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What Everybody Ought to Know (But Doesn’t) about Heartburn & Gerd


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In the next few articles, I’ll be writing about the epidemic of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) and its mismanagement by the medical establishment.

In this first article I will present evidence demonstrating that, contrary to popular belief, heartburn and GERD are caused by too little (not too much) stomach acid. In the second article I’ll explain exactly how low stomach acid causes heartburn, GERD and other digestive conditions. In the third article I’ll discuss the important roles stomach acid plays in maintaining health and preventing disease, and the danger long-term use of acid suppressing drugs presents. In the final article, I’ll present simple dietary and lifestyle changes that can eliminate heartburn and GERD once and for all.

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Heartburn and GERD Are No Joke

According to the National Institute of Diabetes and Kidney Digestive Diseases, sixty million people experience heartburn at least once a month and twenty five million experience symptoms daily.

Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD), a more serious form of acid reflux, is the most common digestive disorder in the United States. Studies show that 10-20% of individuals experience symptoms at least once a week, and prevalence of GERD is increasing steadily.

Drugs for acid reflux and GERD are cash cows for the pharmaceutical companies. More than 60 million prescriptions for GERD were filled in 2004. Americans spent $13 billion on acid stopping medications in 2006. Nexium, the most popular, brought in $5.1 billion alone – making it the second highest selling drug behind Lipitor.

As sobering as those statistics are, it’s likely that the prevalence of GERD is underestimated because of the availability of antacids over-the-counter. This permits patients to self-medicate without reporting their condition to a doctor.

Up until fairly recently heartburn wasn’t taken too seriously. It’s primarily been the butt of bad jokes about Grandma’s cooking. But we now know that heartburn and GERD can have serious and even life-threatening complications, including scarring, constriction, ulceration, and ultimately, cancer of the esophagus.

Recent studies also show that the damage from poor stomach function and GERD not only extends upward to the sensitive esophageal lining, but also downward through the digestive tract, contributing to Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and other gastrointestinal problems. IBS is now the second-leading cause of missed work, behind only the common cold.

Problems with the Conventional Theory

If you ask the average Joe on the street what causes heartburn, he’ll tell you “too much stomach acid.” That’s what most of the ads seem to suggest too. I’m sure you’ve seen pictures like the one at the top of this post in ads for acid suppressing drugs on TV and in magazines.

But there’s a big problem with this theory: the incidence of heartburn and GERD increases with age, while stomach acid levels generally decline with age (Fig 1).

Numerous studies have shown that stomach acid secretion declines with age. In one study researchers found that over 30 percent of men and women past the age of 60 suffer from atrophic gastritis, a condition marked by little to no acid secretion. Another study found that 40% of women over the age of 80 produce no stomach acid at all. 1

Figure 1. Mean stomach acid secretion from the second to the eighth decade. (from Wright, 2001 p.20)

graph of stomach acid secretion by age

Just as studies show acid secretion declines with age, it is also well established in the scientific literature that the risk of GERD increases with age.

If heartburn were caused by too much stomach acid, we’d have a bunch of teenagers popping Rolaids instead of elderly folks. But of course that’s the opposite of what we see.

In fact, according to Jonathan Wright, MD of the Tahoma Clinic in Washington state, when stomach acid is measured in people suffering from heartburn and GERD it is almost always low, not high. In his book Why Stomach Acid is Good For You, Wright explains:

When we carefully test people over age forty who’re having heartburn, indigestion and gas, over 90 percent of the time we find inadequate acid production by the stomach.

In Wright’s 25 years of conducting these tests, he found very few people with excess stomach acid. Excess stomach acid is only found in a few rare conditions like Zollinger-Ellison syndrome), and GERD is hardly ever associated with too much stomach acid.

What’s more, Wright and other clinicians have found that giving hydrochloric acid supplements to patients with heartburn and GERD often cures their problem:

In 24 years of nutritionally oriented practice, I’ve worked with thousands of individuals who’ve found the cause of their heartburn and indigestion to be low stomach acidity. In nearly all these folks, symptoms have been relieved and digestion improved when they’ve taken supplemental hydrochloric acid and pepsin capsules.

My own clinical experience confirms this. So far every patient I’ve had with heartburn or GERD has responded well to hydrochloric acid supplementation. We’d expect just the opposite to be true if these conditions were caused by too much stomach acid.

A Symptom Is Not a Cause

When I explain to patients that GERD is caused by not enough stomach acid, rather than too much, they are initially doubtful. “If that’s true”, they say, “then why do my antacid drugs provide relief?”

I’m not denying that the symptoms of heartburn and GERD are caused by stomach acid refluxing into the esophagus. Nor am I arguing that reducing or eliminating stomach acid with drugs doesn’t relieve those symptoms.

What’s crucial to understand is that any amount of acid in the esophagus is going to cause problems. That’s because its delicate lining isn’t protected against acid like the stomach lining is. You don’t have to have excess acid in your stomach to have heartburn.

Also, symptom relief doesn’t imply that the underlying cause of the problem is being addressed. Too often western medicine focuses on suppressing symptoms without paying attention to what is causing the symptom in the first place.

The misguidedness of this approach is clearly demonstrated by the use of acid inhibiting drugs to treat heartburn and GERD – problems which are caused by not enough stomach acid!

The Consequences of Ignoring the Cause

As I wrote above, Americans spend more than $13 billion on acid stopping drugs each year. This expense might be justified if antacid drugs were actually curing heartburn and GERD. But just the opposite is true. Not only do these drugs fail to treat GERD, they will make the underlying condition (not enough stomach acid) worse. This virtually necessitates the lifelong use of these medications for anyone who takes them.

While this is a nifty sales strategy for the drug companies, it’s a bitter pill to swallow (yes, pun intended) for those suffering from heartburn and GERD.

Curing a disease means eliminating its cause. When a disease is cured, the symptoms don’t return once the treatment is removed. This of course is not the case with drugs for heartburn and GERD. As soon as the patient stops taking them, the symptoms return. And often they’re worse than they were before the patient started the drug.

Unfortunately, pharmaceutical companies aren’t interested in cures because they aren’t profitable. It’s much more lucrative to sell drugs that people have to take for the rest of their lives than it is to promote dietary or lifestyle changes that would cure the problem.

Therefore, although the drug companies are well aware that GERD isn’t caused by too much stomach acid and that low stomach acid causes serious health problems and complications, they continue to sell billions of dollars worth of antacids to an unsuspecting public. Even worse, these powerful drugs are now available over-the-counter with no warnings about the dangers they present.

