my life I was upset….i would suggest staying on the medication, give it a chance to work. If you still, dont feel good maybe your dose isnt right. Ask doc to check free t3 and free t4. Being gluten free has helped me so much. Email me if u need more info

      • Thanks Cynthia. I have been on my meds for 3 years and they check every 3 months a full thyroid panel and its always normal. I have went Gluten free before but I cant stick with it because the only other foods to substitute Im allergic too. So I have a hard time getting carbs then my blood sugar drops.

        • Hi! Jodi, I am in the same boat as you and really struggling. I have intolerances to phenols — which are natural chemicals in most foods — and in almost all fruits and vegetables. I’m not allergic to them per se, but for some reason (maybe the hashimotos) my liver can’t process phenols right now at all and so I get very sick and have gallbladder attacks from eating most vegetables and fruits and lots of other foods like chicken, tea, chocolate. I find that I do much better with cruciferous vegetables than any other type — that includes broccoli, kale, brussel sprouts, and cauliflower. These are usually the only ones I can eat without a reaction, but sometimes they give me a slight reaction too. Otherwise, my safe-food is brown-rice. I never have an attack from brown rice, so I eat rice cakes, cooked rice, brown rice protein, rice porridge, etc.

          • Thanks Nicole. You are the first person who has come up with a possibility of the cause. Can we exchange emails and try to figure this out together? Your email gave me hope!

            • Amazing! I’m 24 and found out when I was 14 I was hypothyroid.. Not until this week did I find out its Hashimotos… I’ve always had a reaction to certain fruits and vegetables and until I broke out in hives everyone would think I was crazy saying that! Just thought it was a strange connection after reading some of these comments

      • hi i just found out i had hashimotos this year just 2 months ago and i really dont no how to trat it or what to eat specailist just told me come off my steriod meds when cam up here to work and my throats been soare ands till have the lump and feel shitt every second day and i wanna work out so bad anyway u can help me let me no some things be great:)

    • Jodi, look into NAET. It might be worth your while!
      The other thing you can check is cross reactive foods. Look at Cyrex Labs website, as they have
      tons of info on this stuff.

    • If you are so miserable, I suggest you go to another country may be India and try auyerveda. Sometimes envrionment alone will help you get out of these symptoms

    • have you ever spoken to your doc ab out infusing IGg, i have severe allergies and now take Xolaire and IGg. and feel much better but now to the Hashis….

    • To the person allergic to all fruits and veggies
      Have u tried the Naet allergy therapy?
      Some acupuncturist deliver it
      It helped me a lot on a lot of allergies

  4. Thanks for the information. I have been taking synthroid for about 4 years and cymotel for about 1. I feel so awful and I want to go off the meds and try to cure myself by changing diet. My doctor says dangerous to do that and she’s had patients who have got very sick going off them. I have been on a mostly gluten free, organic diet for about a year now and need to get off dairy. Can’t buy grass fed butter and milk here but do buy organic and don’t have much. Can I ask what the worst thing that can happen if I go off the meds do you know? Any help is appreciated.

    • Going off your meds is not the right answer. Your body cannot function without T3 and T4. Changing your diet isn’t going to magically make your thyroid produce more hormones especially if it has already mostly stopped functioning. What it will do is decrease the immune load that you are laboring under. You end up with more energy and a clearer mind because your immune system isn’t battling everything that is sneaking in through your gut. Over time it is possible that you may be able to reduce your medications but you should be feeling much better before you even think about that step. My experience says that cutting out the possible inflammatory foods 100% is way more important than buying organic. Try a 30 day trial with NO wheat, dairy, grains, or sugar and see how you feel then make more in depth decisions.

      • Kelli, Thanks so much for taking the time to answer and for your advice. I’m not having grains, sugar or wheat and will stop the dairy and hopefully see if that helps.

        • Yes! Kelli thank you. I won’t go off my levoxyl but will do a gluten free sugar free diet for 30 dAys straight and see how I do. Even if my nodules are still there I know I’ll feel better.

          But what about my nightly red wine??? Where does this fall on the gluten free scale?

  5. How does it feel being gluten free over a month? I have some friends, who are diabetic, and all I know for preventing this is eating gluten – free foods. Is Hashimoto the same with Celiac Disease?

  6. i am suffering from diabetes since 6 years but recently also found having hashimotos disease.i suffering from fatiqueness since its hard to choose diets. please advice me foods what to eat and what not to eat for these 2 disease.

