5 Tips on How To Get Your Period Back After Post Birth Control Syndrome

Get Your Period Back: 5 Tips For Recovering From Post Birth Control Syndrome

by Chris Kresser

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This is a guest post by Laura Schoenfeld, a Registered Dietitian with a Master’s degree in Public Health, and staff nutritionist for the Kresser Institute. You can learn more about Laura by checking out her popular blog or visiting her on Facebook.

One of the downsides of using “the Pill” is that many times it’s hard to get back to a normal menstrual cycle once you stop taking it. Some of my young female clients in their 20s and 30s who were taking birth control for a long time and then stopped haven’t had their periods for months, or sometimes even years!

It can be frustrating, especially for women who have stopped taking birth control because they want to become pregnant. And my clients realize that having amenorrhea isn’t a good sign for their overall health regardless of their childbearing plans, so they’ve come to me to help them make the diet, supplement, exercise, and lifestyle changes they need to in order to get their hormones back on track.

Has birth control use made you lose your period? Get it back naturally with these tips by @AncestralizeMe!

Since this is a common experience for women my age, I wanted to share my best suggestions for recovering from post birth control syndrome using diet and lifestyle, in order to help those who have been frustrated by the symptoms associated with the condition. The following are tips you can follow without needing a doctor’s visit or a prescription. Read on to learn how to get your period back!

1. Optimize Your Nutrition Status

As a dietitian/nutritionist, nutrition is always the number one focus in any of my health improvement plans. My clients who’ve aren’t having regular periods tend to be some of the fastest responders to a tailored nutrition and supplement program, primarily because the loss of menstruation is often be a sign of underlying nutrient deficiencies. Even if you’re eating a whole foods, Paleo diet, there are many nutrients that can be inadequate if you’re not making a concerted effort to include specific foods and/or supplements.

There has been evidence accumulating over the years that certain nutrients may become depleted while a woman is on an oral contraceptive. While there are likely dozens of nutrients that are important in regaining your fertility and monthly cycle, there are a few in particular that I find to be extremely effective in helping to recover the menstrual cycle.


Zinc is a critical nutrient to consider, and many nutritionists recommend an increase in zinc intake for female clients struggling with loss of menstruation following the use of the Pill. There is evidence demonstrating that women who take oral contraceptives have lower plasma zinc levels, so they may have higher need for this important mineral for fertility.

Some healthcare practitioners theorize that taking oral contraception might either cause zinc deficiency or even copper overload, which could contribute to the loss of healthy menstrual function. Either way, I always include zinc as part of my recommendations for my clients with amenorrhea.

Zinc can be sometimes difficult to replenish without short term therapeutic supplementation, even in the context of a whole foods diet. If you’re willing to eat lots of shellfish (e.g. oysters and clams), red meat, pumpkin seeds, and poultry, you may be able to avoid supplementing with zinc in this case. I usually recommend 15-30 mg of zinc per day for someone with post birth control syndrome. (If you do supplement, be sure to take it with a meal, otherwise you may get sudden, intense nausea.)


Magnesium is another mineral that I find beneficial for my clients with post birth control syndrome. While many of us in the ancestral health community feel that everyone can benefit from daily magnesium supplementation, it’s especially important for those on birth control (or coming off birth control) to supplement with magnesium.

Magnesium is difficult to get enough of in our modern diets, and some evidence shows that serum magnesium levels are reduced by oral contraceptive use. If you have a history of birth control use, I recommend using a chelated form of magnesium and taking 200-400 mg daily to supplement what you’re getting from food.

Vitamin B6

Finally, vitamin B6 is another nutrient that is not often discussed but can be very helpful in restoring menstrual function in those with post birth control syndrome. A 2011 study found that those who used oral contraceptives had lower plasma vitamin B6 concentrations, and one type of amenorrhea caused by high prolactin levels was able to be treated using B6 supplementation, suggesting that supplementing with B6 may be beneficial in post birth control syndrome.

Vitamin B6 is found in a variety of foods, and is generally safe to take as a supplement at doses below 100 mg per day. I like Designs for Health’s Sublingual Vitamin B6, which has the added benefit of providing a small amount of chelated zinc. At 50 mg per teaspoon, it’s a high enough dose to replenish any depleted stores, but not so much to risk toxicity with long term use.

Other Nutrients

There are other nutrients that I address with my clients, either making diet or supplement recommendations to address potential deficiencies in their diets. One nutrient that I find tends to be quite low in many of my young female clients’ diets is vitamin A. You can get plenty of vitamin A by eating 4-8 ounces of beef or lamb liver every week, and that’s almost always something I recommend to my clients who are struggling to regain their periods. Another important nutrient is vitamin D, which typically comes from adequate sun exposure but can be helpful as a supplement for those with blood levels below 30 ng/mL.

There are many nutrients that may be negatively affected by long term birth control use, and every person’s needs are unique. If you’re struggling with post birth control syndrome and aren’t sure if your nutrition has been optimized for your recovery, I recommend working with a knowledgable nutritionist who can help assess your diet for possible nutrient gaps.

2. Entrain Your Circadian Rhythms

In our modern world of late night TV, attachment to our cell phones, 24 hour artificial light, and inadequate hours of sleep, our circadian rhythms have taken a serious beating.

Circadian rhythms are physical, mental and behavioral changes that follow a roughly 24-hour cycle, responding primarily to light and darkness in an organism’s environment. People who fly across several time zones experience circadian rhythm disruption as “jet lag”, but even less dramatic shifts in your circadian rhythms can cause significant health problems, including infertility and amenorrhea.

Your circadian rhythms affect all endocrine hormone secretions, including melatonin, cortisol, thyroid stimulating hormone, growth hormone, prolactin, follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), luteinizing hormone (LH), insulin, leptin, and more. (1) While we don’t know how all of these hormones might contribute to healthy menstruation, we do know that prolactin, FSH, and LH are the key hormones regulating the menstrual cycle along with estrogen and progesterone.

So it’s not a stretch to assume that if these hormones aren’t being released at the appropriate times, the reproductive system won’t be getting the proper signals that are needed to regulate the menstrual cycle. And some research does show that circadian rhythm disruption from jet lag and shift work can wreak havoc on women’s reproductive function. (2)

There are dozens of factors that affect circadian rhythms, but I’ll just focus on the two most important: light exposure and sleep. Proper light exposure includes getting adequate daytime sunlight and appropriate elimination of bright light at night. The biggest influence is the light hitting your eyes, so I strongly suggest making an effort to get outside, or at least sit by a window, for most of the daylight hours. On the flip side, you also need to ensure you’re not getting blue light exposure once the sun has gone down.

There are ways you can address this issue even if you can’t go outside during the day or shut off all your lights when the sun goes down. The first is to get a light therapy lamp that can help provide the right spectrum of daytime light during your day, which you can set up at your work desk. The second is to block blue light at night, and the easiest way to do this is by using these super fashionable orange goggles. You can also use orange light bulbs as your evening lighting option.

And of course it should go without saying that you need to prioritize your sleep, going to bed early enough to get a full 8 hours of sleep every night.

3. Eat Enough Carbs and Calories For Your Activity Levels

This is one of the most difficult recommendations for many of my clients, as frequently those dealing with post birth control syndrome are also trying to lose weight. And more often than not, their weight loss attempt includes reducing their food intake and cutting down on carbohydrates.

While this strategy may help with short term weight loss, it’s definitely not conducive to your hormonal health to significantly limit your food intake in this way. It’s a well known phenomenon in the medical world, called the Female Athlete Triad, where women under eat and overtrain so much that they lose their menstrual function, and even put themselves at risk for osteoporosis.

Stefanie Ruper has written a fantastic article on the problems with being overly restrictive with your food intake, and how dozens of her readers have written to her complaining that they lost their menstrual function when switching to a Paleo diet. She acknowledges that it’s not the Paleo diet that is the issue per se, but that those who switch to Paleo often get stuck in an overly restrictive, low carbohydrate approach that does not support healthy endocrine function through various effects on the HPA axis and thyroid hormone conversion.

I think it’s safe to say that those women dealing with post birth control syndrome should also be wary about how restrictive their diet is, and ensure that they’re getting enough calories and carbohydrates to support their activity levels. I generally recommend at least 30-40% of calories from carbohydrate for my patients who aren’t getting their period, and provide them an appropriate calorie range for their body size and activity levels. Trying to quickly lose weight while dealing with amenorrhea is rarely a good combination.

And the other side of this issue is avoiding overtraining, which is another problem I see in many of my young female clients trying to “lean out”. As I mentioned, this overtraining and undereating combination is known as the Female Athlete Triad and is well known as a cause of amenorrhea. Overtraining means different things to different people; what might be a normal training schedule for an elite athlete may cause burnout and hormonal disruption in a non-athlete. If you’re dealing with amenorrhea, you need to take a serious look at your training regimen and make sure you’re not overdoing it.

4. Manage Your Stress

This is another big issue for many of my young female clients experiencing amenorrhea. Stress is generally unavoidable in our modern lives, but that doesn’t mean you have to let it disrupt your life and throw off your hormone regulation.

Chronic stress causes hypothalamic‐pituitary‐adrenal (HPA) axis dysregulation, which is also known as adrenal fatigue. (3) Unfortunately, the hypothalamus and pituitary gland are also key regulators of the menstrual cycle. (4) Thus, chronic stress is easily able to cause irregular menstrual cycle activity, and can even lead to a condition known as hypothalamic amenorrhea. This is very similar to what happens in the case of the Female Athlete Triad, and is typically caused by the chronic physical and/or emotional stress that is unfortunately common among young women.

For those trying to overcome post birth control syndrome (or any type of amenorrhea for that matter), getting stress under control is very important. This includes the recommendation above regarding eating enough and avoiding overtraining, but it also deals with managing daily stress from work, relationships, financial issues, and more.

I always tell my amenorrheic clients to find a stress management protocol that works for them, which can include yoga, meditation, journaling, deep breathing, and more. Anything you enjoy doing that helps relieve stress is a great choice, and can make a big difference in your return to normal menstrual function.

5. Boost Your Detox Capacity

Having a strong ability to detoxify is crucial for recovering from post birth control syndrome, as one of the primary issues with taking oral contraceptives for a long period of time is hormonal build up. Your body stores hormones like estrogen in your fat cells, and these stored hormones can linger for months or years after you stop taking the Pill. Your liver is responsible for clearing these hormones through the bile, and if you’re not detoxifying well enough, your liver is ineffective at eliminating these excess hormones.

There are many ways to boost detox capacity – too many to get into in this article – but I’ve written another article in which I recommend increasing intake of certain foods that can help boost hormone clearance. Another option is taking a supplement which contains a variety of nutrients and botanicals that support the body’s natural detoxification process. Liver Detoxifier and Regenerator from NOW Foods is a popular choice.

And wouldn’t you know it, your gut flora can even help you detoxify excess hormones. This podcast I’ve linked to is all about the “estrobolome,” the complete set of bacterial genes that code for enzymes capable of metabolizing estrogens within the human intestine. (5) So taking a high quality probiotic and eating fermented foods, especially fermented cruciferous vegetables like sauerkraut, is an important part of recovering from post birth control syndrome.

What To Do If You Still Haven’t Gotten Your Period Back

These are my best general recommendations for how to regain your period after stopping birth control, and I’ve used these strategies successfully with many young female clients. It’s important to address all these factors, as any one of them can be enough to disrupt menstrual function, which is a sign of suboptimal health.

Of course, sometimes this isn’t enough to get you back on track hormonally, especially if you were taking birth control for many years, or if you started birth control as a method to address hormone issues in the first place. In this case, you may need some additional testing done to identify any issues that may be causing your amenorrhea. PCOS is a very common condition that can significantly disrupt your hormonal function, so you’ll want to discuss this possibility with your endocrinologist.

And of course working with a knowledgable nutritionist can help you identify the missing pieces in your recovery plan to ensure that you’re doing everything possible to get back your hormonal health and menstrual function.

Now you tell me – have you ever struggled with post birth control syndrome and/or amenorrhea? What helped you get your period back? Share your story in the comments below!

Laura Schoenfeld MPH RDAbout Laura: Laura uses her knowledge of traditional and biologically appropriate diets to improve her clients’ health. Growing up with a family that practices Weston A. Price principles of nutrition, she understands the foods and cooking practices that make up a nutrient dense diet.

With her strong educational background in biochemistry, clinical nutrition, and research translation, she blends current scientific evidence with traditional food practices to help her clients determine their ideal diet, without excessive restriction or stress. You can find her at LauraSchoenfeldRD.com, on Facebook, and Twitter.


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  1. Hi everyone!

    I wanted to share some good news and possible advice. I recently came off of 10 years on the pill (I should have started a new pack on December 10th). I had some very light spotting on Jan 4th (a day late than when my my period should have started) and then did not have another period when I should have in February.

    I began to get worried because I have been reading so much about women not having a normal period for months and even in some cases a year after coming off of birth control. Instead of waiting around for Aunt Flo I decided to take matters into my own hands and rid my body of any potential toxins.

    I started the Master Cleanse on February 12th in hopes to reset my body, hormones and possibly kick in my menstrual cycle. Well fast forward to Feb 18th (6 full days of the Master Cleanse and 16 days late) AF finally came to town. One of my happiest times to see her except that one time in high school…

    Of course, this could be a coincidence but I’m really going with the idea that this cleanse did in fact help me. I would suggest this to anyone who is struggling to get a period after coming off of birth control. You have nothing to lose and the added weight loss doesn’t hurt!

  2. Thanks for some very helpful information! Definitely learn something new.

    I have been without my period for just over 2 years now and it stopped just after I gone off the pills. After eating the pills sinse young and for around 6 years, I guess it takes longer for it to start but I’m getting a tiny bit impatient now. Been having doctors helping me but they have now decided to stop the investigation until ‘I want to have children’. A desicion I’m not happy about. Also tried to kick start it with hormons but that just left me in so much pain, brain fog and fatigue.
    Now I’m on the hunt of finding natural remedies to help my body out! Wish I knew the side effect of birthcontrol pills and what they actully does to our body when I was younger and before I went on them.

  3. I had the same problem! I was on birth control for 2 years but stopped because I was scared of the side affects and just didn’t want to be on the pill anymore. My last pill was last week of April when I got my period and then haven’t gotten one for 2 months and I was scared I was pregnant! But the tests came out negative and the doctor told me to try another birth control so I did but stopped using it after 3 days. I got my period after stopping it but then I haven’t got one for 1.5 months until today! I was so worried, I was showing symptoms of pregnancy but I awoke to a period!
    People who have this problem, just wait it out, honestly it’s the best thing you can do, and don’t stress! It’ll all work out 🙂

  4. I haven’t had my period since coming off of birth control in January. I have also suffered from hair thinning and feel quite anxious about it. Any one suffered from any other side effects due to amenorrhea?

  5. I was on birth control for three years. I stopped taking the pill about three and a half months ago, and I still haven’t gotten my period. I’m starting to get worried there’s something more going on than just my body readjusting. I don’t really know anyone who has stopped taking birth control personally, so any advice helps!

    • I’m 32 ttc. I stopped the pill last June after being on it forever. It took me 5 months to finally get a period. Cycles vary 30-36 days. I feel so silly thinking getting pregnant would be as easy as just getting of that damn pill. Started using opk two months ago. And now my current cycle is 50+ days. Made an appt with my doc just to see if everything is ok. Ugh

      • This is pretty much exactly my story! How did the doc checks go? Have you had any luck ttc yet? Think I’m going to have to get into the opk game as well.. it has to be the only way to know at the moment 🙁

  6. i am 24 and was on the pill for 9 years. I came off it in December and havent had a period since. I feel good not taking it but ots very frustrating not having it. I take vitamins and zinc and also eat pretty healthy and drink 2/3 litres of water a day. Has anyone ever been to the doctors to get tests done to get them back up and running? Or should I just wait for them to come naturally! ?

    • My last period was in December after stopping the pill – I didn’t have a period until last week ! I believe you need to wait for your body to naturally re adjust to a life without false hormones ! X

  7. Hi am Zodwa i’ve been using birth control for a year now i stop last year november to take birh control and on january 2017 i did get my peroid and also february on march i did not get my period till now but if i take home pregnacy test it came negetive now my breast start to be sore in the nipile

  8. Hi Girls

    I am 31 years old and have been on the pill for 12 years . I stopped taking it in Nov 2015 & had periods until May 2016 they ranged from 28-50 day cycles – In June i didn’t come on so went back on the pill. In August I had my withdrawal bleed as normal and had periods up until December these ranged from 32-59 day cycles and I have now not had a period since end December 2016. Having read lots of forums I realise that this is quite common – had I of known the issues I would be having with irregular periods now I would never have gone on the pill ! But the Drs don’t tell you that do they ?! I don’t want to take anything synthetic – and would rather allow my body to get back into a natural sync with natural methods. Has anyone anything they can recommend having tried and tested ? I am not TTC but would very much like to get my periods back !!

    Kate x

    • An update ! I got my period today – heavier than usual but so glad it’s finally made an appearance 4 months late !! x

  9. hi lam 28yrs old i only used pill for only 2 months and since then its now 3 yrs havent recieved my periods .i tried to take some pill as was prescribed by a doc to induce my periods it only worked for 1 month and from then i havent seen my periods . tried natural herbs like parsley and coriander but never worked.went back to my doc and prescribed me to Nerethindrone Acetate(n) now its 8dys no periods .please help me get my ps back .its so frustuating .

  10. Hi I took microgynan for 4 months and stopped due to how it made me feel prior to this I had a regular 28 day cycle since stopping in Feb my first cycle was 30 days ….. I’m now on day 30 of my second cycle since stopping the pill and my period as not arrived why would this be ??? I’m not pregnant but I’m stressing that my cycle has suddenly changed any advice ?

    • The pill can cause havoc with our bodies ! I am sure your cycle will settle after all the pill did stop your natural ovulation process and with some people it doesn’t come back straight away x

  11. I love reading everyone comments. I felt I was the only one going through this.

    I’ve been on the pill for 3 years. Recently I got off the pill in early December 2016. My husband and I want to start having kids. That we would start trying the beginning of 2017. Also I wanted to get off early so that My body can adjust.