Note: if you think this sounds strangely like the situation with the #1 selling drug, Lipitor, you’re correct. Lipitor arbitrarily lowers cholesterol across the board, even though evidence clearly indicates that high LDL cholesterol is not the cause of heart disease. What’s more, low cholesterol is associated with greater risk of death in the elderly population. Something is definitely wrong with our “healthcare” system when the #1 and #2 medications are actually contributing to the conditions they’re supposed to treat. But I guess if you’re looking at it from the standpoint of the drug companies, who are in business to make a profit, it’s the perfect business model.

In the Part II I explain exactly how low stomach acid causes heartburn, GERD and other digestive conditions. We’ll also look at the primary causes of low stomach acid, and how you can prevent this condition from occurring. Read on!

  1. Sharp GS, Fister HW. The diagnosis and treatment of achlorhydria: ten-year study. J Amer Ger Soc 1967;15:786-791.


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  1. I cannot understand this completely… if the cause of GERD is low acid secretion in the stomach why is my esophagus and stomach constantly burning? Where is all of this acid coming from if according to this theory, I don’t produce enough stomach acid? I want to learn the reasoning behind this so I can get off of these terrible meds but when I even just decrease my PPI medication I get severe inflammation and pain that leads to infection I already eat a very basic and simple diet of rice porridge and veggies so I can’t be my diet. The thought of eating anything acidic like a raspberry or even a few drops of lemon on salad makes my cringe because I know it will start the burning. Any advice? How does this make sense?

    • GERD is caused by the LES not fully closing.
      The mechanics of the LES is that it requires a low ph to fully close and prevent reflux.
      PPI s treat a symptom.
      Your esophagus has virtually no protection from stomach acid that can dissolve meat. Even a little bit of acid causes damage and pain.
      Without acid-from ppi or h2 use- you will not absorb critical nutrients…b12,magnesium etc.

      A physical block to reflux is sodium alginate….plus potassium bicarbonate.

      Two capsules of sa plus one of pb after meals has helped me greatly.

    • Im still waiting for the explanation of the cause of low stomach acid as promised for part 2. Part to just continues to explain how low acid effects health not its root cause. This has been informative but somewhat misleading

      • As we get older, we produce less acid. If you are taking antacids or proton pump inhibitors you have even less. The LES valve (lower esophagial valve) needs enough acid for a signal that tells it to close and not let the acid up into your throat. Not enough acid and you get reflux. Very few people have too much acid.

    • There are so many possible causes and theories. I think the trick is to tune in to your body and to learn how to listen to it. When I was pregnant and dealing with nausea, I would choose food with the thought “Feel good and reduce nausea” in the back of my mind. I would look at foods and pay attention to what called out to me. That’s what I would eat. I found myself craving acidic foods like berries, and drinking lemon juice or apple cider vinegar offered me almost-instant relief. Meanwhile, when I would eat the fish, rice, and oily dishes my MIL cooked for me, I would feel awful. The sight made my stomach jump, and I knew I didn’t want it, but I would eat it because of cultural norms. And it always felt awful. Unless I had ACV or lemon juice to help me. Then it was okay!

      Long story short, my suggestion is to choose food with the idea of feeling good. Every body is different, so there’s no way to prescribe a single magical cure. Focus on feeling good, and see what comes across your way. There are herbs, teas, foods, and supplements out there that can help. If you focus on feeling good, you’ll surely “happen across” the ones that can help you. Also, check out Dr. Bruce Lipton’s talk The Biology Of Belief. There’s some powerful stuff in there that may really help you.

      Best wishes!

    • Because you have low acid due to tablets the mussel that is ment to close to stop the acid coming up stays open. I was on them for over 10 years. Over the last 4 years my asthma has been uncontrollable I’ve not been up to breath. I am in stage 3 kidney disease inflammation markers are through the roof. Gp said it was PM so put me on large amounts of steroids. Which only aggravated by breathing the pain I don’t know if my throat murph have you so badly damaged by the acid if it be corrected. all of my bloods or abnormal. Could not absorb any vitamins minerals my whole body was shutting down my red blood cells are very large and all abnormal. When I was put on the steroids the acid reflux’s was a lot worse so I was up to 60 mg of Lansoprazole and on top of that another two sets of tablets so I was doing seven tablets a day. Nearly killed me I praise him was so out of control my heart rate has been going so fast and irregular. I nearly ended up in ICU as I was so ill and the doctors could not control anything. I then started reading I’ve stopped taking the seven tablets a day from four days ago. I can’t stop the steroids straight away so i’m doing bitters. I also had a Coloscopy with the last two weeks to take biopsies from bowel. Which showed when they got to the TI I had to stop as it was so unstable they could not go any further. The damage these anti-acid tablets do is beyond belief it nearly killed me. I’m so glad to be off of them and have a much better understanding of why my body was feeding the way it was. Don’t know if the damage has been done to my body can be corrected I’ve prayed he can.

  2. This article is half true, half junk.
    Often the problem is that through acid or bacteria in the stomach that raises the acidity in the stomach can eat away at the sphinctermuscles that seperates the stomach from the Esophagus.

    Tomatoes, especially cooked tomatoes contain a lot of acid, I know as I have these problems & get too much acid eating such foods. Too much acid goes into the Esophagus & can be cancerous, I need to be careful about what foods I take into me & their acidity.
    This article can be dangerous if people believe they need more acid in their stomachs. But I do agree people need to regulate the medicine they recieve as this can be dangerous too.

    • I agree. I know from my own experience that eating fatty foods gives me serious reflux. My Dr has told me to give us all fats and put me on Omeprazole , twice a day for 4 weeks and Gaviscon at night. Then stopping medication and doing hpylori test. This has only just happened to me and I’m really scared. I must have a lot of gas because I’m actually burned from going to the toilet.

    • I had surger for G.E.R.D at 16yrs old. Im now 33yrs old. They said my esophagus was as bad as a 70yrs olds.. Everything has been wonderful intil this yr when my stress when up. Only had heartburn 2xs for a small amount of time. Til i got a serious dry cough n couldnt stop coughing for wks now.. Then i got heartburn severly like when i was 16yrs old when it hospitalized me.i have a huge pain tolerance. Now i had heart burn for a full 72hrs. It went away almost all the way but i got left w a huge pain in between the bottom of my ribs. Not my ribs.. And its been there for 3days n not getting any better and today i woke up with a perfect straight line of pain in my back so i have it stressed out bad. Im starting to think my surgery came undone. Cause my stomach stayed open at 16. It did not close at all so they cut a pc of my stomach lining all around my stomach n tied it around the bottom of my esophagus so it would open n close again. It was perfect. But i dont kno what happened. I dont know if the surgery was meant for someone so young cause its almost been 20yrs. I need some advice. Or anyone that has this hapoen to them. I am the youngest person to have the surgeryin history when i had it done cause it is when they came out with lazor surgery. At least thats what my doctor told me at the time. Thanks.