  7. What percent of Hasimoto’s patients are also gluten intolerant?  I thought I read it was only like 3%.  Thanks!

    • There are varying statistics, but they’re based on inaccurate tests. Clinically the correlation is very high. I suggest all HASHI’s patients be off gluten.

      • I agree with Kris, I have hashimotos and a blood test and biopsy came back negative for celiac desease. But since I stopped consuming glutin, my goiter shrunk, and I feel better.

        • What is the difference between a thyroid goiter and a thyroid cyst? I have been diagnosed with a cyst that has gone from 10mm to over 20mm in five years and is getting larger now. Doctors want to remove it. Is diet a safer, better alternative?

  8. I just found your blog and I’m scouring it to the best of my ability to get a feel for all that it offers.  I have to ask one question:
    What reason is there for not considering removal (or killing) of the thyroid altogether?
    Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t really consider that, but I just have to ask.
    Jen- Concord, CA (diagnosed w/Hashi’s in 2008)

    • Lots of reasons, Jen, although it is appropriate in some uncontrolled cases of Graves’ disease. Management with supplemental hormone isn’t a perfect science. The body is complex and utilizes mechanisms for hormone regulation we’re only beginning to understand. Replacing the function of sophisticated, living tissue with a pill is much easier said than done. By the way, I will be starting to see clients in early October in Berkeley, CA if you need some additional help figuring this stuff out. You can contact me through the blog.

      • Did not feel jen’s question was answered. Why is removal or killing the thyroid not a wise idea? Please give more facts and details for those of us being told to consider it. Also, what are the dangers of having thyroid cysts removed?

        • I have Hashimotos & I no longer have either thyroid lobes. They were both removed because of large non cancer nodules, that were affecting my swollowing. I held off as long as possible when I had them removed (2 different surgeries) I have relatives that deal with trying to regulate the meds that I didn’t want to deal with it. Needless to say they say my meds are right but I still am not myself, I have now energy especially.
          I’m on levothyroxine & Liothyronine (cytomel). Which my blood test show my levels are in the range, but I still have so many symptoms of Hashimotos. In the end your thyroid plays an IMPORTANT part in your body!

  9. Gluten stays in your system for 6 months??? I thnk you may be right about the gluten. I avoid it mostly but notice the symptoms after I consume it and the horrible roller coaster begins again. I have hashis and am on bio-identical dessicated porcine extract but I think the fillers include gluten. Looks like I’ll have to cut gluten out altogether and request gluten free medication, which is double the price.
    The paleo diet sounds great. may have no choice but to try it.

    • Gabriela- where can I find info on Bio-Identical dessicated porcine extract? Is it the same as natural dessicated thyroid? Thanks-Jamie

  10. Paleo is short for Paleolithic, eating like a hunter gatherer, pre-agricultural.
    No grains, no legumes (including soy and peanuts) no dairy, no sugar, no artificial sugar, no additives, no chemically altered fats, no refined foods.
    I eat fresh seafood, poultry and grass fed meat and organ meat, lots of vegetables especially the colourful non starch ones, (but not potatoes), some fruit especially berries, natural fats like raw nuts, olive oil, avocado, coconut, and sometimes a little grass fed cream or butter, natural flavours – herbs and spices.
    If you can hunt it, or if you can gather or pick it – you can eat it.
    This diet changed my life

    • Thanks for the information on paleodiet diet. I have Hashi’s, just been diagnosed. I am having a hard time finding the correct food to eat.

      • Tallene, since you are on Chris Kresser’s blog already, I suggest you look into how he approaches “Paleo” and nutrition.

    • Actually there all MANY types of foods listed on the paleo diet you should NOT be eating if you have Hashimotos. Not really sure why that website is recommened here, the first sample meal listed there has items you definitely shouldnt eat. Such as tomatoes, peppers, flaxseed, any oils except for coconut oil, any type of nuts, all of those are no-no’s for Hashis sufferers. Just because its found in nature does NOT mean its ok to eat for those of us with Hashis.

  11. I have Hashimoto’s, and I’m a mess.  I don’t feel my synthroid/cytomel is working, although the docs, even endocrinologists, say my TSH is low/normal.
    What’s Paleo?