    I didn’t get my next period till late February 2017. I was really scared and thought I was pregnant but the test were negative. A real bummer. I found this site and read other women going through the same things as i was. I just waited patiently and took multi-vitimain pills to see if that help. To me I felt it did. I got my period late February. March came around and no period. I took 2 test about 10 days after my period was due and they were negative. I’m 25 days late and worried this may be a repeat from December. I finally made a doctor’s appt this Friday and hope my lady doctor can help answer my questions and concerns.

    Any advice is appreciated

    • I hope all going well for you now.

      I am now 15 months post pill (stopped Jan 2016) and no sign of a period. Not even a spot since I stopped.

      I have seen natrupaths. GP. Spiritual healers. Acupuncture etc. I am waiting to see a gyno in June (earliest I could get in).

      I am not underweight but I did do a lot of weight training & cardio. I started it too loose weight for my wedding. I lost 11kg and gained some muscle. Now I have cut out most cardio. Cut back weight sessions to 3 a week and added in yoga and light walking. I’ve even been eating more than usual. Started gaining weight again (very very hard to accept) and Still nothing, no change.

      I’ve had most people tell me my body was too stressed. I’ve had a healer tell me my masculine energy was overpowering the feminine.

      It’s all pretty draining and I feel pretty helpless. Blood tests and intraviginal scan shown nothing abnormal. No cysts etc. Hormones came up ok.

      Hoping something happens soon. I am 27 and I was on the pill for 8 years straight with no break.

      My future daughter (should I be so lucky to have one) will be strongly advised against ever going on the pill 🙂

      Kind regards,

      • I totally understand all of this!

        I am 24, I was on the pill for 8 years and went off it 2 years ago. I have always been very active and athletic and fell into the overtrain, under eat and also a lot of stress (which I denied and ignored).
        I went to various appointments for blood and hormone testing, ultra sounds, no cysts or abnormalities, I changed my training and exercise regime, I eat a paleo diet, sleep 7-8 hours a night, lots of water, detoxing via ionic foot detox and saunas, I did Brainwave Optimization, various UNDA tinctures and herbal remedies, mindfulness practice, HCL to boost stomach acid as per my nutritional assessments were showing that I was not absorbing fats. –> Nothing!
        More recently I have been taking Liver SAP for the last couple months, supplementing with Zinc, and doing bulletproof intermittent fasting once a week. I have even done a couple Bulletproof Protein fasting days to really help reset my digestion etc. I continue with my healthy lifestyle and FINALLY, I have had my period the past 2 months, normal and regular!

        So it took quite a long time to get my hormones working again, which were present, but not enough to actually bind to appropriate receptors and cause menstruation.

        • I’m on this train–work in fitness as my full-time career and have tapered my activity such that I only teach 1 cycling class/week and limit my activity otherwise to the training/walking that I do on a regular basis as part of my job. I feel generally very happy but wonder if I’m stressed without knowing it. It’s been ~2 years with a couple random periods, tests show low estrogen post birth control (was on it for 10+ years). ACK! I’ve done the intermittent, bulletproof thing and eat healthily but really try not to restrict too much–I love sweets but try not to overdo that since my Mom’s a Type II Diabetic. I have a healthy body fat percentage (~20%) so really don’t feel like I need to gain weight, but what else is there?! Would love to hear some of the specifics you all in the overactive/stressed camps feel worked for you.

    • I am 49 days in without a period. Spoke with my doctor and she advise to give it some time. If I don’t get it with 3-4 months to come back and set appt. I’m really worried now because this is the longest i have ever waited. I hope it will come soon. I’m not stresses but sad that we are TTC and we can’t bc of this current situation.

  12. Hi I have been off the Pill for over a year now and still no periods.. how are you all cooping?!????

    my anxiety is getting worse each day panic attacks and tight chest constantly crying and mood swings i feel like I’m having a mental break down!!!!!!!!! and ready to quit my job! I’m getting married in tow months can anyone help!!!!

    i eat so well but so bloated all the time, wondering if i should quit coffee? i only have 1 latte a day?

    And what healthy foods can i use to put on weight? nothings working! I’ve tried mac powder etc but then i think well maybe the body is having too much anti oxidants thats why its not got a period?


  13. 6 months off the pill with no period. Tried acupuncture and a course of progesterone and still nothing. I am a weight lifter and very into nutrition- I am currently eating about 2,000 calories and am at a healthy weight. In my past I had overexercised and underate, and competed in a bikini competition about two years ago. I am currently very healthy but my doctor thinks I have hypothalamic amenorrhea. I don’t know how to “recover” from it since I am currently very healthy. My estrogen is still low and I am going to start on estrogen and progesterone to get me ready for IVF. anyone else have hypothalamic amenorrhea without being underweight, not overly stressed, and are eating plenty?

    • Kate yes please go on Facebook and join the no period now what group – Its also a book written by three women who had HA. hundreds of girls have recovered I’m currently trying to atm and everyone in the group is really supportive. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1759358524278511/

      So many of them were told they had to do IVF too but then recovered, pls pls check it out because admitting defeat and thinking IVF is the only way It really isn’t !

    • Hi. You may want to join a hypothalamic amanorrhea help group on Facebook or buy the book “no period now what “. Many women with HA have to stop excercise and exertion altogether and eat well above 2000 cals a day, and gain above their previous “healthy” weight, to recover from the condition. In fact ones concept of “healthy ” can radically change in the process of full recovery

    • Femmenessence MacaHarmony worked for me. It is an herb taken twice a day. It sounds sketchy, but I did quite a bit of research and went for it. I went on bcp because I had PCOS and didn’t get my period regularly. I read ab Maca in “how to conceive naturally after 30” I took Maca as I came off the pill and four weeks later got my period. Not fun – lots of bloating and cramps – but at least it arrived right on time and seems to be normal!

  14. Okay so I took the birth control Levora for 9-12 months but I never took the placebo pills, we skipped those and would just start a new pack. I was on it for mood stabilization. I was on it as well as several psychiatric medications. A few months ago, they were all counter reacting so I got off of everything. After I quit the birth control, I had two periods that were a little bit heavier than normal, and then nothing. I haven’t had a period in over 4 months and I’m kind of getting concerned. I’m not sexually active, so there’s no chance of pregnancy. I’m 21 years old.

  15. I stopped taking birth control pills after my last period. I was due to have the Mirena IUD inserted that week, but had complications and we needed to reschedule to a day I was on my period to possibly make it easier to insert. Two days before my period was due, I had sex with my boyfriend. We did not use protection, but he did withdraw. Two days later, and my period did not come. And here I am 8 days late, and still no period. I should mention, I am under extreme stress with planning a destination wedding in the Caribbean for this summer, moving into a new house this month, and just recently visited grandparents who are not well in health. I have also lost about 12 pounds in the last month. I assumed it was just from stopping the pill. I have felt crampy, nauseous, had tender breasts, and felt completely fine randomly throughout the month, which has been frustratingly confusing. The first day I was late, I googled everything and found that you can ovulate ANYTIME after getting off the pill. (I did NOT know this unfortunately.) To make matters worse, if I am pregnant, that means the wedding has to be rescheduled because of Zika in tropical locations. And of course, all of our guests have already booked their hotels. (So this is also highly stressing me out.) What are your thoughts on this?! The only person who knows of this situation is my boyfriend and the doctor (who I am impatiently waiting for their call).

    • Its been one year since I have had a period after birth control . I have tried EVERYTHING to try and get it back, and the ONLY thing that has worked for me is Maca powder . I purchased it at a gnc store and it’s called maca complex ,which could also be used for pre menopause symptoms. I took two pills a day , one in morning and one at night . WALA!! , I just got my period back . !! I haven’t even finished my bottle of maca pills yet . it’s a herbal supplement that helps in so many ways, if your hormonally imbalanced. Not having a period for a year caused symptoms like being tired all the time , mood swings and this bloatness I could never really get rid of. When I started taking maca a lot of the symptoms went away and I had more energy . I’m telling you guys maca is something to consider . !!

      • Lc, I’m very happy to have seen your comment! I stopped bc months ago and haven’t had a period. I have been feeling so unlike myself lately. I will definitely try to buy the Maca complex.

      • Hi, how long do you need to take the Maca Complex for? Is it just something to set your body straight and then you’re good? Or is it long term? Thank you!!

  16. I don’t know if i’m in the same situation, I had a miscarriage in November of 2015. After i bleed lightly but i loss a lot of blood during the ordeal. After that I haven’t seen my period for seven months so I went to the doctor he say sometimes that happen. He told me to take the birth control to bring it down. So for Three months I took it, I saw my period then I came off to see If my body could handle menstruating on its own, that was two months ago. i’m still not menstruating. What is wrong with me?

    • My wife gave birth in July 2013 but had severe bleeding and became unconscious, after like five months she was not experiencing her periods and we went to a doctor who gave us some pills and she had it for only one month. We went for all tests and discovered she had hormone imbalances. All the medicine given she has taken but up to now no periods. What can we do? She is only 25 years now. Am scared won’t she get boils inside?

  17. After about 7 years on birth control I stopped taking it this past September. I had my withdrawal bleeding after I stopped and then a regular period 30 days later in October. After that, nothing in November. In December my doctor prescribed me Provera to take for 10 days. After the 10 days I got my period at the end of December. I should have started today and nothing yet ( I usually start early mornings). So I’m not sure if my period is off track again or if I’m pregnant. Although I don’t have any pregnancy symptoms other than sore breasts. I’ll take a test later today to see, but I have a feeling it will be a while before my period is back on track and even longer before I am able to get pregnant. It sucks not knowing how hard it would be to get pregnant after stopping to pill.

    • Hi i have exactly the same problem. Stopped the pill in november and had withdrawal bleeding and got a period in december after 31 days. But no period since. I should have gotten it a week ago and i feel that its not gonna come any time soon. I had pcos and thats the reason i went on the pill but i never had irregular periods even with the pcos. I just had extra hair on my body. Does anyone know whats happening?

    • Same boat here. Stopped beginning of Dec, full period at the end of Dec, and now I’m a week late. Multiple pregnancy tests include a doctor’s office visit all negative. Hoping that following some of the above suggestions about vitamin supplements and eating healthy will help, but so sad that I might not be able to try for a baby as soon as my hubby and I had hoped

    • I’m experiencing the same. Got off the pill in September and didnt have a period in October or November. In December the doctor put me on Provera. Had a period for 3 days and nothing in January or February yet!

  18. hey
    for all ladies here that are confronted with amenorrhea, please, check on google about hypothalamic amenorrhea.
    it is a condition when hypothalamus stops giving signals to ovaries to work properly. the system shuts down because of lack of calories, too much exercise, stress…
    please, google about it and you will see that there are more intuitive resolutions too.
    no period, now what – is a great book from year 2016, has a great reviews on amazon as well..

    • Thank you for sharing this resource! I’m going to purchase it today–I haven’t had a period for two years and I think I suffer from the female athlete triad…I added back carbs but all it’s done so far is make me gain 20lbs, which I’m on the fence about but I know it’s about healing the body

  19. I’ve been taking birth control for about a year and just recently stopped it due to medication I had to stop the birth control for. I haven’t had my period in over a month. I was scared I might be pregnant so i took tests and they were all negative but I still haven’t got my period back yet. Help!

    • hi we have the same condition, I stopped taking pill last Dec. 15 and got my period on the 18th or 19th..but since then I havent got my period..I am also worried and took hcg test but all negative..it’s driving me nuts…have u got your period already? thanks

  20. I can totally relate to this article. I was on birth control for about 15 years and recently decided to get off it due how it was making me feel. I had breakthrough bleeding after stopping the pill and since then have had 1 maybe 2 days of very light bleeding. I am very frustrated that I am going through this but am glad that other women are sharing this struggle as well. If I would’ve known that this would be a side effect of coming off the pill I would’ve never started it in the first place. I would definitely appreciate some words of encouragement and comfort knowing that with time it will get better.

  21. I am on birth control for about two years now and I just remembered that I am not sure the last time I noticed spotting or my period. I am considering going off the pill but I am not sure what to do. I am in the middle of transferring doctors so I don’t know who to ask. Should I go off the pill to restart my period and then go back on?? Please help!

  22. Very informative article – but any thoughts on if you haven’t been getting periods (just one day of some tiny spotting each month) for about three months now (took out last NuvaRing in mid September) and want to return to being on NuvaRing? Can I just go back on the ring and see if that brings things back to normal, or better to wait until my periods come back on their own/see what the issue is?

    • Hey I wanted to let you know I’m in the exact same position and trying to find the answer as well! Just nice to know I’m not alone! ?

      • Hi Lauren,
        Sorry for such a late response, but just wanted to share that I ended up going back on the ring even though my periods hadn’t returned to normal on their own. After going back on the ring, my periods went back to normal…and my skin stopped breaking out so much! Hope all is well. 🙂

  23. Having been on the pill since I was 16 years old I was apprehensive to see what my body would be like without it when I stopped it 2 months ago as a 31 year old. But I have seen many benefits – a feeling of lightness/less bloating, a noticeable increase in libido, improved overall mood. The best outcome of all is that my terrible PMDD (severe PMS) seems to have eased significantly since stopping the pill, and I am so relieved for this because it was absolutely awful (major mood swings/anger/depression over nothing at that time of the month).
    My period appears to have returned after 2 months of being off the pill. I have been taking flaxseeds in my breakfast smoothies which I believe have helped with the transition.
    I don’t know that I would ever want to go back on the pill now. I would use less invasive contraception alternatives.

    • Steph – I’m in the same boat. Went off the pill after I got married in Sept ’16 (was off and on it for approx 15 years) – and no sign of a period since. I’m curious as to whether you did the flaxseed as soon as you stopped your pill?

  24. I thought the article was very informative and helped me calm down; all hope is not lost, and I don’t have to resort to medications, there are alternatives available. Thanks

    • I was on depo for only 3 months. Meaning I was only given the first shot. But it’s been since July and my period has yet to return. This was my first time taking any birth control. And to some woman it may seem like a blessing it isn’t to me. I’m not trying to get pregnant but I am donation my eggs. But this situation has become an inconvieneive

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  26. Like others, this was super encouraging for me to read, while I’m also very sad for all of us. Wanting to be pregnant and not having your period is awful! 🙁

    I was wondering if anyone has any advice for my situation:
    I got off the pill (after 5-ish years on it) this February 1st. My husband and I started TTC then. I’ve had very irregular cycles since… 45 days, 90 days, two more 45 days, and now I’m on day 66 and counting…. There have been numerous occasions where I’ve had all the symptoms and was sure I was pregnant. And then I would get BFN and eventually AF would come.
    I just started taking Fertile Aid so hopefully that will help something! And I finally was able to get an appointment with a GN at the end of next month. Any advice on what I can do until then??


    • Hi, what pill were you taking? I stopped the pill in November 2015, had the breakthrough period on 13 December 2015 and then nothing since then until I took provera in Nov 2016 had a period 13/12/16 a year to the date of my previous one. I have not had anymore since either. Had all the tests done (bloods, hsg, scan), partners been checked and he is all fine. It is so frustrating isn’t it. Especially when you want something really bad. Have you tried anything to help? I am after ideas also.

    • Hi Jessica,

      I am in a very similar situation to yours. I am wondering if you would be willing to share an update? Has anything you’ve done (like dietary change) worked to bring you back to a more regular cycle? Or has the fertility aid helped?


  27. Hi,

    This was so helpful to read and calm my nerves.

    I recently came off the pill after nearly 5 years. I haven’t had a period for nearly 5 months now. I went to GP who has rang test and said I have low levels of estrogen and I have now been referred for a scan at the hospital, they have mentioned possible PCOS. I am so concerned and now find myself being so stressed (the exact opposite of what I want) has anyone had a similar experience? And how concerned should I be that my estrogen levels are low? Can they rise on their own? Thanks!!

    • I’m in a similar place and don’t have a lot of advice other than trying Yoga for your stress! It has made such a difference for me during this frustrating time of TTC!

    • Hi.after our 1st baby I was on the pill for just over 36months.when I stopped the pill it took us 9 full months to get pregnant.just hang in there it will come come back.also try to focus on the positive hey.

  28. Hi there,
    I was on the pill for 11 years, I came off the pill 2 months ago. It is a scary feeling. Is there risk of pregnancy if not getting periods? Is there a possibility of getting pregnant in the future? Will I be able to have children one day? I do eat reasonably healthy as I have IBS and my tummy wont thank me if I eat badly. I exercise 2-4 times a week.
    Thanks for posting this, its been very helpful.

  29. I took birth control months ago and stopped it after 3 months have had symptoms of pregnancy but have had my period in like 6 months and I may not be or I may be but I haven’t had a period yet and I’m getting pregnancy symptoms but I have all taken tastes and they all came up.negative I don’t know what to think or wat to do

  30. I took birth control months ago and stopped it after 3 months have had symptoms of pregnancy but have had my period in like 6 months and I may not be or I may be but I haven’t had a period yet and I’m getting pregnancy symptoms but I have all taken tastes and they all came up.negative I don’t know what to think

  31. Hello,

    I was on birth control for 7 years and I am now 25. I have been married for 3 years. I stopped taking it in February and have had one 2 day period since then. I am actively Ttc. It’s frustrating because I do not know when I will get pregnant. I have started taking the magnesium, zinc, & vitamin B6. I have had slight spotting every day but never a period. It gives me a little hope that at least my ovaries are not broken. I have been tracking ovulation also, so far i am on week 3 and no ovulation. ? My MD tested my hormones and all are within normal limits, so she suggested I see an infertility specialist. I am not to that point yet.

    If you have any suggestions please let me know.

    Thank you!

  32. I have been having issues with my period since around February. Its really weird as my body seems to try to start and i spot and have to wear a panty liner for weeks at a time but never fully starts. Any suggestions as I am wanting to get pregnant. Thank you

    • Im 35 yrs old and stopped birth control early Feb. & havent had Any period since! Im worried my lining will get thick n give me cancer. Im a bit relieved to see that this is not so abnormal, but still am very worried about cancer and /or premetapause. My partner of 6 yrs & I really want to have a baby 9-10 months from now, but docter keeps referring me to gynecologists etc.

