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Paleo for Weight Loss: How an Ancestral Diet Can Help


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Are you watching your friends and family struggle to lose weight and keep it off? Or do you work in a healthcare, health coaching, or gym setting with clients who just can’t seem to shed unwanted pounds, despite their best efforts to eat right and exercise? Keep reading to find out more about eating Paleo for weight loss.

paleo for weight loss
An ancestral, Paleo diet could boost weight loss. iStock/vadimguzhva

While my own clinical experience is enough to assure me that an ancestral, Paleo diet is the best choice for weight loss and one that I enthusiastically recommend, there is plenty of credible scientific evidence, much of which I’ve compiled here, to back up this claim and win over even the biggest skeptic. Let’s dig in, so that you can pass these facts along to your loved ones and clients and help guide them on their Paleo-for-weight-loss journey. (And as an added bonus, if you want to lose those last few stubborn pounds yourself, this information may be all the motivation you need.)

Why Willpower Doesn’t Work—But Paleo Does

You probably already know that we gain weight when we eat more calories than our bodies can use. But you might not be aware that it doesn’t need to be a huge excess. Eating just 10 percent more calories than we need on a daily basis can lead to significant weight gain over time. Yes, even a few extra bites at each meal, which would be hardly noticeable, can pack on the pounds.

The Paleo diet seems tailor made for weight loss. Check out this article to find out what the research says. #paleo #changeagent #chriskresser

It’s surprisingly easy to gain weight, especially since processed food has taken hold over the last 50 years or so and super-sized portions are the norm. Unfortunately we’ve become a nation of overweight and obese people.

In the early 1960s, only a little more than 10 percent of adults in the United States were obese (defined as a BMI over 30). (1) Today, that statistic hovers around 40 percent. When you factor in those who are overweight (defined as a BMI between 25 and 29.9), the number skyrockets to more than 70 percent of people over the age of 20. (2, 3) While many have argued that certain nutrients like carbs or fat are to blame, the simple truth is that we’re eating more than we used to. A lot more. (4, 5)

Therein lies the problem: to lose body fat, we need to be in what’s called a “calorie deficit” for an extended period of time. That means that the number of calories entering our bodies (i.e., what we eat and drink) needs to be lower than the number of calories being used by our bodies (i.e., general metabolism and physical activity).

Seems simple, right? As you and your loved ones and clients have heard over and over again, you just need to “eat less and exercise more.”

Unfortunately, this advice rarely works because the brain has powerful mechanisms for overriding our efforts to lose weight. When you consciously reduce your calorie intake, your body responds by lowering your metabolism to match your reduced intake. So as you purposefully consume fewer calories, your body finds ways to use fewer calories, all while ramping up hormones that increase your appetite and drive you to eat more at every meal in order to regain the fat you’ve lost. (6)

In other words, it’s extremely difficult to eat fewer calories than your body uses through sheer willpower alone—and this is exactly why calorie-restricting diets fail.

The holy grail of reaching a healthy weight, then, is an approach that naturally and spontaneously leads to lower calorie intake—an approach that ensures you eat less without actually trying to. Many diets promise this, but there’s only one I know of that actually delivers over the long term: the Paleo diet.

How Effective Is the Paleo Diet for Weight Loss?

Studies evaluating Paleo for weight loss have shown it to help a number of diverse populations shed pounds and improve their metabolic profile. What’s more, research reveals that it improves risk factors for metabolic syndrome, including waist circumference, better than other dietary approaches. (7)

Impressive Results for Women

In a two-year randomized controlled trial of 70 participants, researchers compared a Paleo diet with a diet structured to meet the Nordic Nutrition Recommendations (NNR). (These are national dietary guidelines set by health ministers from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, and other Nordic regions.) They found a Paleo diet to produce a greater loss of fat mass and reduction in abdominal obesity, as well as a greater reduction in harmful triglyceride levels, than the NNR diet. (8)

Among those same study participants, researchers found the Paleo diet resulted in an average weight loss of more than 17 pounds at the end of the study period, compared with a conventional low-fat diet. After six months, weight reduction was more significant in those following the Paleo diet versus the low-fat diet. Impressively, the study also showed that at six months and 24 months, a Paleo diet reduced liver fat in all of the study participants. (9, 10)