  12. I also have Hashis with no symptoms though – just sky high anti-bodies. I have been on a lowish carb diet for 14 years – low gluten and grains, maybe 1 serve day if that.
    It wasn’t until I went Paleo that my niggling issues cleared up.
    Now – no more joint inflammation, no more PMS or bad Menstrual cramps. Ganglion cyst went away. Weight more stable. No more mild constipation. No more dishydrotic eczema.
    Hashis is an auto immune issue – I’m sure meany other people like me have other auto-immune issues brewing even if not diagnosed.
    Paleo is awesome – I have just started switching my clients that direction – it is so much more effective than a diet with grains and legumes.
    If you have Hashis – go strictly paleo for 30 days – then see how you are

    • I have Hashis too and I did the Paleo experience for 30 days. I noticed a huge difference with my level of energy. My stomach feels better too. I am sticking with it!
      I am replacing milk with Goat’s milk, Is that ok? I don’t want to have calcium deficiency.
      Is riz ok in this diet? I thought all grains were out but I saw yesterday on a blog (in France) that they included rice. Is this right?

    • Hi – I was diagnosed with Hashi and Celiac. My TSH is 14.8; FT3-2.6;FT4-0.76; TGB AB 176 and TPO Ab – 12,666.
      Were your antibodies above 10K? I also do not have any symptoms and am following the autoimmune paleo protocol (no dairy, eggs, nuts, grains, etc), however, the antibodies (TPO) are not dropping. They were 13,249 in March and currently at 12,666. Could something else be driving the TPO AB?
      Thank you in advance for getting back with me as I am very worried and doctors are not helping.
      I am not taking medication – only supplements (selenium, vit e, zinc, copper, magnesium, fish oil, vit c)

      • JC,

        It sounds like you are hypothyroid. Your TSH is way too high and needs to be lowered. Natural Thyroid meds such as Naturethroid, Armour, etc. are what most thyroid patients find work best after being on a synthetic such as Synthroid. There is a website called Stop the Thyroid Madness that may help you as well.

        • Morning I have all the same problems with meds and food intolerences my endro jusr ran a new test its human anti mouse antibody (hama) if you carry this antibody you tsh come s back with false reading n you goibg on your free t3 and free t4 levels…

      • Did you say 13,000+??? I thought I was doing bad at 1000+ and TSH 5.8. I have been hypothyroid for 17 years, but discovered last summer my antibodies were high and TSH is elevating out of the range she would like, i.e., at least below 3.

    • I’m a personal trainer & struggle with weight. I’ve been diagnosed with Hashi’s. However my numbers are too low for meds. My TSH levels are in the normal range. However, I have symptoms: fatigue, weight gain, hair loss, sensitivity to cold, arthritis in my hands, sugar effects my body like crazy.
      I’ve gone GF and many of my symptoms have gotten better. I can’t lose weight to save my life. Frustrating considering my profession. I train 6 days aweek. Do you think Paleo will help with weight loss?

  13. My family has been gluten free for two years now and it’s made such a big difference in my husband and my stepson’s health. I haven’t really noticed any difference for me, though. I’m just sticking with it because it’s easier if we’re all gluten free.

  14. I have Hashi’s and am very overweight but I don’t have any digestive complaints – no gas, reflux, constipation, diarrhea…and when I did a saliva test for cortisol levels had no issue with the anti-gliadin antibodies.  Is it still likely that gluten is causing or exacerbating my auto-immune thyroid issues?  Also – I’ve heard that some well-fermented wheat may be OK for celiacs – would this also apply for those gluten-sensitive in other ways?

    • Gluten intolerance can manifest in many different ways, depending on the specific subtype of transglutaminase being attacked by the body. The saliva test is inadequate for testing gluten intolerance. Fecal IgA is a more accurate marker, which is why I recommend enterolab.com. That said, the prevalence of gluten intolerance is so high in Hashimoto’s patients that I tell any patients with that condition to avoid gluten. Even the best testing methods aren’t completely accurate, and the risk of exacerbating the autoimmune attack on the thyroid is just not worth it. Fermented wheat is not okay – in the studies I’ve seen, there is still gluten in it even after significant fermentation.

      • When my dr tested me for Hashi’s, he told me he could do the test for gluten sensitivity also, but, he said it was so likely to be positive (he was 99% sure) that he encouraged me not to waste my $$.
        If I understand it correctly Chris, some of the proteins (in gluten) that set off the immune response are so similar to thyroid tissue that gluten is probably the catalyst for many Hashi sufferers.

