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How (And Why) to Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally


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how to lower blood pressure naturally, lower blood pressure naturally
Lowering your blood pressure naturally is key to long-term health. Creatas/Creatas Images/Thinkstock

High blood pressure, or hypertension, is the most important risk factor for premature death, accounting for half of all deaths caused by cardiovascular disease and 13.5 percent of all deaths each year. It affects 26 percent of the population worldwide, and one-third of the population in the U.S. Nine in ten Americans are expected to develop high blood pressure by the age of sixty-five.

With this in mind, it’s no exaggeration to suggest that keeping your blood pressure under control is one of the most important things you can do to extend your lifespan.

Mild hypertension can nearly double your risk of heart disease—but drugs don’t work. What can you do? #hypertension #diabetes #metabolicsyndrome

This has become even more apparent in light of recent research which suggests that even “high normal” blood pressure (120–129 / 80–84 mmHg) increases the risk of death from cardiovascular disease by 46% on average. For women, the risk was slightly lower; for men, it was much higher—80%, regardless of age. (1) These results are alarming in light of the fact that 3 of 10 US citizens have a blood pressure in the 129–139 / 84–95 mmHg range.

Making the problem worse, studies have shown that drug therapy for “high normal” blood pressure and even mild hypertension is not effective. A large review of randomized, clinical trials performed by the prestigious Cochrane Collaboration found that anti-hypertensive drugs used to treat mild hypertension (140–159 / 90–99 mm/Hg) did not reduce disease complications or the risk of death. (2)

How to Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally

But that doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do.

Like most other chronic diseases, high blood pressure is caused by a mismatch between our genes and the modern diet and lifestyle. High blood pressure affects only one percent of hunter-gatherer populations following a traditional diet, but its prevalence increases when those cultures adopt a western diet and lifestyle that is characterized by processed and refined foods, sedentary behavior, chronic sleep deprivation, a lack of sun exposure and excess use of caffeine, alcohol and tobacco. (3)

If you have “high-normal” blood pressure or mild hypertension, here are my top three recommendations for decreasing your blood pressure naturally.


As I mentioned above, high blood pressure is practically nonexistent in traditional hunter gatherer societies. There are likely several reasons for this, but diet is certainly one of them. Here’s what to pay attention to:

  • Sugar. Increased consumption of sugar—especially sugar-sweetened beverages like soda—is associated with high blood pressure, and reducing sugar intake has been shown to lower blood pressure. (4)
  • Potassium. High dietary intake of potassium is associated with lower blood pressure. In fact, many researchers believe that the protective effects of potassium are one of the major reasons why hunter-gatherers like the Kalahari Bushmen and traditional pygmies of Sub-Saharan Africa have such a low incidence of high blood pressure. In Paleolithic diets, the average daily intake of potassium was approximately 10,500 mg/d. In comparison, the average American consumes about 2,800 mg/d. (5)
  • Cold-water fish. I’ve written before about the numerous health benefits of EPA and DHA, the polyunsaturated fats found in cold-water fish. Studies have shown that DHA, in particular, is very effective at reducing blood pressure. You don’t need to take a fish oil supplement to get this benefit; eating cold-water fish three times a week is just as effective as taking a high-dose fish oil supplement, and the protein in the fish may also have a blood-pressure lowering effect. (6)
  • Magnesium. A high dietary intake of magnesium has been shown to reduce blood pressure, though its effect is not as strong as what is observed with potassium. Nuts, seeds, spinach, beet greens, and chocolate are the highest food sources of magnesium on a Paleo diet. Magnesium’s effect on blood pressure is magnified when combined with increased potassium intake. In fact, increasing potassium and magnesium intake together while moderately reducing sodium intake can lower blood pressure as much as a single medication. (7)

What about salt? We’ve been told for years that a high salt intake is one of the primary risk factors for high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease, but it’s time to shake up the salt myth. Though some studies do suggest that restricting salt can lower blood pressure, the evidence supporting a connection between salt intake and cardiovascular disease is weak at best. What’s more, some evidence suggests that restricting salt too much may be harmful to our health. (For more on this important topic, read my special report on salt.)

As usual, individual variation plays a role. It appears that a minority of the population is “salt-sensitive”, which means they’re susceptible to developing hypertension when consuming a diet higher in sodium. For the rest of us, there’s no strong evidence that reducing salt intake below one and one-half teaspoons (3,600 mg/d, which is the average intake in the US today) is beneficial.

