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What Causes SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth) and Why It’s so Hard to Treat


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Reviewed by Vanessa Wong, MD

While bacteria are an essential part of a healthy small bowel and perform important functions, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth can lead to leaky gut and a number of other symptoms. Learn what puts you at risk for SIBO.

sibo info
SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) is a complex issue. istock.com/frentusha

The normal small bowel, which connects the stomach to the large bowel, is approximately 20 feet long. Gut microbiome bacteria are normally present throughout the entire gastrointestinal tract, but in varied amounts. Relatively few bacteria normally live in the small bowel (less than 10,000 bacteria per milliliter of fluid) when compared with the large bowel, or colon (at least 1,000,000,000 bacteria per milliliter of fluid). And, the types of bacteria normally present in the small bowel are different from those in the colon.

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Why You Should Thank Your Small Bowel and the Beneficial Bacteria That Live There

The small bowel plays an important role in digesting food and absorbing nutrients. It is also an important part of the immune system, containing an impressive network of lymphoid cells (cells of the immune system that help fight infections and regulate the immune system).

Are you at risk for small intestinal bacterial overgrowth? Find out what the most common risk factors and symptoms are.#SIBO #SIBOsymptomps

The normal (beneficial) bacteria that are an essential part of the healthy small bowel also perform important functions. These beneficial microorganisms help protect against bad (i.e. pathogenic) bacteria and yeast that are ingested. They help the body absorb nutrients, and also produce several nutrients (such as short chain fatty acids) and vitamins like folate and vitamin K. These bacteria help maintain the normal muscular activity of the small bowel, which creates waves that move the contents of the intestine, like food, through the gut.    

What Is SIBO?

SIBO, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, is defined as an increase in the number of bacteria, and/or changes in the types of bacteria present in the small bowel. In most patients, SIBO is not caused by a single type of bacteria, but is an overgrowth of the various types of bacteria that should normally be found in the colon (1). Less commonly, SIBO results from an increase in the otherwise normal bacteria of the small bowel. 

SIBO has been shown to negatively affect both the structure and function of the small bowel. It may significantly interfere with digestion of food and absorption of nutrients, primarily by damaging the cells lining the small bowel (the mucosa). Additionally, this damage to the small bowel mucosa can lead to leaky gut (when the intestinal barrier becomes permeable, allowing large protein molecules to escape into the bloodstream), which is known to have a number of potential complications including immune reactions that cause food allergies or sensitivities, generalized inflammation, and autoimmune diseases (2).

These pathogenic bacteria, whether too many or the wrong types, can lead to nutritional deficiencies on top of those due to poor digestion or malabsorption. In particular, the bacteria will take up certain B vitamins, such as vitamin B12, before our own cells have a chance to absorb these important nutrients. They may also consume some of the amino acids, or protein, that we’ve ingested, which can lead to both mild protein deficiency and an increase in ammonia production by certain bacteria. (We normally produce some ammonia daily from normal metabolism, but ammonia requires detoxification, so this may add to an already burdened detoxification system.) The bacteria may also decrease fat absorption through their effect on bile acids, leading to deficiencies in fat soluble vitamins like A and D.

What Causes SIBO?

The body has several different ways of preventing SIBO. These include gastric acid secretion (maintaining an acidic environment), waves of bowel wall muscular activity, immunoglobulins in the intestinal fluid, and a valve that normally allows the flow of contents into the large bowel but prevents them from refluxing back into the small bowel. (This is called the ileocecal valve because it’s located between the ileum, or terminal end of the small intestine, and the cecum, a pouch forming the first part of the large bowel.)

The cause of SIBO is usually complex, and likely affects more than one of the protective mechanisms listed above. A number of risk factors for SIBO have been identified, with some of the more common risk factors listed below.  For a more complete discussion of associated diseases and risk factors check out this study and this study.

Risk Factors for SIBO

  • Low stomach acid
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Celiac disease (long-standing)
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Prior bowel surgery
  • Diabetes mellitus (type I and type II)
  • Multiple courses of antibiotics
  • Organ system dysfunction, such as liver cirrhosis, chronic pancreatitis, or renal failure

Moderate Alcohol Consumption and Oral Contraceptive Pills (OCPs) Also Increase the Risk for SIBO

Heavy alcohol use has long been recognized in association with SIBO (3). This study also found an association between SIBO and moderate alcohol consumption, defined as up to one drink per day for women and two drinks per day for men. Alcohol appears to have effects on several of the normal protective mechanisms, including causing injury to the small bowel mucosal cells, contributing to leaky gut, and decreasing the muscular contractions. Additionally, alcohol may “feed” a few specific types of bacteria contributing to overgrowth (4).

Overall there appears to be a moderate association between OCPs and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) such as Crohn’s disease (5). Though no studies to date specifically correlate the use of OCPs with SIBO, given the known relationship between IBD and SIBO, it is likely that this association holds true for SIBO as well. However, once patients stop taking OCPs, this risk appears to reverse.

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How Do You Know If You Have SIBO?

The number of people with SIBO in the general population remains unknown. Some studies suggest that between 6 to 15% of healthy, asymptomatic people have SIBO, while up to 80% of people with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) have SIBO (6). 

SIBO is largely under-diagnosed. This is because many people don’t seek medical care for their SIBO symptoms, and because many doctors aren’t aware of how common SIBO is.

Complicating this, the most commonly used tests (breath tests measuring levels of hydrogen and methane gas) still have fairly high rates of false negatives (meaning the test results come back as negative but you actually do have the disease) (7).

The most common symptoms of SIBO include:

  • Abdominal pain/discomfort
  • Bloating and abdominal distention
  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation (generally associated with methanogens as Chris discussed in his recent podcast)
  • Gas and belching
  • In more severe cases, there may be weight loss and symptoms related to vitamin deficiencies.

Is SIBO Contagious?

Unlike many other bacterial infections of the gastrointestinal tract, SIBO is not contagious, and there is no evidence that exposure to any single microorganism increases the risk for developing SIBO. SIBO occurs due to a complex interplay of many different factors and is not passed on between individuals. However, some evidence suggests that there is an association between Helicobacter pylori and methane production, suggesting that H. pylori plays a role in gut dysbiosis. (8)

Why SIBO Can Be Difficult to Treat

Antibiotics are often used to treat SIBO. However, studies show that despite treatment with antibiotics, recurrence develops in almost half of all patients within one year. One study comparing treatment with rifaximin (the most commonly used antibiotic for SIBO) and botanical antimicrobials showed slightly better outcomes with the botanical protocol, but still with successful treatment in close to only half of all patients after one course of treatment.

These finding suggests that treatment of the overgrowth alone is not enough for most people. An additional piece of successful treatment must include addressing the underlying cause, or predisposing factor.

Though there are many identified associations between SIBO and other diseases as described above, abnormalities in gut motility are recognized as one of the most common associations. One study published this month demonstrated that patients with SIBO do have significant delays in small bowel transit time (the amount of time it takes something to move through the small bowel). This finding suggests that patients with SIBO, who do not recover after a standard course of antibiotics, or botanical antimicrobial protocol (which we prefer), may benefit from the addition of a prokinetic agent, which increases the muscular contractions of the small bowel. Octreotide and low dose naltrexone are two such options that are being investigated, and may help treat some cases of SIBO that don’t respond to antimicrobials alone. Other options may include prucalopride and low-dose erythromycin, as well as lubiprostone. (9)

As research into SIBO continues, we are increasingly understanding the complexity of this disease, and how treatment must be tailored to each individual to maximize success.

If you need support in dealing with SIBO, consider working with the California Center for Functional Medicine. CCFM offers a membership-based health transformation service that excels at helping people with chronic conditions make the changes necessary to reclaim their health. Find out more about what CCFM has to offer.
Amy Nett

About Amy:  Amy Nett, MD, graduated from Georgetown University School of Medicine in 2007.  She subsequently completed a year of internal medicine training at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital, followed by five years of specialty training in radiology at Stanford University Hospital, with additional subspecialty training in pediatric radiology.

Along the course of her medical training and working through her own personal health issues, she found her passion for Functional Medicine. She works with patients through a Functional Medicine approach, working to identify and treat the root causes of illness. She uses nutritional therapy, herbal medicine, supplements, stress management, detoxification and lifestyle changes to restore proper function and improve health.

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  1. What are the pros/cons of using Lugol’s iodine solution with potassium iodine vs Lugol’s iodine without potassium iodine for SIBO? The lugol’s without the potassium iodine that I found locally shows Lugol’s Iodine solution 12.5 mg & Black Fulvic Acid 70mg on the label.

    • Whenever i use iodine drops (lugols or nascent) i get a drowsy dazed feeling. even when i apply to my skin. when i take potassium iodide supplements (200 mcg) i feel nothing. any idea whats going on and why i feel this way?