  15. Denise: I don’t know the answer to that question.  If I had to guess, I’d say addressing the underlying imbalances may stop the growth of the nodules and prevent new ones from occurring, but not dissolve the existing nodules.

  16. Chris, I’m a 46-yr-old female, recently diagnosed with multi-nodular goiter but have “normal” blood results (including autoimmune); needle biopsy of a large nodule which I was told revealed “nothing abnormal” (although my mom, who is a physician, said didn’t look like a very good sample as it was “mostly blood with a few follicular cells”). I have what I feel are hyperthyroid symptoms upon waking (racing thoughts, OCD, fast heartbeat, palpitations) and hypothyroid-related symptoms throughout the day (lethargy, constipation, depression, low Vitamin D, unexplained high cholesterol, long periods, hot flashes). The tightness in my neck from the goiter is very uncomfortable. My question is this — After reading your articles I’m going to try to address leaky gut, gluten intolerance etc. — Is there a chance that will help me with the NODULES, or are are those only going to go away with thyroid hormone and/or surgery?

    • Hi!

      My nodules shrunk once i went completely gluten free AND dairy free! So i believe if you are very strict , you can healh yourself. I also brought down my TSH(it is in perfect range now) just with diet.
      I was following Dr. Kharrazian’s book.

      • I too went gluten and dairy free for the past year and a half. My thyroid numbers have been normalized for once and my nodules have gone. I also am no longer taking medication and feel great! Having said that I am still being monitored by my doctor. I am just learning all of the connections recently and am excited of the results 🙂

      • That’s amazing! I didn’t think Tsh could go down with diet alone, I was always told it couldn’t!?! My hashimotos has been going on gor 5 yrs now, I can’t take meds, can u tell me what you did?

        • My tSH fell just from going gluten free. However, I think it took a good six months of being diligent. I am also dairy free.

    • I have over 14 nodules when I was diagnosed with Hasi’s. I started on synthetic thyroid medication (synthroid, etc.) and it did nothing for me. I switched to Nature Throid and ALL of my nodules are GONE! Don’t have surgery. Keep reading! Try the natural desiccated thyroid meds and give it time to work, then re-check nodules with ultrasound. You will be pleasantly surprised, I hope!

      • CD, I also have thyroid nodules…8 to be exact. I have been on Armour thyroid for about 4 months. Recently had two nodules biopsied…benign. How long did it take your nodules to shrink? Thanks. Doctor has provided zero info on how to get these things to go away. Ridiculous…

  17. Regarding Chris’ statement about gluten, I couldn’t agree more. I’ve known a number of people who have said they have reduced the amount of gluten in their diets, or that they try to eat a mostly gluten-free diet. But when an individual is gluten intolerant, it seems to be an all-or-nothing solution because just a small amount of gluten is enough to begin flattening the villi of the small intestine. Further, complete abstinence allows yesterday’s gluten effects to resolve tomorrow. If you eat it now and then, you are only continuing a cycle of negative effects without allowing your body to heal.

  18. My field is whole food supplementation, which isn’t the same thing as vitamin pills or herbs, BUT my contention has always been that to combat any disease or symptom, the first place to begin is with the diet. There is no substitute for the nutrients one needs from nature’s foods in order to address any health problem. Over the past twenty years I have seen “miracles” happen only by adopting a rational, whole foods, natural diet.

    • I believe Hashimoto’s can be cured by eating the right foods and eliminating toxins. When I was first diagnosed with Hashi’s, I listed over 50 symptoms. I greatly relieved those symptoms with Armour thyroid for years, but now I no longer take any medications and no longer have any symptoms.
      Four months ago I stopped eating processed foods and began removing sources of toxins from my home (flouride, teflon, chlorine, etc). I exchanged my soaps and cleaning products for natural alternatives (baking soda, apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, etc.), and they work better than what I had. I bought a good juicer and start every day with 1-2 quarts of veggie juice (kale, spinach, carrots, beets,…). I eat only 100% organic foods, and buy meat from a trusted butcher. I avoid all GMO foods (corn, soy, canola, etc.). I gradually weaned myself off of all my prescription medicines during the 2nd and 3rd months.
      I expected the cure would take over a year (based on others’ results), but I very much feel cured right now. Yet another “miracle” I guess.. 🙂

      • Thank you, I have a lot of Hashi symptoms , but it has not yet been confirmed, but im really sure I have Hashi and this gives me hope so Thank You again….