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There are a number of steps you can take in terms of behavioral and lifestyle change to lower your blood pressure. These include:

  • Weight loss. Excess body fat can raise blood pressure, and reducing it can lower blood pressure.
  • Exercise. Endurance exercise, strength training, high-intensity interval training and simply moving around more during the day (outside of a distinct exercise period) have all been shown to significantly reduce blood pressure.
  • Sleep. Both short sleep duration and poor sleep quality increase the risk that you’ll develop high blood pressure. (8) Correcting sleep apnea has been shown to reduce blood pressure. (9)
  • Sunlight. Exposure to ultraviolet light (via sunshine or tanning beds) increases the production of a chemical in our bodies called nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is a powerful vasodilator; it helps our blood vessels to relax, which in turn lowers blood pressure.
  • Meditation. Several studies have shown that meditation can be effective for lowering blood pressure, possibly via its relaxing effects on the nervous system. (10)
  • Deep breathing. Deep breathing is part of many traditional practices such as yoga, qi gong and certain forms of meditation. Even short periods of deep breathing have been shown to modestly lower blood pressure, and using deep-breathing techniques over weeks to months may lead to long-term reductions in blood pressure. Research suggests that three to four fifteen-minute sessions per week of deep breathing are sufficient to have this effect. (11)
  • Biofeedback. Biofeedback, the process of becoming aware of the body’s physiological functions, has been shown to effectively reduce blood pressure, with no side effects or risks. (12)

First get your weight loss, exercise, sleep and sun exposure dialed in. Then choose either meditation, deep breathing, or biofeedback and stick with it for a month. You’ll be amazed at the results.


Several supplements have been shown to be quite effective for lowering blood pressure. In fact, research suggests that when combined together, diet and lifestyle changes and supplements can be even more effective than drug treatment.

Here’s a list of the supplements you should consider:

  • CoQ10. Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is an antioxidant that plays an important role in protecting the heart. Levels of CoQ10 decrease with age and are lower in patients with diseases that are characterized by inflammation and oxidative stress, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes. At doses of 100–225 mg per day, CoQ10 reduces systolic blood pressure by 15 mgHg and diastolic blood pressure by 10 mgHg. (13) CoQ10 is fat soluble, which means it’s best to take with meals that contain fat. However, newer formulations are available that significantly improve absorption and lead to higher serum CoQ10 levels. I use these in my practice: QH Absorb 100 mg and 200 mg.
  • Garlic. Clinical trials have shown that long-acting garlic supplements have a modest but significant impact on blood pressure in people with high blood pressure, with an average reduction of 8.4 mmHg (systolic) and 7.3 mmHg (diastolic). (14) Approximately 10,000 units of allicin (one of the active ingredients in garlic)—the amount contained in about four cloves of garlic—is required to have the desired effect. However, not all garlic supplements are comparable in their ability to lower blood pressure. This is what I use in my practice: Vital Nutrients Garlic 6000.
  • Magnesium. Magnesium taken in supplemental form at doses of 500–1,000 mg/d over an eight-week period has been shown to significantly reduce blood pressure. I recommend chelated forms of magnesium such as magnesium glycinate for optimal absorption and tolerance. This is what I use in my practice: Douglass Laboratories Magnesium Glycinate.
  • Vitamin C. Vitamin C has been shown to modestly reduce blood pressure and improve arterial health in clinical studies. This is especially true for people who are low in vitamin C to begin with. The recommended dose is 1,000 mg a day. Liposomal forms of vitamin C are much better absorbed than typical oral preparations. This is what I use in my practice: Optimal Liposomal Vitamin C.
  • Potassium. Potassium may help reduce blood pressure, especially when dietary intake is inadequate. (15) The main dietary sources of potassium are starchy vegetables like potato, sweet potato and plantain, fruits like banana, and some species of fish, like halibut, rockfish, and salmon. If you’re not eating these foods (e.g. you’re on a very low-carb diet), you may wish to supplement with 1,000–2,000 mg/d of potassium (though you should check with your doctor before doing this, and monitor your potassium levels; high-dose potassium supplementation over a long period of time may lead to mineral imbalances and can be dangerous).
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  1. Hi
    I’m 58 years old male and 3 years ago I started to be ill. Hot flushes followed by vomiting and face swelling and red in colour. They found I had bp of 200/120 plus. I was put on medication of losartan 100mg and tilidiem 200mg. Since I suffer with headaches (tingling) blurred vision persistant cough and fits. My bp fluctuates from 140/85 to 170/95 and there’s no reason for this. Doctors don’t seem bothered but I just want a normal life. Before all this my bp was 110/60. Please help it’s ruining my life..

    • Try laying flat on bed with chest down (prone position) for at least an hour. Your blood pressure will surely goes down to normal. It won’t go down lower than normal nothing to worry. The only problem you’ll encounter next is stiffed neck. Lol. It’s better to have stiffed neck than high blood pressure, right? Try it.

  2. I have some extreme bouts with high blood pressure. I’ve been an endurance athlete for most of my life. I work out 4 days a week and lead a very active lifestyle. I follow a Paleo diet – no grains whatsoever. I weigh 158-160 lbs and am 5′-9″ tall. At 58 years old, most folks think I am at least 10 years younger. But the blood pressure is crazy! A recent blood test was called impressive by my doctor. So I am at a loss.

  3. Hi my mother had no high blood pressure .she is diabetic but yesterday after travelling by flight she had dizzy feeling and doctors measured and said she had high blood pressure ..and after 1 day doctor prescribed blood pressure medicine for her after taking the medicine she became very weak and unable to walk but her blood pressure went normal.but she felt body shake and lips were shaking ..can u pls i want to know whether she can stop the medicine now or she has to take it for entire life as i heard high blood pressure medicine cannot be stopped after taking once.she only took 3 tablets as prescribed.
    Please help!