In another study, 10 healthy, non-smoking obese postmenopausal women were instructed to follow the Paleo diet. After five weeks, participants lost an average of roughly 10 pounds (a 5.3 percent reduction in body weight, with a 7.5 percent decrease in waist circumference), as well as experienced decreases in their diastolic blood pressure, cholesterol, and other metabolic markers. (11, 12)

Beneficial Impacts for Type 2 Diabetics

Compared to a “diabetes diet” generally recommended to patients with type 2 diabetes not treated with insulin, a Paleo diet was found to result in more weight loss and a greater reduction in waist circumference, as well to better improve glycemic control and risk factors for cardiovascular disease such as triglycerides. (13)

Additional studies have confirmed a Paleo diet’s ability to help followers with type 2 diabetes lose excess fat and improve insulin sensitivity and glycemic response. (14, 15) Of particular note is one study of diabetic aboriginal Australians, who agreed to return to the natural hunter–gatherer diet of their ancestors for seven weeks. All participants steadily lost weight over the study period, with an average loss of roughly 17 pounds, and experienced marked improvements in glucose tolerance, fasting plasma insulin concentrations, and blood levels of triglycerides. (16)

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Positive Outcomes in Healthy Adults

In one study of healthy men and women between the ages of 20 and 40, the Paleo diet produced decreases in weight, body mass index, and waist circumference, as well as systolic blood pressure and plasminogen activator inhibitor-1, elevated levels of which are a risk factor for atherosclerosis. (17)

A recent Australian study of 39 healthy women with an average age of 47 randomized participants into two groups: a Paleo diet group and a group following dietary guidelines set by the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating (AGHE), which is similar to the USDA’s MyPlate nutrition guide. After four weeks, participants in the Paleo group had lost significantly more weight than those in the AGHE group. They experienced, on average, a 4.3 percent reduction in body weight, along with a 3.8 percent reduction in their waist circumference. (18)

And you know what? None of these groups was told to reduce their overall food intake or to count calories.

What Happens to Your Body When You Follow an Ancestral Diet

You’re now armed with the scientific evidence behind Paleo for weight loss. But you may also want to share with your friends, family members, and clients exactly how the approach works.

Research shows that a Paleo diet is more satiating per calorie than other dietary interventions, including a Mediterranean-like diet and a low-fat diet. (19, 20, 21) That means it’s more filling for the same number of calories than other popular diet methods. This is crucial for weight loss, since feeling full helps you eat less without fighting hunger or counting calories. As I mentioned before, if you’re constantly fighting hunger, your brain will respond by reducing your metabolic rate and increasing your appetite. Furthermore, studies suggest that a Paleo diet helps your body produce more of the hormones that keep you feeling full after eating versus promoting the hunger hormones that cause you to overeat, as calorie-restricting plans do. (22)

One reason it’s so satisfying? While not purposefully restricting particular macronutrients, a Paleo diet encourages consumption of delicious, nourishing whole foods, including protein-rich animal products—even the red meat and eggs you’ve been told to avoid.

In general, studies of high-protein diets show that this way of eating can reduce appetite and increase metabolism, as well as effectively control hormones that regulate weight. (23, 24, 25)

Just as important, a Paleo diet eliminates so-called “empty calories,” in the form of refined carbohydrates, highly processed foods, and added sugar. The science shows that eating empty calories results in “phantom fullness,” the enemy when it comes to weight loss. (26) In fact, it appears that obesity rates have risen as consumption of processed junk and fast foods has increased. (27, 28)

This is why so many of my patients have lost 20, 30, even 60 pounds or more (I have patients that have lost upwards of 150 pounds!) on a Paleo diet, even when they’ve tried and failed with numerous diets before. If you ask me, the anecdotal and scientific evidence is overwhelming that an ancestral diet is the way to go, not just when it comes to losing weight but also to resisting chronic disease. I hope this article helps you as you guide the important people in your life to looking and feeling their very best.