  33. Hello everyone, After 6 years trying to conceive I finally got pregnant 3 weeks after I contacted Priest Iyare from his website http://iyareyarespellstemple.webs.com/ It was simply amazing. I had history of recurrent miscarriages and was also diagnosed with genetic problems but using your system I got pregnant naturally at age 44& after 2 HSGs and 4 negative IUIs including 6 induction Clomid cycles and laparscopy. God will bless you and your good work more and more. I am recommending your program to all my friends.

    • AMEN! ? CoNGRATs Gina! You give me HOPE! All my friends have teenagers and sum r grandparents, but I am 35 and have none but want 3 children still. I will certainly get these vitamins now. Best Wishes & Prayers for you & your little miracle! ?

  34. So my situation is a little different. I’m 19. I got of my pills maybe three months ago. I was on it for over a year and gained some weight. So I got off and the last two months it was off on the day it would come but not too far from usual expected time. This month I’m a week & half late. I feel like 90%sure I’m not pregnant so I haven’t taken a test but I’m stressed and paranoid so I don’t know what I should do

    • I had the same issue. Got my period on the 7th of June, stopped the pill and got another period (I suppose withdrawal bleed) on the 18th of June and NOTHING after that. 4 Negative tests, but had about 2 weeks of tiredness, breast tenderness, abdominal pain and mood swings. It’s not uncommon, but certainly unnerving. I am 26 and have never been more than a week late.
      I waited it and sure thing, period started this morning.
      I am not one to promote home remedies but took ginger tea the past two days to clear up some constipation and only read afterwards that it could be linked to menstrual flow. I find it purely coincidential. Please do not attempt to take anything without knowing the precautions. Just relax and let your body run its course.

  35. I hv missed my periods from d last 3 months…also i m not pregnant…n after d dr. Advise still my peroids are not coming…now what should i do..???

  36. I have never felt so not alone about this situation until I saw all these comments of other women. I’m serious. I thought that I was the only one. Seeing all these beautiful couples get pregnant and have babies all over my social media’s, I get so sad because my husband and I are wanting to start actually trying to convenience but can’t with not having periods!

    I too went off the pill in November and had excessive bleeding to start off with, which they corrected with a week of progesterone, and then lost all sight of my period. They did another “challenge” with the progesterone to ensure that nothing physically was wrong, and I got my “medically induced period” but it’s been months since then.

    My OB/GYN suggested a month of birth control and then see what happens so that is what I am currently doing, I did some infertility acupuncture last night, and immediately got a bit of cramping in the right part of my uterus and continuing on in to today. So I guess we will see!!! Hopefully period comes and then the official baby making process begins!!!!!

    • Did you get your period?? Your story sounds just like mine. I would love to know how the infertility acupuncture worked for you!! Just like you said it’s nice to know that you’re not alone.

      • I did on Monday!!!

        I did start taking the Zinc, Magnesium and B6 on top of the acupuncture and I have my period. I never thought I would be so happy to get it!

        So because I did a lot to my body, I don’t know if I’d give credit to the acupuncture or the vitamins, but I have a strong feeling it’s either a combo of both or really the vitamins! I definitely suggest giving that a shot too!

          • I have been on contraceptives for over 10 years and decided to stop since I think I need to prepare my body for motherhood, I stopped the injection last year Sep2016, until now I have no periods….but on saturday March4th 2017 I bought Magnesium, vitiman B, folic acid and just after a day I started with light bleeding. I totally think the supplements works. Still I want my heavy flow to be sure my periods are back

        • Hey Brook, so I’ve been taking Zink, Magnesium and B6 since September 29th and my period started exactly 7days later. I’ve been taking the supplements everyday on time and haven’t stop taking them till now. But today is elevent day of my period and still going on like the 2nd day flow. How should I stop it?
          Did your period stopped automatically? What did you do?

    • My dr. Also suggested going back on BC for a month. I’m not sure I want to put it back in my body. What happened after that for you??

  37. I came off the pill in January after being on the pill (dianette) for 10 years. I suffered from acne as a teen and found that Dianette was the only thing that kept it under control. This is the reason I stayed on it for so long! I’m now TTC and still haven’t had a period over 6 months since finishing the pill. I’m trying to be patient but it’s so frustrating! I eat well, exercise, take all the recommended vitamins etc. Have tried to stimulate ovulation by taking herbs such as berberine, vitex agnus castus and drinking raspberry leaf tea with no success so far. Am having a session of acupuncture soon. Has anyone tried this or had any success?

    • Exact same story for me as well! I just tried acupunture yesterday (such a weird feeling, but fun!) and I actually noticed quite a bit of cramping last night, expecially on the right side of my uterus. Fingers crossed! My Dr. also recommended going on birth control for 1 month to “restart” my hormones, it’s not ideal when trying to have a baby but I might give it a shot!

      • Yes I have heard that – I think it’s to fool your body to make it ovulate but then stop taking it in the middle of the pack. I’ve had enough of the pill for now – it’s done enough harm so I’m steering well clear. I just want to get my cycle up and running so I can try and conceive naturally. At the moment it’s just annoying as I don’t have the opportunity to ‘try’ like most women do each month! If you’re desperate to conceive quickly you could try getting your Dr or specialist to prescribe you with Clomid? I’ve been offered that to stimulate ovulation but I really want to exhaust all other natural options before I start taking more pills. If I haven’t had a period in the next few months I’m going to try it though.

    • Sarah – I’m curious to know if you got your period after the acupuncture? We are also TTC and I’ve been off the pill since Sept ’16 – no sign of a period. I just made an appt for acupuncture, so I’m hopeful that will help!

      • Hi there,

        Unfortunately the acupuncture wasn’t successful for me. I did enjoy it and found the process relaxing, but it didn’t have any effect on awakening my cycle. As an update, I waited 10 long months with no period before starting on clomid as I’m ttc. I would still recommend acupuncture thought as I know people it has worked for. Good luck!

        • Hi Sarah. Did you start clomid without having a period? Have you had any success on it? Did it help you ovulate? Where you ovulating before hand? My doctor has finally given it to me which I have started today however I have not had a period. I came off the pill in November 15 had the breakthrough period, on 13/12/15 which was a normal period, then nothing until I took provera in November 2016 (this was only because they sent me for a HSG) and happened to have a 5 day period starting 13 December 2016 (exactly a year to the date of the last one strange) All my tests have come back fine and so has my husbands. Its so frustrating. 15 months after coming off microgynon pill you’d think your body would be back to normal :-(. Sorry for so many questions.

          • Hi everyone. As as update – Steph, yes I tried clomid without having a period following the advice of my obstetrician. Following 2 failed cycles of Clomid, I resorted to undergoing a cycle of IVF which was thankfully successful and I’m not 17 weeks pregnant. The wonders of fertility treatment still don’t fail to amaze me, but it’s still a shame I never had the opportunity to ‘try’ for a baby naturally. I went 10 months post pill without a period, then had 2 cycles of clomid before undergoing IVF. I’ve been told by my obstetrician there is no reason I shouldn’t be able to conceive a child naturally, but of course you need to ovulate in order for this to happen! Staying on Dianette for a decade was sadly the worst decision I could have made, and I paid the price physically, emotionally and financially!

  38. I take birth control pills my husband went I leave this pill now 5 days I left pills tell me how many times after my periods come back

  39. Thanks so much for this atricle!! I stopped taking the pill in January, after 8 years, but there were no signs of period since. Doctor sent me to various tests, after the results came back normal, doctor suggested taking the pill again for a couple of month..
    Then I found this article, and instead started taking magnesium, zink and B6, and just after 2 weeks got my period back!! Baby project can now begin..:) Thanks again!!

    • OOHH!!! This gives me so much hope!! I’m so excited for you! I’ll pray for you and your partner in the baby making process!! <3

    • I have a similar situation to many of you.. I have been on the pill for 10 years, and got off of it in January of this year. A few days later, I had my “withdraw” period, but nothing since then. My OB/GYN has done LOADS of bloodwork, and most recently an MRI of my brain to rule out an pituitary issue.

      I have so much hope reading that you all have had success through different vitamins and supplements. I have felt lost and alone, but now I feel uplifted with the thought that I, too, might be cured through a few extra vitamins each morning (And perhaps acupuncture!)

      If anyone has advice as to how to stay sane through all of this.. please let me know!

  40. Hi I am 19 years old and took birth control pills for a year to control my acne. I stopped taking it since February and still haven’t got my period yet. Don’t know what to do……

  41. Hi!
    I’ve been on birth control for 10 year and recently stopped 3 months ago so my husband and I could try to have a baby. I originally started taking birth control to regulate my periods, so I’ve never been regular and I was afraid this would be the case when we wanted to start a family. Should I start out taking over the counter medications? Or am I overreacting and need to give it more time? Is it too soon to want to go see my Dr. about this? I just don’t want to waste any time waiting around if my period isn’t going to come on its own. Thanks!

    • I have a similar story, was on pill for 11 years for bc reasons only, decided after reading a few negitave things about putting hormones in me to come off. I stopped 2 months ago no periods yet. I would like to see if anyone comes back with helpful comments as I feel same, I dont like periods (pain in the ass as they are) but I want them.

  42. I stopped the pill in April and waited 45 days… yesterday I got my period and it is heavy! I have been reading and researching.. (I am a nurse in labor and delivery) so I asked many co-workers about this issue as well. It seems 3 months is absolutely normal to wait after pooling many women. I looked into fertilaid.. has anyone used it to try to get pregnant? Also, I am with all of you, I was never told the pill would mess up my hormones afterwards, more young women need to be educated. Of course, in our early 20’s getting pregnant is the last thing we want… now it is the only thing we want and our 20 year old choices are affecting our chances. I hope all of you on here get your period soon, and continue to have regular cycles, stressing over it doesn’t help (but we are human and thats what we do!) Thank you for this feed, it helped me a lot.

    • I couldn’t agree more! I’m 30 and have been on the pill since I was 18. I went on to control my acne and have been terrified to come off until January this year because am TTC. 6 months later and still no period. Wish I’d have come off the pill sooner but no one ever warned me this may happen. I think that doctors shouldn’t prescribe the pill so liberally without at least warning young women about the affect it can have on their hormones! Feel really strongly about this. Am glad you have had a period. I just hope mine hurries up soon so I can start TTC properly

  43. I stopped birth control back in January and have had my period twice in February and then it never came back? Ive always had regular periods before i took the pill even when i was on the pill they were regular but since ive stopped i haven’t been getting a period, & yes it is stressful where as both myself and my partner want to try for a baby, ive had many tests done by doctors but they say everything is perfectly fine in that area and i have nothing to worry about! But i am just wondering what you would recommend to induce a period to make it come faster! Ive already made healthier lifestyle changes in the past month and am steady keeping to it, but i would like to know what can i do to induce my period to come back again!?

  44. I put on birth control when I was pretty young due to a large ovarian cyst. I was on it for 5 years & when I stopped taking it, I didn’t have a period for a year! I am still very irregular & only have a couple periods a year. My doctors want to put me back on birth control but I don’t want too. I’m just worried if this is unhealthy for my body to have such irregular periods & im worried about having kids someday 🙁

  45. I am a 26 years old i have been on depo for about three years my next date was on December 30 i did not go coz i want to have a baby please help me i want to get pregnant because i go married Now my husband want a baby please help me i really need a baby

    • My doc told me it can take up to six months before your fertility levels get back on track after stopping the depo shots (for some even longer than that). My advice is that you relax and dont stress yourslef by needing a baby ASAP cause it’ll take some time and stress wont help AT ALL.. Depo does reduce your fertility for quite some time. talk to your husband and make him understand. Good luck

      • I was told sometimes your cycle can take up to 18 months to return after stopping the depo. I stopped taking the injection back in October of 2015 (no sign of a cycle yet)..they are currently running tests to rule out any other issues as I am only 33 with 5 healthy children at home.. Hope you are able to start your family soon?

  46. I hadn’t had a period for over a year. I was devastated. When I first went off birth control my family who has never run into problems with it was positive for my future in trying to get pregnant. Month after month went by and no period and no bfp (big fat positive) it was heart breaking. I finally went to the doctor after month 3. Found out I had a hypothyroidism. I’m on medication now got it all straightened out but still no period. After about 4 more months I also found out I had pcos. It can be hard for people to get their periods and sometimes to get pregnant. I started reading some advice on here after about 9 months. One was how a young lady started taking an over the counter medication called fertilaid. I was skeptical but I was willing to try almost anything.. So I bought it. The medication is a form of natural herbs and vitamins. On the site it tells how it can help with people looking to get there period back. It says take for at least 3 months. I did. Last November I finally received my period again. I don’t know if it was just this medicine alone or if it was a combination on medication my doctor was providing me but if your looking for answers like me, go to your doctor get a check up.. And possibly order the medication. It might help you like it helped me. Thanks!

    • Can you get this product fertilaid at any pharmacy how would i go about getting it? is it on the shelves or do i need a prescription for it!thanks!

    • UR problem was exactly like mine just that mine is six yrs now that I have not seen my period after I stop taken pills pls am from Cameroon I need to know how I can get this fertilized u talk about help me pls cuz am so confused and don’t know what to do my husband family are on me for a baby

  47. Hello Laura! I was wondering whether you had a brand you could recommend when it comes to these vitamins? Is there some product that would be a good combination of all these or is it better to take them separately? Also, how to know if it’s good quality, and what form of the vitamins and minerals to look for? Magnesium, for example, seems to be sold in a zillion different forms so it gets confusing. Can prenatals be good for amenorrhea? I have just recovered my period after suffering from hypothalamic amenorrhea for years and I just want to do everything possible to keep my period happy 🙂 Thanks for the great post and I love the work you do!!!

    • u said u have just recoverd UR period after several years how do u do it is it by following lura, s treatment pls help me cuz I haven’t seen my period for six years now after I stop taken pills

  48. I had been on the pill for around 7 1/2 years, I got married and about a year later me and my husband decided we wanted to start trying for a baby, I immediately got on a prenatal vitamin, it has been about seven months and I haven’t had a period or even spotting… I finally went to my doctor and she put me on med rock say crowed gesture I went to my doctor and she put me on medroxyprogesterone to help jump start my period…(I just started taking this) she says within a month I should start my period, and if I do then I just wasn’t ovulating… And if I don’t then there’s another problem. Any advise ?

    • My OB tried me on medroxyprogesterone and it didn’t do anything for me aside from help me gain weight. But that may just be me.. I’ve been of BC for 1.5 years now and still no period..

  49. I took the pill for 5 years and decided to stop for health reasons. It had been 4 months without my period but I started taking evening primrose oil (capsules) and eating maca powder and I swear to god, only 2 days later my period began! These two products are safe and herbal, you can google them, read up and I highly recommend buying from a health store.

  50. EVERYONE please read “Period Repair Manual” by Lara Briden. She is a naturopathic doctor and it is such a great read. $15 or so on Amazon, I cannot recommend it enough. I am taking steps to get my period back after birth control and after reading that book I feel confident that I can if I follow the instructions listed. Hopefully it helps!

  51. Thank you so much, I’m so glad I found this article! I had been on the pill for about 13 years, and quit since my husband and I wanted to start trying right after we got married. Unfortunately, after a few months my period never came and I was getting frustrated as I had baby fever in a major way. I took this article to heart and immediately ordered zinc, magnesium, vitamin B6, and got some yam pills as well. After just two weeks of being on this combination, my period is back!! I am beyond excited. I hope I ovulate normally and we will conceive soon…huge thank you and good luck to the rest of the ladies on this feed. I highly suggest taking these natural remedies, it works!

  52. I’m 34, no children was on lo loestrin fe for 4 years, it completely took away my period. Of course any girl would be happy but I recently decided to go off it to have children. My Dr. suggested first I go on to the generic to wheen me off the pills and hope my period will start. I was on it for 4 months and nothing. I went off my BC 3 weeks ago, no period. I’ve had symptoms of cramping, nausea, headaches, bloating, backaches, fatigue and spotting during sex during the last 3 weeks. My partner and I have been having unprotected sex, we want to start a family. I had spotting a few days after sex but just tested negative. I also just started taking prenatal vitamins to replace the vitamins I need. I know it’s only been 3 weeks but I figured I would start already due to if I missed a couple days of my BC in the past I would start my period.

  53. Hi all – I was on the pill for 8 years and when I came off it I didn’t get my period for 14 months. Multiple doctors visits, ultrasound to check for cysts, even a CT scan to make sure I don’t have a brain tumour. Well my period finally came back today. (Happy dance!!!!)

    Over the last couple of months I’ve been taking vitamins / herbal pills. In the past week, I noticed extreme PMS symptoms (and I mean extreme — headaches, moodiness, my face looks like a pizza, sensitive breasts, sensitive skin, even sensitive teeth). In the event that the vitamins are what did it, I want to share the brands with you:

    — Vitamin Code for Women, by ‘Garden of Life’ – 2 pills twice a day
    — EstroSense (Hormone Balancing Therapy) – 1 pill twice a day

    Taken with breakfast and dinner. And of course this is complete with daily exercise and a healthy diet. I do believe these pills helped, since they have everything the body needs for a healthy cycle.

    Best of luck!!!

    T. R.

  54. My last period was in July, just before I had to go off the pill. While hubby & I have been careful, we’ve had one or two slip ups. But all negative pregnancy tests & still no period. Never had this issue after going off the last two times when we were trying for our kids. Same pill, nothing has changed, except we are under more stress now with a 21 month & 3 year old, international move & sudden job loss… could this be the issue?

    • Progesterone is essential in getting and staying pregnant. It can become compromised if there is too much stress in your life because your body will produce more cortisol over progesterone. So absolutley.

  55. I have been off birth control for 3 weeks and I don’t know how to handle it anymore. Acne, hair lose, depression, insomnia and constipation. Anyone experienced constipation and what do I do? Lexative didn’t help, it’s crazy.

    • This is rather late but I am just finding this site and your comment is one I related to. I stopped my BC five weeks ago, and I guess I didn’t even put 2 and 2 together before but I was also very constipated over the last month, and I still don’t feel quite right, digestively speaking. I think I am compounding my issues since I also am trying to go vegetarian this last few weeks, so my eating habits are changed dramatically too.

      I have just been trying to eat a fiber one bar daily and also take some dulcolax to keep things moving. I hope you are feeling better!