      • I would very much like to chat with you via email on your recovery process, as I have undergone the same methods as you listed and am also finding promising results. Thank you!

      • Thank you so much for your posting. My daughter is having issues with thyroid and she will be tested for Hashimoto’s disease. Thank you for giving me hope because I’ve been a nervous wreck. I have taken her off gluten, now I need to start getting rid of all toxins in my home. I find it a little difficult trying to figure out what to feed her but I know it will get easier.

      • Re Peter Smith and using Kale -I thought you could’nt eat kale or goitrens(uncooked) if you were hypo or had hashi’s?

      • Thank you soooooo much for this summary of healing!!!! This IS IT In a Nutshell!!!!! I am going to post this on my wall and DO IT!!!!! Thank you!!!!

      • Peter, thanks for the comments. Can you share how you got started with eliminating the GMO products and toxins? I am onto that now and I just learning about all of this. My goal is to have my house cleaned out in the next 2 months for the sake of my health and my family. Any good websites/links/books you can share would be wonderful. Thanks!

      • Thank you for posting this! I am so tired of taking supplements & Armour. I took myself off of the Armour about 3-4 months ago because i was having issues with my heart and they were relating it to my Thyroid meds being too strong. My MD was ticked off but i just felt like he wasn’t listening to me. However, I am now having symptoms return and i need other options. Food is one that i am willing to try. I need to do more research though.

      • Hello. I jave just learned I have H. Also. I am planning on going gluten free. I was just wondering if you would give us an update. I would love to know how you are feeling now that its been a year?

      • Read the book the root cause of Hoshimotos u will be bitter to learn it’s all started likely years back if u ever had throat infections from the Virus of strep throat the Root cause is this virus Epstein Barr which leads to all this and it can be lymes disease too which no Dr’s are looking at too

        • I have Epstein Barr Virus! and I always had throat infections in my younger years, child and teen years. I will be buying this book. Thank you!
          I will be seeing a new endocrine soon and I will ask them about all of this.

  19. As Dr. K said, 90% gluten-free is like 90% pregnant.  Even a small amount can provoke an immune response.  You can use gluten-free tamari instead of soy if you want that flavor.

    • Do you think tamari is ok to use when you have Hashimoto’s? I have read that one should avoid soy as well as gluten if you have an auto-immune disease but was wondering if that applied to fermented gluten free soy as well?

  20. Thanks for sharing the link. The post by Dr. Kharrazian is a treasure trove of good information on Hashimoto’s and how to repair the gut. I agree that we should avoid gluten and sweets if we have an auto immune disease.
    Quote:”This immune response to gluten can last up to six months each time it’s ingested.” I am surprised about this fact. Does this mean we should be 100% free all the time? I sometimes cook with soy sauce (with flour in it) so i am wandering if a small amount is also bad.

    • This is why GF is not possible. You cannot steer 100% clear of it unless you go live in a mountain resort and drink spring water and eat mangoes. And there are no concrete, long term studies that going GF heals Hashimoto’s…it may heal your gut, as in celiac, but not Hashimoto’s. But Dr. K and other chiro and holistic docs like him are making a lot of fuss and in some cases money over the gluten issues. I am not saying I want to lay in a bucket of gluten, but it is impossible to live gluten free. And this business of if you eat 1 gluten containing food and you go back to square one is enough to make you feel defeated before you even start. I gave up bread, cookies, pies, cakes, and all the obvious gluten offenders, but that is as far as I am going. Thanks!!!

      • I agree with you Howard. Avoiding Gluten 100% is not practical if you want to live in the world. Especially if you travel a lot. Elimination diets in general set the body up for greater sensitivity and stress when the food(s) being avoided are accidentally consumed. And the stress of having to worry about avoiding certain foods does more damage to the body than consuming it occasionally. In the 15 years I have had Hashimotos, I have found limiting highly processed foods, cooking from scratch most of the time, and eating plenty of wholesome locally grown food to be the best solution.

        • I was recently diagnosed with Hashimoto’s. I actually diagnosed myself then had bloodwork done to confirm it. I have had hypothyroidism for over 10 years. Over a year ago I started having an itchy scalp, then small itchy bumps appeared on my scalp, then hives on my back, legs, arms and backside. I was prscribed doxepin and they cleared up. I stopped taking it and the rash is back! I am starting a glutten free diet by eating no processed foods or anything with gluten ( I am trying anyway). Its seems nearly impossible, but I will try it to see if this rash goes away by eating gluten free. Any tips you have would be greatly appreciated.