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  1. Hi everyone.. I am getting a bit discouraged here since I feel like I am doing everything right and I am still struggling to lose weight and keep it off…I know these last 10 pounds are the hardest to lose but I am wondering if something else is to blame for the plateaus and recent weight increase after a weight loss.

    I already do not eat gluten, dairy, and eggs due to food sensitivities and this January I weighed 135.4 at 5′-1.5″ and I decided to jump start the new year and my metabolism by being more strict and avoided all added sugar (which I rarely ate before but due to the holidays I slipped a bit). Also, I was eating more brown rice and sweet potatoes than normal so I wanted to avoid grains and starchy vegetables. I also monitored my snacking at night and to help me with with cravings and to curb hunger, I was taking PGX supplement before meals. By day 16, I was down 6.6 pounds. I got down to 7.4 pounds down by day 22 (128 pounds). I then had a 1-1.5 pound increase and continued to plateau until Day 37.

    My concern now is I stopped taking the PGX and had a few cheats such as paleo dessert a couple weeks ago when I hosted a party,and last week I had more fruit than normal…I also increased my exercise. Day 46- I now am only at a 3 pound loss and weigh 132.4 lbs. I just don’t understand why I have gained 4.4 pounds back? It is all very frustrating to me. I stick to eating meat, vegetables, nuts, seeds, minimal fruit…

    I do not know if my medication (lexapro) is slowing down my metabolism? I feel like I am doing all the right things and things just feel off.. I ate this way last March when I was not on Lexapro and got down to 123.5lbs…

    Any suggestions would be much appreciated!!

    • Dena,

      I feel like this is the same thing for me (see my post a few spots down). However, you said that you have started working out. Are you doing weight training? Do you use a body fat analyzer scale? You may be increasing your muscle mass, which would explain the weight gain.
      I use a body fat scale and my body fat went from 20.5% to 24% with my weight increase, as well as my clothes fitting snugger, so I know I gained fat. If you are gaining muscle, be encouraged because that is awesome! Your body will now burn more calories. If you are gaining fat, you may be eating too much fat (from the nuts and seeds, which are packed with calories) or you may be not eating enough, if you are being that restrictive.
      Good luck!

      • I’ve heard it was more about eating too much fat with carbs is a problem (which it would be if you were eating a ton of nuts and seeds), but a surplus of just fat in the diet isn’t a problem and may even be helpful…provided, obviously, you are not consistantly eating more calories than you are burning, of course.

    • Lexapro can definitely slow down and inhibit weight loss. But as long as you are eating right and exercising, it will ultimately be better for you, and as mentioned above, it may just be that you are gaining muscle mass.

    • Despite what the Paleo community says, calories do matter and you do have to count your calories if it is your intention to lose weight. This is even more so the case if you’ve already lose a lot of weight. Being that you’re on your last 10 lbs., it could be that even though you’re eating as you always have, you might be eating at what is now your calorie maintenance level.

      Despite this foolishness about not needing to count calories on paleo, you need to cut your calories in order to lose those last few pounds. Not counting calories only works for someone who’s really overweight and that’s only because going paleo automatically puts them in a caloric deficit. Don’t believe a lot of the Paleo hype, count your calories and go into a caloric deficit if you’re trying to lose weight.

      • How many times are you going to spout the same, anti-Paleo gibberish, simply because YOU don’t believe in it?

        • I don’t think it is anti-paleo, it’s more anti-paleo *hype*, like he said. The problem with a good thing is, some people get carried away and, all of a sudden, a good thing is now a *perfect* thing. It’s never a bad thing to challenge some claims when people “go beyond”.

          As with everything, YMMV. It might work perfectly for YOU, but some people will need to count calories if they want to get to their ideal weight. Also, people’s ideal weight can vary and be affected significantly depending on things like genetic heritage, medication use, liver health, undiagnosed medical ilness, etc. etc.