      • I am asking which Lugol’s solution is better for killing off SIBO basically. Lugol’s with potassium iodine or Lugol’s with no potassium iodine. My practitioner gave me the non potassium iodine. Mother Earth brand I do believe.

    • Jennifer, there is no such thing as Lugol’s without potassium iodide. Lugol’s iodine is two parts potassium iodide for every one part elemental iodine in water. I looked up Mother Earth Labs and their formulation conforms to the scientific definition. You are confused about this. There is so much to learn about correct usage of Lugol’s. It is necessary to have selenium in the form selenomethionine at a dose of 200mcg a day to absorb iodine-iodide properly. According to a conference of MDs on iodine usage in 2007, other nutrients are also needed such as magnesium (not one that causes diarrhea). Magnesium glycinate is good for most people. Certain B vitamins are also critical. Many people also need zinc. Vit C. helps with utilizing the Lugol’s solution as well as helping repair stressed adrenal glands. Please join my Facebook page IODINE SUPPORT GROUP to learn more.

  2. Ive had 3 negative breath tests for SIBO and just repeated for a 4th time. waiting on results now. I have chronic bloating in my lower abdomen, struggle with constipation and have histamine intolerance, multiple food sensitivities, gluten issues and geographic tongue. I am now literally eating 6 foods since thats all i can tolerate. most foods, supplements, herbs, etc will flare up my tongue. if my breath test is negative for the 4th time is SIBO definitley off the table ? is it possible its candida? i have had several stool tests and they show no candida or parasites. but my bifido and lactobacilli numbers are very low. i also did a urine organic acid test and it shows high elevations of about 6-7 amino acids, elevation in 1-methylhistidine and low B1. ironically yeast and bacterial dysbiosis markers were normal except for elevated benzoic acid. Appreciate any insight. i have been struggling for 15 years with this. i was stabke for a while then after i took a course of rifaximin in 2014 i have had chronic bloating. i am also almost 30 lbs underweight

    • Jason

      I would definitely give Lugol’s 5% Solution a try, since you don’t really know what the problem is. Iodine will kill off a lot of stuff that nothing else will touch. Read my post above and think about it.


      • Hi Bonnie- thank you. My recent blood test showed that i have 50 mcg/L of iodine which is just under normal range. i dont eat fish nor. I have been rubbing 1 drop of nascent iodine on my arm a few times a week. the color seems to fade pretty quickly. however i get a weird dazed drowsy feeling everytime i do that. could i be allergic to iodine?

    • Hi there..have you had a doppler ultrasound?
      I had all the tests going as was losing so much weight..then i had a doppler ultrasound and they found SMA which is superior mesenteric artery syndrome which is a blockage not allowing your food to digest properly..
      Its taken me 2 years to find this and I’m still fighting for them to correct it as it can be life treating. A normal ultrasound will not find underlying problems like this..
      Hope this helps.

    • Jason,
      Investigate your house, work and car for mold. It can do a number on digestion and other areas of the body, so it could be your exterior environment rather than your interior that is contributing to your symptoms. Chriskresser.com has some posts/podcasts about mold exposure and the health effects as a place to start. One more thing to rule out.

    • I have a lot of those issues too and doctors all say everything is good. Finally I saw a naturopathic dr who did blood analysis and it showed I have a slow liver, and inflammation and bad bacteria in my small intestine. So on a bunch of herbs to try to fix this all now. I highly recommend a naturopathic dr who reads your blood. Totally different experience than a medical dr. Probably wouldn’t have found out about these things if I hadn’t gone, until it was too late.

    • Jason – your symptoms sound EXACTLY like mine! I was down to eating chicken, beef, and cruciferous vegetables. I went to a naturopathic doctor. Given that I was in SE Asia, we think it was parasites. I was given two rounds of Alinia, did some rounds of colonics, and used supplementation of probiotics, and L-glutamine. It took two months, but I was then symptom free. I then went to a trip to Germany for a month and ate nothing but bread, meat, and dairy. I came back and my symptoms returned (but not as badly). I am now being tested for SIBO (due to the recurrence), but am going to follow the same protocol.

    • Are they doing breath test woth glucose or laculose (sp?)? It makes a big difference .

    • Hi, so sorry your going through all this. I have a long story, but basically my autoimmune system is on the attack. There has to be an underlying problem, as many autoimmune diseases feed into each other, or hide within each other. Like Hi-pylori lives within yeast cells. Sneaky little bugger.
      Some things to think about if you have not already is parasites, hi-pylori, Candida, fungi, histamine intollerance, and of course the topic of this thread SIBO. I have been doing allot of reading, and there seems might be a higher amount of patients where if SIBO is present so is hi-pylori, and candida. So, in order to heal for one a patient would need to be treated for all.
      Also reading that each case is independent, so one treatment may not be the treatment for all.
      I really like this thread. Thank you all for Sharing your stories.
      I do not feel alone, we can get isolated too fast when we battle illnesses.

  3. I would like to try the Lugol’s iodine for SIBO but unsure if I should take it when I’m on prescriptions already for synthryoid, liothyronine, hydrochlorothazide, & metformin?

    • I think it’s best to find an educated functional med dr in your area to see u thru the protocol that’s what I’m doing

    • Hello Jennifer

      Metformin causes a lot of problems with our health. It slowly wipes out your B12 stores and affects the kidneys. There is an alternative called Berberine.

      You can take Lugol’s 5% Iodine no matter what prescriptions you are taking. I have been taking Iodine daily for 7 – 8 years with only benefits and I take several prescriptions.

      • Bonnie, I forgot to mention that the metformin is for metabolic syndrome not diabetes. Is the berberine more for diabetic patients?

        • Jennifer

          It doesn’t really matter why you are taking Metformin, since it still wipes out your B12 and affects your kidneys negatively. Why would the reason make any difference? You are still taking it right?

    • You appear to me to have mercury poisoning…mercury poisoning in the gut often looks like that. Could be vaccines…but my guess would be from silver fillings…many times teeth are worked on that have silver fillings and the procedures literally grind the mercury off the teeth and it goes into the gut. Broken teeth fillings are horrendous, acidicso in the mouth are horrendous as well. So this mercury also makesee the gut permeable…and candida flocks to it. In fact you can get rid of candidates all you want but it will always come in the eat it’s weight in mercury. The mercury will also ruin your natural ability to chelate the mercury…I found that gobs of antioxidants like non GMO coffee, etc really help get your glutathione working better to getting it out…work on getting that mercury out…and the bad news are the mercury tests are inadequate…if you get your hair tested for mercury and heavy metals and they find some…you have tons more what is shown for this stuff hides in your bones and tissues….it loves the brain and the gut. Kenisiology is probably the most effective way to test heavy metals in the system…good luck finding that who teachings were in western medicine…chelate chelation chelate…

  4. Can Lyme disease herxing cause your ileocecal valve to become irritated and inflamed? I’m doing an intensive naturopathic treatment of Lyme (IV vitamin C, acupuncture, magnet bed, and many other therapies). Throughout my 3 year journey of having Lyme and being sick I’ve never had stomach issues. Now, the past few weeks I’m having awful discomfort of my ileocecal Valve. I was told by the chiropractor of the clinic it is definitely my ileocecal valve and It is staying open and is inflamed. He did a hand manipulation and it worked for a day or two, but now the last few days have been awful.
    So, anyone know is this is common for the valve to become inflamed/stay open during serious Lyme/candida die off?

    • Hi Adam – I, too, have suffered with Lyme for a long time – While I do not know the answer to your question – I wanted to chime in to let you know you’re not alone! SIBO and Lyme is SUPER common, I think – and I believe my Lyme causes my persistent SIBO – together Lyme and SIBO is absolutely a nightmare…Just wanted to let you know I’m curious to see if anyone knows the answer to your question!

  5. Hi Amy
    I was diagnosed with SIBO and HPylori ! I am a little concerned about all this bacteria inside my body, as I do not feel very well at all. I would like some advice because when I ask my GI Dr’s nurse if I should seek medical help concerning all this she said it was caused from food and I have read several different sites that say SIBO is caused from other illnesses. I lost my baby brother he was 41 he had myelofibrosis which is a rare blood cancer and I lost my mom to cancer as well. I was 218lbs in July and now I weigh 170lbs I like that I’ve lost weight but I want to be healthy as well my nodes in my neck swell quite often and the left one hurts then it will go away for awhile then come back. I have a runny nose constantly sometimes on both sides but mostly on one side. Maybe I am just being too worried but I know my body and I feel there is something wrong.

    • Well of course something is wrong you have SIBO and HPylori. And your dr was right it’s the food you eat. Meat,dairy,starch,oats,gluten,protiens. All causes bacteria to bloom they feed off of that food.