      Melanie Badaracco

      • Melanie.. I understand your situation is much more different then mine, because I only had reflux esophagit – with heartburn, gases and pain in my stomach! but I am not agree that reflux happens because of the acidity. Acid causing the heartburn is because of the misfunction of stomach, which lacks it’s acid because of that the sphincter between the stomach and esophagus opens and the food and the little acid with it gets back to esophagus – so that the heartburn occurs. So from my experience of continuing reflux, I advise to try some sweet apple after the meal. It helps greatly for reducing heartburn, try it.
        I am extremely refuse the medication, which for me became a threat, as they only increased my heartburn.
        Good luck!

      • Hello Melanie, this happened to me a few months ago… This pain under my ribs on the right side so tender I could hardly breathe… after many tests an endoscopy finally revealed that I had severe gastritis due to the HP bacteria. I’m still healing and on a lot of medication, the bacteria is now gone but every time I try to stop my medication (pantoprazole 40 mgs twice a day) all of the acid comes back and eats my stomach and esophagus … the latest development was reflux laryngitis from the acid coming up my throat… I am trying to find alternatives to the medicines because now my hair is falling out in clumps (side affect of the PPI). I am only eating rice congee and steamed veggies everyday and that helps too with the PPI meds. Hopefully some information on this site may help… good luck with your acid.. I would suggest an endoscopy. (Also Georges distilled aloe water if you can find it helps so so much too).

      • Maybe you were not the youngest to have that surgery, as I have a sister who had the same surgery when she was 15 aprox in 1979 long before laser.

      • I have had this surgery 2x with in 6 years. I really watch what I eat and most of all how much I eat. It took me 3 Dr. Until I found one one that could help me. I take med’s twice a day ,they help but sometimes I just do not want to eat , because I know what is going to happen.

  3. Not sure why they are even recommending PPI’s any more. After my endoscopy, my gastro doctor informed me that they now think they are linked to alzheimers and not take any of them…..Zantac if I feel the need.

  4. If I am out and find I am getting reflux I start to chew gum. I don’t know if it is the increased saliva that it produces or what but it seems to calm the reflux right down. Just don’t buy sugared gum

      • Gum should not really help reflux as when you chew the body creates digestive juices which creates acid to break down the food which the the stomach expects to receive. The very action of chewing makes the stomach and whole system believe that food is on its way.

        • Jasmine, gum helps me. While chewing a lot of amount of saliva is produced. I think it’s what matters for my heartburn

          • Gum helps me as well, in fact, it clears it up for a while. Lusina said that come should not help as it tricks the stomach into thinking that food is on the way. That is, the think, the very reason it does. If food is one the way then the stomach will release more acid to deal with it.

        • Surely if what has been said by “low acid” then the curd would be to make more = chewing gum tricking and making more acid lol

          • I think it’s the chicken and the egg situation. If you cannot digest your food because your digestive system is not working possibly due to low acid and mal function. This can brew up inside your stomach and create a lot of acid as the i digested food forces it way back up instead of settling down where it belongs. I. My opinion if you chew gum you are trying to digest food that is not there thus swallowing lots of air and creating more acid on the process.

          • It has certainly helped me. I think it affects individuals differently.

            Chewing gum after meals may not only freshen your breath, but it could help fight acid reflux and heartburn symptoms. A new study shows chewing gum after a big meal can reduce acid levels in the esophagus and may aid in preventing gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD).

        • Exactly. It creates more stomach acid, which, if chewing gum works for you, is exactly what is required. GERD can definitely be a low acid problem. When I was diagnosed with GERD after an upper endoscopy/colonoscopy the doctor told me I would have to be on proton pump inhibitors for the rest of my life. I ignored his advice and instead went to a licensed dietitian. I began to take DGL (deglycerized licorace) 20 minutes before each meal and Quick Digest (papain, a natural fruit enzyme) after meals.

          I worked with the dietitian for a year and changed my diet completely, but still experienced frequent discomfort and reflux. She referred me to a gastroenterologist who sent me for a gastric ultrasound and SIBO test. The SIBO test was positive. One of the problems I had was h pylori, which causes low stomach acid. This doctor prescribed a course of Rifaxamin (an alternate treatment is peppermint oil, though it takes much longer and I was eager for the pain to stop). My dietitian put me on the low FODMAP diet for 8 weeks and then slowly added foods back into my diet. This worked wonders. I realized that I have to avoid wheat and high sugar foods like the plague. My recent upper endoscopy showed no more evidence of GERD.

          I would highly encourage anyone experiencing GERD to try DGL and papaya enzyme (available at any Whole Foods or health food store) and the FODMAPS diet with the help of a dietitian. If you can’t adequately identify foods contributing to your digestive issues, ask for a SIBO test. It’s very simple and painless to do – you just blow up a balloon every 15 minutes for two hours after fasting. I was highly motivated to take one after meeting a man who was dying from esophageal cancer after a lifetime of GERD and Prilosec.

        • I have been on Omeprazole 20 mg/day for 4 months. Since then I have developed dry mouth and hoarseness which I briefly loose my voice. My body was not producing saliva so I had to get Biotene to sooth my throat ‘some’. I quit taking the medication when I lost my voice for several hours. After a couple days the soreness in my throat felt better. I called the doctor to change my prescription. He didn’t believe it was the medication but that my medication wasn’t strong enough so he changed it to 40 mg. So I took it next day and that night I was back with the sore throat again. So I stopped it immediately. Looking for natural after reading all risk and learned the meds was a mask and doesn’t cure I head to the health store. I got the HCL 250 MG with Pepsin to increase my acid intake and Manuka Honey to heal my agitated throat. I just read about the home test for acid level as to how many MG I require. Today was the 1st day and no heartburn knock on wood. I occasionally notice when I have GERD so it may take a few days to see if this works and figure out what dosage I need.

          • Hi Joan, I read your post and it was so similar to me. I am on prilosec and it’s drying me out and that’s all they keep giving me. And my voice is hoarse too. I will try the products you mentioned and started them – I just wondered how you are feeling. I am thankful for these forums because doctors here are clueless and could care less about helping someone figure out cause and remedy – just take these pills.Thank you for posting.