  2. Kris, I’ve been doing gluten free for 2.5 years with the last year being paleo. To date, I have lost around 80 lbs. I am also hypothyroid, but not diagnosed through tests (my tests came back normal) and I take NDT for it. In the last month, I have noticed that I have had to increase my NDT to a crazy 6 grains a day, all the while my hypothyroid symptoms are creeping back up. I have also gained 10 lbs (partly because I went on vacation and had some non paleo meals) a few weeks ago. I am very active as I run a large farm and I get about 6 hours of physical (some of it cardio, some strength and endurance) 365 days a year. I also have started going to the gym a few days a week and doing strength and cardio training. I figure that I am eating between 1500-2000 calories a day, and my BMR is around 1500 calories (at sedentary) and I do at least 1000 calories of activity a day (most likely a lot more than that).
    I take 4000 mg of D3, 3000 mg of Vitamin C, B12, Magnesium Citrate, Iron, and cinnamon everyday. I also try to eat seaweed for the iodine.
    I haven’t been able to drop these pounds that appeared so suddenly and I don’t think I should be increasing my NDT any higher. I am so frustrated!
    Do you have any suggestions?

  3. How does fermented vegetables, and whole milk kefir, work with Paleo. Love it, however seem to gain weight.

  4. I was in complete denial about having to change my lifestyle for Paleo… I have candida albicaans in the gut and causes me to retain weight & much more. I managed to lose 40 pounds on my own before being diagnosed & having bad flare-ups with candida. I haven’t been able to shed much more since then, and have about 40 to go! I found a website to give me my proper breakdowns (not this 1800 calorie/day stuff) because I teach anywhere between 7 – 10 fitness classes/week and on top of that I strength train at least twice a week enough to get my heart rate up and going! Now onto having 50g of carbohydrates, +/- 200g of protein & the rest fat… it’s going to be an adjustment over the next few weeks, but am sure the outcome will be good!

  5. I have been trying the Paleo/Grain free way of eating now for a couple of weeks and haven’t lost but 2 lbs. I don’t know what I am doing wrong. I have lost some around my waist but the scale hasn’t really moved. I only need to lose 15-20 lbs….does the weight come off more slowly?
    I don’t want to give up on this! Any thoughts?

    • It’s possible to eat “paleo” and still be eating the wrong things. Loading up on fruit (especially starchy fruit like bananas) or eating lots of sweet potatoes can sabotage weight loss. Even nuts and nut butters can curtail your progress since it’s easy(at least for me) to eat half a jar of almond butter at a time. While fat is not feared as much on a paleo diet, half a jar of almond butter is still going overboard. For me, nuts can also be inflammatory causing me to retain water, increasing scale weight.

      I also think it’s more beneficial to track body composition instead of weight on the scale. Eating a high protein diet like paleo makes it easier for your body to create muscle. So while you’re losing fat and excess water from reducing inflammation, you could be gaining dense muscle which makes it look like you’re not losing enough weight. Even if you’re not really increasing your exercise, your body might have a tenancy to pack on muscle when given the right building blocks.

      Do you feel more energetic? Is your body composition or waistline measurements starting to shape up? These are much better trackers of progress in my opinion.

  6. I have been lucky enought not to have to watch my weight many times in my life. However, after my first child and 37 weeks of bed rest I went from a pre-baby weight of 119 to post-baby weight of 175. I was stressed. I am Swiss, and my very traditional Swiss dad, said, “Why is this so hard, it is all that processed food! Eat natural, only what nature gives you and you will be fine.” With little to no effort I ate like we did in the mountains and I was to 105, and then came back to a 115 weight. I recently took a desk job and oh my goodness my body is not happy. So I decieded to go back to a natural way of eating. I have been on blogs hoping that I can get great recipies and get excited about healthy food. Then transform my young girls. We shall see!

  7. I’ve read using paleo for weight loss one might refrain from nuts & nut butters, would this extend to nut milks, like almond milk? Thank for the help.

    • I’ve not heard that about nut milks/butters. As with anything I think you’d just want to avoid going overboard with it if you’re trying to lose weight!