      Do a 90 day fruit and juice fast. No you don’t starve your self for 90 days you drink as many calories as your body needs. This will detox your body also. Just Google 90 day juice fast.

      The bacteria infection you have creates all kinds of toxins and of course they go straight to your blood stream from your small and large intestine.

      Also look up dr robert morse on youtube.

        • Very true. There are other ways of juicing; with vegetables, spinach etc celery in particular. Google “celery juice healing benefits”. Some fruit can be added to juice for taste but more efficient and healing juices to get the body into a more alkaline state are those that don’t contain too much fructose sugar.

      • Matt, your advice is very pseudoscientific…. and far from what Chris Kresser himself recommends. What are your credentials to provide advice?
        Sandra, go find a functional medicine practitioner to work with to resolve your condition.

    • Ok the nodes swelling in your neck is a big concern. That means your lymthic system is not draining through your kidneys. Fruit only diet will make you alkaline and get the kidneys filerting again.

      You will know when they start filtering you pee will look milky. And don’t freak out once it happens you don’t have a bladder infection.

      I highly recommend you look up dr robert morse on youtube. He will explain it to you alot better.

      • Hi Amy, a fruit only diet will not make you alkaline, it does take a bit more than that and I wouldn’t recommend a fruit only diet. Start with fresh lemon in water every morning, have a look at taking apple cider vinegar that will also help alkaline the body and do celery juice (1-2 cups a day), you can Google celery juice or there are videos on YouTube. Take good care of your body. Best wishes.

        • I hate to tell you all this, but your body is not supposed to be alkaline. The pH of your BLOOD is supposed to be about 7.4. The pH of your urine or saliva should be about 6.4, which is slightly acidic. And please for the love of all that’s holy DON’T encourage someone to give themselves pancreatitis by drinking fruit juice only, Matt. People should eat very little fruit for the most part.

          The goal of good health is to balance the pH. This can be done a number of ways. I suggest you look up RBTI if you’re interested and find a naturopath who knows how to do that for you. It’s quite complicated and shouldn’t be done by people who don’t know what they’re doing. I don’t mean to be insulting but the information you’re giving out is not accurate and can hurt someone.

          • Thanks Gabrielle, I did mean to get the body into a “more alkaline state”. Most pH levels are not balanced.

  6. maybe someone out there in “SIBO Land” can help me. i am so frustrated. ive tried e thing. i have among other things full abdominal distention after eating almost everything. (only whole foods no allergen type foods) i also get a side stitch pain after eating ceratin things which i cant identify. its in my left waist. it feels like i am crucnched up over there and need to extend myself to get relief. bowel habits are normal, daily, and formed.. my Oragnix profile showed high levels of b-hydroxyphenylacetate and high hydroxyindolesacetate levels. my dr is suggesting atrantil but it leaves me worse off with distention. the other thing he wants me to take is Serplus which has FOS/inulin and maltodextrose in it. which i am sure i cant have…and a diet of 70percent animal fats!! which i feel like i cant digest… please advise if anyone has experience with this. i currently eat no… dairy, soy, sugar, wheat, gluten, grains of anytype, seeds, nuts, actually the only thing i eat is meat, chicken, turkey, and vegetables, lots of coconut products. and berries alone by themselves seldomly…i have never lost a single pound despite excercise and caloric intake reduction. but honestly i just want to feel well, I am eating high quality foods and i cant digest anything properly!!

    • Jennifer
      If you can find my comment here below somewhere written a month or two ago, I have posted many times how you can “kill off” all the bad bacteria using Lugol’s (5%) Iodine. After 8 miserable years I killed my Pathogenic Gut bacteria in 3 weeks.

      I don’t know how this website works, I can never find my emails and people that I reply to, just ignore what I’ve said. I think i will unsubscribe here.

      • Hi Bonnie, I am going to start the iodine again. I said to you before I would take it and I purchased it but then left it in my drawer and forgot about it but I am keen to try it so I am going to start it again today and hope to last 3 weeks until the holidays. Just so you know your messages are getting through. Maybe when people comment they forget to tick the “notify me of follow-up comments by email” box. Best wishes

      • need advice: those of you with confirmed SIBO would you stay away from FOS/inulin and maltodextrose? My nutritionist wants me to take the prebiotic but those ingredients seem counterintuitive. since my chief complaint is abdominal distention.

        • Jennifer, I wouldn’t take any prebiotics unless the SIBO tests are normal. Prebiotics caused me to worsen. I think eventually you will need prebiotics but not while you have SIBO.

          • is there any reason i cannot continue the atrantil and also add the lugols iodine therapy? is there any contraindication?

            • Hello

              I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t also take the Lugol’s (5%) Iodine along with any supplements or drugs. I take several prescription drugs and a ton of supplements.

              The Iodine does not interfere with drugs or supplements. I’ve been taking it daily for 7 years. Mostly what it does is KILL bugs and viruses and bacteria and fungus.

              What are ya waiting for?

              • I agree with Bonnie, I just wouldn’t take them together i.e. I would take atrantil in the morning and then the iodine an hour later or vice versa just so that they can both work most efficiently. If you can start your morning with lemon water followed by celery juice, then take atrantil, followed by iodine you will really be helping to alkaline your body. Wish you well.

                • Awesome, keep it up! If you can do the celery juice even better (google or YouTube celery juice to read up on it). Hope the iodine helps. Best wishes

                • Stomach/gut alkalinity causes SIBO. The stomach and small intestine need to be re-acidified to deter SIBO. H.pylori infection is a common driver of low stomach acid levels that lead to SIBO/IBS/GERD.

              • Hi Bonnie do you think it would help with IBS-D – I think I will try it anyway just found some at a chemist near me – Adelaide, South Australia. I have share your info about this to Low- Fodmaps diet facebook group they have a multitude of gut problems so maybe it can help them too 🙂 thanks for sharing – will keep you posted !

              • Hi Bonnie, if you’ve been taking the iodine daily for 7 years to kill off the bad bacteria, how do you get the good bacteria established if taking probiotics?

                • Janet

                  How did I get the good bacteria established? I never really thought about it, why would I?

                  Just as long as all the terrible symptoms were gone, I was happy with that. I take probiotics now and then.

                  Iodine does not affect good bacteria and since other body organs need it to survive, I stay with it.

                  Also now that there is that leaking Radiation in FUKISHIMA, Japan this past 5 years, everyone needs the protection from supplemental Iodine.

                  Did I answer your question?


      • Bonnie, there is a glitch with this web site in that the “notify me of followup comments” is after the “Post Comment” button. Ppl are going to miss seeing the Notify button.

        • Beverly – I am sure there is information online but if you read Bonnie’s message she suggests how to take… “I had no idea what or how to do this, so I thought I would go slowly and started with one drop per day in water on a Friday and the next Friday, two drops per day and then, 3 drops per day. By the end of the 3rd week at 3 drops per day, all nausea and bloating was gone”.

    • u can try and herbal treatment dysbioside and fc Cidal. look those up and maybe they can help u overcome sibo. it’s helping me,I’m also using oregano oil.

    • Jennifer,
      Are you sure you haven’t caught something else? I was in constant pain and everything made me sick. My doctor did a full analysis of a sample and found a bacterial infection (beyond SIBO). She treated that and still don’t feel great because I have SIBO too but I’m so much better. Will see her Tuesday to start new treatment for SIBO. Hope you feel better soon. I’ve been there.

    • Hi Jennifer,
      I am just curious as to how the iodine worked for you? I feel exactly the same as you did when you posted…hate the abdominal distention! I hope the iodine worked for you!

      • Try juicing organic celery every morning before you eat or drink anything. It has helped me with my gut issues. Good luck..
        Oh yah try to avoid white bread and sugars.

        • Bev – well done with the celery juicing, the taste takes quite some getting used to! Would you say you are fully better?

          • Yes but not fully yet. It depends on what I eat but most of the time I am good. I add a dash of salt and pepper to the celery juice and quite good☺keep me posted as to how you are doing

            • Jennifer – you could certainly try with wheatgrass but I’m not sure. It’s obviously full of chlorophyll so will alkalize the body and have many benefits. Cucumber juice is also very healing, however fresh celery juice is one of the most powerful and healing juices.