  5. I have discovered that the best thing for my GERD is a substance called sodium alginate.
    In Europe it is included in Gaviscon Advanced but is in minute quantities in the US version.
    Sodium alginate somehow turns into a froth that acts as a mechanical barrier keeping acid from relfluxing into the esophagus. It is that acid into the esophagus that causes pain.
    I got the sodium alginate powder via Amazon. I put that into empty gelatin capsules. I pop two after every meal. No pain,no reflux,no palpatations no problems.
    The SA I bought is food grade,used in cooking. Sodium alginate is safe,with no side effects accept possibly weight loss since it expands and makes you feel fuller.
    It is not an antacid. But for some cases (severe reflux,which may have cause structural damage to the LES) taking it with an antacid for a while may be helpful.
    I use betaine HCL, a Beeno generic while eating followed by two of my homemade alginate pills. No antacid or H2 blocker or PPI is needed for me.

    • Yes gaviscon is really good and does not interfere with the acid flow down in the stomach so does not ruin your digestive system like PPI’s

      • I agree, it has helped me. Wish it did not have mint. Mint can aggravate acid reflux.

        Who shouldn’t take Gaviscon advance?

        People who are allergic or intolerant to any ingredient of the medicine. Check the leaflet provided with the medicine if you know you have specific allergies or intolerances.
        Gaviscon advance is not recommended for children under 12 years of age.
        Gaviscon advance contains sodium and potassium and may not be suitable for people who are on a strict salt, sodium or potassium restricted diet, for example those with heart or kidney disease. Ask your pharmacist for advice.
        Gaviscon advance also contains calcium so may not be suitable for people with high levels of calcium in their blood, or with a history of kidney stones that contain calcium. Again, check with your doctor or pharmacist if this applies to you.

  6. My stomach come back up, even water at times. I need something to take, a special diet has not fixed my issues, nor any of the other tricks, loose clothes no leiing down etc.

    • I’ve just started trying raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar, 1 TBS in 4 oz water, and it has helped me from the first dose. I stopped taking my Protonix about 5 weeks ago because of the dangerous side effects. It would be worth a try for you

      • What you wrote is the first comment to make any sense that I’ve read so far. This country is brainwashed by drug companies.

      • Yes, right! I also take raw apple, I eat them after every meal! It helps greatly! Also in my country there is domestic honey, which we use in regular life, and I started to take 200ml water+1t.sp. honey, in the morning and then after 40 min. I eat my breakfast. That kind of COLD “honey water” prepares stomach for the meal to be normally digested, so that heartburn and reflux will not occur. I can say after 2 years of PPI’s and other medication such as Gaviscon, Nexium, etc, I cured myself with a normal balanced food, natural herbs such as fennel, and fruits such as apple… Be very careful while drinking water, it has to be drunk after 1.5 hour of having a meal, or before 40 min. I also noticed that granular food harms me, so I eat them not much and only with lots of fennel…
        Good luck!

  7. I been having after I eat my meals that it feels like I swolled a whole meat ball then I have heartburn, indigestion, so much pain! What would you suggest to do? I have tried all medicines it relieves it for couple hours and that’s it so tired of the pain. Please any suggestions I would appreciate it!

    • I know that feeling. Mostly your 1st swallow throbs with pain as it goes down your throat. I had an endoscopy done a few months back and they had to stretch my throat. The pain when eating went away but not the GERD. My Mother-n-Law had the same problem. The doctor told me to have it done again in 6 months but I will just wait to see if the pain comes back. I woke up from the anesthesia and was choking on mucus from it. They had to give me some gel to drink to calm the mucus but it didn’t help much. I had coughing spells for 2 months after.

    • It may be that you are having a hiatal hernia which is undiagnosed, where the stomach is pushed up and pushes your esophagus up, making a kid of bump. That may be the reason for your feeling of a ball in the throat. If so, I would try to find a chiropractor that can pull the stomach back to its place.
      It happened to me and it seems I succeeded to fix it by myself.
      Wish you well,

  8. I have been on omneprazole for over 10 years for gerd. Weaned myself off in the past year. for the most part have been doing quite well. Recently have been drinking lemon water in morning for sluggish liver. Have noticed gerd symptoms returning. Also drink apple cider vinegar(2tbls) twice a day. Am I doing too much?

    • No, Joan you are not taking too much ACV. I took it before every meal and sometimes if I felt heartburn coming on. It took me about 3 weeks to wean off PPI’s

  9. Hi Im 58 yrs old and I have acid reflux . I taking omeprazole have been for 4-yrs. I have tried almost everything . I still get bad heartburn even vomit. It seems like my Doctor doesn`t listen.

    • Don’t take it anymore!!! I’ll try to explain why, according to my own experience, though I am not an English speaker 🙂 Well those medication, PPI’s and others will only make your heartburn worse, because the more you take omeprazole or other PPI drugs, the more you decrease your stomach acid juices, and as we know the heartburn is because of the low acidity, not high! The higher the acidity the better is the digestion of the food in stomach. When the acid is low, the food can’t be properly digestion and therefore the sphincter between the stomach and esophagus opens and throws some food and acid= heartburn occurs. It’s the most simple way I tried to explain, that PPI’s are our enemies! I cured my heartburn myself, after some years of having it and of taking tons of medication. And am thankful for this site, Dr. Kresser and the comments I have read here. I am sure, it’s possible to give up with medication and just organize your daily menu. Try to start your day with 1 tea spoon honey+glass of COLD water (you can add some warm water and then freeze it a little). In my country it’s a common thing to drink this in the morning, cold is necessary for activating your stomach proton pomp and little glands, for producing acid (as we supress our proton pomp and so acid). And after 40-60 minutes you can eat a balanced food. Eat 5 times a day, low portions and remember to eat an apple after every meal. It may sound weird, but it can really help with heartburn, as apple contains acids which necessary for digestion, so you will decrease your heartburn by adding some acid to your stomach juice. Sleep on the LEFT side, it also helped me a lot. Eat fennel/dill with every meal. Drink 2 liter of water, but do it by small portions, for not making reflux, do it every 1 hour and 1,5 hour after meal. Yes, and never eat in 3 hours before sleep. Don’t do it 🙂 These are the basic advises I can give from my own experience. I was so much frustrated and sick of this disease, I was out of vitamins and minerals, so I was also taking vitamins during my recovering process. Hope it will help you. Good luck.

      • Thank you, Lusina! I’m going to try your suggestions. I was on Prilosec (or equivalent) for over 30 years. Decided enough was enough and stopped. It’s been eight days and while I’m doing better than I thought, it’s still been a struggle. Simply cannot go back to the way things were.