    • Nuts can be somewhat inflammatory for me, so I avoid them when trying to lose weight. I make homemade coconut milk (tastes way better than canned and doesn’t have the gums) that I can put in my coffee etc. It’s super easy. throw a package of shredded unsweetened coconut and 4c of hot water in a blender and let ‘er rip. Strain/press through a fine mesh sieve, and you’ve got yourself a bunch of fresh homemade coconut milk.

    • Yes… I am “eating clean” with Paleo and my nutritionist has me restricted to breads, dairy, pork, legumes and beans (starch makes sugar) (green beans ok), and oranges. I have been on the program 8 weeks as of today and I am 20 lbs down. I take supplements to kill off Candida albicans, parasites and fungal mold. So, any foods that are a contribution to sugar, yeast, mold and glycemic ups and downs, are out! I feel great by the way. Got some ways to go, but I am more than prepared. Hope this helps.

  8. I just started eating paleo a week ago and I have already lost 7lbs. I can’t believe it! I haven’t started exercising yet,just focusing on eating real food and getting used to that. I struggle with infertility because of my weight and I’m really hoping this will help. I already feel so much better.

    • BB thats a great way to start! Get your food down pat then start adding in exercise when you feel ready! The fact that you are already feeling better will help you want to be more active! 7lbs is wonderful progress in a week! Congratulations!

    • Can I ask what you have been eating? I try paleo off and on and I end up feeling run down and as if I’m getting sick. I think I don’t eat enough.

      • Danielle – you may be experiencing what they call the carb-flu its basically your body detoxing from the carbs and sugar that we are no longer eating. How long have you tried eating this way? Usually the carb-flu will last about a week or so but for some it can take a couple of weeks before you start feeling really good – hard to deal with but is so worth it once you get over that hump! Another suggestion would be upping your fat intake and make sure you are getting plenty of sleep. research is showing more and more how very important the sleep aspect is for our health! Good luck I hope this helps!

    • Same here excercise wise. None yet and 20 lbs already. I am required to sweat by way of a sauna, whirl pool, or really hot bath, anywhere from 15 to 30min to rid the body of toxins and burn fat and excess water. Also, I drink a gallon plus water each day. So necessary for weight loss.

  9. I know! I tried once to loose some weight and actually did some diet and insanity workout together and 3 weeks later of all my efforts and work I ended up weighing more! so I just stopped doing it! What do you recommend?

    • When you said you weighed more, that doesn’t indicate whether you actually put on FAT weight. One needs to distinguishes between FAT and MUSCLE weight,

      Also if you have underlying medical problems, exercise and diet will unlikely work. This takes detective work on your part.

    • Allan I agree with Prioris’ comment. You may want to step away from the scale and go by measurements (particularly your waistline measurement) and how your clothes are fitting. I know its hard to do that but that number on the scale can fluctuate for so many different reasons. Another suggestion would be maybe not to try to do it all at once maybe take a couple of weeks and get your ‘diet’ down and then add in some exercise. Its possible that too much change too quickly through your metabolism hormones out of whack and they signaled your brain to store fat rather than use it for energy! Good luck!

  10. I admit I didn’t read all of the comments, but only like the first 8. (I skipped the obvious bashers of others darn Debbie downers anyway, grow up).
    I cannot classify myself as Paleo, yet. I am attempting the transition. Just a month ago I’d probably scoffed and said dumb idea to do the organic natural blah blah blah, everyone dies eventually and you only live once right? Well, I stumbled onto the Paleo while searching Low carb high fiber as I want to better myself due to diabetes and other things that run in my family like thyroid issues, obesity, and bowel problems. Knock on wood nothing for me yet at age 28. My cousin at 29 was just diagnosed with ulcerative colitis after a time of wondering wtf?! Oh snap! I’m getting off my tush and improving myself now! Along with my husband and 2 young daughters. My oldest age 5 has bouts of frequent constipation and acid reflux since birth, but eats a lot of veggies. Cheese is her problem. My husband had adhesions of the bowel as a baby, and gets severe blockages that land him in the hospital about every 4-5 yrs. me, I just have a problem with convenient foods and an office desk job ugh! I’m a legal drug lord for livestock (I joke) I sell medications for cattle. So for me to be Paleo and keep my job it sounds funny, but it’s just a job.
    I am finding the Paleo diet not too hard of a transition, despite my food allergy to peppers. Don’t ask, I break out in hives just by touching a bell pepper crazy I know. I also find myself excited to do this. We are taking the next 5 days to clear the house of junk and restart on the first of the month.
    I have questions about the Paleo way of life if you can call it that or prefer the term diet I don’t know, but I cannot seem to locate a message board or discussion group. Only finding blogs. I know this works to lose weight, my boss who has a discussion board/support group for Paleo dieters or cave people as she calls it, but she pays $425 a month!!!! She’s a veterinarian, she can afford it. She started in February 2014 and by July had lost 52 pounds without exercising just occasional short walks. She takes no supplements. She has been taken off her diabetic medicine too UNREAL! I would’ve started at the same time she did, but I was pregnant then.
    So, I’m all on my own trying to be Paleo in the best way I possibly can be, and I think the hardest part will not be giving up things like cheese, but instead switching my bologna (yuck) addicted wannabe walking heart attack high cholesterol husband of 5 yrs.