          • Try Pamela’s products. I purchase them at Amazon & find that it can be cheaper. I also like Scharr pasta products.

            I hate seeing people rip a GF lifestyle when it can be easily accomplished. It’s mind set.
            Once I went GF I noticed the pain in my fingers from my arthritis diminished tremendously. I’m only 43. I was diagnosed with Hashi’s 2 yrs ago. I prob had it for 10yrs. Symptoms just got worse. I feel so much better on a GF diet. You can’t control 100% if the time, but you can only do what’s in your power.

            Hang in there… I’ve never had the rash issue, but had several others. I feel ya & good luck.

            • I have been gluten FREE for over a year. Hashi’s patient. My inflammation and pain has disappeared. I am 100% gluten free…..as hard as it may be, it is not impossible. Don’t forget about all the great fruits/vegetables you can eat! Trust me, I was the WORST carboholic ever. I do not eat anything with gluten anymore. If you say it’s impossible, either you haven’t done your research or you don’t want to commit to that lifestyle. I understand…it was really tough for me. But, it’s well worth it for MANY more reasons beyond your thyroid health and Hasi’s. Good luck to all who endeavor.

        • HI: I’ve had hashimotos for 52 years. Drs didn’t know anything then and maybe not much now. I did learn on my own that it was best to eat whole foods and as little processed foods as possible. Of course, I had primary lymphedema as well, and eating this way helped both situations. I’m very tired and sometimes depressed. I have a new DR who seems more knowledgeable than any I’ve had all through the years. I would like to know what IS recommended for us to eat!

        • Gretchen: I think you’ve got it. Eat only whole foods; leave the processed stuff on the shelf. Processed meaning everything in cans, bottles, bags, boxes, etc. I’ve had hashimotos for 54 years (started at 16). I learned by trial and error what you know. Doctors didn’t know and maybe don’t know now, but we who have had this for awhile have figured it out. Good days to you.

          • SOOO everyone! I am 74 years young and have been under a doctors care for almost 2 months for chronic health healing for hashi and fibro, etc. Have had a hard time getting over the sugar cravings and carb addiction. But have tried so hard to stay on the restricted diet of just meats, vegies except for tomatoes, potatoes (night shade vegies). I have fudged alittle here and there. Have seen some success but because of my age and how long I have let this go 25 years with my doctor steering me wrong, I wonder if I will ever get some of my life back. Love all your comments.

      • I avoid it 100% of the time. I have, inadvertently, ingested it a few times, and it wreaked havoc on me, but I do live a 100% GF lifestyle. And it’s not hard (as long as I eat at home). I have vast improvements in the Hashimoto’s symptoms. Not perfect, not healed, but better. I will never go back to eating gluten, because long before I was ever diagnosed with Hashimoto’s I had severe GI issues, which have pretty much subsided. I truly believe i had a gluten intolerance my whole life and eating gluten kept weakening my body to get me to where I was a year ago before eliminating gluten. So, yes, it can be done.

    • And medicine and dietary advice changes like the wind. What was harmful yesterday is not harmful anymore and vice versa. I cannot wait for the day they come up with vegetables and fruits are causing diseases LOL. That is a day I WILL REJOICE. Veggies I love, but you can have all the fruit off my plate.

    • What is up with the diet for Hasimotos! I have recently been diagnosed with Hashimotos. I am now in the care of a chronic healing clinic as of last week. They said Broccoli was very bad for hasimoto patients and on an internet site I read that spinach, cabbage and etc. was forbidden also. I have a saliva test coming back and my doctor at the healing clinic did not want to put me on a diet until the saliva tests come back. In the meantime (since I loved my green drinks) I don’t know what to eat. What I read here from all of you it sounds like all I need is the GF diet. Any suggestions????

      • I was recently diagnosed with Hashimoto this month of August. I am currently attempting gluten, dairy and soy free. I found a website living without.com that gives you alternatives for these products and more in ways of allergens, including recipes to make your own flours to make breads, pies, cookies and so much more. I am 28 married with a 3yr old I have found this site very helpful and can already feel results. My goal is 6mths free of all and then trying to add the things I truly love back one at a time to see if they trigger anything. I hope this site helps you as it has helped me.

      • Reading It starts with Food, whole thirty program…looks like a good place to start! Waiting on blood results for Hoshimotos.

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