        • I stopped taking PPIs one month back after being on them for 10 years. I am doing quite well considering that first few days were very tough. Raw Apple cedar vinegar and one apple after lunch and dinner are helping me. If you can manage a few days without getting back to PPIs you are through. All the best.

        • I was on omeprazole for several years. I recently cut my dose in half, on my own. For the past two days ( it’s been about three weeks since I changed my own intake) I have experienced the lump in my chest feeling. If I were to try the natural route of cider vinegar, how long will my pain persist?

          • Get Manuka honey (must be manuka). Take 1 TB a day or 2 TB if necessary. Do not skimp. It’s expensive but well worth it. I’d put it into the miracle category.

            • Hi Cindy, can you say a little more about this kind of honey? Why this kind? and where does one find it? I am interested in pursuing this if I know more. Thank you!

          • Hello, I have had GERD for 7 months now. I am a pharmacy student and I have been on Nexium for 3 months and things aren’t getting better. Sue Campbell what you did could be a mistake. Most PPI medications are gastro-resistant which means they degrade only in your intestines and not your stomach. So by cutting them , chewing them or damaging the tablet in any way makes them totally inefficient. If you want to reduce the intake of PPIs the better way by my opinion would be to just buy a lower dosed omeprazole.

            • I have just recently started treating my gerds with the advice of an emergency doctor to start omeprizole i am confused just recently started the gerds diet i am confused about what to eat and not eat i need a dietician i am wondering why chocolate has to be omitted i am also wondering why certain fruits are omitted? I have never had a problem with chocolate . As far as my gerds was concerned.

          • Cut down your carb intake and drink a shot of white vinegar or a shot of apple cider vinegar mixed into a glass of water before bed. Also, anytime you have an episode, take the vinegar.This country is brainwashed by drug companies. It should get better immediately and it should end up as a non issue within a few weeks. After a couple of months, try taking a half a shot before bed every night.

        • Hi Velina
          Hope you are doing ok. I took myself off PPI’s cold turkey after 8 years of use. The first 2 weeks were difficult, but not as bad as it has been, even on PPIs. If you stop PPI’s cold turkey, you can get rebound reflux. This lasted 2 weeks and then slowly started to abate. I got through this period by using Zantac instead (which is only slightly better than PPI’s, but I needed to help myself through, and Zantac doesn’t stay in your system). So I took Zantac, Gaviscon when needed, ACV, DGL, HCI, Glucosamine, Slippery Elm powder and Aloe Juice. I also took B12 and Magnesium because PPIs can stop the absorption of these, and I had been on Nexium and Pariet and Somac for 8 years. By then end of the 3rd week I noticed myself needing the Zantac only once a day, and not needing the Gaviscon as much. Into the 4th week, no Zantac, and only ocassional Gaviscon. I also found chewing gum after a meal helped but I got gum from the Health Food Store, not regular gum, to make sure it didn’t have any mint (mint can really upset GERD). I got a cinnamon flavour that has no sugar, it’s sweetened with Xylitol and does not appear to have any other nasties like food acid, which is often an issue. I intend to also go off the gum as symptoms improve. So initially it can be tough but just tough it out.
          I had been off the Nexium for 3 weeks and I had a gastroscopy. I have yet to go back for the results but there was an erosion found , and possibly polyps. I need to find out the results of the histology. PPI’s can cause stomach polyps, which can sometimes, sometimes lead to cancer.
          I also noticed after 10 days an improved mood, even though the PPIs was not out of my system yet and I was feeling the reflux. I think PPIs can cause a mild lowering of mood, only you don’t notice it until you go off them.
          The other responder has explained why I keep craving apples!
          I think it is worth going off the PPIs, especially if they are not working any more. Better to wean yourself off than go cold turkey like I did, but I was so fed up and they were not working anymore that it just seemed the way to go. It does improve. I still haven’t gotten to the bottom of the cause of my GERD and LPR, but I feel better off the PPIs. Good luck.

          • I have been off Nexium for 1 year now, after taking it for 14 years. But unfortunately my symptoms have been gradually coming back. Occasional urping and every day now that horrid tightness in my chest. I also suffered Magnesium and Vitamin D deficiency and daily heart palpitations. I was wondering if any one is experiencing what I am after being off Nexium.

      • I have been taking prilosec for 12 years, i am now 46 and suffering with vitamin deficiencies, i now have crohns disease, i am sick of being sick. I only wish i would have known these things 12 years ago. Now i have to watch what i eat and im always sick! Now i just have to live with it because is no fix.

        • You are welcome D!
          An apple, 1 tea spoon domestic honey + 1 cup of cold water (no difference if it is honuka or some other honey, it just has to be real domestic honey with normal sweet flavour), raw apple vinegar, fennel are the best natural remedies for getting off the PPIs. I still can’t believe I also got through that horror of GERD and following diseases, and am just so happy for quiting those meds, living a normal life without any kind of meds. Believe me, while following sime simple steps, every one can do it. Thanks yo the articles of Chris kresser and the comments of people…
          Just don’t let doctors to put you on meds forever, human organism has an ability yo recover itself. We just need to help it with natural things and not of 10 years of medication….
          Good luck everybody

            • Uma now I can eat everything. I mean a normal balanced food. No much fried food, more vegetables and herbs, especially fennel which I eat with almost every meal. I also eat much apple, after eating my meal. Try to eat 5 times, every 3 hours with little portion. Drink water- 2 liters, but with small portion. Not luch spices, onion and garlic, only some.
              Good luck

      • I don’t even eat solid food so don’t know how mine could be due to low acid since there is nothing to digest

        • I absolutely agree. They will just make you feel so ill. I could not digest my food when I took Omeprozole. It ruined my digestive system and it took months to restore the balance. It is very scary!

  10. I’ve been having acid reflux issues for almost 8 months now. I never had a history of reflux. 2 months ago, my doctor put me on Nexium 40mg for 4 weeks which only helped with my indigestion. I continue to have a burning sensation and tightness in my throat which makes my gag reflex very hyperactive and makes me cough! It occurs multiple times throughout the day and really bothers me. The only thing that helps is chewing gum or using mints. Has anyone ever experienced these symptoms? I really want to try the ACV remedy and not have to go on any other medication.

    • I used halls to open up my airway and keep my throat moist……I don’t use them now, but in a candy dish beside my bed they sat…it’s a wonder I didn’t choke throughout the night….now I take an allergy pill at night….1 or 2 a week…I feel like that helps…..also I do not drink or smoke…..