    • Hey Amber! Sounds like you’re on the right track good luck! Going paleo has changed my life so much for the better! You can find some great forums at marksdailyapple.com (if you haven’t already visited theres tons of info there) and Robbwolf.com and paleohacks is another good one – all free!

    • I think it’s great that you are committing to the paleo lifestyle for bettering you and your family’s health. We are also just starting this journey. We have an 80/20 lifestyle right now for no processed foods, which I thought was a good step towards health but decided the paleo lifestyle, after a bunch of reading, was actually way healthier. The downer for us is dairy……we are committed to doing the paleo on an 80/20 scale also. We will do paleo 80% of the time and the no processed foods the other 20%. We are cutting processed foods out completely. Hope your journey goes well and you can always look me up on FB if you have it and we can help support each other. I don’t know to many people personally that agree with my way of eating so therefore online friends are my go to for helping the motivation. 🙂

    • I’m really excited about starting my program too! I lost all the bloat in my first 48 hrs, 4 pounds gone! Obviously water weight but for me that’s great, my clothes are already fitting better.
      I would recommend you look up the Whole30 program. It’s a paleo type of diet, they guide you step by step and they have great forums. Oh and it’s free!
      Good luck!!

  11. After 24 years of competing in rodeo and 40 + years of being a cowboy, I have racked up an extensive collection of x-rays and the typical getting older aches, pains and old man issues in health. A few years ago a friend got me into the paleo way of eating, I lost 5 pounds the first month. After a year, I was down from 250 to 200 pounds. My bad cholesterol was down to 75 and my good cholesterol was up to 50. Blood tests were all perfect, and a minor thyroid issue was gone. The cardiologist said I had the heart of a 20 year old. After the first year on paleo I returned to the gym and after 6 months in the gym I was down to 175 before muscle weight gain took me up to 185. The aches and pains, arthritis, gut health has all improved in a major way. I grow all my own veggies, fruits and nuts organically. I raise organically or hunt my own meat. Mostly because I don’t trust even the organic grocery stores. We preserve naturally our crops for off season consumption. At this time we have a 1/2 acre garden, two breeding cows for beef, 5 breeding doe goats for meat and a breeding pair of hogs for meat and two dozen laying hens along with whatever deer, wild turkeys, bear, and fish that I hunt and fish. Due to demand from friends and family the garden will increase in size to 1.5 acres this spring.

  12. My husband has been a yo yo dieter all his life. He is 77 yrs. old and needs to lose 20 lbs. We eat real foods including some dairy, stay away from sugar and gluten. I don’t know what I can do to help him lose the weight. He is a big eater with protein but eats allot of veggies for dinner too. He has a sweet tooth but I make some deserts out of almond or coconut flours. Can anyone tell me what I should do to help him lose the weight for good. He also has no will power if it’s there he will eat it till it’s gone! So I try not to have anything bad around.