    • Oh my goodness I’m exactly the same!!! I’m glad I found this thread as i was starting to think something was wrong!! I’m coming up to my 5th week off the pill and I’ve been SO constipated!! It’s so awful!! And when I do try and go it’s only little bits and it’s hard and hurts! It’s like I haven’t got the urge to go. I’ve tried drinking more water eating more kiwifuit and it didn’t work. I ended up going to the health shop and got some flaxseed oil and having a tablespoon mixed in my oats in the morning. It works it makes your stool softer and easier to pass! But I still don’t feel like it’s back to normal. I also got some senna tea to help kick start things but beware only use one teabag and steep for a few minutes. I used 2 before I went to bed and holy shit (literally!) the next morning it cleaned me out it was explosive and had bad stomach cramps. It wasn’t pleasant but it cleaned me out haha and I felt better! My stomach was nice and flat afterwards! Will only use it every once in a while as your bowel can become dependant on it. If you have any tips on this too I’d love to hear from you! X

  56. is there a benefit to taking isolated b6? Would it be the same as getting it in a b-complex, if the amount is the same ? (I think you recommend 50mg)

  57. Just an update from my post on Aug 31, 2015:
    Aunt Flo is back after over a year of no natural period!! I used natural progesterone cream for only about 2 1/2 wks as well as diffusing ylang-ylang essential oils at night for about 1 wk. Just wanted to share what worked for me in case it could help anyone else get their period back. I know how stressful it can be, but thankfully I found something that worked for me. 🙂

  58. I am 37 years old over weight and had fibroid tumors on my ovaries. I have not had my period over in 4 months. From what I’m reading it seems normal not to have your period after using birth control to shrink the fibroid tumors is this true?

    • I would recommend “What Your Dr May Not Tell You About Pre-Menopause: Balance Your Hormones and Your Life from Thirty to Fifty” by John R Lee. I’m in my 20s so don’t be intimidated by the title. It explains a lot about how your hormones get out of whack, how to use the natural progesterone to get your period back, and much more. It also talks about how hormone imbalance can cause fibroids, and many women have used the natural progesterone cream not only to get there periods back, but it has also helped to shrink their fibroids. I myself along with several friends have used natural progesterone with great success. Hopefully this helps 🙂

  59. D/C my BCP over 2 months ago. Last Aunt Flo that started on July 16th and lasted 5 days. No AF since. My hubby and I did have unprotected sex several times in this time. Spotting, occasional cramp, backache today, terrible dizziness the other night. 2 negative pregnancy tests. Any thoughts?

  60. I also was in birth-control for so many years and stop sometimes to take breaks and get back on it. Last time i stop was for 6 months and got periods but got a cyst, and the doctor told me to get back on the birth-control. I got back for a year now and was trying to get pregnant so i got out in March, and got periods for April, May and then for June was a 41-day cycle and since June no period. I have cramps most of the time, or feel like electricity thru my breast. I got back to eating very healthy no meat mostly greens, grains, and fruits and taking a multivitamin. I’m in fear thinking that i can get back cyst. My moods are fine, and hair as i was reading other ladies having issues. I gain some weight as well. I will get acupuncture as i don’t want to take no medication.

    • I got acupuncture after not getting a period for almost 3 months and took B-complex and lots of faith and prayer. I got my cycle regular this month and i will continue doing acupunture till the baby comes:)

  61. Hi
    I took BC pills for 4 years.and when I found out that it’s causing my migraines I stopped taking the pill when I told my sister she did the same because she had the same problem.We both did not have a period for 4 months and we both had a very serious hair loss problem after quitting the pills….and then my sister started taking DOXYCYCLINE antibiotics for minor bacteria infection and she had her period after taking the third pill…. When I found out I asked a doctor and she told me it’s possible…
    I started doxycycline and I had them for 1 week and it happened…I got my period back and it was the most normal and the painless period I ever had(I always had painful ones)
    I hope it can help some of you because I know exactly how it feels to have this experience.

  62. I just wanted to follow up on my story- I have been off the pill for a couple years now and my period is pretty normal, if I have protected sex or get stressed or travel I end up having a very late period. I believe this is normal. I think the pill messed me up a bit but I’m better than ever now and am just accepting the fact that some of my periods are going to be extremely late sometimes so I just need to plan accordingly. Good luck to all.

  63. Hi everyone, it’s a relief to hear about others going through this. I was on birth control since about 17 mostly to prevent pregnancy and 31 now. I I went off of it this past November 2014 and have only kind of gotten my period last month. When it didn’t come after four months my gyno put me on provera and it came but very very light in April. Then again more waiting and nothing came until finally July 4th I had some spotting for a few days and what could have been red flow even though it was very little. Now it’s been a month so I hope it comes! I did start doing acupuncture so that May have helped—so some of you may want to try it. However since it was very light last time my obgyn said I should take letrozole to get me to ovulate (we are ttc) because a light flow doesn’t really count according to her. I don’t know if I should take the natural route and hold off or take this fertility drug. Anyone had experience with this?

  64. I was diagnosed with amenorrhea after going off of birth control In April. My Gyno said she thinks it’s from being overweight. I have since lost a few pounds in the last month. For about two months now I’ve had faint blood streaks in my discharge (sorry for the TMI) and in the last few weeks I’ve noticed more blood from time to time but it doesn’t last very long and am now bleeding again for the 3rd time so I’m wondering if it’s my period trying to come through. I started Vitex 9 days ago so maybe it has kick started everything. I go in for my pap smear Thursday so I’ll be mentioning everything to her. Such a roller coaster ride!

  65. I took ocp for two years and 3 months . Started in fen 2014 and stopped two months back. I had 1 period on 20th june 2015 and no period uptill now .. i went off as i wanted to conceive.
    but as i went off the pill i had a severe depression phase, crying spells all the time and now even taking anti depressants..
    these pills are a nightmare .. i just want to be all fine once again.

  66. I was on birth control since I was 16 I am now 21. I got off of birth control when I was 20 since I got married January 2 2015. When I went off the pill I bleed the next day thought that was my period. My husband and I want to get pregnant since he is 24 almost 25 and I’m 21. We are ready for a family. But before I was on birth control I was irraguler but I never missed a month. But when I got off of birth control I didn’t get my period for like 2months or so so I went to the doctor. They prescribed me hormone pills for 10,days and after that I started bleeding. But the next month after that I didn’t get my period again. Its frustrating cuz I have done blood work and pee test and everything is normal. And I still can’t get prego. As of now I haven’t had my period for 7 months. Any one know what I should do??

    • 7 months is long. Don’t you have any other side effect, like hairloss? I was on BC for 16 years. My period started delaying and finally disappeared when i was 16. I didn’t mind, but i lost my beautiful hair in years. Until my dr put me on BC and sono showed cysts in my ovaries. PCOS.
      Long story short, i ve been looking for a cure for 16 years, and spending thousands. I stopped pills for many times. Every time no period and my hair started thinning and i could literally get bald. Then again. Back to pills.
      Last year my Endocron dr ordered Prolactin test and MRI of perpetuity. She lowered my prolactin and put me off the BC.after 16 years I got my period/spotting on time.i was about to scream in the restroom when i saw my period.probably the happiest day of my life. But since then im shedding horribly. U see through my scalp. But she says all my hormones look fine and this is the side effect of stopping BC. May take up to a year. Check ur prolactin since u ve been irregular forever. Dont take chemical hormones under any condition or u will be slaved to them like me forever. 🙁 this time, im fighting hard to the expense of my hair 🙁

      • I did not have any side effects. They are prescribing me some med that will help me ovulate. But how am I suppose to know if I’m ovalting when I don’t have a period? Its frustrating. I’m sorry about your side effects

        • I went off of birth control June 2014 and my period stopped (my only symptom as well). My doctor prescribed Provera in Feb. I had a period Feb and March then nothing. She tried to put me back on the Provera telling me that I could just take that each month. I went off of the birth control pills because I did not want to keep putting artificial hormones in my body, so I definitely don’t want to “force” a period each month. I have started using natural progesterone cream (using it for 3 weeks, then off 1….like birth control but with natural hormones…do that for 3 months, then the 4th month you should have your period without any progesterone). Hopefully, that will help my body get back on a regular cycle. I would do your research before taking hormones to have a period and/or to ovulate (usually Provera and Clomid are used). I know that many, many women use this to conceive, but there are risks. I have a friend who has had issues with fertility and also was born with a heart defect and her mother was on Provera and Clomid when she was conceived. (She has researched and is convinced that is the reason for her issues.) Also, she had 2 early term miscarriages and is now pregnant with her 3rd child (22 wks), and the only difference between these 3 pregnancies is that she started using the natural progesterone cream. I am hoping to begin ttc next year, so fingers crossed that the natural progesterone helps me get my period back. I would recommend “What Your Dr May Not Tell You About Pre-Menopause” by John R Lee. I’m in my 20s so don’t be intimidated by the title. It explains why your body may be out of whack, how to use the natural progesterone to get your period back, and much more. I am going through this right now, so I just thought I’d share what I’ve learned…especially about using the “fake” hormones to have a period and to ovulate. My biggest suggestion is do your research! Hopefully this helps 🙂

      • Hi
        I’m 22 and I was on BC for about 4years because of my ovarian cysts,but I stopped them when I found out that my migraine was getting worst because of them , after 1 week, I was experiencing this horrible hair loss.I tried everything and finally I found this shampoo , Plantur 39 for hair over forty. And I’m also taking acophane pills once a day.i can surely say that it’s getting normal again.
        I hope it works for you too and you’ll find your beautiful hair again.

    • Eat more fat and safe carbs. My daughter was on the pill for 3 years, she gained quite a few pounds. She went off the pill and started to exercise excessively and diet. Her diet was good, I thought. High in fruits and vegetables, low in fat and selected protein. She was always hungry. She lost a lot of weight but plateaued, and got frustrated. In that time she lost her period for more than a year. She was put on progesterone pills to help regain her period, but to no avail. She finally went to a nutritionist who told her she wasnt eating enough calories or enough fat and protein and that is what had caused her weight loss to cease, and perhaps her period. She ruined her metabolism. The nutritionist told her it could take a year of eating enough and properly to regain her metabolism. It has been hard for her. She has put back on some of her weight, but it did cause her to regain her period. Adding fat (coconut oil) , safe carbs and more protein has allowed her body to function as it should. I think we live in a world where we don’t eat enough fat and safe carbs, and those are the things our bodies need to function properly .

      • Hi there,
        My situation is sort of similar to your daughters.
        I’m currently going through the “gain the weight back” phase which is very difficult after 2 years of being slimmer and fit.
        A question, did your daughter continue to exercise whilst “gaining weight” after the birth control pill so that she could regain her period?
        I’m eating a lot and doing yoga but not running or cycling.. I’ve heard that doing cardio will slow down the process of regaining a period.

        Thank you so much!!

        • Hi, my daughter continued to exercise during the “gain the weight back” period. She is a lacrosse player and exercises extensively daily. It has been very difficult for her mentally and emotionally to have to regain weight that she tried so hard to lose. Our doctor told us that period loss through excessive exercise is a myth, its diet related, mostly due to lack of sufficient fat. She feels that it is all worth it now because she has her period back.

          Hope this helps

          • Hi,

            I have a similar problem like your daughter had. I am underweight plus I am a vegan. Is there some natural way that I can get my period back without gaining weight or eating animal products? I exercise (I do cardio “Insanity”) every day plus I work a lot (12-14 h per day). I don’t have a lot time to rest and I cannot eat as much, I am tiny. I used to take the pill but since last year I didn’t have my period (1 year).I only want natural stuff. I did every possible test and my hormones and sugar is good. Do you know any good natural ways to gain my period back? Thank you. Highly appreciated. 🙂

            • Hi Jovana. Did you lose weight by dieting, is that why you are tiny. My daughter lost a lot of weight by not eating enough. She ate a lot of vegetables and fruit and protein shakes. She was always hungry because she wasn’t eating enough fat and starchy carbohydrates. Carbohydrtes are the body’s fuel. She was also on the pill and had one or two periods after she stopped taking the pill. It was when she started drastically dieting that she lost her period. You don`t necessarity have to eat a lot of food, you just need to eat the right food. Try eating coconut oil, like a couple of tablespoons at day. It is a MCT and your body needs that kind of fat. It shouldn`t increase you weight and will hopefully fill the void. Also add a small safe starch daily, like some white rice, a potato, sweet potato or some taro. You can put the coconut oil on the starches if you don`t to use butter. Also add a little sea salt to those things, our bodies don`t get enough salt, especially if you eat only real food. Another thing would be to add some iodine to your diet, thats something we don`t get enough of either. Also if you eat gluten you should consider removing that from you diet and replace it with safe starches and coconut oil. (get an organic cold pressed virgin coconut oil, the difference is in the taste) . Good luck, and give yourself time, be good to your body with good food, enough sleep.

              • Hi Karen,

                Thank you for your reply. No actually I was born prematurely so I am skinny all of my life. Now I am not even that skinny as usual because I’ve put on some mass by exercising but if I stop exercising I would drop few kg because I would lose that mass. I am around 50-51kg now but usually I am 47-49kg range, I don’t want to gain more weight I am 28 years old and that’s why I am trying to put on some mass because I want to look more mature for my age not like a 12 year old kid 🙂 .Thanks for your advice. I actually eat almost everything you mentioned but I could add coconut oil again to my diet.
                I eat 2ce a day 2 normal meals and I don’t eat after 6pm and it’s more then enough for me, I am not hungry really. I exercise hour and a half every day.
                I love my body and I want to stay fit and healthy. For now I don’t have any health issues even without my period but I would love to get my period back. The gynecologist said that my body and ovaries are healthy and that my body feels like it’s getting period but actually there is no physical response (bleeding). So if you know any tricks please let me know. Wish you all the best 🙂 Thank you.

                • Hi Jovana. There is no quick little trick to get your period back. Your body needs the right fats and carbs to do its job. Unfortunately for some we live in a world where no fat and low carb eating is very common. Some bodies can manage that and thrive, others like you and my daughter, and me as well don’t fair so well doing that. You don’t have to eat alot, just eat what your body needs to function properly. The body is an amazing thing. Given the right tools it can heal itself. Also a lot of us don’t eat enough calories, which can be a problem too. My daughter is seeing a nutritionist. She has to eat a certain amount of calories per day. You should consider tracking your calories to see where you stand.

  67. Hi ladies,

    This was interesting going through this thread. Kind of relieving knowing I’m not the only one going through this. I went on the pill in order to regulate my periods. I came off in order to give my body a break and since coming off the pill Its been inconsistent. I’ve had 2 periods in 6 months. I was never regular previously but never missed any. This is such a hassle, I want that consistency and peace of mind to know my body is working properly. I want to be able to give my parents grandkids and I hope going on the pill for about 16 months hasn’t affected this at all.

  68. I have been on and off the pill for almost 20 years. About 6 years ago I stopped taking the pill and did not have a period for TWO YEARS! I avoided the doctor, until I got morning sickness, chills, fainting spells every morning. No, I was NOT pregnant. My husband finally took me in and my prolactin levels were hig and I had a very small brain tumor caused by high prolactin and the pituitary gland. I had to go on Cabergoline to lower the prolactin. It worked, but got put back on the pill because Cabergoline makes you really fertile. Did not want that. Went back off the pill when things leveled out and same thing happened…ugh. I will say I had success with zinc and Vitex (herbal Chaste tree supplement)! Trying it again and will look into adding B6! Thank you for the article! Several years ago there seemed to be NO info linking the pill to no periods and high prolactin. I knew there was a link, and glad there is more info now on leveling things back out NATURALLY!

  69. I took birth control pills for 20 years. I stopped taking the pills 8 months ago and I’ve had a regular period every month since. This is everything I did to successfully get my period back:

    *everything organic, free-range, grass fed, no antibiotics, no added hormones, wild caught, etc.
    Warm lemon water first thing in the morning
    Fermented foods
    Himalayan Salt on food
    Small amounts of raw honey
    No soy products
    No processed foods
    No sugar
    Cooked things mostly in coconut oil, and also grass-fed butter
    Keep blood sugar stable – not too much fruit or (natural) sweetener at one time – some protein at every meal
    Adequate amounts of fats and carbohydrates with each meal
    Adequate soluble fiber
    A lot of water – I drank mostly a high pH water (9.5-10.5)
    Drink out of glass containers – don’t store water in plastic
    Store food in glass containers, not plastic
    Eat a colorful diet
    Don’t skip meals
    I exercised moderately for 1-2 hours, 6 days per week
    At least 7 hours of sleep per night
    Minimal environmental toxins (I live in a small town)
    Very low stress; avoid stress triggers (including not stressing out about getting your period back!), meditate, yoga, walking in nature, lemon balm, Adrenasense, etc.
    Vitamin A
    Vitamin B Complex, try to get every B vitamin, but especially B5 – B6 – B12
    Lypo Spheric Vitamin C
    Vitamin D (from the sun and supplemented)
    Vitamin E
    Vitamin K
    Magnesium (chelated)
    Cat’s Claw Root
    Maca Root
    Cod Liver Oil for Omega 3
    Also note that this likely didn’t do anything to help, but I did have one small cup of organic coffee each morning after the lemon water.

    I hope this helps people out there still struggling to get their period back!

    • This is a fabulous list! A great one for everyday standard health. I do 98% of the things on this list and have been doing so for over 5 years. But after going off the Pill one year ago (after having been on it for 10 years), I still have an irregular period. Despite doing nearly everything on this list. I kind of think everyone and their body is just different! Despite everything we do to try and control it.

  70. I’ve decided to stop taking the pill. I think it’s contributing to my problems sleeping and with headaches. How long will it take my hormones to balance- estimate? I’m definitely going to be trying your tips!

    • Every girl is different. My mistake I think was quitting the pill cold turkey. Make note of everything in this article on this site. My estrogen levels are pretty much non-existent right now. I came off the pill in October 2013 (not 2014 as I put in my original comment) and my body still has not corrected itself. I still do not have a period.