      • Hi Rick, I’ve been putting about 1/4 tsp baking soda in gel caps so I can take them with me wherever I go. I agree, it helps a lot.

    • Thanks everyone! I started Now Betaine HCL w/Pepsin supplements and I’m on my 5th day. So far I’m up to 6 pills with my last meal, and I still don’t feel the burning or stomach discomfort! For anyone that has taken HCL, how many pills did you have to take in order to find your correct dosage?

      • I know it’s been a few months since you started on HCL but I was wondering how it went for you and has your stomach now trained to produce the acid needed. If so, how long did it take? I just started but just learned how to figure the dosage I require. I started today, just one pill 250 MG and surprising no heartburn. I am going against Doctor’s orders. I get better advise on this website. It’s January now so to all a healthy start of a New Year.

  11. Hay my husband have acidity problem if he eat something right way burping is started if he sit and lie down he is felling better if they can walk again right way burp is start. please give me a some advice.

    • Hi Raman. It sounds like I’m currently experiencing the same symptoms as your husband. I wake in the morning feeling better. After walking around some I have some air in my stomach and small burping. After I eat it gets worse to the point of having to force myself to burp every few minutes for 3 or 4 hour, if not i have problems breathing because of so much air in my stomach. I can drink water and have the same symptoms. Lying down seems to settle down my stomach and helps with my breathing. I think I have low stomach acid.

      • I don’t have any burning symptoms just air and gas when it’s really bad. I’m still searching for treatment. Thank you Alex

        • sounds like you swallow air when you eat (very common) and it can also cause burping and loud stomach rumbling

          • Air swollen is not the issue. The belching is continuous. Every few seconds. As soon as air is released, it’s replaced by more air.

            • I’ve been told that it’s because of the pressure in our stomach. Normally one should not have that much pressure and gas, but if there is any problem with stomach such as high or low acidity it starts. I myself had that too. As I am completely off the medicine after taking them for about 1 year, I can tell you that belching goes away if you first cure your stomach. I had low stomach acid. However, as most of the doctors who prescribe PPI medicines which make your acid even lower, my doctor did the same (I have also had heartburn and even pain from back). But then with my other doctor and with the help of the information on the internet I decided to do the opposite and it helped. In my country we have good domestic honey and it is common to drink honey added to water every day. I began doing that too. After waking up try to drink 200g water + 1 tea spoon honey, but it has to be COLD, because you need your stomach juice to be released! And right after 40-60 minutes you can start your breakfast. I was adding lots of herbs – drills and fennel. It helps to remove gas from you stomach, so you control your belching. Also apples (which my doctor said is the worst thing for my stomach, but in general I feel VERY WELL NOW) can be used after every meal. I now eat 4-5 times a day, drink 2 liters of water, less grans, more herbs, vegetable and fruits, less fat ( if fat – olive oil is the best) and of course meat (not very much). Apple and green pepper really help for heartburn too. The main thing is to understand that all of these things basically happen because of low stomach acid, and not the opposite, and you can just make your acidity higher and get ride of those symptoms forever, if I could, everybody can do it. Good luck!!!!

      • Hi,

        I have normal stomach acid based on a PH Bravo but I have mild have reflux on my esophagus and throat. Just recently I took the SIBO Breathe test and came out positive which I’m taking antibiotics for it. It’s to my understanding this bacteria causes gas. My systems are chest pressure all day long, lack of air and sometimes when the pressure is at the top I get muscle and rib-cage pain. And like you it starts mild and ends moderate late afternoon or early night and when I lay back it goes away again. I do not get any heartburn and can’t point out what food triggers my problems because I have it all day long. I do know when I stand, walk, talk or eat it gets worse. I can eat a cereal and a pizza and is the same to me and my symptoms. Today I’m going to see a functional medicine specialist which deals with reflux and SIBO. I highly suggest you get tested for SIBO, it took a 2nd GI to order this test after 2 years of pain. Now, I can’t say this is actually the problem. 😉 btw, I also have mild health anxiety which makes it worse. But weird, if I lay back it goes away 80-90% so I highly doubt anxiety is even 10% of the problem.

        • Thank you for your reply, it was very insightful. It restricts my breathing as well, back pain in ribs. My breathing problems began when I was directly exposed to mold. This new bloating feeling, pushes upward on my diaphragm and restricts breathing. A few years back, I was having sour stomach or indigestion. Antacids helped at the beginning, but eventually stopped working. By chance, I discovered that I was allergic to gluten. After about 7 days of not eating any gluten my burning stomach pain was gone. An interesting point to note is that other pains vanished as well. When I lied down for bed, my burning stomach pain would change from my stomach to my side, but vanished when I stopped gluten. I had recurring foot pain, but that too went away. My blood pressure was better after stopping eating gluten. I realized that my ailments were a result of inflammation from eating glutin. I’m convinced glutin is responsible for many health issues. I will ask to be tested for SIBO. Thank you for the advice. Let me know how SIBO Treatment goes. You should consider taking probiotic while taking antibiotics. Thank you

        • Your symptoms sound exactly like my 16 year old daughter’s symptoms. The doctors have been pointing to her anxiety causing the tightness in the throat and feeling of not being able to breath. She was doing relaxation techniques (meditation, cortex games) but it was not enough so she is on a small dosage of Prozac. She has been on omeprazol twice a day for 7 weeks and now her stomach hurts really bad for the past 3 days. I am suspecting small intestine bacteria. She feels bloated and can’t eat. The GI Doctor has been not helpful telling us what foods to eat. I googled and decided on: oatmeal, eggs, tea with honey, pasta with butter, roasted chicken, cooked cauliflower, broccoli, carrots and Brussels sprouts. Just started adding lactose free yogurt. She has been eating this same diet for the past 7 weeks. Many times doctors say don’t eat apples and citrus foods, but most times they say eat whatever you want. Many foods are just too hard to swallow with this irritated esophagus. She is so frustrated. GI follow up appointment this Thursday. I am asking her to test my daughter acid levels and check for small intestine bacteria

          • I have been off Nexium for 1 year now, after taking it for 14 years. But unfortunately my symptoms have been gradually coming back. Occasional urping and every day now that horrid tightness in my chest. I also suffered Magnesium and Vitamin D deficiency and daily heart palpitations. I was wondering if any one is experiencing what I am after being off Nexium.