    • Do not trust doctors. Read and resear h fir your self. There are numerous videos and podcast on magnesium chloride. READ READ READ. DO NOT TRUST YOUR DOCTOR.


    • Highblood pressure is sort of a sibling of diabetes. If you’re diabetic you’re surely a candidate of hypertension. Good glucose control is the best intervention there is which needs self discipline. Let her consult a cardiologist so you’d know what to do with her meds. If her blood pressure keeps shooting up, let her lay flat on bed chest down For at least an hour. And advise her to sleep in that position.

  4. I’m looking for natural ways to control my blood pressure. If possible please be specific about dosage.

    • As posted before [yeah, I know–hard to find anything in these strings of posts!]…I’ve used fresh, prepared garlic to well-control my BP. It had been upwards of 200+ over 100+.
      With the 1st large amount consumed, it dropped into normal range within about 1 to 2 hours, and stayed that way, as long as used it daily.
      ==1st couple weeks, I used a head-and-a-half of prepared garlic cloves, mixed into my favorite garlic-conveyance food [usually avocado here].
      ==2nd through 10th week, used a few to several fat cloves of garlic prepared the same way, more if BP was up, less if it was down.
      After that, if I needed more, can increase, or, only use one or two cloves prepared, per day. Results seemed to be well-susteined that way.
      This is in addition to: a fairly decent, mostly fresh produce and organic diet, and avoiding as much gluten grains and added sugars, as possible. Due to other issues, though, I’m fairly sedentary, so whatever works, has to do it in that context.
      Smash cloves; remove skins; mince; let sit to air for at least 15 minutes [this develops the allicin content]. Consume it with other foods that have good fats in them.
      Once the Allicin has developed from airing it, you should still get the benefits, even if it’s cooked into a recipe of other foods–the goal is for the person to consume enough of it, to normalize their BP.
      Garlic also gives other good qualities, such as blood thinning, and helping blood be slipperier to get through the tiny blood vessels.

      • I have read in numerous places that one needs to eat the fresh garlic within 15 minutes or the allicin will be destroyed and not work. Do a search as i am not sure now which is the truth., but i have mostly read that you need to eat the garlic right away within 10-15 minutes.

  5. Hello, I’m a 13 year old boy whose mom has Hypertension and it scares me that she has a greater risk of dying than a normal person. How can I help my mom in her:
    1. Diet
    2. Work load
    3. and in her stress levels?

    • First of all, it’s important that your mom know you want to help, but NOT worry. No mom wants their children carrying a burden like that. Can you get her to take a walk with you a few times a week? Can you help by doing your chores without being asked more than a time or two? Can you try not to be argumentative over little things that don’t really matter so much? Can you support things like eating healthy foods even if it means maybe you help make the salad sometimes or decide to have fruit for dessert instead of something sugary? All moms want generally is healthy, happy and hopeful kids. You are beginning to be a young man now, and a thoughtful one. Your mom is lucky to have you. Just help her where you can, if you believe in God or are a particular religion, then ask in assistance from a higher power and trust that your mom will want to be healthier for you too. Remind her gently if she forgets to take her medicine, and don’t be part of stressing her out if you can help it (I know that’s a big order and you ARE entitled to grow into an independent and free thinking adult!)
      I have only daughters, but I think a son like you is a gift.

    • Learn to eat lots of vegetables and fruit. Flavour with balsamic vinegar, herbs and spices. Magnesium helps to relax muscles and the arteries are a muscle too. Drink more pure water. HAWTHORN is a herbs research that. Deep sea fish oils good and garlic thins the blood. If on blood thinners or going for an operation they like you to stop garlic for two weeks before op. Diuretics such as dandelion tea and food rich in potassium help rid body of fluid. Check with a good naturopath too. EXCERCISE and Meditate too.

  6. I am a healthy active 74 year ld woman except for my chronic high BP and I mean high, today it was 180/105. I cannot find a medicine that will keep it under control with suffering for debilitating side effects that reduce the quaility of my life. I dont know waht to do and the fear of a stroke etd is giving me anxiety attack which of course do not help. My most recent BP med was clonodine which did a great job but reduced my heart rate to 49, I was so tired i couldn’t get off the couch and this for someone who does yoga, ti chi, strength training and Zumba. I am in tears right now, I had plans to go to the movies and lunch with a friend but cancelled because I had so much pressure in my head I was scared to go out.
    I am very sensitive to medicine and even supplements, can anyone help me??

    • I’ve been off blood pressure meds since May due to side effects. Now taking olive leaf with celery seed which keeps me in the 140 over 90 range and lower, have to watch sugar consumption and take magnesium(Calm) and natural calcium and foods higher in potassium. Also caffeine raises it and weight gain.

    • Clonodine is NOT good for seniors.. some medications are not good for seniors also.. pull up the Beers report… Good Luck.