    • Jan,

      Even though the desserts made of coconut and almond flour are better options they should still just be a once in a while thing especially if he has no will power. Having too much of these treats can still hinder weight loss. If he’s good about focusing on the protein and veggies (and some good fats too!) that would be the way to go! Once he’s been off the ‘treats’ for a while it get easier to stay off them or only have them once in a while! Keep doing what you’re doing keeping the bad stuff out of the house and keep plenty of good healthy options around for when he needs a snack! Good luck!

  13. Go to marksdailyapple and read success stories of REAL people and see before and after photos….amazing!

  14. Great article, but could you please, oh please stop using photos of already thin, healthy, young and beautiful people for your articles on weight loss. That young woman looks like she’s never had a weight or health issue in her life. Please use real people.

  15. Interesting read. Having struggled to lose weight (on Paleo) for a number of years I think it is a far more complicated issue. I’ve just started my journey, but a big part of my issue is in my blood test results…

  16. There are many advantages to this kind of diet. While I have been on a somewhat more restrictive diet (bulletproof), the same principles apply. I wasn’t very overweight, but heavier than I had been in my life, about 180 pounds. Historically, I have lost weight by restricting caloric intake, especially fats, and exercising more. It has worked, but the weight slowly creeps back on. Since the birth of my second child, there was less time to make my usual adjustments so I gained about twenty pounds. On the paleo diet, it was very easy to lose 25 pounds. I never feel deprived. I can eat nuts, vegetables (drenched in butter), grass fed lamb and beef and fish as much as I desire. I feel better physically, I recover from exercise faster, my blood pressure has dropped and I sleep better. I really never though I would get my weight back down to 165, let alone 155. I also thought that giving up bread and cakes would be a real hardship. So far, it is not.

    The weight came off pretty rapidly, about 2 pounds a week until my weight reached the mid 150s. In the past several months it is pretty stable — it doesn’t shift a lot whether I exercise or not. In any case, those struggling with weight should forget about other diets that leave them starving and always lead back to the weight returning. This is the way to go.

  17. The Paleo Diet is a very healthy meal plan for anyone. It increases your energy levels and significantly improves your digestive health. Based on our ancestors’ dietary habits, the Paleo diet can easily be incorporated into our modern day lives. With a wealth of information available out there and delicious recipes to try, the Paleo diet is a must for anyone.

  18. I was a binge drinker, junk eater, and loved food and alcohol and thought diets were stupid, simple just eat healthy and excercise. I WAS WRONG!! Eating healthy (my idea of eating healthy) was multigrain breads, potatoes, veggies, lite sauces, lite dairy products etc and yes it was healthier than going on some stupid shake diet and yes a lot healthier than eating KFC, or McDonalds.. however I still liked to binge on the weekends and thought on night or one day wont hurt (which usually it wouldnt) but along with the alcohol and the junk food nothing was working. SO I decided to go to the gym for 6 months.. I was doing very well, started running around 3-5Ks and that was awesome for me because I couldnt run more than 1k before. And eating healthy was great, I was feeling good however weight wouldnt come off all that quick and took ages to get down 12Kg in around 10 months. Well, I decided to get into Paleo, first I did the whole30 plan (which is paleo but a little more strict) I had to stop alcohol completely, stop all carbs and just stick to a very simple diet, fresh meat, veggies, little fruit here and there, and water and tea/coffee… just cut out empty carbs, sugar and grains. The most simple diet I have ever gone through, I have not craved much over the 30 days, and at the end of the whole30 which is in 2 days from now, I will be carrying on with Paleo for the remainder of the next 3 months to see how I go. I will be treating myself to a few alcoholic beverages next weekend for someones birthday but back on the wagon immediately. in just 28 days I have dropped 3 belt holes, put on clothes I havent worn for over 4 years, feel amazing, loving my dinners and recipes I come up with and I cant see how else I will eat from now on, amazing diet and great results… people are coming to me and saying wow have you lost wieght? motivated and feeling good!! If anyone is thinking of this diet to get thier body back on track and losing weight then I recommend for sure!!

    My weight 1 month ago 115Kgs, 28 days later 104kgs and dropping. (I think this has a lot to do with the no alcohol intake as well but still you will see differences in the 3rd and 4th week especially)

    Good luck people

    Scott D

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