  71. Thank you everyone for sharing such valuable information. I have been through the ringer of doctors/specialist appointments and still nothing has helped me. I have tried both natural and western medicine. Hopefully something I share can help someone on here!
    I am 28 years old, 5’5 and weigh 125 lbs. Prior to being on birth control pills for 11 years straight, my periods were irregular because I was so active. I started off with Tricyclin and then I was switched to Tricyclin low. I stopped taking BC pills back in October 2014, and I still have not got my period back. I was put on progesterone pills which did nothing except make me gain weight, sweat like a beast and eat like one too, I was then put on estrogen pills which did nothing but made me gain weight, and my MRI and ultrasound both came out good. My estrogen levels and sex drive are almost non-existent. My weight has been up and down along with my appetite, my skin is very dry, especially around my eyes (I’m like Gold Member from Austin Powers), my hair won’t stop falling out, my energy levels and mood suck, and my sleep quality is horrible. Doctors say I am not premenopausal because nothing is working downstairs for me. The end conclusion from the western medicine side of things was that if I want my period back I should go back on birth control. I was sent off with a 3 month supply of some newer brand of BC pills called LoLo. Some of the non-medicinal ingredients of this LoLo are Blue no.1 aluminum lake, and Red no. 40…yum!.
    From the natural side of things, I have done sunflower and pumpkin seed cycling in connection with the moon phase, taken rabbit ovaries (homeopathics), tried acupuncture, and cut back on exercise. My one naturopath doctor recommended the following:
    -Chaste Tree – ovulation stimulant / 40 whole tincture drops of extract daily. 20/20 AM/PM or 1 standardized 40 quantity dose.
    -Bee Propolis – 500 mg capsules or RAW Combined Source including royal jelly.
    -Black Cohosh – hormonal regulation / 40-80 mg tincture extract daily.
    – Rhodiola Rosea Extract – antioxidant and endocrine system stimulant /200 mg daily. 100/100 mg AM/PM.
    -Green Tea, Hibiscus Flower, and dandelion root teas.

    Nothing I have listed has worked for me, the acupuncture helped me sleep a bit better but that unfortunately did not last.

    My next step is to follow what was written in this article and up my zinc, magnesium, and B vitamins. Hopefully something I have said will help someone, because nothing has helped me yet.

    • I hate that you are dealing with this. I know how frustrating it is. I stopped the pill May 2014. After being on the pill for over 10 years, I think it takes your body a long time to recover from those artificial hormones and remember how to make the correct ones itself. I tried a lot of things and was told over and over again it was stress etc. It took until February 2015 before I got an actual cycle back and actually ended up getting pregnant on my first regular cycle. It was quite the blessing as we were set to start fertility treatments in June as a result of the whole issue. While the whole thing is frustrating, sometimes in time it will work itself out. Sending good vibes your way and hoping your frustration comes to an end soon. After this last experience I don’t think I will ever go on a hormonal pill again!

      • Aww thanks Cait! I appreciate the good vibes . I am very happy to hear that you got your cycle back and were able to get pregnant so quickly, this all must have been such a relief! Thank God you didn’t have to go through any fertility treatments. I realized that I made an error on the date of my last BC pill “period”, it was actually October 2013, not 2014. So unless something changes, this October will be 2 years without a period. Your comment made me smile, so I thank you very much! I wish you all the best with your child & health!

      • You ladies are so comforting! I am 29 years old and was on the birth control pill for over 10 years and stopped abruptly in November 2014 due to getting blood clots. I got a regular period January 3rd 2015 but haven’t had one since! I have been so worried that I’m the only one who has experienced not getting a period or waiting to get my body back to a normal cycle! Listening to all your stories makes me feel a lot better!

    • I stopped the pill two years ago hoping to get pregnant. I didn’t have a period for two years…saw numerous doctors and was diagnosed as having premature ovarian failure. Meaning I can’t get pregnant…ever!

      They put me on estrogen and progesterone…which caused me to feel like a crazy person. So now I’m back on birth control as a hormone replacement. The periods started again! which is misleading since I really shouldn’t be having one since I’m basically in menopause. I was told the pill masks the symptoms of Premature ovarian failure and therefore the periods are basically pointless.

      If they haven’t tested your FSH levels yet and after trying everything else, I would ask your doctor to test you for Ovarian failure. It was horrible to find this out after trying everything else under the sun to get my period started…and now having one but for no reason at all. We plan to adopt one day though!

  72. Hi ladies,

    It is very frustrating for all of us as I can see. I was on the pill for 12 years and decided to come off the pill January 2013 no period since then 2,5 years pretty long right? Well I did try everything, had like 2 ultrasounds, hormonal tests done all normal, tried natural remedies and also use supplements as Angus

  73. This is very helpful but I do many of these things and still have not regained my period. I was only on a low dose pill for about three years and when I stopped taking it, I never once got my period. IT has been about two years now since my last period. My doctor insisted that I go back on the pill to ensure that I am getting enough estrogen to support my bones. After going back and forth with her for several months I finally gave in and started the pill again. However, I DO NOT want to take it. What else can I do to promote estrogen without being on the pill!? I eat a very clean diet and take a high quality pre-natal whole foods vitamin (at the suggestion of my doctor). I am not trying to get pregnant. Any suggestions!?

    • Well I haven’t had my period in 10 months . Recently did a hormone test and turns out I have prolactin.
      the Prolactin levels may be used for several reasons. Prolactin is a hormone produced by the pituitary gland and its primary role is to help initiate and maintain breast milk production in pregnant and nursing women.

      Prolactin testing may be used, along with other hormone tests, to help:

      Determine the cause of breast milk production not associated with pregnancy or breast-feeding (galactorrhea)
      Diagnose the cause of infertility and erectile dysfunction in men
      Diagnose the cause of menstrual irregularities and/or infertility in women
      Detect and diagnose tumors that produce excess prolactin (prolactinomas), monitor their treatment, and detect recurrences
      Evaluate anterior pituitary function or other pituitary disorder
      More info go to http://labtestsonline.org/understanding/analytes/prolactin/tab/test/

      • Well since I was diagnosed with a tumor in my Pitutary gland I been on medication for a month to help shrink it down ( non cancerous ) and also my hormones where sky rocket .. Now I can say my hormones are back to normal for my age and I started my period !!! And it last 4 days like a normal period . Now I’m ovulating and can try to get pregnant . I know it may be scary to check if you might have a tumor but it works .

        • Amanda, I suspect that I may have a tumor on my pituitary gland; how were they able to tell you that you had it? MRI? Thanks SO much!

          • Yes I went and had an mri done . Then was put on the medication to help shrink the Tumor . Now I am 3 months pregnant due to the medication which made me fertil I’m assuming .

  74. After reading through my notes again, here are a few more things I missed in my previous post that may help re-balance hormones/prevent hormonal acne/cleanse body of synthetic hormones:

    Warm lemon water first thing in the morning
    Fermented foods
    Himalayan Salt on food
    Raw bee pollen + raw honey
    Aloe Vera juice
    Do not eat any soy products

    One Naturopath online also recommended taking Chromemate and EstroBlock Tripple Strength for hormone balancing and Eternal Jing and Adaptogen Energizer by Dragon Herbs for PMS elimination and energy/mood enhancement. What do you think about these things Laura? Thank you so much.

  75. I was on birth control from age 16-34. I took my last pill a week ago – after listening to Chris Kresser’s podcast about the negative health effects of the pill. When I went on the pill in 1996, my doctor didn’t mention any possible negative health effects and I never heard about it from anyone until last week. I’ve done a lot of research and these are all of the things I’ve read that can help balance hormones to be able to get your period back and prevent acne:

    Vitamin A
    Vitamin B Complex, especially B5 – B6 – B12
    Vitamin C
    Vitamin D (from the sun and supplemented)
    Vitamin E
    Vitamin K
    Magnesium – chelated
    Cat’s Claw Root
    Maca Root
    Cod Liver Oil for Omega 3
    No processed foods, no sugar, everything organic, free range, grass fed, no antibiotics, no hormones
    Keep blood sugar stable – not too much fruit or sweetener at one time – some protein at every meal
    Eat adequate amounts of fats and carbohydrates
    Add more foods with soluble fiber to diet
    Drink a lot of water
    Get at least 7 hours of sleep at night, preferably 8 hours
    De-stress you life

    Thank you so much Chris and Laura. You make an incredible difference in people’s lives.

  76. I am so glad I found this website! I have become so distraught every time I think about it. My husband who was then just my boyfriend and I had broken up for 11 months and I went off of birth control and only had one period during that 11 months and my Gyno said when I went back in for birth control that I didn’t ovulate on my own and suggested I go back on birth control until I’m ready to become pregnant so I have been back on it for about 4 years and I do have periods each month while on birth control. I was on Sprintec but I just switched to Tri-Previfem which is generic/has nearly the same hormone dosages as OrthoTri-Cyclen because I didn’t care for Sprintec. My Gyno had also told me that I could have trouble getting pregnant but I could be put on medicine to make me ovulate to become pregnant. I was tested for PCOS but that came up negative when I was tested years ago. I read that you could have it but not necessarily have the cysts which was why my test came up negative because there were no visible cysts. I just want to go off of birth control and ovulate and have regular periods on my own with no help from medicine! I am so terrified that I won’t be able to conceive because of the issues I have. I have been on BC for 8 years now and I am over it. I am hoping to ask my Gyno if it is possible that my body will regulate itself out if it is just used to relying on synthetic hormones to ovulate and not another reason for missed ovulation. I am nervous because my last round of going off of BC resulted in 10 months of no period at all. Hope we all get our answers!

    • In reality, birth control completely stops ovulation when you’re taking it, and the “period” you have every month while on it is only withdrawal bleeding (from withdrawal from the hormones) when you reach the 1 week of sugar pills. The withdrawal bleeding is only there to make women more comfortable taking birth control–you can also skip the fourth week completely and move directly on to a new pack to eliminate periods altogether.
      Anyway, when you’re on birth control, you /aren’t/ having normal periods, and your body is /not/ ovulating. The elimination of ovulation is how birth control works in the first place.
      Best of luck to you in getting your periods back.

  77. Having come off the pill I was experiencing a loss of period and just left constantly bloated/on the verge of a period that never came. I was so worried about being left infertile. I have been supplementing with magnesium, evening primrose oil, zinc and a complete B vitamin for 3 days and got my period this morning! Give these recommendations a go before despairing as you have nothing to lose xx

    • I am in the same situation and making myself miserable. I was completely unaware I would have issues (no period, CD46, normal before birth control) and have cried basically daily. Just wandering how you dealt with this.

  78. I have been on birth control since I was 8. I have endometrious and haven’t had a period since I was 8. I am now 20 and my fiance and I would like to have a baby and we have been trying to get pregnant since june of last year. I got off the birth control in october of about 1 year ago and I haven’t had my period yet. I have no idea what to do. And we really want a baby what do I do?

  79. I recently heard some people who have thyroid disease can have absent periods. If you already have had it tested you might want too. It’s just a simple blood test.

    • This can definitely be a factor….this is one of the 43782483920432 blood tests I had drawn. The only ones that my gyno said came back abnormal were FSH and LH. She sent me to an endocrinologist, who then told me they couldn’t be evaluated because I had no cycle….it just goes in circles.

    • I went off birth control in January, my last cycle was Jan 1. I started maca at that time without results and I’m now going into my second month of trying Pregnitude to see if it will help me achieve a regular cycle. I have a friend who has had great success controlling her menopausal issues without having to use prescription hormone treatments with the use of maca though…I’m definitely planning on looking more into the things listed in this article though…

  80. Hi everyone,
    First I want to start off by saying how nice it is to know that I’m not the only person that is experiencing these kinds of things. My fiance and I decided to start trying for a baby last January (2014), so I finished up my pack of pills. 4 days later i got my period, which I would’ve gotten anyways, since then my cycles have varied, the shortest one has been 34 days, and I’m currently sitting at day 70, and I’ve touched anywhere in between (40 days, etc). I’m not sure what is happening. I now have to be put on a waiting list to see a Gynecologist, and I can’t even be put on that list until my partner gets the semen analysis test done. That is very frustrating to me, considering my periods are all over the map, so it’s pretty safe to say that that is the cause for concern with me trying to conceive. It’s very daunting to Google these types of things and get a variety of different answers, some good, some bad. On top of the stress of my abnormal periods I have other issues causing me stress : work, family issues. I’m at my witts end. Every month I get my hopes up thinking that I may be pregnant just to have them dashed.
    I have no idea what to do anymore. Has anyone else suffered anything similar… having periods right after coming off the pill to all of a sudden nothing?

    • I’m having the same issue as you. I’m also trying to conceive. I haven’t had my period in around 70 days as well. I’m on the waiting list to see an gynecologist in March. So hopefully my problems will be solved then. It’s very difficult getting that no from pregnancy test. Especially when all you want is a baby. I hope you find your answers.

      • Im having same issue as you its been 80 days no period im trying to have a baby 🙁 my dr said its normal but i dont want to wait years

        • If it makes you guys feel any better, I stopped the pill May 2014 and had one period between then and now, but found out um pregnant without ever even getting back to a regular cycle. we had just had an appointment to start fertility treatments all the Dr’s were pretty surprised! Everything is normal so far except they are having a Difficult time pin pointing my due date due to no cycle referenve.

    • Hi ladies – curious how your doc appointments went? I am in the exact same boat! Took the pill for 10 years, came off last July. My husband and I are trying to conceive, but my cycles are all over the board. First 40 days, then 45, then 50, and the last two cycles were 75! Things don’t seem to be normalizing despite my supplements, exercise, and organic/whole foods diet. It took two packs of ovulation tests last cycle, and even then I don’t know that I believed the results! I got the result ‘fertile’ for over a week, when the instructions say that would last about 2 days. Not sure what to do! Would love to hear how you all are getting along.

  81. I cannot be anymore frustrated with this issue. I’ve been off the pill since May 2014. I have been to 3-4 different Drs. and gotten NO help. I’ve tried everything I can think of. My Dr. won’t even start the one year of “trying” until after you have a regular cycle….and I can’t seem to get any help with that so I feel like I’m in this no mans land where I get ZERO HELP. I’m pretty confident at this point that something is wrong. I was finally able to get my Dr. to run some hormone tests last week…they all came in by Friday and she still haven’t gotten back to me. They suspect an endocrine issue maybe….however won’t give me any direction as to if they think it can be resolved etc. etc. I’m pretty type A and I like a plan. I’ve asked three times for a plan on how to approach this and get NO answers. I could not be any more frustrated.

  82. Hi Ladies,

    i never ever share on forums, but I do read them when something happens – like not getting my period back when I got off birth control.

    I was always regular. I got my period at the age of 12, didn’t go on birth control until i was 15. I went off and on in the last 13 years between relationships and to give my body a break (bad idea, unless its for a few months) and again, always went back to normal. Of course, now that i got off in order to get pregnant, nothing. A month went by, 2nd month…3rd month. I was in panic mode. I was eating tofu for estrogen and parsley to get things going. I was going nuts. I saw a homeopath and started taking:
    1. Vitex – agnus castus – 3 pills on empty stomach
    2. 2 x concentrated omega 3 fish oils – 3 on full stomach
    3. Took prenatal every other day, not to overdue my iron, since i had no cycle.

    5 days later, i had my period. I highly recommend #2 and #3. Its all natural, been used to centuries, and I heard from numerous women this has helped them too. So thats that! Now onto baby 🙂

  83. So happy to have found this thread! If anyone has advice I would be so appreciative!

    I was on Depo Provera for 4 years and Seasonal, no sugar pills for a period, for 2 years before. Therefore, I never had a period being on either of these birth controls. My last shot was October of 2012. Should have worn off by January of 2013. By October 2013 I finally had a natural period, for 3 months. My last natural period was January 2014. It is now year later.

    My doctor put me on Provera in October 2014, got a “withdrawl” period. 3 months went by no natural period. I am currently on 10 days of Provera again. I am really hoping this will regulate my cycle again. I had blood testing and ultrasounds and everything came back normal.

    I am not TTC yet but, we would like to in a year, so I would like to get my cycles back! Has anyone had this experience with Depo Provera? Did it really take 2 years or more to get a regular cycle back? The doctors will all tell you that it is not from BC.

    • Hi Kaitlyn,

      Yes! This is almost exactly what I have been experiencing too! I was on Depo for about three years, then got my last shot in March of 2013. I got the Mirena IUD inserted in June of 2013, had terrible side effects, and had it removed in February of 2014. No hormonal birth control since that time, and I have only had two periods that were totally out of the blue. The last real one was in August of 2014, and I had about a day of spotting in December. I went to an OBGYN, and she told me that I shouldn’t be worried, and to give it a little more time. She offered to give me hormones, which I want to avoid if at all possible. I have started doing acupuncture every week to try and address this issue, and was taking chinese herbs for a while, but my body did not react very well. It’s so frustrating! I’m hoping that time will help, but I think I may need to get more serious about changing my diet…
      It is worrisome, and I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one that has been dealing with this problem for so long!

      • I’ve been through a slew of blood tests, now going for an MRI. After a year of being told it was “normal” I’m not being told that they will not do anything to help without going through the fertility clinic and as a result none will be covered by my insurance. It seems like when you have this issue you get into a circle of no help. I get Drs. that say hey…that’d odd your not getting a cycle we should test your hormones, then they look at the result and say “we can’t evaluate whether these hormones are off because you have no cycle so they can’t be evaluated”…and so I find myself back at the beginning. I’m tired of begging for help and will be going to see the reproductive endocrinologist as soon as possible. It’s clear I will get no help from my regular Dr, Gyno or Endocrinologist.

        • My favorite piece of help I got was from the endocrinologist who said “if you were supposed to have a kid it would happen, I don’t know what else to tell you”…..how helpful and comforting huh?

    • I have been fighting to get my period back for years! After my youngest was born (3/30/09) I did the depo shot at my 6 wk check up and another one 3 mths later (Aug 2009), couldn’t afford the Nov shot so I never got it and never got on another bc. After a couple yrs of not having a period my husband at the time was getting worried cause it wasn’t normal for one to just not appear. So I went to an obgyn in March and was put on Provera for 5 days…nothing happened. I went back 2 mths later (May) and he said from my blood work the from the first visit that the shot was still in my system and asked if we were wanting to get pregnant right then. I said no just want a period back, the pregnancy will happen when it happens. So he said to let it run its course. For the last year I’ve been having light pink spotting once a month that lasts from 3 to 4 days, enough for a thin panty liner. It’s now been 2 years and still no period. I went to a new obgyn (the old one retired) and he was stunned. He put me on birth control pills to see if that’ll help. Well…it hasn’t. I know ur not supposed to miss pills but I’m bad at remembering to take pills. Still no period when it hits the brown ones. New marriage and we’ve talked about having a “love baby” (we’re high school sweethearts, first loves) but me being “broken” is getting old! I’m going back in March or when they can get me in (have to wait for insurance to kick in, Mar 1st) to see about what else can be done. I’m just glad to know I’m not the only one out there.