  7. Hi, my father recently diagnosed with facial palsy, when my father noticed changes in his face he immediately went to doctor that time my father’s blood pressure was 170/80 so doctors told facial palsy occurs due to high BP, they gave my father some low dose strides for facial palsy and gave anti hypertension tablets to control BP, after 2 weeks when my father went for follow up check up BM was very low around 80/70 so immediately doctor told my father to stop taking anti hypertensives but after 5 days it again rises to 190/ 80..can some one tell me what to do whom to consult.

  8. I have always had low blood pressure until recently when it has been slowly climbing. It is now consistently above normal. I take a lot of exercise, I eat sensibly and have been taking all the supplements mentioned for over a month with no resulting lowering of blood pressure. I don’t know what else to do and would be grateful for any help. I am about to have blood and urine tests but if they don’t find anything wrong, what then? I am very scared.

    • You might benefit from Dr. John sarno’s book: the divided mind. Repressed emotion, he believes, is the cause of many different health issues in certain people.

    • What is the vegetation alternative for cold water fish?

      Please reply me fast

      • Algae supplements exist for DHA. Also, certain foods like walnuts are very high in omega 3s.

  9. What is the reason for high blood pressure?

    I know I eat organic, non-GMO raw dairy products, and best as I can I follow Weston A Price Foundation dietary guidelines.

    I also live with health anxiety/anxiety disorder as well as OCD!!!! Even with all of that I have amazing, and outstanding blood pressure. Even low blood pressure to tell you the trust mine usually runs about 105/51 to 90/48 depending on what time of day it is and how tired and over worked I am. I do sometimes get stressed and anxious and it goes up to 120/72 or 119/65 but back down in seconds to minutes.

    I really wish that the USA AND USDA could finally listen to the truth about saturated fat and cholesterol etc etc.

    So once again I ask WHAT CAUSES HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE? Salt GREAT/GOOD QUALITY sea salt DOESNT raise BP and neither does STRESS maybe only temporary then it goes back down.


  10. HI Chris, What is the dosage / frequency that you’d suggest for me to benefit from the combination of vitamin K2 (m7) and Vitamin D3? I am a 44 year old female in good health and ideal weight. I have some beginning calcification in the aorta, prematurely. BP /blood work is good and no symptoms. I exercise/ eat /sleep well. Thank you very much for your expertise! Also any other recommendations are appreciated.

  11. Interesting…in the article you say reducing salt intake does not reduce blood pressure. But in the comments to someone with low blood pressure you say increasing salt intake will increase blood pressure. Huh?

    • removing salt doesn’t address the root of the blood pressure problem. if someone has a fever and you dunk them in cold enough water, you could likely induce a temperature drop. blood pressure is a symptom. one needs to address the underlying cause.

      • Thanks. And while I don’t disagree with your comment, it has nothing to do with mine. I’m trying to understand the conflicting statements made by Dr. Kresser….that if reducing salt does not reduce blood pressure, how does increasing salt increase blood pressure? I’m looking for a physiological answer to the dichotomy of that statement. Not further discussion on just the first clause.

        • It’s fairly straight forward.
          High salt intake can make it worse but eliminating all added salt may not make it better.
          This is because there are underlying causes not related to salt that are in play.

          • Sorry, it’s not straightforward at all and your response doesn’t address my question. Your comment is simply echoing the long understood toxicological phrase, “the dose makes the poison”. Too little water will kill you, but so does too much. That’s understood. However, my question is based on the body’s physiological response to an input. If, as the article suggests for the majority of people that ingesting a higher amounts of sodium does not increase blood pressure, what is the basis for the recommendation to ingest more salt to increase blood pressure (i.e., for those with hypotension – recommendation buried in the comments below by Dr. Kresser). I’m looking to understand why one would recommend loading up on salt to increase blood pressure, but at the same time also state that eating excess salt will not increase blood pressure. I’m not going to comment further as i think my question is clear…hopefully Dr. Kresser will weigh in.

            • Chris Kresser, an impressive individual I’m sure, is not a medical doctor in the traditional sense even though he’s wearing a white coat in the picture (It’s not Dr Chris…).
              As to the substance of your question: I can only respectfully suggest you re-read the article as the answer lies therein. There is lots of variation between people in their health situation and their response to salt intake.
              I’m sure Chris will chime in eventually.

            • maybe this helps

              Sea-water density is also dependant on salinity, with high salinity water being about 3 % denser than fresh water

            • What needs to happen is that when you are using sodium in any form, you need to balance it with a sufficient amount of potassium. The underlying cause of hypertension can be as simple as a deficiency in one of these elemental minerals. Also, the magnesium is very important. You can use epsom salt foot soaks, epsom salt baths, make up a mixture of epsom salt and water in a spray bottle to use on the bottoms of your feet, or order some magnesium oil (it’s not really oily but is called an oil). I use the Ancient Minerals brand and order it by the gallon to share with my brother and his wife. We all put it on our feet at night before bed. Has helped with blood clot issues, sleep issues, heart palpitation issues, etc.