        • Thanks Bev for the info on the celery juice – do you only juice the celery (nothing else added)? Did you have the abdominal distention from SIBO?
          It’s been a very long journey for me – I have tried a LOT of things to heal the SIBO…The only thing that made my SIBO go away in the past was when my LYME Disease antibiotics were working and masking my other symptoms too…weirdly, for me – SIBO is a symptom of my Lyme disease….I am treating Lyme now – but the protocol is a much longer one…so I am always looking for ways to reduce the symptom of abdominal distention, since it is so uncomfortable…If you had the distention and found a way to relieve that symptom, I would love to know your thoughts! Maybe I should give the celery juice a try…Thanks

          • Hi Taylor, I am sure Bev will tell you more but it should be straight celery juice (organic if possible), a large glass every morning on an empty stomach. The taste takes some getting used to but the benefits… well just a google search will let you know. Please give it a try I am sure in just a couple of weeks you will notice a difference. Don’t forget to let us know! Wish you well

          • Just give it a try and hopefully it will help. Drink it first thing before coffee or eating. No sugar and eliminate bread. I know it is hard but will help.

            • Thanks Elizabeth and Bev!!
              I will give it a try starting tomorrow to see if it helps! 🙂
              Bev – I know that routine!! Haha…I’ve been off of all sugar, all grains (even “good grains”), dairy, and limited soy for a few YEARS now! My Lyme diet is very strict…In the past few months I have been very low FODMAP too…(I eat about 10 different foods total!).

              • I keep forgetting to say add Bone Broth is helpful to the gut as well. I buy a whole organic chicken and put in my crock pot on low for 24 hours with a tsp apple cider vinegar, bay leaf, onions pepper and salt. I drink daily 🙂

          • Hello

            This i s a reminder to use Iodine to kill off the gut bacteria (which cause SIBO) and be done with it.

            I have written about this so many times. Are you guys NOT READING my posts?

            • Bonnie, I am so glad to hear that the Iodine worked for you – a few comments up, I asked Jennifer if it worked for her, and because of a bad reaction, she stopped after a few days…I suppose just as everyone’s body chemistry is different – so is everyone’s response to one particular treatment. I am definitely considering trying out the Iodine since you had such great results! The SIBO I suffer from is directly correlated with the magnitude of my suffering in other ways from Lyme/tick-borne infections – I want so badly to believe that the Iodine will cure my SIBO, as it did for you! My current state of illness is complicated (more than “just” SIBO/Lyme: autoimmunity, heavy metal poisoning, toxic mold infection, impaired detoxification pathways, etc…) – but who knows – maybe Iodine would at least help my SIBO symptoms to reduce if anything…thanks for your message here!

              • Taylor – hopefully you try out the celery juice and bone broth and maybe look into Zane Hellas 100% wild pure greek oregano oil (86% Minimum Carvacrol). If you stuck to those daily for 2 weeks you should for sure notice a markable difference, although you may not know which is having a profound effect but given they are all natural (and organic) each will no doubt help you heal in their own way. Sorry to hear what you’re going through and hopefully in 2 weeks you can be on the way to feeling a lot better! Wish you well and please update us all would be great to hear how you get on.

                • Elizabeth – wow, thank you so much!! I have been doing bone broth diligently for about a month now…(and I add in collagen hydrolysate – Great Lakes gelatin, since that is supposed to give the bone broth an extra gut-rebuilding boost when added!). I will try the celery juice first thing in the morning!

                  Tomorrow, I will see my doctor who is helping me with this complicated case of chronic illness – so I will ask him about adding in the oil of oregano and/or Iodine to my protocol…(Just want to be sure it won’t interact negatively with the 30-40 other supplements I’m on!)

                  I am over a week into a SIBO protocol involving silver/aloe…I think I may be having a big die-off reaction (fingers crossed!) b/c the distention is even worse this week and I feel flu-ey/run-down! I will also let you know about whether this protocol works in 1-5 weeks time! Not sure how much longer he’ll want me to stay on the high-dosage of silver/aloe…

                  For anyone on here who also has Lyme with SIBO – I think Lyme Disease/coinfections (I have Babesia/Bartonella) affect the Enteric nervous system (the branch of the autonomic nervous system around the gut) – This interferes with the peristalis of the intestines…allowing the SIBO to grow! (When the antibiotics for Lyme/Bab/Bart were “working” temporarily when I first started them – the SIBO went 100% away! As soon as the antibiotics for Lyme/Bab/Bart stopped working – the SIBO came 200% back!) – Included this in case anyone is searching this thread for anybody else suffering from both Lyme/SIBO…You’re not alone!

              • Are you not taking the companion nutrients? If you aren’t, just throw your lugol’s into the toilet. Because you HAVE TO TAKE THEM. You can’t take Lugol’s without ATP Cofactors (B2/B3), magnesium, Vit C (supplemental, not from lemons alone), mineral salt, selenium, etc. This is why Iodine doesn’t seem to work for people. The cofactors help you absorb it and detox smoothly. You’re a human, so it works. You need it. But you can’t just take it alone, a few drops in your coffee, and expect miracles. Learn about the cofactors through Dr. Brownstein. According to him, you need to take 50mg for SIX MONTHS to reach saturation. I know I am nowhere NEAR saturation, because I’ve only used it in a flimsy way, here and there. Now that I have SIBO, I’m doubling down and no longer flirting with iodine. Transdermal applications are also really powerful if you use them with magnesium oil.

              • Taylor
                Don’t make this so complicated that you’re afraid to even try it.

                Iodine KILLS bacteria and that is all you need to know.

                Doctors have not learned about this way of killing bacteria.

                We all write into Blogs like this one to learn.

                Don’t be afraid. Go for it.

      • I didn’t give it much chance my face swelled up like a puffer fish for 3+ days I e since been investigating mast cell and histamine intolerance , it’s been quite a long journey.. still not there yet

        • Thanks for your reply, Jennifer! Sorry to hear you are still struggling. Do you still have the distention? Have you found anything to relieve that symptom? It’s the worst! I feel like I have a bowling ball in my gut 24/7….

        • For mast Cell and Histamine Intolerance get yourself some DAO digestive enzyme from Umbrullex.com

        • Histamine intolerance is very common in people with SIBO, I get facial swelling whenever I get DIE-OFF. So maybe the Iodine was actually working for you.

  7. I’ve had a NASTY sulfur taste in the back of my mouth since I was young. Has interfered w my life tremendously.
    I tested for stomach bacteria and have helibactor bacteria in my stomach. Large amounts. Not sure if it has any relevance to SIBO??
    If not anyone have any suggestions on how to get rid of this taste?
    I’ve had tonsils out, many dentist visits, ear nose throat doctors. No one can help me.

  8. I had gallbladder surgery on August 29, 2016. I figured after my surgery I would be on the road to recovery and feeling much better. But I still feel like I am five months pregnant. Every time I eat I have diarrhea. I just saw inside addition on TV and the newscaster had the same symptoms of feeling bloated and he was diagnosed with SIBO. I am making an appointment tomorrow with my doctor. I found this threat and started reading the symptoms and was floored. I am sure this is what I have. Hoping that I do not have to go through lots of testing. Thank you for sharing your experiences. Very helpful.

  9. I have not been tested for divorce but I recently saw a G.I specialist for the second time with in 10 years and had an endoscopy done due to constant gas, bloating, nausea and severe heartburn. My results all came back negative except for some swelling in my intestines. A week after my surgery I have been dealing with severe bloating, gas, vomiting, dhiarria, low blood pressure, loss of appetite, and nausea. I’ve spoken to my doctor and he advised me to take a pregnancy test which I did and it also came back negative. The symptoms are getting worse and doctors can’t find an explanation.

  10. I have had constant diarrhea for about 15 years. It has progressively gotten worse where I am a prison to my house. Went to my first Gastro doc about 10 years ago. He gave me Cholestromine. A packet that you mix with water and take 2 times a day. That helped some for a few years and now my diarrhea has gotten worse. Went back, he just kept increasing the dosages so I figured i was doomed. Decided a few months ago I would try another Gastro Doc. My diarrhea has gotten out of control mostly at night. I am having accidents at night mainly and don’t get much sleep. I have to wear depends every night and change them often. My second Doctor gave my some Flagyl to take for 2 weeks. Miraculously the diarrhea stopped. Once I finished the prescription, after a few days, it started back up again. Did another 2 weeks worth of Flagyl. Same thing. Stopped then started. Then he gave my some Viberzi. That worked the first two days, but then I had to take immodium with it. 2 in the morning and 2 at night with one Viberzi. Diarrhea is still happening at night alot! My girlfriend encouraged me to try her Gastro guy. I went late October. He did blood test, stool test, an x=ray of my small intestines, an Endoscopy test. All test results normal. Checked for Celiac disease. I have a colonoscopy scheduled for 12-2. Not looking forward to the prep since I have so much diarrhea. He told me to stop the Viberzi since he didn’t think it was helping. Did that. But had to start taking up 12 to 14 immodium sometimes more in a 24 hour period just to stay out of the bathroom. I finally called and said can’t you give me something! He called some Xifaxin. It worked two straight days, and I am back to taking 6 to 8 immodium a day with this prescription. HELP!