  84. I know exactly how you all feel! I was on some kind of oral contraceptive for 3 years. Tri Sprintec or something like that. I stopped taking it in November of 2014 because I am not sexually active and heard some stories about how bad bc really is for your body. I am not ttc or anything like that. But have not had a period since the regular withdrawal bleed in November when I went off of it. It is now January of 2015 and still no period. I have tried to induce my period with vitamin c, parsley tea, and baths and no luck!! There’s no way I want a child now but I’m still worried that someday when I do my body will have problems.. Thinking about seeing my doctor. Suggestions?

    • I was taking Sprintec for 3 years and stopped in July 2014… I had a period in Aug and sept, then nothing… I went to doc in Nov and she assured me it would show up. It didn’t. I’m not trying to get preg but I wanted my period… I went to the doc just a week or two ago and he got me on the generic of Provera and thankfully, after taking it for 10 days, and the second after I finished taking them it has shown up. Not sure if it will begin happening every month again, but the doc says I can get refills if it doesn’t. Hate that I resorted to medicine but I can’t keep my stress about it down, but I’m on multivitamins now and I’m gonna try and work on my circadian rhythm… I’m happy to have these to work on and maybe won’t need any refills. I won’t be going back to BC ever. I will say to add, my period is Extremely heavy, and my hunger has increased greatly since the second day of having my period again… The cramping hasn’t been bad though, and I’m not terribly tired till the end of the day. Happy to have it though, which seems weird to say haha!

    • I took that exact same one and I went off of it in May of 2014 and still have no luck having ny period. I don’t want a child right now either, just trying to get my body back on track.I’ve seen three doctors and all suggested it was just stress.

  85. Just wanted to give a few suggestions for those suffering from acne after stopping birth control and also ask some questions: I stopped taking my birth control (after taking it for 6 years) in October 2014. I haven’t had a period since. I just made a Dr. appointment to see if my hormone levels are off. I got on birth control in high school mainly because of acne, I’ve always struggled with it. But now off birth control and taking these supplements, my skin is more clear than it’s ever been. Just wanted to recommend these supplements to anyone who has the same problem because acne is the absolute worst!! EstroBlock tripple strength (find on amazon, supposed to help with fertility, too), fish oil, zinc, vitamin A, and chromemate. I was taking maca root pills but I read that you shouldn’t take them while pregnant. I didn’t want to accidentally become pregnant without knowing and be taking the maca root. Does anyone have any knowledge about these supplements during pregnancy? I like them because they keep my skin clear but I wouldn’t want to harm a baby.

  86. i have stopped taking Minastrin back in September. My period came in November for 4 days(usually it would be 6) then 35 days later for 3 days, now 36 days later for 2…. It’s very frustrating, since we are trying to have a second child. I’m taking vitamins every day, but it seems that doesn’t help much. Does it mean I better go see my GYN?

    • I am the very same as u my doctor doesn’t no what to do going to a gyn now see what they see I have on kid already so no so nice when u are trying for number 2

  87. I wanted to share my story as well. It is so nice to read about other women in my situation because I feel so alone! My husband and I got married this past summer and want a baby right away and it just isn’t happening. I stopped my BC after being on it for 10 years in July and have not had a natural period since. I went to a natural hollistic pharmacist. After performing a saliva test for a month it was found that I do not produce enough progesterone. I used to have an eating disorder so I think that plays a part too. I still am pretty thin but not frail. I’m 5’3 at 105 lbs with a BMI at 18.5. I stayed taking a natural bio-identical progesterone, chaste berry, and vitamin B6. He told me that this should help me regain my period. I also am going to be drinking a lot of vegetable protein powder shakes to gain some lean muscle mass. I also was told that black cohosh can help with regaining one’s period. Anyone take the things I mentioned?

    • So I started taking the zinc vitamin for 2 weeks now so let’s see if my period comes . I also did hear about the black cohosh too. That it’s suppose to start up your period . Never tried it though .. Thinking about drinking the aloe Vera too … Any suggestions?

      • i started the aloe Vera today. Not the black cohosh. I’m hoping the aloe, chaste berry and the bio identical progesterone start to work.

    • Tomorrow I start using Young Living Essential Oils Progessence Plus! It is specially formulated to regulate women’s hormones and help them get back to normal. I’ve been off bc since late august-early September and still don’t have my period:( but this is supposed to really help! Give it a try!

    • I am also trying to get my period back and am using Young Living Essential Oils for it. The oil blend I am using is Progessence Plus which naturally balances the bodys Progesterone levels without all the harm synthetics can do. I got my period back three days after I started using it! It only lasted for a day but that gave me so much hope!! I am continuing to use it along with Clary Sage which also balances hormones and helps you estrogen be healthy:) I would highly suggest using these two, separately or together, to anyone looking to balance their hormones and get their period back! If you want more info please email me at [email protected]:))

    • I read earlier from another that flaxseeds helped her so I’ll try adding that with my breakfast. 🙂

      I’ve been doing acupuncture, but I decided to get off the BC completely after being on it since 2000. It’s been a month ago and this week, nothing yet…

  88. Wow… How could I forget to mention how amazing (or NOT!!) my skin on my back, chest, and face is looking these days. Worst painful zits I’ve ever had in my entire life.

  89. Thanks for all the stories; they helped calm me down tonight. I’m in the same boat… My husband and I wanting a baby but I’m not ovulating & no period since coming off Tricyclyn-Lo last July, 2014. I’ve been to the doc for a high dose of progesterone, which was supposed to spur a period and didn’t, and have also spent a ton of money at a naturopath without results. I’m going to be trying the suggestions in this article… Fingers and toes crossed!!

  90. It’s funny that I was reading this page yesterday and today I have started my period!

    I was on Yasmin for over 5 years and I stopped in September 2014, I had a period 38 days later but I haven’t had another one until today! 3 months without a period had me a little worried about my hormones. I had a blood test and all my hormones were fine but still no period.

    My friend has PCOS and recommended drinking Aloe Vera Juice. I have only been drinking it for 2 days and today I started my period! I’m not sure if it’s a coincidence but I want to tell you all so that you can try too. I bought a 100% aloe vera juice by a brand called Pukka on Amazon but I’m sure you can get 100% from anywhere. Just drink a bit in the morning before breakfast, mix it with cordial if you don’t like the taste.

    Try this ladies! I hope it works for you too x

      • I think the best benefits are helping digestion, anti-inflammation, healthy skin and there’s loads more if you google it too. Like I said though, according to my blood test, I didn’t have any hormonal problems but I still didn’t have a period. After drinking aloe vera in the morning for only 2 days, I got a period! The only thing is, you’re not supposed to drink it while on your period and I’m still on my period so I’m going to try more when it finishes.

        You can also use aloe vera gel on your face as a toner, it can help with acne scars. My skin has gone really bad but I’ve only just started doing this and my face does feel smoother!

        I hope you try some and that it works for you!

  91. Hello ladies !

    Ok I was on birth control for 1 year and ended my full pack in July 2014 . It’s now January 2015.. What do I do ? My husband wants to have a baby . I read online that it can take up to 6 months to get a period back or if not then go see a doctor . I don’t really want to see a doctor . Does zinc really work or vitamin b as stated !?

    • I have the hugest amount of sympathy for you ladies out there who are trying to conceive and such a frustrating thing has happened.

      I came off microgynon after 4 years about 4 months ago and havnt had a period since my normal gap bleed.

      I stopped taking it for a few reasons… firstly because I had noticed during my break my moods had become so horrific that I was acting completely out of character and got to the point where I felt I may not have control over my actions for much longer ( my boyfriend also pushed the matter that I should come off the pill for this very reason -poor chap!)

      2. I had a break through bleed which had never occured before which lead to a massive flare up of a bladder/ urethra problem the doctors have failed to diagnose.

      3. I have become very aware that too much in our modern world has influence over our natural way of being and does a great job of throwing us out of our authentic equilibrium. I gradually removed all the chemical and processed things from my life ( as much as is possible) and it seemed that taking a chemically derived pill that caused physical changes in the functioning of my body, purely as a form of birth control when other less physiologically intrusive methods are available, seemed somehow a very bad idea to me.

      I have to agree with Jen below when she says shed never recomend the pill just soley for birth control.

      I can see now that I had probably been right to think the pill as being quite unfriendly as its caused so much difficulty to so many people, myself included.

      I’m not over worried about not having periods myself because Im not trying to conceive and I figure as long as I’m feeling pretty well, nature will just have to take its course and if I do all I can to help myself along then thats probably better than anything a doctor can prod poke or perscribe… I dont really believe in treating one pill related imbalance with yet another pill unless in extreme circumstances.

      This blog gives excellent advice on this subject, and I love that there seems to be more and more people who are becoming aware that sorting many problems in the body can be done with diet, lifestyle and living more holistically. I’m so glad to find this blog post and see how it has been a help and comfort for many people in similar positions to ourselves.

      Many thanks to you for writing this and all the best to other ladies suffering the post pill plight!xx

    • Hi guys I hope you’re all ok. I just wanted to give you an update as by some miricle I discovered today that I’m pregnant. I had no period so must’ve concurred before getting my period (10 months without one since stopping pill!) and was recently diagnosed with pcos.

      Anyway still very very ear says but I just wanted to update you all.

      Very happy!!

    • Hi everyone! It’s great reading people’s experiences, here’s mine…
      I was on the pill for 12 years. Marvelon 28 for 8 years, seasonal for 4 years. I had stopped the pill for about 3 months after 8 years (before I switched to seasonal), period during which I didn’t get a single period and I got really bad acne (especially bacne). I got scared and decided to go back on the pill but switched to seasonal. I stopped in October (3 months ago)- this time around, after my withdrawal bleeding, I’ve got 2 periods (after approximately 30 days.. Which is pretty regular). However … My periods are VERY light. They last about 4 days… One day or 2 I need a tampon .. But after that just a liner. I used to get fairly heavy periods that lasted 5-6 days so this is a big change for me. Reading all of your experiences I realize that this is a common side effect of stopping the pill. I’m doing a liver cleanse next week, hoping this will help release some of the hormones … I’ll keep you all posted. To control the a be, however, I’m taking Zinc and fish oil everyday – I’m using neutrogena oil free acne face wash (2x a day) and for my body Body Clear body wash + body clear body spray …. These products really helped … My skin is almost completely clear, except for a pimple or two just before my period. Good luck everyone !

  92. I took Yasmin for about 4 years and stopped taking it in December 2013. I haven’t had my period since, and today is January 1 2014!! Has anyone else waited this long?

    • Yes I’m the same I stopped in april snd have had nothing since. Had flight bit if brown discharge though but nothing more. Going crazy with worry!!!

    • I’ve not had it in 9 months. It’s h isn’t it. Dr is talking about prescribing some medication to induce a period and therefore ovulation. Has anyone else had this?

    • I’m having the same problem. I was on Yasmin for over 5 years and I stopped in September 2014, I had a period 38 days later but since then I haven’t had another one. It’s been almost 3 months and my skin is rubbish too 🙁 My blood work says my hormones are fine so I don’t know what to do now. It’s really frustrating, I wish I never went on BC in the first place.

  93. I was on birth control for almost 1 year, then came off of it just fine and had two periods right on time. Then all of a sudden I noticed that my third period (after taking birth control) had not come at all. It’s been about 65 days. I have taken a pregnancy test, but it was negative. During the time that I would have received my period, it was finals week….and my boyfriend broke up with me. I got no sleep at all and I started waking up feeling extremely sick and nauseous. I had to leave class one time because I thought I was going to either black out and fall on the floor or throw up. After finals week I came home and I feel perfectly fine (but still no period.) I am pretty certain aunt flo isn’t here because of the stress… but I keep scaring myself by looking up pregnancy symptoms (like nauseousness and dizziness.) Is it normal to have a few normal periods and then have nothing at all because of getting off birth control? How come my period is still not here?

    • I am in pretty much the exact same boat. Any updates since posting this? I’ve been doing everything I can think of to get it to come. This happened once a few months ago and when I finally got it I was in menstrual agony, but it’s been a few days longer this time and no signs of it coming. I seriously suspect stress is the cause of it but it doesn’t stop me from worrying.

  94. I’ve had regular periods all my life like clockwork. I was on the pill for 8 years and came off in September to try and conceive. It’s been 88 days since that and nothing. OB gave me prometrium to induce a cycle and it didn’t work.. Is this normal?? I’m so worried this means my husband and I won’t be able to conceive or will at least struggle :(.

    • Hi Charlotte. I had to take two rounds of provera before I got a period (when I started, my Estrogen levels stayed around 15). Don’t worry just yet. Your body may just need some time to reset everything. Best of luck!

      • I was taking Yaz starting Jan 2014 and I haven’t had my period now for a year. I stopped taking Yaz 1 month ago. I have not had intercourse, so I cannot be pregnant. This is really just weirding me out.

  95. Do you know the reason behind no periods after the pill? Is it low estrogen?

    I have my periods but very very short and light. It’s been 3 cycles since I went off the pill and according to the lab results my estrogen is very very low. Is that normal?

    • I don’t know what the cause is…but they keep just saying its ‘normal.’ I’m jealous that your Dr. is willing to run labs. Mine won’t do ANYTHING until after a year.

      • Ah that’s so annoying. They should do tests to see if everything is normal hormone wise. Saying that mine was normal and I pestered them to get a scan…, had it today and they said one overy is polycystic.

  96. I am getting so frustrated with this process and am always comforted by this blog that I am not alone. Off the pill since May…I had no sign of a period at all until I had one in September. After that nothing. Prior to September I had consulted my Dr. who told me it was normal, to continue waiting and to reduce my exercise and gain a little weight. I was so sure when I got my cycle in September that I was moving in the right direction and now I am back to frustrated. Due to my husband and I’s careers its important for us to not conceive in certain months of the year, the longer this takes the more impossible the process seems. I went back to the Dr. about two weeks ago..they say the same thing its “normal” and they aren’t willing to do any bloodwork or ultrasounds until January.

    • Hi Cait I comple understand. I’m in a similar boat. Stopped yasmin in april and no bleed since the initial one after pill. It’s been 7 months. Dr told me to put on some weight and exercise less. I’ve been making a real effort to do this along with taking lots of vitamins etc.
      had some blood tests few weeks ago and sll come back clear….. Going out of my mind!

      • So frustrating! I have been having bad acne since my period started to disappear while on the pill and its gotten slightly better but has not gotten back to normal at all. I’m trying to get in with a dermatologist and maybe at least make progress on some issue, but a lot of the time their solution is to take meds that you can’t take while pregnant so that isn’t practical at the moment either. I can tell my hormones are out of whack because I am generally not a crier or super emotional and I am a DISASTER. Poor hubby…lol

        • When I went off birth control I was also super emotional and crying all the time (which I never do!). They did a blood test and found out that I had really low levels of progesterone. Low progesterone can cause anxiety, fearfulness, etc. You might want to consider getting your progesterone level checked. I just started on an herb called Vitex and it’s already helped with my acne. It is also supposed to help your body return to a normal cycle. Good luck!

            • Very interesting! I have been an emotional disaster for sure, which is totally out of character for me. I’m going to e-mail the Dr. today to give her an update….still no period….but I have been spotting for like 8 days now….maybe something is starting to work lol

    • Oh poor you, I sympathise, I’ve never had acne but since stopping the pill I’ve had so many breakouts, my chin is constantly covered with pissy spots

      • Went back to the Dr. to discuss the acne issue and Dr. wanted to check my thyroid and calcium. All came back normal. I’ve pretty much given up that we’ll ever had a baby. Dr’s show ZERO concern and just continue to say its normal its normal. Won’t even think about looking into fertility issues until after I 1. have a regular cycle and 2. have been “trying” for over a year….which by their definition is impossible without a regular cycle. I just don’t see it happening.

        • Hi Cait,

          TRY Dong Quai 500dose 2 a day, it worked for me. It’s totally safe, they sell it in all health shops.
          I also took fertility/conception vitamins alongside like the ones with folic acid, minerals and omega3 you take for conception all combined in one tablet, not just folic acid.
          I took both for 3 months (although Dong Quai you only take for a specific time each month-NOT all the time).

          I never got my periods back to normal (5 days) but they became slightly heavier and I got pregnant after 3 month of this ‘therapy’. During that time I also cut down on sweets and alcohol almost completely.

          Regarding the doctor, it’s worth lying you’re tying for over a year now. He cannot dispute the fact of you trying for baby because you don’t have periods. That’s ridiculous.

          Good luck,

          • Thanks so much! my concern with Don Quai is that isn’t that the one you can only take for a certain portion of your cycle? I literally have NO idea on my cycle because I’m not getting one so I worry I would only make things worse. I’m so glad that you were able to get pregnant! I’m hoping we’ll be in the same boat soon. Dr. said she will run more labs come January to check hormone levels and do an ultra sound to rule out PCOS.

  97. Has anyone had any luck in getting their periods back yet? I’m getting more and more anxious… feel like I’m doing everything I can and my body is just working against me. I hope you guys are having some success?

    • I’m right with you rowey! The one thing I feel like I’m never really successful at is reducing stress. I try to be good about it but I’m just really terrible at it….I’m an anxious person by nature. I’m trying to do more things like yoga and deep breaths to try and get my anxiety in line. I know exactly how you feel…the longer it takes the more anxiety and I’m sure that only makes it worse. Sending you good vibes!

  98. Hi Laura,

    I have been off of the Depo Shot for a month now. Was due to get another shot on Oct. 27th but did not go. I suffered from very bad side effects while I was on Depo. So that is why after my 2nd shot I decided not to get my 3rd one. I had headaches everyday, nausea, diarrhea at least 2x a week, dizziness, and weight gain. I gained 15 pounds in the first 3 months of going on Depo. During the 2nd 3 months, I gained another 8 pounds. I felt very uncomfortable. Now since im off the shot, i’ve been trying to lose the weight and get my periods back to normal. But im having no luck. Still having post birth control symptoms. I am currently having bleeding every 2 weeks and the bleeding is light to moderate. Not heavy at all. I just want my cycle to go back to normal. How long until this happens?