              Also, I am wondering if Chris or anyone can tell me more about using Mukta Vati for reducing high BP. My naturopath put me on this a while back but I don’t know if we didn’t get the dose correct or what because in the beginning it seemed to be doing me a lot of good, but after a couple of weeks the goodness dropped off. I’d like more information than just what can be found online – I’ve checked ALLLL the information online. The brand I use is called Ivy’s and it’s a supplement I’m sure works differently for each person who uses it and in what dose. Thanks for any help on that issue.

            • I can’t answer your question, but for me i am salt sensitive. If i go over 500mg of sodium a day the very next two days my bl pr will be much higher. I can’t eat most “normal” things like pizza, taco’s, hot dogs, etc. If i stay under the 500mg level my bl pr will be ok with the drug pill., but the drug pill does not help if i eat more sodium. I am cursed i guess. I can’t enjoy normal food.

        • The action inside the cell re sodium v potasium, magnesium and calcium seems to be the isue. I recently took a supplement that activated calciun=m atpaze in the cell and my BP went up, as it semed to release calcium stored in the body into the blood stream. We need calcium and the enzymes needed to properly absorb is sometimes lacking. Wouls like to know more with reference to alll the electrolites and their signalling enzymes

  12. I am 49 and my BP reading is not same everyday. yesterday is 150/85 today is 130/75 am not taking any medication. When I was in my 30s my bp used to below 90/60. can I know why suddenly I have high bp. I am taking supliment fish oil daily.

    • Blood pressure changes throughout the day as a physiological response to everyday stressors, including food, sleep, alcohol, stress, activity, etc. You should take your blood pressure at the same time each day for several days; and remember that blood pressure is often higher in the morning. Increasing blood pressure with age is common and often due to leading a more sedentary life style compared to our youth, increasing weight gain, etc.

  13. Hi. My mother is above 40years old and she has high blood pressure ( recently edging 160-90). She’s taking prescribed medicines. Can you please suggest a diet plan for het.? Is it ok for her to walk or do little exercises like yoga.?

  14. My daughter developed high blood pressure during her first pregnancy. The doctor put her on meds and the baby was born with blood sugar issues as a direct result. Now she is pregnant again (1st trimester) and her BP has already gone up 145/90. He wants her to get on the medication but we are afraid!

    She carries about 30 lbs of extra weight but generally eats healthy. Lots of sweet potatoes, strawberries and blueberries. She exercises 4x week, no salt at all, and is now exploring oils to try and help.
    What is safe for her to take during the pregnancy?

    • OK I’m not a Dr nor do I have PhD but I have have two children and had high blood pressure both times my legs and feet swelled up both times and it was extremely unpleasant any how in my first pregnancy I did everything the doctors told me took the blood pressure medicine they prescribed called metheldopa . first I just want to add since it was my first pregnancy I was trusting the doctors because they’re supposed to be the professionals well there is a a reason why its called practice because no matter how much knowledge they have there always practicing on their patients and I didn’t like what was happening I didn’t like that they can explain to me why my blood pressure was high and I don’t like I just like the blood pressure medicine I felt it was doing more harm than good I would strongly recommend having your daughter take olive leaf extract and look into taking apple cider vinegar with part two tablespoons of that and one fourth tablespoon of baking soda after twice today see if she can take that why she’s pregnant or not sure about it also just know that the body is that spectacular saying and it will go to extreme measures to make sure that that baby is perfect and the reason I believe that we get high blood pressure when your pregnant is because it’s all for the baby none for you your body is working extra hard to make sure that baby comes out perfect so that’s why I think we get high blood pressure unless its like extremely like dangerously high I wouldn’t worry about taking that blood pressure medicine just go get that all asleep extract that is all she needs to take it starts working immediatelyoh just off the record I did not go to the doctor but one time my second pregnancy because I was so disturbed about how terrible they were at caring for me when I was pregnant my first time and my baby came out fine and I didn’t take the stinking and blood pressure medicine okay I hope that helps

  15. I am 32 years old and I have had high blood pressure since I was about 20. I have had every test done on me and I am extremely healthy. I lost 50 lbs and it was still around 140/100. I saw my cardiologist about 3 months ago and it was still high. She gave me a new medication – Edarbyclor – and I made an appt to come back for 6 weeks. I also completely stopped drinking alcohol during this 6 week period (I never drank a lot, just a few drinks on weekends). I came back to my cardiologist 6 weeks later, my blood pressure is a steady 120/118. No alcohol, starting to power walk/jog in combination to my regular workout classes (I work out 5-6 days a week), and the new medication of Edarbyclor helped!! I cried when I saw the numbers….

  16. i am 28years old and trying to conceive. Previously i have taken contraceptive pills and now my pressure is always measuring 160/100.As per the doctor advice i have already started to take medicine.Now my pressure is normal.Is it possible now to stop medicine and go for any natural ways to cure my pressure problem. Can I conceive in this position.

    • Prescription blood medication especially statins are toxic to your health. if you search around the internet, you will see all the damage they have done to people. you have to decide whether you or the doctor will be in charge of your health. You get in charge by researching and informing yourself. Try to go all natural.

      Make sure you do not allow your child to be vaccinated when it is born. Vaccinations are the most dangerous thing you can give your future child.