    • Sounds like either a serious food allergy or parasite. Assuming uve tried removing certain foods or ingredients from your diet for weeks at a time and had no success, Id recommend seeing Dr Kevin Cahill in NYC, probably the foremost parasitologist in the country. Normally a heavy dose of antibiotics is not ideal due to its napalm-like effects on the good bacteria in your gut, but given the longevity of your case Id assume there isn’t much to speak of in there. If there is a parasite, he will find what species it is and give u the appropriate medication (Flagyl may have just been the wrong type for your particular case). Id visit him, take the proper meds, then focus on the traditional ways to build your immune system back up to prevent any relapses.

    • What about organic apple cider vinegar? It is very good for the stomach, for digestion, for GERD, and a whole lot more. Read The Many Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar. I take it everyday as much as possible and it has strengthen my stomach. It’s good for food poisoning and diarrhea. I would also suggest take a lot of probiotic. It also takes care of my aches and pains associated with arthritis.

    • I have C-diff. My symptoms were explosive, foul smelling diarrhea, and exhaustion. It took several blood tests, stomach scan and x-ray, I was prescribed Flagyl, 2 rounds…didn’t work. In/out of hospital twice. Finally, Dr. prescribed Vancomycin, 2 rounds. So far, so good. Good luck !!!!!!!!!

    • Have you tried Diatomaceous Earth? It’s great for parasites. Look for foodgrade variety. It has helped many people…

    • Jordan Rubin with ‘Garden of Life’ Company in Florida was very sick and traveled all over the country in a wheel chair with severe case of diarrhea – losing weight beyond control. His father was a chiropractor and got him started on ‘Soil Based Organisms’. Now they call it a different name. It is plant based organisms. He was a tall very thin young college student that no body could help. He is alive, well and runs the very successful company today. He has married and has children and is the picture of such vibrant health. He believes in an all plant diet. He teaches the Biblical way for eating. Which now reminds me that I started taking them 20 years ago myself, I would get such die-off and I would call the company and spoke with Ramey, she was the one in the small business they started out with back then ( every health store has that line on their shelves today) where I purchased them, not on any store shelves then, she told me that showed that I really needed them and to take small amounts of it, break open the capsule and take a few grains at a time. It worked slowly, but like everything else I do, I feel better and move on. Today I am dealing with the Lyme’s too, and it seems after 4 colon surgeries, I have more trouble than I know what to do with. I think it could be SIBO now. I am going to start those products again. Along with hydrochloric acid to get the stomach more acidic. My whole system is very acidic, I feel lack of energy most of the time, headaches, always feel worse after eating. I am sure I have mold, heavy metals, Candida overgrowth, severe skin problems, and also was told 25 years ago by Dr. Sherry Rogers from N.Y. state that my detox pathways were blocked. So there you have it, it is a catch 22 no mater what you try and do. I take the Nascent Iodine – 3 drops a day and Humic/Fulvic Acid also. It is very costly to be sick all the time, I really don’t want to go to the Medical Doctors, they will only want to place me on Prescription drugs, I can’t afford the side affects they give me. God has the natural remedies to heal our bodies, we just have to keep searching and ask Him for guidance.
      Thanks and hope that this post can help some one who is suffering, there is hope, just keep looking up and trusting the Divine Healer for guidance.

  11. Thank you for this article, others, and your podcasts! I’ve been struggling with gut and skin issues for a while, and I’m curious if you have any recommendations for practitioners in Boulder or Denver, CO or anywhere near Gunnison, CO? I’d love to work with someone who has a functional medicine approach, LAc or ND. Thanks!

    • Dr Gerard Guillory. Denver
      Doctor that uses natural prescriptions-refferal from friend of mine.
      Specialty is gastric/SIBO etc.

  12. I just replied to Sam today (Nov 16th) and I think I typed in my
    Email address incorrectly. HELP.

  13. I am desperate for some help, I have been back and forth to the docs, been prescribed a number of meds for ibs but what I feel what I am experiencing matches sibo, as soon as I eat anything my stomach starts producing massive amounts of gas. It feels like it’s filling every inch of my body and I’m sorry I feel too much info but it is absolutely putrid. It’s like pure sulphur almost like bleach! On top of this my oesophagus (I think) tightens so under my rib in my stomach area feels like a brick! The gas makes me feel toxic and dirty and I just don’t want to eat anymore. I’m trying to hold down a job, I won’t move in with my partner because of it, it’s like a dirty secret and I honestly would have my bowel removed if I could. I’ve tried charcoal tablets, digestive enzymes, peppermint and probiotics, any relief is short lived. I am at my wits end and am going back to the docs tomorrow, I’d like to point out the tests I’d like to see I feel I have Sibo but have no idea what to ask for. Any advice would be appreciated, I really am at my wits end

    • You may want to look into Atrantil which is available from Amazon or directly from their website. It has helped me tremedously with my SIBO symptoms (not officially diagnosed) and decreased my bloating and the water retention I would get in my legs.

        • did you get alot worse on the atrantil before you got better? i feel it gives me immediate almost unbearable abdominal distention. (whereas everything i eat gives me moderate distention!!)

    • How. Can I make a comment on this subject other than a reply. I suffer from my urine smelling of strong ammonia also it as bleached my underwear if I have a little urine spill. I have many times asked my doctor with no explanations. Is this a sign of Sibo. I would love to know. I have autoimmune problems such as pernicious anemia where I have to have B12 injections because I do not absorb through my stomach also Hashimoto’s under active Thyroid.
      And sorry for using the reply for my question. I could not see how to participate in this conversation. Even after pressing the join the conversation link it did not work.

      Many thanks

      • Please get LYME & Coinfections [bartonella,babesia,mycoplasma,erhlichia,rickettsia, anaplasma] testing. Igenix or http://www.mdlab.com do best quality testing. Notorious for producing massive amounts of ammonia. Also stay away from fluoroquinolone antibiotics[ Levaquin ,Cipro,Avelox,Factive etc] as they ALTER THE DNA OF YOUR GUT BACTERIA AT THE POINT OF REPLICATION. Can also cause YOUR DNA to mutate. I can no longer eat any high sulfur foods as my gut converts to ammonia instead of methionine.

  14. I’ve read a comment in connection with Magnesium citrat. It tells that Magnesium Citrat using in daily basis increase the number of citrobacter in a huge amount. I use Calm (4 mg Magnesium Citrat) every day against constipation but I have SIBO also. It is true?? Thanks for your answer!

  15. My sister (died in 2012 due to nursing home injury) had this extreme problem for about five years. All types of invasive and other tests were done in and out of the hospital but no one ever tried the breath test. Not until GI doctors at a UPMC hospital in Pittsburgh (Dr. Arnold and Bender) tried another test which was a breath test and found she had SIBO. They put her on Rifaximin but her brain injury from a medication error happened a week later. One nurse noted she seemed to be having a better stool on the night before this happened and she was actually feeling full after her evening meal. It’s such a shame what she went through for all those years with SIBO and she couldn’t even live a normal life with continuous diarrhea. The comments some people made hurt her so bad and I always felt it was such a shame that none of the previous doctors tried this one test in all those years. This condition caused numerous other medical problems also and then with kidney failure (they say from her diabetes) things just got worse. People just don’t understand what SIBO patients actually go through so thanks for helping these people.

    • The last place you want help from is Western medicine. Antibiotics don’t work all they is damage the intestines and make your condition worse.

      Want proof search on youtube for fruit only diet cured my siBo. Countless people have made videos showing it does.

      It fact fruit only diet will cure all most everything. Unless it is very advanced. Think if it this way western medicine is not interested in a cure unless it makes billions of dollars.

      Look at cancer trillions of dollars is earned a year you think they really want to find a cure for that? Not that they could because people are to acidic and they need a fruit only alkaline diet tO clear out the lymthic system.

      As for sibo diet play a huge roll because anything else you eat besides fruit causes purification wicth means you are feed the bacteria.

      And as for me? Well I have autoimmune lupus. Nothing western medicine can do for but that is fine. Since I have eaten nothing BUT fruits I’m close to systom free after just 3 weeks.

      And no don’t believe but I need 200 grams of protein a day and 80 grams of fat. Nope not true and no proof for them claims ether.

  16. I do not know what I have but I will tell my story. It started with a mouth infection, I had not gotten my teeth cleaned in 20 years.

    There was so much plauge it showed up on dental xrays. That’s when my brain fog and fatigue started. didn’t get my gums fixed and whent on antibiotics.

    That’s when all hell broke lose bloating and joint pain horrible brain fog fatigue ect ect fast forward 9 years still dealing with it.

    Just now putting the picture together as I have finally gotten rid of the brain fog by detoxing with ozonated water and dmso.

    Colostrum has helped me the most. It improves your immune system and helps the wall of the small intestine.