  99. Hi there I am so glad I’ve stumbled upon this blog as I’m in the same boat. I stopped taking yasmin pill after 10 years of being on it and havent had a period since (7 months ago) I’m going crazy with worry! Help! xx

  100. Hi there I am so glad I’ve stumbled upon this blog as I’m in the same boat. I stoped taking yasmin pill after 10 years of being on it and havent had a period since (7 months ago) I’m going crazy with worry! Help! xx

  101. Hi,

    I have been diagnosed with PCOS 3 years ago. Just looking at my daughter now sleeping peacefully next to me… I was on a birth control pill before the diagnosis for 11 years. When I gave it up, the symptopms of PCOS started to occur: shorter to non-exisiting periods, hair loss, acne. We have been trying for a baby for nearly a year by the time I went for ovaries scan and discovered I had PCOS. My GP signed me up to a fertility clinic which had a 6 months waiting list. In the meantime she recommended I start taking vitamins for conception for at least 3 months (this is how long one egg matures), reduce the intake of simple sugars and try accupuncture or herbal remedies and she ordered me to have a very regular sex in many different positions. I hate needles so I never gave accupuncture a go but I tried Dong Quai herbal capsules for the period of 4 months plus the pro-conception vitamins which I ate every day. Dong Quai is some chinese fertility herb you only take for the first half of your menstrual cycle. I also stopped eating sweets daily, I stopped using sugar and sweeteners in my tea and coffee but these were all changes I introduced in my diet. After about 2 weeks I was used to the changes and my cravings stopped. I was having sex every second day rather than closer to ovulation (phew!). I think all of it combined, helped my body to regulate itself a bit and I got pregnant 4 months later. I never got to the fertility clinic. I thought I will write it for all those worrying ones about getting pregnant with PCOS. It’s possible. Have hope. Stay positive!

  102. I am so glad to have found this article and know i am not alone! I live in Myanmar and there are not good doctor’s here so i was concerned i needed to go somewhere for a doctor but didn’t really know if it was worth it. I had endoscopic surgery 10 or 11 years ago, then took the lupron shot then birth control to stop my period. The doctor said to not worry about a period and let my ovaries rest until i thought about getting pregnant. That was 10 years ago! Every now and then i would take the sugar pills to make sure i could still get a period. A few months ago I went to get an ultra sound, for bladder issues and the doctor asked why my ovaries were so small. I got worried and decided to stop the birth control. I had one period when i first stopped and then nothing for 3 months now. I have had some cramping and some of the egg yolk stuff so i keep hoping! then i wasn’t sure if i should try to birth control for a month again or not. I think i wont and try the diet (I recently started a vegan diet with mostly raw foods). So i think i will wait a bit longer. I really thought i was alone on this! Thank you everyone for sharing!!

    • Make sure to read his articles about vegetarian and vegan diets. The best time to vegan is definitely not when you’re trying to make a baby. Google Weston Price fertility diet too.

  103. I am worried that I might not be able to have kids in the future. I used to be on the pill. I came off it because i was getting breakthrough bleeding when I shouldn’t and then waited to get a natural period so I could switch pills to one that may work better. I never got a period after the bleed coming off it so I didn’t go back on the pill. It has now been over a year and a half and I have only had one real period (about 7 weeks ago) and nothing since. I have had blood tests and a scan of my ovaries. Everything appears normal according to the doctors. I am not sure what to do next. I hope I can have kids in the future so I want my periods to be normal. It worries me that there may be something wrong with me. Does anyone have any advice or has anyone else gone through the same kind of thing? Any advice will be appreciated. It has really played on my mind as I wonder what is wrong with me…

      • hi guys I’m so glad stumbled upon this site as I’m in the same boat having come off yasmin pill 7 months ago. I’ve had no period since. I’ve had blood tests and they are normal going to have a scan too soon. I’m just so worried I wont be able to have kids. Help xx

    • Hi, i’m in the exact same position as you! I’ve been off the pill for 9 months and haven’t had a period at all since the withdrawal bleed. I’m waiting for a scan on my ovaries to see if I have PCOS but all of my other blood tests have come back normal. I’m also scared about being unable to have kids as i’m in my early 20’s too. How is everything now? x

    • I’m in the same situation, came off the pill a year ago to start a family and I’ve only had one period. I’m really frustrated that none of the doctors I’ve seen in the past 13 years while I was on the pill warned me this could happen, I would have stopped years ago. I feel reassured that it appears fairly normal but it’s still worrying.

  104. Hi, I don’t know if its a good sign or not… I stopped my pills two months before and haven’t got my periods yet. But last week I had kind of egg yolk like discharge for over 4 days. . Does that mean that I am ovulating? Should I expect that I will be getting my periods back? I have been taking Vit B and Magnesium supplements for over a week now.

  105. Hi..I haven’t had my period in a year due to Mirena and then having it removed and being forced to get the Depo shot. (the doctor wouldn’t remove the IUD unless I agreed to the shot and the IUD was giving me a lot of problems) anyway, I spotted for a month and then finally started a normal flow. My question is, how long should it last? It’s been over a week now and still kind of heavy. Thank you!

  106. I was on Implanon for 9 years and had the last one removed 8 months ago. I did take the mini pill for another 2 months. Since then I’ve had very light irregular periods. Which I didn’t have before. I’ve been charting which indicates I’m definately ovulating. This is the first month I have actually had a decent flow again. Hoping things start to go back to normal from here. I don’t ever want to have to go back on the pill again. Have read all about FAM (Fertility Awareness Method). For me that’s the way to go.

  107. Hai Laura,, I have been on BC pill for 4 years and have stopped it last month and yet did not get my periods. Contraception as well as PCOS was the reason to start the pills.. And now me and my husband wanted to have children and I also wanted to know if my PCOS is under control. Hence I stopped taking the pills since end of August. However I did not get my periods and it is not possible that I am pregnant. I used to get periods(slight spotting for 2 days) regularly 24-26th day every month while on pills. Hence I was expecting the same even after stopping the pills. I was really stressed and while I was searching for reasons I came across this article and I must agree that it was a relief learning that I am not alone. This article is well written and I too thought of following your suggestions. However reading all the comments really makes me panic about the condition I am in.
    I already have lots of stress due to my career and do not want to add up to it with health issues too.
    What do you suggest to begin with? I am 5,5ft and weighs 125lb.

  108. Great article! And some suggestions I haven’t heard yet. I had been in BC for a little over ten years. I’ve always been very active, but by no means a marathin runner or anything of that sort. My period started to fade in the 6 months before stopping birth control and it hasn’t come back for about 4 months after stopping. I eat a high vegetable diet but do not eliminate any large food groups. I got a stress fracture in my foot about a month ago and have been off exercise since which my Dr thought would double as a treatment to reduce exercise and increase my BMI to get my cycle back. No luck yet :-(….definitely a frustrating process. Thus far.

    • Have you gotten your prolactin checked yet? This sounds exactly like me. I was on BC for a few years, and towards the end, my period started fading – which is weird because the BC made my periods come like clockwork. I stopped BC, and 2 years later, still no period! Finally I found out that I had a small prolactinoma. I went on medication and got my period back in 2 months! Wish I had checked it sooner!

      • Interesting, no I haven’t! They haven’t done anything yet. Pretty much gave me the “wait it out” so far and told me to come back in a few months. I stopped in May. My Dr. thought that it was common due to my size. I’m not underweight but fall towards the low end of the BMI chart. Here is some interesting info I found on reducing Prolactin naturally as well: http://www.dollyhamshealth.com/content/reduce-high-prolactin-level-naturally-and-get-pregnant

        • Cait, you sound like me (are you me?). I went on BC in 2009 after the doctors found a 7cm cyst on my Fallopian tube. Late 2011-2012 I was getting two periods a month. (TWO!) So I switched BC pills and they went away completely. I was kind of spooked. At this time I was 20, weighed ~120lb (I’m 5’3″), and vegan. Later that year I started CrossFit. Still no period. My gyno said this was “normal.” In 2013, at my lowest weight, I was 108. …. to avoid making this story go on any longer… though I had to wear a estrodiol patch to make it happen, I got my period a month ago! First one since Feb ’12. It can happen! (123lb now & a meat eater, too!)

          • It’s nice to know that other people have a similar experience. I just want it to come back! I have sometimes where I feel like I’m having cramps and then nothing ever comes of it. It’s very frustrating! Just don’t know what other route to take at this point. I would like to avoid going on artificial hormones to remedy a problem from artificial hormones but so far nothing has helped.

            • I have the same sensation…cramps, feel like I should be bleeding but nothing there! I have a son who is coming up three years old now but stopped my pill to try to conceive last year. I waited well over 6 months with no period what so ever after my withdrawal bleed. My doctors ran lots of tests and I have had ultrasound scans on my abdomen and nothing. I had also been fighting an eating disorder although my BMI was still in the healthy category (although the lower side). The cramping pain got worse and worse and more frequent so I decided to give up trying to conceive and went back on the pill. I am now of a healthy weight and decided to try the coil but before I got round to going to the doctors about having one I ran out of my pill (mid July) and have been off it since. Still no period and cramps started again and sitting here typing with the achy, heavy abdomen sensation. Fed up already with it. Not sure how long to leave it before going back to the gp this time either as not sure what they’d actually do! Just to add using protection-not trying to conceive and not pregnant.

              • Sorry should have re read my post before submitting! Add a few more facts:
                When I came off the pill before conceiving with my son my periods came back within a month.
                I decided not to have the coil fitted until I had a ‘natural’ period.

  109. I completely agree with this article. But I wish I would have known all the nutritional information then that I know now. I was only on the pill for about 2 years, but that was enough to mess up my cycle for 9 months later. It took almost a year off the pill to get pregnant. Subsequent pregnancies were easier. I will never go back on it again. Unless it’s medically necessary for a woman’s health, I would never recommend it for just simply birth control.

  110. Great topic, one that I do not see often discussed. I can’t tell you exactly how/why it worked, but ACUPUNCTURE was the ticket for me to start my cycles again. I went about 4 months with no period before seeking acupuncture treatments. It wasn’t more than a day or two after my second treatment that my periods came back, and have been completely normal ever since.

  111. Such a great article! I too suffered from this after being on birth control for 10 years to help ‘regulate my period’ when I really needed hormone balancing, detox, and major stress reduction. This was the worst mistake because it only made things worse and I finally decided to stop for my health. It took me about 3 years to get back to balance through thousands of dollars in holistic nutritionist visits, supplements, bioidentical hormones, cleansing/gut repair, stress reduction, weight gain (15 lbs finally woo-hoo!) and cutting out most aerobic exercise. I have had my period on my own for about 6 months straight now 🙂 Such a journey but I feel so much better and it is still a work in progress!

  112. I am having the opposite problem, I am stopping bc because it is no longer controlling my cycle. My cycle is heavier now than it has ever been before and sometimes I have more than one a month. About 3 years ago I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s but after recently seeing a homeopathic dr he is not sure this diagnosis is correct. I am turning 30 in a few months, have a normal bmi around 21 and eat limited gluten, mostly paleo. I have vitamin b, d, and omega 3 deficiencies in addition to high homocysteine levels and signs of insulin resistance. After receiving this news I began running again, 2-3 times a week, 2 or more miles each run. It has only been two weeks since I stopped taking BC but my energy level is low and I am back to falling asleep on the couch uncontrollably… I feel like I have lost all gains made when I started seeing my homeopathic dr back in May.

  113. This is going to sound crazy, but communing with the cycle of the moon, helped provide for me a regular flow with minimal PMS symptoms, and almost no cramping. After using the pill for 13 years, I was irregular, only a few times a year, and usually only light and spotty, with horrible cramping, and lethargy. I didn’t have to do witch dances or anything. I bought a rose quartz, and rubbed it while gazing at the full moon. Carried it in my pocket all the time, and really just made it a point to notice the moon more often. When it was pretty or when it was full I would sit relax and gaze. Now my cycle is very regular, and I get my period every full moon. It’s almost crazy that it worked. Oddly that was not even my intention, but only a side effect of becoming more interested in getting in touch with my femininity through the moon goddess.

  114. Too many young girls and women go on the pill in the first place to “regulate” irregular periods. This is an indication that they ALREADY have an underlying hormonal and metabolic dysfunction (often PCOS with significant insulin resistance) which is not helped but is only masked by the BCP and continues to worsen during the time on the pill. It’s no surprise that they are ammenorheic when they finally come off the pill.

    I would really like to see women address the underlying hormonal dysfunction through the appropriate metabolic interventions FIRST, and then keep an eye on that condition if they use BCP’s.

  115. Agree! Mine took almost a year for regularity again, even with a focus on highly nutrient dense foods. I also like tracking my cycles & monitoring temperatures (using the app Kindara). By the way – love that dress you have on!

  116. I became a Chiropractor because of my success with restoring my natural cycles with chiropractic care. I found out that the nerves that go to the reproductive organs were being pinched by my spine and inflammation was surrounding the area. I had gone 1.5 years without a period and after working with my chiropractor, I’ve been back to normal! I’m now a chiropractor specializing in women’s health.
    I have more info about it on my website: http://www.denarochiropractic.com

  117. Laura, I’m shocked that nowhere in this article do you suggest that a woman see either (a) her GP, (b) her gynecologist, or (c) an endocrinologist. Indeed, you outline steps to basically avoid proper care.

    Liver detox? Seriously?? IF there is sequestration of estrogen in the fat tissue (unlikely), no amount of liver detoxification would solve that problem anyway.

    Ladies if you’re not getting your period and your nutrition is decent (it need not be “optimal” whatever that is), see your doctor and get it sorted out.

    • From the last section of the article:

      “Of course, sometimes this isn’t enough to get you back on track hormonally, especially if you were taking birth control for many years, or if you started birth control as a method to address hormone issues in the first place. In this case, you may need some additional testing done to identify any issues that may be causing your amenorrhea. PCOS is a very common condition that can significantly disrupt your hormonal function, so you’ll want to discuss this possibility with your endocrinologist.”

      • My apologies for missing that. The point still remains that you’d have readers go off on nutritional goose chases — liver detox, REALLY? — and as a footnote mention that a trip to an endo might ultimately be in order. Proper medical care seems like an after thought when many struggles could be avoided by having tests run to see if the hormones are a problem in the first place.

        • The point is that women should make sure they have all their “lifestyle ducks” in a row first. Too many women jump straight into drug treatment without considering the role their diet and lifestyle plays (or even realizing that lifestyle is a factor.)

          And I stand by my suggestion to provide nutrients and herbs for liver support as the liver is the primary site of hormone metabolism and clearance/elimination: https://www.pharmgkb.org/pathway/PA145011118#

          Supporting liver detoxification pathways is not the same thing as a “liver detox”.

    • And to your point that “IF there is sequestration of estrogen in the fat tissue (unlikely), no amount of liver detoxification would solve that problem anyway.”

      I recommend reading these papers: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/12660892


      Fat tissue can serve as a sink for hormones in circulation and can also release hormones into the circulation, a function known as “intracrinology”. So if the fat tissue is releasing hormones, it’s the liver’s job to metabolize and excrete those excess hormones, and thus improving the liver’s ability to metabolize those hormones by providing nutritional and herbal support to the various phases of detoxification will increase the rate of excess hormone clearance.

      • Evelyn,
        Wow. I’m not sure why you went on the attack. I see that you now recognize Laura did indeed encourage you to see a doctor if proper nutrition did not help, but you seem so utterly offended by a liver detox. May I ask your profession?

        I’m personally taken aback by your stance that a liver detox would be of no use – especially when it means insuring you get optimal nutrition for your body. In fact, you mentioned it in a later post which I assume means that you are strictly against a detox in general and believe it won’t/doesn’t work. Is this a fair assumption?

        Have you had any of the issues and symptoms that many of us posting here have had? I personally have been to my GP, in fact, all FIVE of the GP’s I’ve had over the last 10 years. I’ve been to THREE endocrinologists, TWO D.O.’s, TWO chiropractors and SEVEN gynecologists too. I’ve had all the tests, and I have nothing against doctors per se, but none of them have had a solution other than birth control or HRT.

        There is a reason why doctors are considered to be “practicing” medicine. Because they are doing just that, practicing. They don’t have it all figured out, have been taught from all the same medical books and have not expanded or updated their knowledge base, or they rely too heavily on medication instead of nutrition.

        Now, because my hormones have been so high for so long, I now have a uterus full of fibroids – so full that my uterus is enlarged. And, my most recent pap smear came back “high-grade”. Clearly, high hormones will take its [negative] toll on ones body eventually, but I’ve been vocalizing my symptoms for 10 solid years now. No doctor has been of use to me thus far and now that I’m faced with a full hysterectomy – which is one of the possible options I’m being offered now as a solution – I’m considering a 30-60 juice fast….for the sole purpose of detoxing my body, especially my liver.

        What can it hurt? It’s better than having a full hysterectomy! What if it works? What if it works and my hormones normalize? At this point, I have nothing to lose. Oh, and I’ve had an upper abdominal ultrasound, along with my blood tests, and my liver is clearly damaged. I don’t drink, don’t smoke, and I eat healthy. What’s caused the damage? I don’t know, but clearly my liver needs some help. What’s wrong with pumping my body full of liquid sunshine that is full of enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients that my body can surely use?

        I’ve spent a lot of time researching detox programs – and not those B.S. commercial ones trying to make a buck – but specifically juicing your own fresh fruits and vegetables while totally abstaining from food consumption to take the stress of my digestive organs.

        Juice fasting is one of the quickest and most efficient ways to rid the body of accumulated toxins. It is an accelerated cleansing and detoxification and it’s worked for others.

        I found this article to be refreshing because it wasn’t focused on medication and instead focused on nutrition. I like it that Laura offered many solutions, breaking down how each one could benefit you. Laura is suggesting seeing your doctor if the natural approach wasn’t enough, and I simply posted my story to share that not only was regular diet and exercise not enough, neither was seeing my doctor – for me in my case. I thank Laura for giving others options – options her readers can discern for themselves and decide what’s best for them.