      Your blood pressure of 160/100 is fine. There have been proposals by two medical groups to change the normal because higher blood pressure doesn’t translate into higher risk. Cholesterol is another lie.

      Focus on ARTERY health. This involves removing plaque (nattokinase,serrapeptase) and calcification (Vitamin K2, D3). Research it.

      Also be aware that high blood pressure can be caused by uric acid build up caused by kidney disease.

      • “Make sure you do not allow your child to be vaccinated when it is born. Vaccinations are the most dangerous thing you can give your future child.”

        I’m sorry, but not only is this statement off topic, but completely unsupported by any evidence, and against the advice of health authorities all over the world.
        Do you have any idea of what life for us on planet earth would be like without vaccines?

        • You said “completely unsupported by any evidence, and against the advice of health authorities all over the world.”

          Medical authorities are essentially puppets of the government. They can be overt and covert types. The government controls the main medical associations. They have a long history of massive crimes against humanity.

          People can choose to blindly march in lockstep with the authorities or do their own due diligence. I am a proponent of the latter.

          I am here to warn the people in the latter group who may not be aware.

          • There is no doubt that governments of all countries do bad things from time to time and some do them all the time (think:North Korea). But this is totally beside the point.

            To dismiss the work of good people of the scientific medical establishment over the generations that have no doubt saved countless millions of lives is misguided in the extreme. Paranoid, blanket generalisations miss the nuanced and multifaceted nature of reality.
            Evidence and references from peer reviewed sources are always welcome. Conspiracy theories are so easy to come up with and for some folk very seductive to embrace, but without any decent proof actually divorced from reality.

            • First, THE GOOD PEOPLE IN THE GOVERNMENT ARE POWERLESS. They have high risk of becoming casualties if they choose to do the right thing especially if it pertains to things sensitive to the powers that be.

              Second, people like you ignore all those casualties hence are no where to be seen or heard when they do happen. Do people ever notice how nothing really changes. Do they ever think and wonder really why.

              Third, North Korea is just a puppet country controlled by the NWO. The NWO also controls all the other countries including the US. Mahor political events in this world are being artificially created.

              Fourth, your post has fake written all over it. You use all the code words.

              • I’m glad we’ve had this exchange.
                You fail to post a single reference to support the outrageous and unhinged assertion that immunisation is somehow evil and that the scientific consensus view of a healthy blood pressure is too low. High blood pressure kills more people in the developed world by way of stroke and heart disease than anything else, and countless numbers of people in developing world die from diseases that are unknown to us due to vaccination. I’m sorry that these facts don’t fit your narrative.
                I’m also sorry you have to insult me with your apparently paranoid accusation. Readers of this forum will form their own view.
                Facts and evidence are all we ever have to establish the real from the imagined!

                • Just to reiterate.

                  People can choose to blindly march in lockstep with the authorities or do their own due diligence. I am a proponent of the latter.

            • There’s much more proof than this on the internet, if you are interested in learning how very brainwashed most medical doctors are:

              “Inventors of vaccines have chosen a belief system whereby infants are all born with inadequate immune systems (and therefore need to be “saved” from diseases by vaccines).” Dr. Suzanne Humphries



              My name is Donna Gary. I am a constituent of Senator Kennedy’s from Massachusetts. Our family should have celebrated our very first granddaughter’s first birthday last month. Instead, we will commemorate the anniversary of her death at the end of this month.
              Our granddaughter, Lee Ann, was just 8 weeks old when her mother took her to the doctor for her routine checkup. That included, of course, her first DPT inoculation and oral polio vaccine. In all her entire 8 weeks of life this lovable, extremely alert baby had never produced such a blood-curdling scream as she did at the moment the shot was given. Neither had her mother ever before seen her back arch as it did while she screamed. She was inconsolable. Even her daddy could not understand Lee Ann’s uncharacteristic screaming and crying.
              Four hours later, Lee Ann was dead. “Crib death,” the doctor said — “SIDS.”
              “Could it be connected to the shot?” her parents implored.
              “But she just had her first DPT shot this afternoon. Could there possibly be any connection to it?”
              “No, no connection at all,” the emergency room doctor said definitely.
              My husband and I hurried to the hospital the following morning after Lee Ann’s death to talk with the pathologist before the autopsy. We wanted to make sure he was alerted to her DPT inoculation such a short time before her death — just in case there was something else he could look for to make the connection. He was unavailable to talk with us. We waited two-and-a-half hours. Finally, we got to talk to another doctor after the autopsy had been completed. He said it was SIDS.
              In the months before Lee Ann was born, I regularly checked with a friend as to the state of her grandchild’s condition. He is nearly a year-and-a-half older than Lee Ann. On his first DPT shot he passed out cold for 15 minutes, right in the pediatrician’s office.
              “Normal reaction for some children,” the pediatrician reassured. The parents were scared, but they knew what a fine doctor they had. They trusted his judgment. When it was time for the second shot, they asked “Are you sure it’s alright? Is it really necessary?” Their pediatrician again reassured them. He told them how awful it was to experience, as he had, one of his infant patient’s bout with whooping cough. That baby had died. They gave him his second DPT shot that day. He became brain-damaged.
              This past week I had an opportunity to read through printed copies of the hearings of this committee. I am dismayed to learn that this same talk has been going on for years, and nothing has seemed to progress to incorporate what seems so obvious and necessary to keep from destroying any more babies, and to compensate financially those who have already been damaged for life. How accurate are our statistics on adverse reactions to vaccines when parents have been told, are still being told, “No connection to the shot, no connection at all.”?
              What about the mother I have recently talked with who has a 4-year-old brain-damaged son? On all three of his DPT shots he had a convulsion in the presence of the pediatrician. “No connection,” the pediatrician assured.
              I talked with a father in a town adjoining ours whose son died at the age of 9 weeks, several months before our own granddaughter’s death. It was the day after his DPT inoculation. “SIDS” is the statement on the death certificate.
              Are the statistics that the medical world loves to quote to say, “There is no connection,” really accurate, or are they based on poor diagnoses, poor record keeping? What is being done to provide a safer vaccine? Who is overseeing? Will it be the same scientists and doctors who have been overseeing in the past? How much longer does the public have to wait? How are physicians and clinics going to be held accountable to see that parents are informed of the possible reactions? And how are those children who should not receive the vaccine to be identified before they are damaged — or dead?
              Today is the National Day of Prayer. My prayer is that this committee be instrumental in doing what needs to be done — and soon. May there not be yet another year pass by with more children afflicted, and some dead, because those who can do so refuse to make the right connection.