    As for my mouth infection I have finally gotten rid of all the plague but I know the infection is still there.

    If you want to improve your immune system and fight infection. Look into ozone introvenus or hydrogen proxoide introvenus treatment.

    Can also try ozonated water and do gut flushes with oxy powder.

    • I have a friend who has been losing all his teeth, he was a hobo and alcoholic during his teens and 20s and never brushed his teeth. Now, in his 40s, his teeth are falling out one by one even though he’s been taking care of them for 15 years. After learning about Weston A. Price and reading the book the Calcium Paradox, I suggested he take MK7 (a type of K2). It is helping! For the last year his remaining teeth have gotten better! Also bone broth is very healing for the intestines.

  17. My Son is now 32, has been losing weight since he was 15 yrs old having been placed on penicillin for ‘life’ by a ‘creditable doctor, to treat recurring infections he suffered after any cut/scrapes to the skin. He already had osteopena, thinning hair and skin, cause unknown. He stopped the penicillin himself but now has little strength and weighs 6stone 9 on a good day. It was discovered he lacked certain enzymes which he now takes replacements for. He eats like a horse and has a good diet though it contains sugars and yeast. I cannot try diets recommended as we cannot afford for him to lose more weight. He has tests for bacterial overgrowth which were positive though no treatment was offered. His muscles are practically non existant, he is so thin. He works like a trojan and wont give in to this but i need help with killing the bad bacteria and increasing his weight. Can you help as i am so afraid his organs will be next.

    • Hi Debbie, might be worth reading through all the comments on here and doing some research on how to get rid of bacteria, there are a lot of natural alternatives.

    • Hi Debbie,
      I am posting what I posted for Leonardo below but I think this will help. You need a natural medicine doctor MD who believes in holistic treatment and does conventional medicine as well so they can also run the proper tests.

      Usually I don’t read these blogs but fortunately this will help. I have been sufferring from SIBO, yeast infection and 5 other stomach infections that resulted in a lot of joint pains and I could not eat and I was afraid to eat for some time. I was wondering what was going to happen. I am doing well now and I will tell you what I did for treatment. There are a handful of doctors who practice integrative medicine which is doctors MD with knowledge and acceptance of holistic treatment methods as well and they have a whole bunch of new tests to find out what is wrong since modern medicine is sometimes not knowledgeable for some reason. Do not trust naturopaths and websites since they are trying to sell their stuff and don’t know what they are doing. One of the best in the east coast is Dr. Mark Hyman and his center http://www.ultrawellnesscenter.com/home/ and of the best doctors in the US for integrative medicine that I took help of is Dr. Joseph Sciabbarrasi in LA. You can call his chamber and set up an appt with him he is more available. There is another doctor that I also see he is even better but it is harder to get appointments. Send me an email and I will send you his info but you need treatment urgently so it will be a good way to start right away with Dr. Sciabbarrassi and then also see the other Dr. They use all sorts of natural remedies and supplements that I have never heard of along with conventional medicines. Best of both worlds. Google integrative medicine to find more practitioners around your area but in my knowledge these people I mentioned are the best. Hope this helps.

      • Thank you so much for the information. I live in the UK but am going to Google as you said to see if there are any doctors of this kind here. I will contact the doctor you have mentioned Dr Mark Hyman as well. I am nervous about using the iodine that has been mentioned because of the risk of organ damage or failure. I will let everyone know on here how my son gets on. Thanks again for your advice.

        • I’m in uk too , he sounds just like me, perhaps read the body ecology book , cut out gluten sugar dairy yeast and preservatives, keep his calories up with avocados ,olive oil , coconut oil, ghee , loads of meat chicken fish and veg, could take colostrum ( from Finchley clinic) and sauerkraut from Red23, also symprove is a superior probiotic ( google it all??)

      • Thank you for your much needed input, I would appreciate knowing the other doctors information besides the two you gave the names for in your post.
        You have it together in your suggestions/advice. So many very sick people that have limited funds that get the run around.

    • Hello Debbie,
      Please check out the National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon:


      They have a center devoted to SIBO. See here:


      They should be able to help you.

      What caught my attention in what you wrote was the osteopenia. I have read several research articles (check out the NIH website) that implicate markers of bacterial infection (lipopolysaccharide – LPS) as driving up TNF-alpha production (an inflammatory marker) which in turn reduces bile production. See here:


      Also, bacteria in the small intestine can potentially deconjugate the bile that is produced. Collectively this results in low bile availability. The bile is essential to metabolize fats, which in turn is essential to absorb vitamin D, which in turn is needed to absorb calcium. A lack of Vitamin D will lead to osteopenia. You should get his Vitamin D levels checked.

      Hope this helps.


    • FMA Fecal Microbial Analysis test with a holistic doctor. Dr Joe Nastasi in Melbourne is good but not sure there.

    • Debbie

      Went to my Dr. with stomach issues. He sent me to the health store for Pau d’ arco and Caprylic Acid. Both help with candida (overgrowth of yeast in the gut). They both helped with my issues. Also anyone can benefit by taking a good probiotic daily. It’s the best thing you can do for your gut.

  18. I have been to about 15 different doctors, 2 colonoscopy 2 gastroscopy 3 ct scans, 4 ultrasound, 2 pylorus blow ballon tests, 3 blood tests and more. I am getting weaker by the day, muscle pains all over my body, forcing myself to eat, bloated, nausea, diarrhea, soft stools.
    I am not doing well, I live alone and have to support a daughter 14 y.o.,
    Afraid of what is going to happen to her when I pass,
    Please I need help.

    • Leonardo

      Try using Lugol’s Solution 5% (iodine) which is made for oral use, since about 1818. It will kill all the bad bacteria in a couple of weeks and doesn’t affect the good. Read my email below to Jenn.

      • Hello Bonnie, I got the lucol last night after 2weeks of searching for it. I wish to know which one is good ,adding to water or milk. Secondly, content of water per drop of lucol because I used 50cl of water for 2drops today.

        • Hi Sam

          I would not use milk for the Iodine. Did you get the right one? What is the full name of it? I want to be sure.

          2 drops per day is the recommended dose (before 2:00 pm) in about 1/2 cup of water or into an empty capsule is fine.

          If it is Lugol’s Solution 5% then 2 drops is 12.5 mg and I want you to let me know, okay?

          • Hi Bonnie,the name on it is Lugol’s solution (Aqueous iodine oral solution). I will say a big thanks to you as I’m feeling better since last 18years of battling with sibo and GERD . As it gradually healing the sibo , I hope it will touch the GERD as well,because I can eat very well now.

            • Sam

              I am surprised that you have noticed an improvement already in only one week? That is amazing.

              Try to help others like I helped you. I wish more people would listen.

              • Bonnie,

                You are on a mission encouraging others to help each other! Same principle that moves me.

                Thank you for your kindness.

                God bless you!

              • Pls this is for everyone, I’ve had weight loss for the past six month,pls what do I do to increase my weight because it’s becoming more noticeable.

    • Leonardo, sorry for your problems. You have provided very brief information but presumably none of these tests showed anything? Presumably you have also been dealing with a functional MD? If not, it’s best to see someone who deals with the body as a whole. If you want to go down your own route there is a ton of information online and even if you read through all the comments on this feed you will probably gain a lot of helpful insight. Just take it all very wisely and research everything. In addition to that listen to health podcasts if you can and if you haven’t already cut out gluten, dairy and sugar for 2 weeks see how your body feels.

    • Hi Leonardo,

      Usually I don’t read these blogs but fortunately this will help. I have been sufferring from SIBO, yeast infection and 5 other stomach infections that resulted in a lot of joint pains and I could not eat and I was afraid to eat for some time. I was wondering what was going to happen. I am doing well now and I will tell you what I did for treatment. There are a handful of doctors who practice integrative medicine which is doctors MD with knowledge and acceptance of holistic treatment methods as well and they have a whole bunch of new tests to find out what is wrong since modern medicine is sometimes not knowledgeable for some reason. Do not trust naturopaths and websites since they are trying to sell their stuff and don’t know what they are doing. One of the best doctors in the US for integrative medicine that I took help of is Dr. Joseph Sciabbarrasi in LA. You can call his chamber and set up an appt with him he is more available. There is another doctor that I also see he is even better but it is harder to get appointments. Send me an email and I will send you his info but you need treatment urgently so it will be a good way to start right away with Dr. Sciabbarrassi and then also see the other Dr. They use all sorts of natural remedies and supplements that I have never heard of along with conventional medicines. Best of both worlds. Hope this helps.

    • Leonardo
      I suggest you to drink turmerik and ginger and apple cider venigar. Boil some fresh turmeric together with ginger and 1tblspoon of apple cyder venigar in a glass, drnk 3times a day in jst 2weeks you’ll see the improvmnts.