        I still believe nutrition is the answer, but I’m going to have to take, what some consider, a more drastic approach. But I’d rather do this than have to have all my female organs removed or to continue being at such high risk for cervical, ovarian and uterine cancers. My life depends on it. And my current GP gave me a 100% a-okay, thumbs up, good to go approval on my juice fast and has scheduled me for follow-up testing in three months after the fast is over.

        So yeah Evelyn, a liver detox.

  118. I’m still struggling with amenorrhea, although not from going off birth control. Undiagnosed coeliac disease made me drop loads of weight, which led inevitably to the loss of my period… for seven years. Still working to get it back, but nothing seems to be working. I’ll be implementing the zinc and B6 recommendations, as I’ve been practising most of the other (great) suggestions here. I’m still young so hopefully it is early enough to reverse some of the bone damage (already diagnosed with osteoporosis).

    Great article… Will pass it along to other friends who struggle with amenorrhea – hypothalamic or otherwise.

  119. Hi Laura,

    Do you have any resource recommendations for someone like me? Would I be a good candidate for a one-on-one consult with you, or is there too little data out there to offer any reliable solutions?

    I eat a strict, healthy diet (Weston A Price / LCHF blend with all top-quality ingredients: no sugar, no grains, no starch, no caffeine, all wild/grass-fed meats, FCLO, HV butter oil, cold-pressed coconut oil, wild salmon roe, grass-fed calf’s liver, raw whole milk & cream & butter from grass-fed cows, homemade bone broths, pastured egg yolks & poultry, no artificial trans-fats, full-fat dairy, etc.). This has been my diet for 2.5 years.

    My husband and I started trying to get pregnant in Dec 2013, with no luck thus far. I started seeing a “fertility specialist” about a month ago, and have had a whole slew of tests: blood tests, uterine ultrasound, HSG, semen analysis (for my husband). So far, nothing is wrong, and in fact, all tests of our “mechanics” are indicated as excellent. I was on birth control for only a month or two, now 10 years ago. Of course, my MD thinks my cholesterol is too high ( ::eyeroll:: ), but I live in an area where no MDs agree with this approach to nutrition. So, we’re scheduled for a phone consult with a top-notch fertility MD who does agree nutritionally in Jacksonville, FL, in early July. Hopefully, he’ll have some recommendations.

    I’m really not excited about fertility drugs, but can’t figure out what could be wrong. I’d much rather fix the problem than work around it. Any ideas or thoughts? Thx!

  120. My periods stopped after discontinuing birth control, but my period was getting weaker in the months prior to stopping, even when on the pill. 2 years later, I’ve discovered that I have a prolactinoma (benign tumor of the pituitary gland), and that was what was causing my amenorrhea.

    I’m about to start treatment (cabergoline). Does anyone have any experience with this? Is there anything that I can supplement with to help get everything back into line? And, could my elevated prolactin levels (~60ng/mL), or prolactinoma be contributing with my subclinical thyroid issues?

    • Lily, I have a Prolactinoma as well. The downside is that I don’t tolerate Cabergoline well, so I’m wondering if there is a way to tackle the elevated Prolactin levels with diet alone (possibly with the Paleo Autoimmune protocol?). I have definitely heard that Prolactinoma and Hashimotos are connected.

  121. This is a great article. My girlfriend is 26 years old, and hasn’t had her period in a little over a year and a half now. I believe she was on the pill for a while before this, and ever since she started “missing” her period she also has a high prolactin level that makes her be able to fall asleep within seconds…Almost unsafe like.
    Sounds like a pituitary gland issue (possible tumor) but the doctors she’s seen just haven’t seemed of much concern.

    Thanks everyone.

  122. I’ve never been on the pill, but suffered from amenorrhea for 3 years in college after my boyfriend broke up with me. I did cut calories a bit and exercise an hour per day, along with the stress of college. However, my periods came back as soon as I fell in love with my current husband. I think there is definitely a sexual component to all of this.

  123. Great article, thanks. Is not having a period directly related to osteoporosis? I quit sugar and grains 9 months ago, I feel great but I’ve only had my period twice since then. I’m not trying to conceive – my family is complete – and I’m pretty happy with no period! But my doc implied it might increase my osteoporosis risk. Any thoughts?

    • Hi Elspeth,

      Yes, there is a link between low estrogen and osteoporosis. So if you are amenorrheic due to low estrogen, then you may be at risk. But there are a lot of factors at play (age, family history, diet, exercise, other personal factors). I’d suggest doing a bone density scan to know where you currently stand.

      Also, if your period stopped after switching to Paleo, make sure you read the Stefanie Ruper article referenced above — you need to make sure you are getting enough carbs!

  124. I was on the pill for 13 years and never got my cycle back. I took clomid and progesterone to try to get a cycle and still nothing. I had one round of injectible hormones to get pregnant and then 2 rounds to get pregnant 18 months later. Still no cycle to this day after supplementing with everything mentioned, eating higher fat, not restricting calories and doing moderate amounts of exercise as well as stress reduction – going to sleep by 10 etc. No doctor can figure things out. Now that I’m 45 I have given up but instead have been making sure my hormones are in the optimal range. I wish I had never gone on the pill in the first place as PcOS was a factor in my 20’s which the pill at the time was the only option. I know better now but can’t go back in time.

  125. The timing on this is pretty neat.

    I started BC around 2010 after discovering I had a 7cm endometrioma (not -osis because it was on my fallopian tube). Even on the pill, I haven’t had a period since 2012. I decided to come off it back in March to see if I could produce a cycle on my own. I came off BC in March, and had blood work done this month. All of my nutrient levels are normal, my thyroid is fine, but my Estradiol was 26. Thinking I might be in a low phase of my cycle, I had it tested again two weeks later. This time it was 17. It’s so frustrating. I just started an estrogen patch/progesterone combo today.

    • Oh, I should add that I’m 5’3″, CrossFit 5x/week, and eat paleo. When I came off BC I was around 110lb, but after increasing carbs, I’m now closer to 120lb.

      My endocrinologist is scheduling an MRI to check my pituitary gland.

  126. What do you recommend when you have been diagnosed with severe level 4 endometriosis and the recommendation from the OB and fertility specialist is to either be on birth control pregnant or nursing? I went off birth control for years not knowing I had endometriosis. I ended up with level 4 endometriosis, a chocolate cyst on my ovary requiring surgery and IVF to get pregnant. I would prefer a more natural method than birth control, but don’t want to suffer as I did for years.

  127. I was on BC pills from the age of 19-32, during which time I was also EXTREMELY alcoholic (I’m 50 now, just going through menopause). After I went off the pill and began ratcheting down my drinking, I did not menstruate for 6 YEARS. During this time I was extremely ill and began to suffer from what felt and still does feel like inflammation/pressure in my head, and was also found to have off the chart mercury levels. Think my detox system was in very poor shape. Also decided to go back to school to get my MS in Nutrition and license (not practicing currently), which was incredibly stressful in its own right and I’m sure extended my amenorrhea. In any event, I think time just slowly eliminated the residual hormones from my system, but I was so ill at the time that I did not have the burning desire for children as many of you do, so I guess I was lucky in that sense. In retrospect, I would have really looked at the mind-body connection

    • Deb, have you been able to detox from the levels mercury and if so what is a good way? Just had all amalgams removed.

  128. I have been on a 3-year journey to try and figure out my hormonal imbalances, which is what initially brought me to the Paleo/primal lifestyle. After stopping hormonal birth control after 8 years, followed by a brief period at a low BMI (~17), I became amenorrheic. After regaining some weight, it returned, but strangely I am hypermenorrheic now (my menstrual cycles average 21 days). I am still on the low end of normal for BMI (~19), I don’t overtrain, and my largely primal diet includes rice, potatoes, and grass-fed, full-fat dairy.

    I have gone to 3 different endocrinologists over the past 3 years, all of whom treat me as though I am crazy for thinking I have a problem at all. My labs consistently show I have low estradiol levels (menopausal levels, despite the fact I am 33). Vit D is also low. MRI revealed I don’t have a pituitary tumor — their only explanation is that my pituitary isn’t functioning for an unknown reason. One of the endocrinologists diagnosed me with hypogonadism; another wasn’t completely convinced of this diagnosis. With low estradiol, they also did a bone density scan, and diagnosed me with osteopenia.

    I have been Paleo/primal for the past 3 years, including supplementation in many of the areas you outline in this article, all in an attempt to address my hormonal issues. I like this diet/lifestyle for many reasons, but haven’t noticed any changes in hormone function. My doctors are concerned about bone loss due to low estradiol, so I finally acquiesced and started on the Pill. I’d still like to find a non-pharmaceutical solution, so I’m open to additional advice.

    • Heather,
      I hate to hear you’ve gone back on the pill – this is just a bandaid masking symptoms and not getting at the source. I feel your pain girl as I’m right there with you! I think the most important thing is to find out WHY you have high hormones. Your body is telling you something is wrong, and you seem to be listening, but just don’t know what to do to correct them.

      Have you considered a healthy detox option to try and purge those stored hormones from your body? I, too, have done everything I could, but lowering my high hormone levels have been a real challenge. I posted earlier and laid out my journey, but in that post I explained I was going to do a juice fast and full spectrum infrared sauna therapy.

      I know some people don’t believe in detoxes/cleanses, but if you do your research, you’ll come across a lot of people who do – because they’ve done it themselves with great results. I was turned on to this idea when a friend of my cured himself of stage three throat cancer by juicing. I’m going to begin in the next few days and I’m actually excited to do it. Not to be without food, but to do the healthiest thing I can for my body and allow it to heal. I want to experience this and see if it works for me. And why not? Nothing else has worked.

      I think nutrition and exercise can only help you if you are already somewhat healthy. Since our bodies are all different, I think we react differently to foods and other environmental factors. Just because you eat right and exercise does not guarantee your health! I’ve learned this over the last 10 years – although most doctors would disagree I’m sure. But if you’ve switched to a Paleo lifestyle (which I believe is the healthiest form of eating around), you exercise, and you avoid all the bad stuff (HFC’s, GMO, Pesticides, Dyes, Preservatives, etc. etc.), it sometimes isn’t enough to negate years of damage – in this case, taking the pill. And to add to that all the xenoestrogens in our food, water, and whatnot and it’s a tough battle to win.

      Those hormones are stored in your body if your liver is unable to convert them to waste byproducts. I’ve come to the conclusion that a serious fast/detox program is the only way I can release those built up toxins and heal my body. I understand it isn’t for everyone, but know that it’s taken me 10 years to get to this point. It’s the only thing I have left to try, and if this doesn’t take care of it, then nothing will, because I’ve done it all.

      I wish you luck and feel free to reach out to me anytime. We have a lot in common and I’m happy to chat about this with you if you want!

  129. Hi Laura,
    Great article and very in depth. It’s nice to hear someone from the nutrition community talk openly about some of the side effects of birth control. I wish now that I’m 44 that I’d never taken the stuff and left Mother Nature to her job.

    That said, I was on the pill for 14 years straight, but the first thing I noticed was that I “padded up” – meaning, I got this layer of fat all over my body that I didn’t have before. At the time, I thought it was an okay trade off for lighter periods. But the truth is, 14 years on birth control took its toll and your article is the first I’ve read that hit on a lot of the things I encountered.

    First, let me say I started having hormonal problems which is what made me go off the pill at age 30. The first year was horrible and there isn’t enough space here to cover what I went through while my body attempted to purge what it could. At age 34 I had my daughter, and from that moment on, my body and hormones have gone very haywire.

    Blood tests showed I was deficient in Vitamin D, B12, B6, Magnesium, and Potassium. Simple supplementation wasn’t enough and I had to switch to a sublingual or even shots in some instances. Also, my good flora in my intestines/colon were virtually non-existent. Two of my estrogens were very high, while the third was low, and my progesterone and testosterone was high. I started losing my hair (male pattern baldness), and although I’m not bald per se, my hair is much thinner on top. Note: My hormones are so high that my last blood tests came with an info sheet about how my results meant I was experiencing hormone overload and enhanced proliferation. It also explained that I was at a very high risk for ovarian, uterine and cervical cancer. My most recent pap came back high-grade and an ultrasound showed my uterus is full of fibroids.

    I have steadily gained about 10 lbs. per year since having my daughter and no amount of diet and exercise has helped me. I even saw a nutritionist/dietician for a year with no weight loss. Unfortunately, the more weight I put on, the harder exercise is on my bones and joints – I’ve already had a knee surgery and have been suffering from plantar faciitis for more than 4 years now. And of course, I’m not as energetic as I once was.

    I have been on a journey to figure this all out and get my health back. Most doctors, including the three endocrinologists I’ve seen over the years, have been no help to me. So I’ve done a lot of research myself and have come to the conclusion that the pill messed a lot of stuff up.

    I started taking a probiotic that I like, I’m taking the vitamins/minerals I need, and I’m eating a Paleo diet that fits me. Although I am feeling better than before, I’ve not lost any weight, my hair is still thin, and my hormones are still screwed up. However, my research has landed me at the same conclusion you mentioned which is that what I’m doing isn’t enough since I took the pill for 14 years.

    I’m not sure what you know or how you feel about juicing and/or juice fasts, but that’s where my journey has lead me to. I’ve just received my new juicer and will be headed to the grocery store to purchase some of the items I was unable to grow myself (having my own garden is priceless and makes juicing more affordable!). I’m looking to start easing into a juice fast by replacing one meal a day, upping my veggie and fruit content, and eliminating meat. Eventually, I’ll be on a 100% liquid diet consisting of freshly juiced veggies and fruit (mostly veggies). I’m unsure how long I will go, but I’m hoping to do 30 days.

    I’m also going to be doing 30 days of full spectrum infrared sauna therapy. This has been said to be ten times more effective at detoxing the body than a fast and has been used by the military, as well as various police and fire departments.

    This may be extreme to others, but I’m actually looking forward to this as I feel it’s a way to really get in tune with me and be in the now. I’ve learned to listen to MY body and fasting is a way to really clear out the “junk” literally and figuratively, and focus on just my body. I feel my body will guide me in the direction it wants and needs to go if I listen.

    Thank you for your in-depth article, I truly enjoyed it. And, it confirms all things that I’ve been learning along the way!

  130. These are great tips! I’d like to add that acupuncture can really help with balancing hormones, regulating the cycle and reducing stress. This is why acupuncture is so respected for helping with fertility issues. Full disclosure-I am a US trained acupuncturist and I’ve helped women get back on track in this area.

  131. Thanks for the info Laura! I was on a birth control pill from October 2009-February 2011. My periods were never regular before and since going off the pill have been sporadic as well. After 2+ years working on my cycle with my holistic nutritionist, changing my diet, and supplementing I now get my period every 6 weeks. This is not the ideal 28 day cycle however. It’s been about 6 months of this every 6 week cycle. Do you have any recommendations to get my hormones in check for this last little bit? I was recently tested for adrenal fatigue and am awaiting the results.

  132. I would just like to emphasize the suggestion for testing up front before you spend time waiting and wondering. I did #1-5 first and struggled for 2 years before finding the answer. The cause for my amenorrhea after 10 years on birth control (7 of them on Nuva Ring) was a pituitary tumor, which may seem like an abnormal cause of hormone dysfunction, but it is far more common than one would think. It is estimated at 1 in 5 people have a benign pituitary tumor. Many are asymptomatic, but since the pituitary is the master gland it is not far fetched as a culprit. Whatever the case (PCOS, endometriosis, etc), getting a thorough health evaluation (blood, sonograms, HSG, MRIs) will remove a lot of the guess work. While I’m glad I made these changes in my diet and lifestyle, and I did a lot of the testing with my gynecologist, I didn’t have an MRI that looked at my pituitary. I wish I had seen an endocrinologist sooner. Thanks for addressing an all too common issue!

      • Transphenoidal surgery. It was a growth hormone secreting tumor, but it was so small that it wasn’t secreting large amounts of growth hormone. Just enough disruption so that I just had very low gonadotropin and sex hormone levels across the board (menopausal levels and below). I had no periods for a year after surgery, but when I started acupuncture, I regained a cycle and ovulation.

  133. Very interesting. I am a nurse and Catholic. I have spent years discussing with my friends why I believe that taking hormones to convine your body that it is pregnant ( for years!) cannot possibly be healthful . Hormones serve a vital function and should not be adulterated with no expectation of a physical effect over time.I had four easy pregnancies and was able to get pregnant the first month that I tried each time. I was able to easily breastfeed for over a year with each child. My friends have had years of infertility, miscarriage, breat cancer and ob/gyn problems after their years of BC use. Our medical establishment does not do enough to explain the ramifications of hormonal treatment of any kind. For goodness sake, many people are more worried about the hormones injected into their chicken dinner than the hormones injected into their teenage daughter.

    • I agree! But I when I was sixteen, it was the medical community touting the benefits of birth control pills! They pitched it like it was the best things since sliced bread and little emphasis on the negative side effects. Now, to that end, I’m not sure that they understood all the negative side effects at that time. And if they did, that’s even worse!

      Being on bc pills were the worst thing I ever could have done to my body and I educate my daughter thoroughly and encourage her to avoid them at all costs!

    • They should equally present both sides. Although I only took them for 2 years and got pregnant 1st cycle afterward, I believe that they messed up my hormones and thyroid which still have yet to return to normal 13 years later. If I had to do it all over again I would never take any hormonal birth control. Just get the IUD, nothing to remember and can easily be taken out if you decide you want to have more babies.

  134. Hello,

    Thanks so much for the helpful article here, I learned a lot, and this is something I am working through. I am an elite marathoner, who runs about 80 miles a week. I maintain a healthy weight, and one thing I know is that my diet is very healthy. I had a complete blood work sample done after my marathon and my numbers were “what every runner should strive for”. I am a healthy weight (5ft5, 115 lbs), and I am very careful not to overtrain. I was on the pill for over 5 years, and lost my periods completely. I have been off the pill for around 6 months, but still nothing has happened. I am hoping they will come back within a year, as I have heard my pill was known for stopping periods. I would love if you could help me get mine back, especially now I am getting to an age where I am considering children in the next few years.

    Thanks so much!

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