              • @Donna Gary,
                Thank you for speaking up about this!!!!!!
                Those Docs /Administrations, were MAYBE clueless, and perhaps Malfeasant, by insistence that those vaccinations did not cause those ills and death.
                I consider pharmaceutical industries as Malfeasant Profiteers.

                SIDS happens while babies sleep, unattended.
                SIDS is caused by breathing stopping while sleeping.
                And, SIDS has drastically increased ONLY during the time modern vaccines have been used.
                WHY isn’t anyone looking at that correlation?

                Also, please realize, that in the late 1990’s or so, Pharmaceutical companies [among other related industries], got legislation passed which protects them [this includes ancillary services and providers] from being sued for faulty products or damages caused by them; they managed to drastically reduce lawsuits–it has to be very egregious damage, and, has to be presented as a class-action lawsuit, on a more National basis, to get it past those laws at all.
                In certain circumstances, I might call that murder, and, malice aforethought.
                No recompense can return a dead baby to grieving families.
                Once brain damage happens, we don’t know how to fix that.
                They insist on their stories: that any damages are small, infrequent, short-term, more likely due to something else; and that kids sickened and killed from childhood ills is far greater.
                NONE allow good data on how many actual cases of childhood ills happen, vs. how many children are harmed by vaccines [[[that is, vaccines as we know them currently]]].
                NONE allow Public to know the full impact of damages from badly formulated, toxic vaccine formulas.
                They have also taken other legal and subterfuge tactics, to insure public does not hear what actual harm is being done from vaccines on a world-wide scale, nor compare childhood disease rates from PRE-vaccination populations, to numbers AFTER vaccines got started.

                They will never tell you that risks, now exceed benefits from them.
                THAT is why laws are being pushed so strongly, to force populations in USA to get vaccinated, with NO loopholes for religion or philosophical differences, not even to be allowed to opt-out due to allergy to the vaccines [WHICH CAN BE TESTED FOR IN ADVANCE–except one must be wary that actual vaccines are used to test with, not the simplified versions that lack the toxics]
                FEW Docs test for allergy to vaccine components. It’s the toxic chemical soup in vaccines, that is most high-risk.
                Damages mostly happen because Pharma insists on making a toxic soup of adjuvants and stabilizing chemicals in the mix.
                CDC admitted in a Senate hearing that giving so many vaccines at each vaccination visit, /and/ giving them so young [to immature immune systems], is Bad; yet, CDC insists on promoting giving them like that, “to get best compliance from most people”.
                WHAT IS THE REAL AGENDA?
                HOW many ills happen later in life, related to vaccines earlier in life?
                IS THIS what modern Eugenics looks like?

                My kids were vaccinated.
                One did OK, but, had far fewer than what’s delivered now.
                The other of our kids?
                After one set of vaccines at approx. 2.5 yrs old, /after/ potty-training was complete, and he was fully conversant verbally [above average], he got deathly ill after that set of vaccines.
                Unable to eat or drink anything, he was dehydrating badly. I called Kaiser Permanente Advice Nurse, Martinez, CA, [this was about 1985?] who advised me to “keep him home, because we don’t want to expose people in the clinic with whatever he was sick with”—-totally ignoring that I’d firmly reported adverse reactions to vaccinations.
                I was able to help him, using a tiny crumble of a children’s MVI every 15 minutes, and trying sips of water; after 3 crumbles of vitamin, he was able to drink water; then it was a gradual recuperation.
                BUT, he was then mute, and no longer able to make it to the potty. He started head-banging, repetitive behaviors, sensory-overload, blind rages, etc. markers for ASD.
                There were no programs or helps. We were on our own.
                I believe that if I’d pushed to get him mainstream medical treatment, he’d have died, or been worse impaired. Kaiser Docs had the temerity to nearly call CPS for asking them to evaluate him for ASD, even when I carefully described his behaviors–they were planning to report me as a child-abuser for holding my toddler to prevent his tipping large furniture over onto himself during his blind rages, until I told the Doc, firmly, to LISTEN to what I am describing: “the child was endangering himself; I HAD to hold him to keep him safe!”
                Our neighbors, and all kids in our housing, got sick after vaccinations, and immediately turned, at least, into hollow/sunken-eyed, allergy-prone lackluster children, until each were able [if at all] to recuperate to get back to being “regular kids”–except sickly seems to be the new normal.