      I hope it works to you
      Goodluck and godspeed.?

    • Hey Leonardo!

      I have digestion problems since childhood due to several reasons. Gotten way worse along a lot of other things when I’ve had a severe burnout almost 3 years ago. During the first 2 years I’ve invested almost 20.000€ (!!!), visited 15-20 doctors, had a psychologist, did several blood tests along with other testings, also went to holistic MDs and MDs with TCM education and tested a **** ton of supplements that are generally suggested for my symptoms while getting worse due to the stress from all the sometimes contradicting information and the supplementation and what to do and what not to do and the appointments before I came across a C.H.E.K. Practitioner. I couldn’t even take a walk daily because I was so fatigued and I’m only 30! We did a 50 page assessement (!), and only then we talked about the things that I can do that would be best for me right now, with the energy, time and money available. It helped me a lot! Afer a few months I was able to do daily Tai’Chi along some aerobic exercise or very light strength training every other day (we actually dropped all the supplements except for digestive enzymes and HCl!) – which was done all on my own because I moved to the capital city in my country in search for better help, where I didn’t knew anyone. Sadly I had to attain a 30 hour course over 6 months by a government institution I got my money from which said otherwise they’d cut my income. That was too much, so now I’m focusing on the basics again until it makes sense to get back to my practitioner and continue the work where we had to stop. Not being piteuosly here, just not wanting to tell you half the truth!

      If you have problems that you can’t figure out yourself, if all the information overwhelmes you, if you don’t wanna invest hours on end every day to figure it out yourself (which is almost impossible, especially with all the misinformation and bits of information out there – trust me, I’ve tried hard!), do yourself a favor and invest if possible into a C.H.E.K. Practitioner with the proper education level and specialisation ( http://www.chekconnect.com ), or into somebody alike – with a lot of experience, a great education and who thinks holistically – before investing here a few bucks and there a few bucks and suddenly you are in the 5 digits with two drawers full of supplements and a shelf full of tests! There are so many lies, misconceptions, misinformations, dogmas out there, and so many people who sold themselves out to the supplement industry etc, it’s actually insane!

      Personally I trust only a few people and if I have the time I even then research what they say. I found Paul Chek to be a great source of information on all sorts of topics in the health and fitness field, along some information of some others like Weston A. Price, John Berardi (haven’t looked too much into Chris Kresser’s informations lately). I stepped back from most “biohackers” and whatnot out there…especially if they wanna sell you stuff 24/7!

      I know that you will find your way, trust your intuition! All the best for you and your daughter and much Chi my friend!

    • You appear to me to have mercury poisoning…mercury poisoning in the gut often looks like that. Could be vaccines…but my guess would be from silver fillings…many times teeth are worked on that have silver fillings and the procedures literally grind the mercury off the teeth and it goes into the gut. Broken teeth fillings are horrendous, acidicso in the mouth are horrendous as well. So this mercury also makesee the gut permeable…and candida flocks to it. In fact you can get rid of candidates all you want but it will always come in the eat it’s weight in mercury. The mercury will also ruin your natural ability to chelate the mercury…I found that gobs of antioxidants like non GMO coffee, etc really help get your glutathione working better to getting it out…work on getting that mercury out…and the bad news are the mercury tests are inadequate…if you get your hair tested for mercury and heavy metals and they find some…you have tons more what is shown for this stuff hides in your bones and tissues….it loves the brain and the gut. Kenisiology is probably the most effective way to test heavy metals in the system…good luck finding that who teachings were in western medicine…chelate chelation chelate…

  19. My husband and sister in law have had great results with this drink killing the h pylori bacteria. Not tasty but it is drinkable and worth the bad taste for how their gut feels while taking it.
    Lily of the Desert Aloe Herbal Stomach Formula
    Get on line or at a Heath food store

  20. I’ve had SIBO for over 15 years now. Started back in 2001 when I had my gallbladder out. I’m going through a bout right now and feel so horrible. It comes back 1-2 times a year but I’ve had c-diff and 3 SIBO attacks already this year. Was diagnosed 4 years ago type two diabetes. Because of the diabetes I have been told I have several uti’s a year now each treated with antibiotics, then I get SIBO or c-diff and I can’t win. Lost about 15 lbs. Drs started me on florastor helped for a little but keeps coming back. I’ve had to take Cipro, cifaxian, rifloxan, and I think augmentin all this year between the SIBO , c-diff, no gallbladder, and recurring uti’s . I started enzymes this week and it still happened. I wish it would go away. I take like 10 diff vitamins a day including b vitamin , daily vitamin, folic acid, vitamin c, florastor, enzymes, metformin, glipizide, just to mention a few. Please help! The annoying sulfer burps, diarrhea for days, can’t eat, tired of dealing with this.

    • Jennifer – it’s upsetting to hear what you’re going through but I don’t think the drugs are helping you – even if they did the issue would most likely return and it’s been an awfully long time you have had the problem. As good as it is to take vitamins, because of the SIBO etc your body isn’t going to get any proper use from them until you restore the gut. Atrantil (a natural formula) may be worth looking into, otherwise there are lots of herbal formulas available that could help, that contain; garlic, mushroom, turmeric, oregano, ginger, etc – your body probably needs a cleanse. If you type in “parasite cleanse” in Amazon there are different formulas for parasitic bacteria, candida, Sibo etc but if you believe it to be Sibo, Atrantil might be a good option for you. A good probiotic is also needed to migrate that good bacteria back into the gut (note, with Atrantil you don’t take a probiotic, it tells you on their website). I personally take Prescript-assist probiotic but there are some good probiotics out there. Lastly L-Glutamine helps restore a leaky gut but best to kill off the Sibo first and then restore with L-Glutamine and probiotics etc. Obviously a good diet is also majorly key and with Sibo, gluten should be avoided. Try and green juice as much as possible and lemon water / apple cider vinegar in the morning. There is a ton of information online that’s worth reading but take it wisely, also it’s worth listening to some health related podcasts; Chris Kresser has one, there’s Beyond Wellness, the Cabral Concept etc. Best of luck.

    • Hi Jennifer,
      I am sorry to hear what you are going through. A few years back I had such a big struggle with a constant inflammed gut and bladder, also recurring bladder infections. I can tell you what helped me. I’ve made these changes to my diet and have been keeping to it for almost 4 years. It is the way I live and eat now. It changed my life. No more gut problems and no more antibiotics.
      Here is what I did. No more gluten, lactose and almost no sugar and carbs(this includes beans, lentils & soy). Even fruits and natural sugars like honey, I keep to a minimum. Cinnamon and stevia are excellent and ‘safe-to-take’ sweeteners. Add lots of healthy fats like coconut oil, nuts, avocado and olive oil(not heated)to your diet. For probiotics, add lots of natural fermented foods to your diet. Sauerkraut, unsweetened cocao, olives, apple cider vinegar and most important – Kefir. Kefir is the best source of probiotics. I grow my own kefir and drink about a shot glass every day. You do not need much. Kefir changed my life. Don’t be fooled by the store bought full of sugar immatation kefir. Grow your own. It’s easy once you get into the habit. Fermented L-glutamine powder & Malkosan by A.Vogel are also 2 excellent products to help heal your gut. A variety of seeds and shredded coconut together with a variety of low carb veggies & salads are excellent sources of fibre. Hemp seeds and hemp seed powder is also a very good source of Omega’s. Try to add spirulina powder to your diet. It is rich in nutriens. Stay away from processed foods. Eat healthy proteins and don’t forget about the humble little egg. Boiled as a snack, omelet to replace the bread on a sandwich…..Try 100% goats milk products. Goats milk is naturally lactose free. I love goat cream and feta cheeses. Include coconut milk and non-sweetened nut milks in your diet. Also remember lots of herbs and try a new herb every once in a while. They add great flavour to your food. I can also recommend Bio-strath by A.Vogel as a multi vitamin. All A.Vogel products are excellent natural products that have been well researched. Remember that supplements like multi vitamins can only be absorbed into your body if your gut is healthy.
      I am not a doctor so I can’t promise that this will help in your case but adapting my diet really changed my life for the better. You do not have to do all the above at once and every day. I researched everything and kept on adapting my diet as I discovered new things and also as my body reacted. I still discover new things every day. Good health starts with a good gut that starts with what you put in your mouth. Research how food aids and wrong foods destroy your body until you are blue in the face and then research more. Never give up. Good luck and I wish nothing but good health and a good gut for you! ?

      • Hi Lindi, the diet sounds great, very healing. I’m just curious, what do have for breakfast? What would be a typical start for you? Also did you notice low energy when you began the low carb while your body adjusted?
        A friend of mine did keto to heal his gut and it worked, but he felt absolutely miserable for the six weeks.