        • Thank you for your comment. I have Sibo and have been treated several times. I have never had my acid leveled check. I feel like I have reflux. You said your PHBravo was normal yet you have reflux. What do you take for reflux and where can I have the PHBravo test? Thank you

          • Hi,

            I came out twice positive on SIBO but both of my GI’s came to the conclusion I do not have SIBO based on my symptoms. (the only stomach issue I had was bloating) I took all of the PPI’s for short period of times- 30-60 days. After 2 years telling me my chest problem was caused by my mild reflux they are now saying is not related. Yes, even took out my Gall-blatter promising me my pain will be gone after that. Nope, it’s worse. ;-( Now they think is a back problem so I’m going in for a standing spine MRI tomorrow. Why standing? because my chest problem is aggravated when I stand or even talk to much so they think is positional. For all of you out there taking PPI’s, before you go crazy taking this drug make sure you actually need it. Just because you have reflux it doesn’t mean you have high acid or need PPI’s. We all know is the other way around. Doctors will order this like candies and PPI’s will kill your defence against bad bacterias like SIBO.

          • Something that helped me tremendously in the past week was alkaline water from the health food store. I have some form of acid reflux not diagnosed by doctor so bad that I was wheezing and felt like I was suffocating. This has been going on for months. Been to six doctors and ER. In the last month my stomach started burning also along with hoarseness. The doctor wanted me to take Carafate but it was expensive, had a lot of side effects and interfered with meds I am taking. I also started taking a teaspoon of pine nut oil and flax oil twice a day. This with the alkaline water now lets me sleep at night instead of thinking I was going to have to call an ambulance. I have an appt in January to do the ph capsule test during an endoscopy.

  12. I have the same condition. Normally everything is normal in the morning. Then after breakfast still nothing for few hours. around 10 AM a little burning sensation in the throat and the chest. I take my lunch around 12.30. After lunch everything goes south and it burns burns burns everywhere, stomach, throat, chest. Nothing helps. I was on pantoprazole, domperidone for 3 months and before that omeprazol, Ranitidine and antacid. Nothing helped me. After stopping medicines all the symptoms are back. I dont have a clue what to do next. Suicide is my last choice. Does anyone know how to stop burning feeling after the meal? (drinking more water is not a cure, it makes more reflux just after a meal)

  13. I have read abut the horrors of PPI’s and am trying to wean myself off them. Is it counter productive to take acid making things like apple cider vinegar and HCL at the same time or should I wait to take them once I am off the PPI’s completely?

    • I found with PPI’s that I had HORRIBLE diarrhea! I almost went ot the doctor aobut it, but realized it was because of the ppi’ I was taking….now I dont take them…but left with the worst heartburn ever all the fricking time! I want ot just die its iso bad. and what do I eat? good meals? some alcohol, but iuts just as bed before drinking when i am doing no bread, rice helps….I am at a loss…

      • Faith i have the same problem as you do. I was on nexium for about a year due to constant nausea. After learning that it robs the body of calcium I stopped abruptly. About 5 days late ai got horrible indigestion and it has been constant for 6 weeks now. I am at wit’s end. It doesnt matter what I eat or don’t eat. Its always there along with gas and awful belching. I already couldnt eat properly due to the nausea and now I am even less able to eat. Nothing tastes good or right and I am losing more weight whn I need to gain weight. I will try to do what some are recommending.24 though about the time the nausea started I also started having super taste and smell. Sugary Things are super sweet etc so it will be hard for me to do the honey and cold water. I have always found honey to be too sweet now it will be almost unbearable. But I will try. I cannot take this much longer. I have very little enjoyment in life with all of this going on.
        I do smoke and that also doesn’t taste rght or good.
        Please let me know how to fix this. I rarely has indigestion before this, only when I ate tomato sauce or fried onions which have not agreed with me for about 15 years.

  14. I came across this site while trying to make heads or tails of all the conflicting information out there and after seeing several GI docs. I was diagnosed with GERD about 10 years ago. I was prescribed a PPI which I’ve been on ever since. Unfortunately, the GERD has only intensified. I have a hiatal hernia, a bad gallbladder and a lower esophageal sphincter that doesn’t close all the way To add insult to injury, I have interstitial cystitis (a chronic bladder disorder that cuts most acidity out of my diet) and I just had open heart surgery (triple bypass) in January. Since that time the GERD has really intensified. I’m assuming that the heart meds I’m on are contributing to that. I can also imagine that open heart surgery might mess things up as well. My current GI doc wants to do an upper endoscopy and implant some kind of capsule that will measure acid. To me, this seems a waste of time. If I have too little acid, I certainly cannot take more because of the interstitial cystitis. My diet consists of some fruits (can’t eat much of them) veggies, chicken, low carbs. I stopped eating breads. Substituted brown rice cakes which I don’t eat frequently. I do not have celiac disease and have gone gluten free for a time but nothing changed. What I’m most upset about is that the doctors don’t seem to give a damn that this out of control GERD is ruining my esophagus. My throat is so bad that I’m hoarse from just a few minutes of talking on the phone. I’m trying to figure out why no one wants to fix my hiatal hernia at this point or fix the valve problem. Both these things are causing the reflux. I’m so tired of doctors that do nothing but treat symptoms. Whatever happened to trying to actually fix what causes the symptoms? I have the same problem with my cardiologist. He’s doubled my statins telling me the bypass surgery will be for naught if I don’t take them. Then everyone tells me not to stress. How the hell can anyone NOT stress with that medical history? Anyway, I’m just venting here. But if anyone reading this has anything beneficial to suggest, I’d love to hear from you. Cheers!

    • Check out 6 minute vid by Dr Josh Axe titled How To Naturally Heal Low Stomach Acid. Found this in article in this link: http://draxe.com/low-stomach-acid/
      I also have heard that Turmeric is helpful and naturally increases acid…
      Best wishes to a more comfortable future

      • Turmeric can be very dangerous with certain meds.Blood thinners,Prilosec and nexium, just to name a few.

      • I have found that putting ph alkaline drops in my water (or any liquid) works amazingly well. For me it is like a miracle cure. Well maybe not a cure but stop the burning in my throat and mouth almost immediately. Works for me.

    • Lisa I treat most reflux from babies to adult 1-4 treat meants.Reflux and other digestive ailments come from stress in the abdomen .First check how you breath is it shallow. Is your bra to tight ? When you hold to much tension around your solar plexus can inhibit its funtion.Reflux is the easiest of the digestive ailments to treat. colitis and C rohns taking longer.Holding tension around nerve plexus areas can inhibit thier funtion.mfit therapy

      • Wow-I’ve had this theory for years. I’m a 42H and that is exactly where my pain (whenever I have it) is! I have to wear
        an underwire due to how large they are and I always have marks there when I take
        my bra off.
        Most Drs just blow me
        off when I question them about it, in regards to my GERD. I did have pneumonia and my Dr said my bra could easily have contributed to that.