                We have SERIOUS problems with our Pharma, Medical, and other industries–so many immense issues, it’s going to take cutting the Gordion Knot to get proper changes.
                In the meantime, it’s up to all of us, to learn everything we can, be our own best advocates, stop buying into corporate lies, stop buying harmful products.
                NOTE: I am NOT anti-vaccine; but, I very anti-Toxic vaccines.
                Vaccines do NOT belong being forced on tiny babies, particularly ones who are breast fed.
                Babies immune systems lack ability to properly respond to threats.
                They have to take tiny steps at a time, to gradually challenge immune response, to build it up.
                Throwing so many vaccines, at those so immature, is an invitation to killing off a significant portion of population prematurely, worldwide, and/or, making sure that the medical industries and ancillary services continue to be the worst pernicious versions of themselves.
                Climbing off soap-box.

          • Totally, I have been on for a week clindamycin and man I stopped taking it today for my leg because the hip pain I experienced was horrible, I could not even stretch it out or even taking ibuprofen did not work. I think apple cider vinegar is my best bet for the swelling, Plus the only reason I was taking the clindamycin was for an infection which my leg doesn’t hurt anymore and there is no fever, at all and I can walk again. Carol

          • Yes i took Mukta Vati for a couple yrs. At first it helped, then later did not., but i eat too much sugar and that may be the problem. I am older and don’t exercise. I notice that salt does raise the bl pr. If i go over 500 mg a day it raises a lot. I have to eat everything from scratch and count the sodium. I can’t even eat chinese or it goes way up.

        • My dad didn’t believe in vaccination either,.that was in 1947.I got diphtheria not once but twice.What a stupid comment to make.

          • It wasn’t a stupid comment. Vaccines do harm a lot of people. Kids with compromised health or genetic susceptibility to harm from vaccines, should not be vaccinated.
            You do not know that you would not have gotten diptheria if you had been vaccinated. It varies between different vaccines, but vaccines provide limited immunity, and sometimes people do not sero convert when vaccinated. You also do not know if you would or would not have been harmed by a vaccine if you’d received them.
            Too many people make the assumption that lower disease rates are because of vaccines. There are a lot of factors at play, and correlation does not equal causation. As with most of what the medical establishment does, there are better non pharmaceutical ways to do things. First do no harm.

            • @gh , Thank you for bering supportive, and thank you most, for making that last statement:
              “Too many people make the assumption that lower disease rates are because of vaccines. There are a lot of factors at play, and correlation does not equal causation. As with most of what the medical establishment does, there are better non pharmaceutical ways to do things. First do no harm.”

            • I am in my 60’s now….when i was 22 i had my baby. At one yr old i took him to the doctor to get his first dpt shot. That night he got real sick with a very high fever of 103. He was sick for three days. He had convulsions. I never gave him another shot., and he turned out fine. He is now 47. In those days it was easy to lie to get him into school. They never checked. I just copied what he needed out of a book and wrote that on the school paper. I would never send my child to a public school these days as the vaccines are forced. That’s not freedom. That is C.


          • Yes, it’s true…due to hygiene. In fact all the disease numbers were going down BEFORE the shots came out. And the children who get measles these days all had their measle shots. Also i read that meningitis is really polio, but a milder form of it due to the vaccines. So that means that polio is still with us and they lied and said it’s gone, but now they call it meningitis. Same symptoms, only more mild.

        • In 1972 when my son was one yr old the doc gave him his first vaccine…the dpt….he was sick with a high fever of 103 for four days and he had convulsions. I never gave him another vaccine. He is now aged 47 and healthy. He has never had another vaccine in his life. It was easy in those days to avoid it. He did have chicken pox and measles and now is immune for the rest of his life. The vaccines “wear off” and the kids need more to protect them. If they get measles when they are teens it can be more dangerous. I had measles and chicken pox back in the late 1950’s and i am fine. I am immune for the rest of my life now. And most of the children who DO get measles have been ALREADY vaccinated and it did not protect them!! And numerous newborn babies in the hospital who got their Hep B vaccine….DIED or were very sickly. Hep B is only gotten thro sex or dirty needles so why should babies get that vaccine? All they have to do is check the mothers blood for hep b before the child is born to see if she is infected. It’s all about the money. Oh, and when i was a child i got the first polio shots….got two….and now i have monkey rhesus cancer viruses in my body from the vaccine! A lot of baby boomers are getting cancer from that monkey cancer virus!!