    • Hi Jenn
      Years ago, I had SIBO for about 8 years and did a stool test, so I could see the Pathogenic Bacteria by name.

      I got myself a bottle of Lugol’s Solution 5% (Iodine) and started off with 1 drop per day for the first week, 2 drops per day for the second week and by the end of the 3rd week at 3 drops per day, the SIBO was gone, never to return.

      Simple and I didn’t have to change my diet or anything.

      • Hi Bonnie, thank you for your helpful comment on Iodine. I have since been reading into this and going to give it a try. Thanks again for mentioning it. I think once one finds a “cure” to any problem it’s easy to forget all about it and carry on with life so it’s nice you have taken the time out to comment with a possible solution and try to help other people! Best wishes

        • Hi Elizabeth

          Let everyone know how you make out with Iodine. I joined this group last year and posted the same thing about using Lugol’s Solution (Iodine) 5% and one person only read it and tried it but never responded.

          So I left the Group. I decided to try again and you responded but everyone else ignored my Post. It seems that the word Iodine is the problem.

          This is Iodine for taking ORALLY. It’s been around for 200 years and used exclusively by doctors until the 1930’s when antibiotics arrived.

          It does not affect the good gut bacteria. Too bad no one is listening.


          • Hi Bonnie,
            I am listening to you and will order some today and will keep everyone posted.’ Thank you for coming back on! 🙂 Iodine is so safe much better than some of the antibiotics they subscribe.

          • Hi Bonnie, I have also been following this feed for a while and trying to help others where possible so thanks for your comment. I wonder if people comment but then forget to or don’t follow up. I initially heard about Atrantil from this very feed (but only once) and not many seem to have tried that route either. I did start on the Atrantil but TBH I am not 100% sure what I am treating, all I know is that I need to get rid of bacteria and that’s the journey I am on so I am very much open to different things. You are the first I have heard talk about Iodine. I have read about it since and it sounds very interesting, especially as it appears to help with fatigue (believe I also have a case of hypothyroid / adrenal fatigue). Just started using a drop of Lugol’s Iodine in water today. I also did the patch/stain test on my stomach, it’s been a few hours and the stain is still there. I will continue one drop for a week and see how it goes. You mention this has been around for a very long time, I would not be surprised. I think there are a lot of purposeful products out there to be known which are not because it is not of financial interest to the Big Pharma. I have heard of very helpful natural alternatives that have been almost made unknown because of this! I was even reading today about apricot kernels and that’s a whole other interesting mystery. I meant to ask if you experienced any symptoms whilst taking Iodine and when you think was best to take it?

            • Hi Elizabeth and thank you so much for this response.

              No I have never had any symptoms because I take so little. I take 2 drops per day now and have for about 7 or 8 years. That is the total amount needed by the Prostate, Thyroid, Breast and Ovaries, each day. I would not take anymore than that amount.
              Iodine supplementation must be given with the correct form of Iodine. That is why I chose Lugol’s Solution (5%) not just because it has been around for 200 years and used by Physicians all that time, but because it contains both Iodine and Iodide.
              The Prostate & Ovaries & Breasts need IODINE and the Thyroid needs IODIDE.
              And not to interfere with sleep, I would not take it after 2:00 pm.
              Write with any questions and/or suggestions.

              • Hi Bonnie, thanks for the helpful info re iodine. Regarding the amount needed for thyroid, prostate, breasts and ovaries: I am wondering if the iodine is safe for me, I am in a higher risk category for breast and ovarian cancer. Do you have any info on this or do you know anyone who does? Thanks again.

                • Carol
                  I can’t tell you to take Iodine or not. I know from reading
                  Dr David Derry’s book I began using Iodine and will every day. It is available on Amazon for $12 and worth every penny. It contains all his research so there are answers to every question.
                  Also since various organs need either Iodide or Iodine, you will need to use Lugol’s Solution 5% which has both. Here in Canada where Dr Derry lived and practiced LUgol’s is hard to find, so I had to approach my local pharmacy and have them order it for me from Xenex Labs in BC and if you are in the US their other location is in Fearndale, Washington. They ship to Pharmacies all over the US. Ask your local pharmacy to order it in for you.
                  It is called Breast Cancer and Iodine. Write with any questions.

              • Hey Bonnie,

                I am very interested in trying this Lugol’s Solution (5%), but am very wary to try the Lugols after researching it online. I keep finding sites that have symptoms and also the fact that people take Lugol’s Solution (5%) to prep for thyroid removal as Lugol’s Solution shrinks the size of our thyroid. How do you know you’re not slowly damaging your thyroid? Have you gotten your thyroid tested? Thanks for any info 🙂 – Fay

              • Helll Bonnie, Can I please have your email address as would like to give this a try and would love your help? MAny thanks, Tereza

          • Hello Bonnie, I’m listening but just have to run it by my GI specialist once I am finished with the 2 weeks antibiotics. He had me on the probiotic Florastor (from Walmart) previously which made the nausea from gastroparesis, type 2 diabetes, NASH and reflux manageable but was not dealing with the SIBO. I have been cutting out carbs and dairy and eating 2 meals a day which seemed to help and drastically lowered my A1C.

          • Hi Bonnie,

            Walter Last recommends Iodine and other herbal and non herbal antimicrobials; he mentions purchasing them from AU, because a 10% solution can be purchased there, whereas in the US, a purchasing option which comes close cannot be found. Where did you purchase the 5% solution?

            • Hi John:

              I think you can buy Lugol’s online but I buy mine at a Pharmacy and used to using 5% and use two drops per day only. After reading about Iodine and joining an Iodine Group (now gone), I learned a lot about what other people used it for during my 5 years with that group.

              And TOO MUCH IODINE can be a big problem, even though it is good for some conditions, if you overdo it, you can shut down your Thyroid.

              I’m in Canada but there is only one lab (that I know of) that makes Lugol’s Iodine, so I have to find a Pharmacy and order it from them. This Lab is on the west coast but ships across Canada to Pharmacies that want to stock it.

          • Ty I’m gonna try it tired of acid and gut bloating every day been having this for 25 years doctors tell me to los weight and it will get better I weighed 140 lbs and it was worse and now I weigh 200 lbs and I look like I am 5 months pregnant all the time

            • Gina,

              Dr Gundry talks of a diet addressing all these symptoms and you drop weight. He has a product too that is phenomenal pushing out the bad bacteria with the good bacteria…yes it fixes the gut. This doctor is way ahead of his times…look him up in YouTube. His product Vital Reds I believe is the name…has Chinese medicine herbs etc that is so powerful healing the gut even the acne leaves, skin disorders clear up and it helps to chelate the heavy metals out of the body.

      • Bonnie just wondering if you had joint pain. My whole body hurts. I have IBS with constipation. CAN’T lose weight. And lots of problems with gas. We’re any of these your symptoms. ??? My energy level is almost 0. I feel horrible. Please Help

        • Hi Patty
          I had all those symptoms as well as constant nausea, swollen belly, indigestion all from an imbalance in bad pathogenic Bacteria and I still take Iodine today. Why waste anymore time? You will be very surprised.

          Sounds too easy? Go for it and let us know how you make out. This Iodine was made to be taken orally and used since 1818 by all doctors, for every medical problem until anti-biotics came on the scene around 1936. Keep us posted.


    • Hi Jennifer,
      I am posting what I posted for Debbie above but I think this will help. You need a natural medicine doctor MD who believes in holistic treatment and does conventional medicine as well so they can also run the proper tests.

      Usually I don’t read these blogs but fortunately this will help. I have been sufferring from SIBO, yeast infection and 5 other stomach infections that resulted in a lot of joint pains and I could not eat and I was afraid to eat for some time. I was wondering what was going to happen. I am doing well now and I will tell you what I did for treatment. There are a handful of doctors who practice integrative medicine which is doctors MD with knowledge and acceptance of holistic treatment methods as well and they have a whole bunch of new tests to find out what is wrong since modern medicine is sometimes not knowledgeable for some reason. Do not trust naturopaths and websites since they are trying to sell their stuff and don’t know what they are doing. One of the best in the east coast is Dr. Mark Hyman and his center http://www.ultrawellnesscenter.com/home/ and of the best doctors in the US for integrative medicine that I took help of is Dr. Joseph Sciabbarrasi in LA. You can call his chamber and set up an appt with him he is more available. There is another doctor that I also see he is even better but it is harder to get appointments. Send me an email and I will send you his info but you need treatment urgently so it will be a good way to start right away with Dr. Sciabbarrassi and then also see the other Dr. They use all sorts of natural remedies and supplements that I have never heard of along with conventional medicines. Best of both worlds. Google integrative medicine to find more practitioners around your area but in my knowledge these people I mentioned are the best. Hope this helps.