    • HI,
      I am with you! On the 1st of June 2016, I was diagnosed with Barrett’s syndrome. I was put on Lansoprazole, (Prevacid) 30mg after 2 weeks I was dizzy, disoriented, insomnia and bad dreams, no appetite. He gives me dexilant samples they worked well but caused me to feel like i needed a nebulizer treatment and I am not asthmatic. I call the doctor he prescribes me anxiety meds so I can relax to eat a meal. I was insulted. The doctor seemed excerbated because the two trick pony meds were not ok. So he talked about sucrolate but did not call it in. I thought about it is this really the best the medical professionals can offer. There are just ppi’s about 5 choices or h2 blockers about 3 choices. The root of the problem needs to be figured out. I think that there maybe an underlying cause, either bacterial, fungal or something. But for sure they should be able to sure up a hiatal hernia and tighten and les. I can’t look at bread, frui or fruit juice as they cause me severe reflux, I am living on protein,fish, turkey eggs broccoli, even potatos cause a reaction. This is a torturous way to live. Oh yes and I would be remise if I did not mention the injury to the insult. I have been taking Zanta OTC 150 because I was supposed to have a follow up to see him, after my esophageal dialation on the 1st but was told I could not because I did not have the co insurance payment of $197.. Not Copay that is $40 I needed $237. totlal for him to see me. I have Blue cross primary and Medicare secondary. BCBS paid and the Gastro billed medicare and were waiting for payment from medicare, but I should lay it out and they would reimburse me when medicare paid. Unbeliveable but true. smh

    • My heart goes out to you, Lisa.
      Are you open to other ideas?
      Look up Dr John Sarno and either Mind Body Syndrome or Tension Myositis Syndrome. Also look at The Great Pain Deception by Steve Ozanich. Your constant symptoms sound like the sort of thing they both talk about. It does take a radical mind shift to consider what he talks about as being true. Please have an open mind and at least consider it. We have been taught to only think of the medical model, but the mind has a powerful influence on the body, and when there is a case like yours where nothing seems to work or symptoms just increase or move around the body, it’s time to look at the mind’s role in this. Also look up the TMS wiki message boards. Although he originally started out treating back pain, John Sarno he came to see that many, if not most, GI disorders were also caused by chronic inner tension and suppression of certain emotions.
      In my own case, I have found that if my husband goes away, my reflux is as awful as yours, with the throat symptoms etc. When he comes back, it settles. There is no logical reason for this, but somewhere in my mind, his leaving causes symtoms.
      I wonder whether a similiar thing is in operation with you that hasn’t been considered yet.

      I have also found that meditation focusing on the relaxing of my stomach can help settle it.

      I am not saying your symptoms are all in your head; they are real. It’s your mind’s way of trying to express and suppress feelings about your life right now.

      Do at least look it up and consider the theory. And I just put it out there in case you or someone else might find it useful.

    • Lisa…….it is frustrating. I have been to 7 doctors………..the ER doctor even told me he did not have time to listen to my history because he had 18 patients waiting on him which was a lie. I was the only one in the waiting room and parking lot had 3 cars in it. Allergy doctor said it was acid reflux which I knew and told me to go on Nexium which i had been told in April by my gastro doctor NOT TO DO. Went to gastro doctor yesterday and he now says he is not sure if it is my lung disease from Sarcoidosis or acid reflux……….the acid reflux is making it almost impossible for me to breathe at night. He also wants to put the capsule down my throat and check acid levels. After 15 minutes he literally ran out of the room….my 15 minutes was up. Almost every night I wake up wheezing and not being able to breathe. Last night I had chicken noodle soup and a gaviscon………….and the worse night ever. Took all I could not to call an ambulance. Finally took baking soda and a xanax about 2, got on my oxygen and was able to go back to sleep about 3. I am sick to death of doctors. About to leave in one month to go out of state for a month on vacation and have high anxiety about it.

  15. I was bipolar until I drank a half a gallon of apple cider vinegar and broke wind. It cleared up my mind and now I am happy to be a dill pickle. I’m so glad I never listened to anyone who studied chemistry, biology, anatomy, physics and the like, those idiots were killing me.

    • You can eat an apple too, after every meal. This is how I control my reflux! Good luck!

      • I am in Delhi, India. Which city are you in ? I am also 43 years old and have been suffering from this for 10 years. What a coincidence !
        I am taking Raciper 20 tablets twice a day. Are you taking any medicines ?

        • Well, if you need to know more about this disease you can read on this site, Chris Kresser really helps with his articles, also you can read the comments, there is so much information! I also wrote my success story. I can understand how terrible it is to have this thing, as I myself had it and am totally cured. Not by medicine, but with a proper food and drink! Good luck

  16. I have had most of the problems here. Food hated me. I would eat an get sick. Have to lay on my side till it passed. Burning in my throat all the time worst at night. Meds only helped for a little while. After so long ID throw up during hot red stuff an would lose my voice for a couple weeks. Pain in the med back an omg the bloating. Was treated by doctors but nothing stopped it. Then one test came back positive. Autoimmune disorder. But the doctors done nothing. So I looked it up. An found all my problems even kidney stones listed under Celtic. So I cut out all wheat. An I’m here to say almost no burn an I feel 15 years younger. Give it a try.

  17. This is sort of irritating. GERD itself, has nothing to do with too much or too little acid. It has to do with the esophageal sphincter weakening and thus not holding the stomach contents down in the stomach. Thus we take antacids to make sure what is coming up is not burning the esophagus If you drink too much water and have GERD..it comes up. Iv read a lot of Kressers stuff. Some makes sense, and more is worthy of quack awards. This is borderline stupid.

    • I think you are right it is about the sphincter but it is also about digestion. Indigestion causes reflux. If you do not digest your food it will brew up in your stomach and acid will come up into your throat. This can happen even if your sphincter muscle is in good shape. Getting your digestion to work properly is key to eliminating reflux.

      • You have to have some acid in your stomach to digest. If you don’t have enough acid food will ferment causes excess burning

        • HI,

          You are correct, I just had mines checked and is working properly and still mild reflux is coming up to my throat.

  18. Does all this discussion on GERD apply also to silent reflux, LPR ? I have a reoccurring granuloma/lump on my false vocal chord. I have had it removed twice with surgery. My ENT doctor claims is from reflux, put me on PPIs. I have no real symptoms however.

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